Trump Decides to TARGET Cuba

Caves In to Vicious Extremists!
{Wednesday, May 31st, 2017}
          In 1952 miscreants in the Eisenhower White House -- like Richard Nixon and the Dulles brothers -- teamed the United States democracy with the top echelons of the Mafia to support the thieving and brutal Batista dictatorship in Cuba. From that day to this day -- May 31st, 2017 -- Americans have been lied to and propagandized to distort history and to protect miscreants who can hide behind CLASSIFIED documents and materials to cover-up their dishonor or criminality. The distorted history mentioned above includes the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba and the Cuban Revolution that overturned it on January 1, 1959. Since then, as the Batistiano-Mafiosi leaders regrouped on U. S. soil -- especially Miami first and then the U. S. Congress -- the lies and distortions have proliferated concerning the six-decades of efforts in which the Batistianos-Mafiosi have attempted to regain control of Cuba, supported by such things as the Bush dynasty and the cowardice of two generations of Americans in whose names and tax dollars criminal acts against innocent Cubans have been perpetrated since the 1950s, such as the 73 innocent civilian souls aboard Cubana Flight 455, which was bombed into the ocean.
             WITH THAT BEING SAID, you may ask who the lady depicted above is. It's a fair question. Her name is Dailyn Sordo Petaez. She is a proud Cuban, made in Cuba, and a Cuban who has no intention to get an inter-tube or some other means so she could possibly cross the Florida Straits and partake of the controversial riches and other discriminatory incentives designed to entice her to Miami. BUT FOR MERELY CHOOSING TO STAY IN HER BELOVED CUBA, SHE WILL CONTINUE TO BE SEVERELY PUNISHED BY MISCREANTS IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY WHO JOYFULLY HIDE BEHIND THE SKIRTS OF A SUPERPOWER. And yet...as May turns to June in the year 2017...miscreants in Miami, the U. S. Congress, and the Trump White House will very shortly be given the wherewithal by President Trump to not only ATTEMPT to regain control of Cuba but to ALSO EVEN MORE SEVERELY PUNISH DECENT, EVERYDAY CUBANS LIKE DAILYN SORDO PETAEZ. And that emerging fact begs this question: WHAT WILL THE AMERICA PEOPLE DO? The answer is:
         Epitomizing the unending counter-revolutionary members of the U. S. Congress from Miami, Mario Diaz-Balart yesterday -- May 30, 2017 -- told CNN, "I'm 100 percent sure President Trump is going to deliver on his commitment. I have no doubt that you're going to see in short order a different policy" -- "different" from the sane and decent Cuban policy so bravely enacted by former President Obama, whom the shameless Mario Diaz-Balart  stupidly called "the Appeaser-in-Chief" and other vile terms. The intimidated or politically correct mainstream media laps up whatever Diaz-Balart and his ilk say and readily accept whatever they say or do to innocent Cubans on the island -- all, of course, in the name of "hurting" Fidel Castro or, now, the Castro legacy. The U. S. media doesn't have the guts or integrity to, for example, tell the propagandized American people that Mario Diaz-Balart is the son of Rafael Diaz-Balart, who was a key Minister in the overthrown Batista-Mafia dictatorship and then one of the richest and most powerful counter-revolutionaries in the Miami area, and a man who had two sons elected to the U. S. Congress from Miami. The fact that zealots like the Diaz-Balarts can go to Congress and dictate Cuban laws and also dictate Cuban policy to Presidents is a joke against democracy. That is particularly true because of this: Most Cuban-Americans EVEN IN MIAMI favor Obama's sane and decent approach to Cuba but as far as I can detect such Cuban-Americans are not eligible to be elected to the U. S. Congress. BUT TIMID, IGNORANT AND PROPAGANDIZED AMERICAN CITIZENS WILL ALLOW SUCH INSULTS TO DEMOCRACY FOR ANOTHER SIX DECADES!!   
