Tuesday, July 6, 2021

How US Cuba Policy Shames Democracy

 Only Self-serving Benefactors Can Apply!!

     This article penned by a long-time journalist, Karen DeYoung, is one of the fairest Cuban reports in the Washington Post since it has been owned by Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world whose stepfather is Cuban-born Miguel Bezos. Jeff Bezos has routinely allowed Counter Revolutionaries to write articles/editorials about Cuba. But the points above by Karen DeYoung are legitimate, such as her understanding that Senator Bob Menendez, a Democrat from Union City/Newark, now dictates the Biden administration's Cuban policy just as Senator Marco Rubio from Little Havana/Miami dictated the extremely genocidal Cuban policies during the Trump administration. There are 535 members of the U. S. Congress and there are about 340 million people in the United States; to allow a few self-serving and vicious individuals to dictate Cuban policies that many people worldwide consider genocidal against masses of everyday Cubans is not a nice example of what the U. S. democracy was meant to stand for.
     Of course, to dictate Cuban policy both of America's Counter Revolutionary Senators Menendez and Rubio always try to make sure that they are Chairmen of the Senate's Foreign Affairs Committee, the best way to dictate Cuban policies.
      Of course, as long as Menendez & Rubio are from Union City/Newark and Little Havana/Miami, they can remain as powers in the U. S. Senate forever. Senator Bob Menendez, of course, easily won his last 6-year term in the Senate right after a Hung Jury's decision freed him from a very serious and expensive federal trial that had charged him with multiple corruption accusations.
      Of course, the U. S. Justice Department...after the Hung Jury verdict...decided to "Retry" Senator Menendez again because its charges were serious. But later...the Justice Department decided that it would not retry him because it was supposed that, in another trial judged by his peers, they would again face a Hung Jury and they had already squandered buckets of tax-dollars and much time leading up to the first Trial.
        And so, two U. S. Senators -- Bob Menendez and Marco Rubio, one a Democrat and the other a Republican -- have dictated the Republican Trump administration's Cuban policies and now dictate the Democratic Biden administration's Cuban policies. Perhaps it should be mentioned, in addition to Menendez's Justice Department trouble, that a renowned and respected journalist in Washington -- Ken Silverstein -- penned a massively long, scathing, and detailed bio-article about Rubio.
   As a renowned investigative journalist for his heralded efforts at the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, Harper's Magazine, etc., Ken Silverstein is one of America's best journalists. His detailed article about Marco Rubio included an incredible array of names, places, and incidents that resulted in Ken Silverstein concluding that: "When it comes to sheer brazen corruption, chicanery, and dishonesty there is one candidate who stands head and shoulders above everyone else and that is...Senator Marco Rubio." Senator Rubio is "heads and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it comes to corruption and  chicanery." Wow!! Considering Washington's well-known and well-earned reputation for corruption, chicanery, and dishonesty, I think you will agree that Ken Silverstein's must-read article about Senator Marco Rubio is rather important, considering that in the USA's two-party political system that the Democrat Bob Menendez dictates President Biden's Cuban policies while the Republican Marco Rubio dictated President Trump's Cuban policies!!
   "Mr. Rubio's public image -- the child of poor Cuban immigrants fleeing the repression of Castro's Cuba who pulled himself up by his bootstraps and even now is a simple Jose Sixpack and family man -- is less tethered to reality than the The Wizard of Oz."
    The words of Ken Silverstein shown above are reminders that just about everything Americans have been told about U.S.-Cuban relations are "less tethered to reality than The Wizard of Oz." Of course, since 1959 Little Havana arose in Miami on the heels of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in Havana, the real "reality" of U.S.-Cuban relations would not have permitted a select group of Cuban exiles to become millionaires and billionaires at the expense of U. S. taxpayers and, especially, at the expense of the U. S. democracy.
     For example, if Americans were told the truth about the USA's relations with Cuba, SURELY Americans would not be programmed to not be unashamed of the whole world's definitive image of U.S.-Cuban relations, the image depicted above. But, as explained above by the great journalist Ken Silverstein, Americans being told to not to be ashamed of the image above "is less tethered to reality than the Wizard of Oz."
    For sure, geography unfortunately made Cuba the backdoor neighbor of the superpower United States. It is also the largest and most beautiful island nation in the strategically vital Caribbean. Left to its own devices, Cuba would likely be the richest nation in the region but the extreme greed of imperialist Spain for centuries and the extreme greed of the United States since the Spanish-American War in 1898 has left Cuba struggling to survive. That struggle continues into July of 2021 as the transition of the Republican Trump presidency to the Democratic Biden presidency has not...and will not...lessen the USA's greed to dominate the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island nation. That is because...there are simply too many people -- especially in Little Havana, Newark, and Washington -- who continue to gain too much money and too much power from the Cuban policy that the U. S. has employed for over six decades -- since 1959 when Little Havana evolved on U. S. soil. INCREDIBLY, since 1959 Little Havana has not recaptured Havana but, also INCREDIBLY, it has seemingly captured Washington.

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