Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Little Havana & Fake News

Emblematic of the Vast Distrust of U. S. Media!!

       In the rich and powerful Little Havana section of Miami, this is the famed Versailles Restaurant. Any national politician seeking Florida's often crucial 29 Electoral Votes must genuflect in Versailles and proclaim their total allegiance to the 6+-decades-effort of the Little Havana Cubans to regain control of Cuba, implying strongly that the former Batista dictatorship was the best and kindest government in the Western Hemisphere's history until the murderous and brutal Cuban Revolution chased the nice Batistianos to Little Havana WAY BACK on January 1st, 1959. Of course, the third premise espoused by Little Havana for the past 6+ decades is that any day now we will be back in Havana as the rulers of Cuba!!!!
    Well, tonight at 9:00 PM -- July 21st, 2021 -- Little Havana's superstar U. S. Senator, Marco Rubio, and Fox News's superstar anchor, Sean Hannity, will host a Town Hall discussion in Little Havana's famed Versailles Restaurant. The entire primetime hour will consist of only, as usual, nothing but extreme right-wing propaganda about how necessary it is for wonderful Little Havana to have the help of the Biden administration to regain control of murderous Revolutionary Cuba here in JULY of 2021!!!

      The most famed Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson -- the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776 -- famously declared that honest and informative Newspapers...the U. S. media...was the most vital tool related to the preservation of THE U. S DEMOCRACY!!! Were he and the other Founding Fathers alive today in July of 2021, I believe they would be shedding crocodile tears about the depths to which the U. S. media has sunk including recent years. To no one's SURPRISE, in July-2021 a new Gallup Poll, the USA's oldest and most respected pollster, reveals that barely any Americans "trust" anything they see, read, or hear in the mainstream media in the United States today!!! PLEASE, if you are a democracy-loving American, shed a tear for Thomas Jefferson when you study that new Gallup Poll.
        FOR EXAMPLE, the United States has three prime 24-hour cable news networks -- CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. All three have bundles of corporate money and have the wherewithal to gather and dispense real and important news and information to their viewers; but all three make sure their anchors, reporters, and pundits only dispense extreme propaganda -- with CNN and MSNBC only concerned with dispensing extreme left-wing propaganda. And Fox is only concerned with dispensing only extreme right-wing propaganda.
           For example, if you want to sample the depths that the mainstream U. S. media has sunk, at 9:00 P. M. tonight -- on July 21st, 2021 -- dial up the primetime Fox News hour hosted by Sean Hannity. For that hour of extreme but important right-wing propaganda, Hannity -- the Fox superstar -- will be hosting a special program from the famed Versailles Restaurant in the Little Havana section of Miami. His prime guest, of course, will be Little Havana's superstar U. S. Senator Marco Rubio. The prime purpose of the program tonight is to continue to fan the flames to persuade the Biden administration to take advantage of Little Havana's current latest exalted effort to overthrow Havana, which has been ongoing since January of 1959 when the Cuban Revolution defeated the brutal U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in Cuba. Thus, tonight's entire special RUBIO-HANNITY hour on Fox News -- July 21st -- will only air the extreme views of self-serving Little Havana zealots such as Rubio, and those views will demand that the superpower United States finally recapture Cuba on behalf of the rich and politically powerful Little Havana Cubans.


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