     A gutless, indecent and impeachable President Donald Trump has decided to reverse the positive overtures made to Cuba by his brave and decent predecessor, Mr. Barack Obama.
      Upon his return from his first foreign trip as President, Trump assured three vicious,  self-serving, counter-revolutionary, anti-Cuban zealots and Cuban-American U. S. Senators -- Cruz, Menendez, and Rubio -- that he has capitulated to their cruel, self-serving demands and will now lower the boom on Cuba.
    If a cowardly and unpatriotic generation of Americans in 2017 allows Trump to do what he this week promised those three Senators he will do, those Americans will deserve what Cuba  -- AS DEPICTED ABOVE -- got from 1952 till 1959, a thieving and brutal Batista-Mafia dictatorship. A U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba was one thing but a Batistiano-Mafiosi dictatorship in America will be another thing altogether.
      IF the American people allow Trump to do what he promised these three extremists he will do, America deserves Trump as President OR when he leaves office or is impeached, America will deserve Mr. Marco Rubio as President, Bob Menendez as Secretary of Defense, and Ted Cruz as Secretary of State. It's fair that if Cubans deserve Rubio-Menendez-Cruz to dictate to Cuba then Americans deserve for them to dictate to America too.
       The ill-wind blowing wickedly west-to-east across the Florida Straits at the sovereign Cuban flag has been exacerbated by President Trump's cowardly and gutless decision to allow a handful of visceral, self-serving, and revengeful Cuban-Americans to reverse gains the Obama administration had so bravely and decently created. But such revengeful zealots as Rubio/Cruz/Menendez/Ros-Lehtinen/Diaz-Balart/Curbelo in the U. S. Congress will still have trouble destroying or recapturing Cuba. The island has other options even if or when it totally turns away from America and even if it costs all the gains and commerce instituted by former President Obama. For one thing, in opposing belligerence from the United States, Cuba already has the support of the entire world, as indicated by the current 191-to-0 pro-Cuban/anti-American vote in the United Nations. Such unanimous worldwide condemnation, of course, doesn't faze the unpatriotic perpetrations of a cruel and dastardly Cuban policy by a band of miscreants. A vast majority of Cuban-Americans desire a sane and decent Cuban policy but the chances of one of them getting elected to the U. S. Congress is nil, such is the grip a handful of miscreants have on the United States democracy.
        The outside lights at the U. S. embassy in Havana had just come on when that lone car was passing by...and when word was just filtering in that President Donald Trump in Washington had decided to turn his Cuban policy over to Rubio-Cruz-Menendez and the rest of the counter-revolutionary clan that has thrived in the U. S. since January of 1959. The reaction inside the U. S. embassy...although only a few dedicated workers were still there...was quite somber, and sad. One female, about to leave, reportedly sat down and cried. Her male superior put his hand on her shoulder to console her. "It's not unexpected," he said, "but I feel like crying too...for Cuba, yes, but for America even more." Decent Americans like those two embassy workers, and like President Obama, had reopened the U. S. embassy in Havana for the first time since 1961. Now it might close. Now it should close. The miscreants in Congress and in the Trump White House have won. The rest of the world has lost. And the saddest thing of all is...most Americans don't give a damn.  


Trump to Reveal Cuba Plans

A Crucial Denouement Nears!
{Monday, May 29th, 2017}
       The President and CEO of World Trade Center Utah, Derek Miller, is the latest American to lead a large delegation of business executives to Cuba. He points out that Utah is now #6 and the fastest growing U. S. state in exports with $12.1 billion in goods and services exported in 2016. He told the Deseret News that, despite U. S. restrictions on dealing with Cuba, "The Cubans welcomed us warmly and said they wish they had better relations with neighbors across the way. They are still in a state of limbo in terms of a new U. S. administration coming in. Next year Cuba will have an election to choose its next leader, the first non-Castro since 1959, and who that next President is and what his or her policies will be will set the tone for the next several years if the U. S. loosens its grip." Among the Utah business executives in Cuba was Vance Checketts, the General Manager of Dell EMC, which employs 1,300 people in Utah. Mr. Miller said his organization is very anxious to "conduct normal or near normal legal trade with Cuba and it is apparent that thousands of other business interests in the U. S. want the same thing."
