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      Today -- on July 28, 2021 -- above you can see the three top Cuban-related headlines in the United States from the Washington Post, New York Post, and the Miami Herald. As usual, all headlines are clamoring for the U. S. to finally overthrow the Cuban Revolution that on Jan. 1-1959 overthrew the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. From that day to this day, almost without fail, the U. S. government and the U. S. media has refused to mention the Mafia as the USA's partner in the wholesale rape & robbery of the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island during Batista's brutal & thieving rule from 1952 till Jan. 1-1959.
      This photo was taken today -- July 28, 2021 -- and shows renowned doctor Francisco Duran telling Cubans the latest daily statistics from COVID-19's deadly rampage on the island -- 9,323 new positive cases and 68 deaths in the past 24 hours. Thus the U. S. media, at the behest of the rich & powerful Little Havana Cubans from Miami and the U. S. Congress, loudly rejoice at those devastating numbers and at the genocidal U. S. Cuban policies that they have legalized to Blockade and also keep Plundering the island from U. S. soil!! All the while, Cuba remains the only nation in the whole world currently facing the world's all-time most genocidal Blockade while also trying to survive one of the world's all-time worst pandemics!!
      While the left-wing and right-wing media in the U. S., as well as a plethora of lushly funded sources 100% devoted to promoting Little Havana and denigrating Havana, abound unchecked in the U. S., only great and brave non-USA media dare report the truth about U.S.-Cuban relations. London-based Reuters, the world's best news agency, is independent enough and brave enough to tell the truth, and Reuters has three of the world's very best journalists reporting from Cuba itself. So please read the July 28th article depicted above. Unlike the scared or bought-off U. S. media, Reuters can report that world leaders such as Alberto Fernandez, the President of Argentina; Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the President of Mexico; etc.; call the U. S. Blockade of Cuba, especially during the pandemic, to be "inhumane" and they are vowing to help devastated Cuban families on the island survive it.
      While Reuters is an independent news agency based in London, it can report truthfully when world leaders like the Mexican President Lopez Obrador correctly call the USA-Little Havana 6-decade-old Blockade, especially during the pandemic, to be "inhumane." Meanwhile, it seems the U. S. media is obligated to only report on what extreme Little Havana/Miami members of Congress -- Rubio, Salazar, Jimenez, Diaz-Balart, etc. -- say about the impending overthrow of Cuba...and perhaps the most unchecked and the most disturbing lie the Little Havana-Miami Cubans say via the U. S. media is that there is NO BLOCKADE on Cuba and all we ARE TRYING TO HELP CUBAN FAMILES...YOU KNOW BY STARVING, DEPRIVING, AND MAKING THEM MISERABLE!!
      During the Trump presidency, a high-powered rifleman fired a fierce barrage of bullets at and inside the Cuban embassy in Washington while 12 Cuban diplomats were inside. This week during the Biden presidency -- on January 27th, 2021 -- three firebomb cocktails fired-up the Cuban embassy in Paris, France. Of course, Miami-born Little Havana Counter Revolutionary Cuban Maria Salazar blames everything on Cuba and always implies that the Batistianos in Cuba from 1952 till 1959 and the Batistianos in Miami from 1959 till 2021 are ANGELS!!!
     Miami-born Maria Salazar is the latest Little Havana Counter Revolutionary to join the long line of Little Havana Counter Revolutionaries to reach the U. S. Congress, and she arrived just in January of 2021. Of course, only extreme Miami anti-Cuba Cubans such as Ros-Lehtinen, the Diaz-Balart brothers, Rubio, Jimenez, Salazar, etc. are eligible to reach the U. S Congress from Miami. In the ongoing Little Havana quest to overthrow Cuba's government in these last DAYS OF JULY-2021, Mario Salazar has even exceeded Rubio with unending saturations on network television extolling why it is absolutely necessary for President Biden to help Little Havana overthrow the murderous Cuban government so the KIND LITTLE HAVANA CUBANS can regain Cuba!!! Yes, Maria Salazar has told her national TV audiences: "There is no Embargo of Cuba."
While the U. S. media saturates its print and television outlets with the comments about Cuba only from Little Havana-like Cubans such as Miami-born members of Congress such as Maria Salazar and Marco Rubio, more honest independent media are able to tell the truth. The photo above opened a Reuters article in which the President of Mexico yesterday scathingly denounced the U. S. blockade of Cuba as "inhumane" -- the same blockade that Little Havana and the U. S. media claim doesn't exist!!
      This is yesterday's article that the London-based Reuters sent around the world about Mexican President Lopez-Obrador reminding the world that the U. S. Embargo against Cuba is  "inhumane" -- especially during the pandemic. Yesterday -- July 27th -- and today -- July 28th -- the President of Mexico and the Mexican people sent shipments of medical supplies to the Cuban families on the island. Meanwhile, in the U. S. media, Little Havana Cubans are telling Americans there is no Embargo and that THEY are helping Cuban families during the pandemic.
     Despite the terrible toll that the Blockade and COVID-19 are taking now on Cuban families, this precious little girl was on the beach outside Havana today. Her mother Enid Remis posted the photos on Facebook and said, "My little girl just needed to get out of the house so she could see and smell the sea again."
        While the U. S. media saturates the airways with Cubans who claim there is no Embargo and that they are trying to help Cuban families, the U. S. media should ask Cuban mothers like Enid Remis about the U. S. Blockade amid COVID-19!!!


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