      This photo was taken by Derek Miller to show empty shelves at a grocery story in Cuba. He used it back in Utah to point out that, except for the U. S. embargo of Cuba since 1963, normal trade relations between the U. S. and Cuba would "benefit both Cubans and Americans if friendship prevails."
       Also this week the Cuba-friendly Jamaica Observer used the above photo to make this point: Cuba's only "unfriendly" neighbor is the United States, a decision made indelible for over half-a-century by a few self-serving and revengeful Cuban-exiles and their sycophants in the U. S. Congress. This photo shows Taneisha Atkinson sitting at a table in Kingston during a ceremony in which the Cuban embassy awarded eight full and totally free medical scholarships to Jamaicans like her. It's a long-standing Cuban gesture.
       Except in the mainstream U. S. media, which basically is not allowed to mention anything positive related to Revolutionary Cuba, Cuba is renowned for having the largest medical school in the world. Moreover, Cuba has awarded totally free medical scholarships to thousands of eager foreign students from extremely poor regions, including from the United States of America, and Cuba only asks that, upon graduation, such students as Jamaica's Taneisha Atkinson return for at least five years to serve in the poor areas from whence they came.
       While the U. S. media is neither brave enough nor competent enough to fairly report on Cuban issues, the international media giants based in London -- the BBC and Reuters -- are brave enough and competent enough to fill the void. Sarah Marsh of Reuters is one such journalist who excellently covers Cuba from Cuba. In doing so she, of course, keeps a close eye on Miami and Washington. Thus, her article this weekend is again the best in preparing Americans and Cubans for this coming week's long-awaited decision by the Trump administration regarding whether to indecently assault Cuba or to sanely keep in place or even expand on former President Obama's positive overtures to the vastly important nearby island -- vastly important to America because no other topic sheds as much hubris or negativity on the U. S. as does its Cuban policy, which has been largely dictated since 1959 by only the most vociferous counter-revolutionaries in Miami and in Congress. Americans who disagree with that conclusion, of course, either ignore or pretend that there is no current vote in the United Nations with a 191-to-0 unanimity condemning America's Cuban policy. {Probably no other topic could possibly attain such glaring worldwide unanimity}.
        That being said, if you are interested in whether President Trump this coming week will begin the process of finally destroying Revolutionary Cuba OR allowing it to exist as a pugnacious and sovereign little nation, start by ignoring anything you read or see in the mainstream U. S. media and depend on braver or more objective foreign media -- especially the BBC and Reuters in England, El Pais in Spain, etc. This weekend's Sarah Marsh-Reuters article -- "U. S. Lawmakers Reintroduce Bill to End Restrictions on Cuba Travel" -- is a place to start if you want a fair projection; of course, the mainstream U. S. media is always available if you just want anti-Cuban propaganda. So, let's stick with Sarah Marsh. After discussing the bill introduced last week by 55 U. S. Senators in the 100-member U. S. Senate, Ms. Marsh explained that, of course, was a bipartisan attempt by "the majority" of U. S. Senators to finally bring at least a degree of sanity and decency to America's Cuban policy. But then Ms. Marsh correctly explained that never...NOT ONCE...since 1959 has majority opinion been a factor in crafting America's Cuban policy that righteously and correctly currently gets that 191-to-0 condemnation in the United Nations. Ms Marsh astutely surmised that the Republican leaders in the Senate would not even allow "the measure to come up for a vote."
       You see, in the 100-member U. S. Senate there are three visceral Cuban-American counter-revolutionaries -- Marco Rubio, Bob Menendez, and Ted Cruz. Although every poll shows that a strong majority of Cuban-Americans EVEN in Miami favor President Obama's sane and decent Cuban policies, there seems to be zero chance that such moderate or pro-Cuban Cuban-Americans could get elected to Congress. And further, whether in Miami or in Congress, only visceral Cuban-American counter-revolutionaries seem eligible to either voice or cast opinions in regard to Cuba. {Remember the car-bombing in Miami of moderate Cuban-American journalist Emilio Milian when he tried to voice his opinion? You probably don't because you are not supposed to either remember it or to Google it}. 
        The U. S. democracy took a severe hit in 1952 when right-wingers in the Eisenhower White House teamed the United States with the Mafia to support the Batista dictatorship in Cuba. When the Cuban Revolution stunned the world by overthrowing that vile, thieving dictatorship in January of 1959, the leaders merely reconstituted themselves on United States soil, mostly in the Miami area. What evolved since then has been an even bigger and even more significant assault on both Cuba and the U. S. democracy. A vast multitude of documentations attest to that sheer fact, which was merely punctuated yet again this weekend when Sarah Marsh of Reuters pointed out that the bill in the U. S. Senate designed to bring some decency and sanity to America's Cuban policy...a bill supported by a strong bipartisan majority of Senators...would not even be allowed to "come up for a vote." That, folks, is Democracy-in-Action as it pertains to Cuba, an action that currently defames America and Democracy by a 191-to-0 UN margin.
        So while propagandized Americans are not supposed to comprehend it, a visceral and extreme minority of counter-revolutionary Cuban-Americans will continue to dictate America's Cuban policy, the policy opposed in unanimity worldwide, and that includes all of America's very best international friends.
       As a pusillanimity-plagued majority of Americans and Cuban-Americans sit back passively, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have laughed their way to the U. S. Senate and both presidential wannabees believe they can laugh their way to the White House. Odds are...that will eventually happen, and those who let it happen will deserve it. However, the United States democracy will not deserve it, nor will millions of innocent Cubans.


Senate Tries for Cuban Decency

As Anti-Decency Faction Rebels!
      This week -- May 25th, 2017 -- a bill co-sponsored by most of the United States Senators was introduced in a valiant effort to bring, at long long, some sanity and decency to America's Cuban policy. The bill was led by Jeff Flake, the Republican Senator from Arizona, and Patrick Leahy, the Democratic Senator from Vermont. Some 55 of the Senate's 100 members, in a powerful bipartisan fashion, sponsored legislation to repeal all restrictions against Americans who desire the freedom to travel to Cuba; 55 is a majority in the Senate but, for many decades, majority opinion in the world's most famous democracy has never been a factor in crafting a Cuban policy that currently is condemned by a resounding 191-to-0 unanimity vote in the United Nations. For years Americans have been the only people in the world without the freedom to travel to Cuba via laws in the U. S. Congress routinely designed to appease a mere handful of visceral, revengeful, self-serving Cuban-Americans. Revealing a glaring weakness of the U. S. democracy to deal sanely with Cuban issues, yesterday's majority, bipartisan legislation in the U. S. Senate again is doomed to fail for two reasons: {1} 60 votes and not just 55 are needed to advance the Flake-Leahy Bill; and {2} the Republican-controlled Senate could care less about decency or democracy when it comes to Cuba.
         There are three Cuban-American United States Senators -- Rubio, Menendez, and Cruz -- who are totally unconcerned about how much America's Cuban policy hurts totally innocent Cubans on the island, OR how much it hurts the majority of Cuban-Americans, OR how much it so drastically hurts the image of both America and democracy in the eyes of the world, including America's best friends as evidenced by the current 191-to-0 unanimity vote in the United Nations. Yet, for decades grossly unpatriotic American citizens have meekly allowed the Rubio-Menendez-Cruz types to dictate a Cuban policy that shames both America and democracy. Despite the efforts of the majority of Senators in the United States Senate yesterday, that blatant gutlessness and sheer cowardice will continue to prevail, as always before. And yet again, it will prove that the very precious American democracy is not nearly as strong as it was prior to the victory of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959 when the ousted leaders of the vile Batista-Mafia dictatorship were chased back to the United States from whence that had taken over Cuba in 1952.
And incredibly!!
        According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, U. S. President Donald Trump's first major budget proposal calls for ENDING THE TONS OF U. S. TAX DOLLARS DEVOTED TO REGIME-CHANGE IN CUBA!!! Much of that money, which many people feel is primarily designed to enrich selected Cuban-Americans,  has been funneled for decades to Miami and to counter-revolutionary activities via governmental agencies such as USAID. WOW!! Even if its only a proposal, it's a heck-of-a-signal from the Trump administration. Unbelievable!! Really!! 


Cuban Superstars

Not Just Baseball Players!!
{UPDATED, Friday, May 26th, 2017}
       The island of Cuba has often been credited with producing per capita the world's best baseball players, per capita the world's best ballet performers, per capita the world's most doctors, etc. Some visitors to the island or to venues like YouTube are now beginning to think that little embargoed Cuba might also, somehow, be producing the "best broadcast journalists in North America," as one veteran British broadcast journalist remarked after a recent observant visit to the island. The photo above was taken this week -- May 24th, 2017 -- during an interview on the set of a typical Cuban television news program. The young superstar broadcast journalist is Rosy Amaro Perez and she is interviewing Patrick Faber, the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize. Mr. Faber took the opportunity to thank the Cuban government and Cuban people for "sending doctors to save so many lives in my country." Cuban universities not only have excellent broadcast journalism professors but they stress practical, hands-on audio, video, and technical training. Thus, upon graduation, young broadcast journalists like Rosy Amaro Perez are already veterans.
Rosy Amaro Perez.
Rosy & her daughter; note the duplicate dresses.
        The most famous of Cuba's broadcast journalists is Cristina Escobar. An extraordinarily skilled anchor and interviewer, her fame has extended well beyond the island via a regional television news program in English as well as YouTube videos. Also, of course, Cristina Escobar is the only Cuban journalist that has asked questions at a White House news conference in Washington and there she made headlines with no less than six pertinent questions in English answered by President Barack Obama's Press Secretary Josh Earnest. Then before she left Washington, she was congratulated by U. S. broadcasters like NBC's Andrea Mitchell and she had multiple requests to speak before Washington-area groups and to be interviewed herself on U. S. television. In such forums she made more headlines with these two comments: "Cuban journalists have more freedom to tell the truth about the U. S. than U. S. journalists have to tell the truth about Cuba" and "Cuba's fate is up to Cubans on the island, not Cubans in Miami and Washington."
      This photo was taken when Cristina Escobar was interviewed in Mobile, Alabama on the Fox television station Channel 10. It is a long, insightful interview in English and you can dial it up using the title "TOP CUBAN ANCHOR TALKS US-CUBA RELATIONS" -- Fox 10, Mobile, Alabama. The Fox-10 anchor, Lenise Ligon, prefaced the interview by calling Cristina "Cuba's young superstar news anchor." She is indeed. While in Mobile, Cristina spoke to journalism classes at the University of South Alabama and at Spring Hill College.
      In addition to being Cuba's young superstar news anchor, Cristina Escobar herself is an excellent interview subject because of her outspokenness and her expertise on U.S.-Cuban history and topicality. She graduated from the University of Havana in 2011 and her thesis expertly and eerily predicted how President Barack Obama's refreshingly brave and decent overtures to Cuba would affect the island now and then effect U.S.-Cuban relations beyond Obama's two presidential terms. Now when she says things like..."Cuba's fate is up to Cubans on the island, not Cubans in Miami and Washington," she means it. And when she says things like..."Journalists in Cuba have more freedom to tell the truth about the U. S. than U. S. journalists have to tell the truth about Cuba," she means that too. That latter quote is certainly debatable but it comes from an informed and astute Cuban source -- the island's superstar broadcast journalist who also happens to have a keen knowledge of U.S.-Cuban history, which includes the 1976 car-bombing of Miami's top Cuban-American broadcast journalist, Emilio Milian, after he criticized terrorism against innocent Cubans.
In Cuba Cristina Escobar has a new set and a new channel.
Cubans trust her.
And Americans respect her.
Speaking of broadcast journalism:
       Incredibly, as of this last week in May of 2017, Rachel Maddow has emerged as the face of broadcast journalism in America. The Big Three network news operations -- NBC, CBS, and ABC -- get by far the most viewers on their 6:30 PM half-hour broadcasts but the three cable "news" operators -- Fox, CNN and MSNBC -- control prime-time hours from 8:oo PM till 11:00 PM each night. For the past two decades, Fox had dominated cable news with a right-wing tilt engineered by its founder Roger Ailes and its superstar anchor Bill O'Reilly. But recently both Ailes, who died this month, and O'Reilly have been fired by Fox because of sex scandals or sexual allegations. Since then Fox has dropped to third in the cable ratings that normally, for two decades, had Fox with far more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined. Maddow, who was making $7 million-a-year even when her ratings were minuscule, suddenly has the top-rated, prime-time cable "news" hour. This week, as published by USA Today, the top seven cable programs have all been pro basketball broadcasts with ratings ranging from 7.0 million to 3.2 million. But the other three broadcasts in the Top Ten are all Rachel Maddow broadcasts ranging from 2.9 million to 3.1 million. However, in the USA of today the cable "news" coverage is totally misnamed and it should be be labeled for what it is, which is purely propaganda dispensed by high-priced anchors and their pundits. Fox dispenses right-wing propaganda but it is no longer as extreme as the left-wing propaganda dispensed by MSNBC, CNN, the NY Times and the Washington Post.
      During the  recent watershed presidential sweepstakes, Rachel Maddow and the rest of the extreme left-wing "news" media -- both electronic an print -- were extremely biased in favor of the Democrat, Hillary Clinton. But Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the election because he was perceived as a total non-politician and enough U. S. voters had tired of entrenched and established politicos considered to be bought-and-paid-for. The left-wing media surely helped elect Trump. So, after the alarming victory of Trump over Clinton, the left-wing news media has, to describe it best, been engaged in a media coup to overthrow the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. {Note: I am not a Trump supporter but I do respect the Office of President as well as America's electoral process}.
      Newshounds like me once depended on USA cable networks at least for Breaking News but now we must go to the British BBC, the Canadian equivalent to the BBC or Online to quench such thirsts. Whether it is regular "news" or breaking "news," Fox eschews important news to promote conservative causes while MSNBC and CNN are only concerned with joining the New York Times and the Washington Post coup designed to overthrow the Trump presidency. And so, as depicted above, Rachel Maddow's Breaking News is only...I repeat ONLY...concerned with advancing her latest coup-related material regarding the overthrow of President Trump. If you deny that, I invite you to watch Maddow tonight, tomorrow night or any night until Trump is gone. In other words, the 2.9 million people now watching Maddow nightly ARE NOT tuning in for news, but only for anti-Trump propaganda -- to the detriment of both America and Democracy.
      Left-wing extremism from Maddow and all the anchors on MSNBC and CNN merely spawns right-wing extremism elsewhere that might find the USA spiraling toward the evolution of a revolution or even a second USA Civil War. Uh, "Did Rachel Maddow tweet that Donald Trump needs to be 'taken out'?" Us, YES I think she did...and the Tweet listed below indeed proves she did.
  Rachel Maddow tweet on Jan. 23, 2017, 11:50 A. M.
       At the moment, left-wingers like Rachel Maddow are using Trump's "Russian Connection" as the focal point to fuel their undisguised coup to overthrow or "take out" Trump. But, for sure, if that fizzles out, other focal points are waiting in the wings. It is a vast, left-wing conspiracy-coup against Donald Trump.
          Night after night, Rachel Maddow, as a leading coup-monger, frantically exudes anti-Trump rants and, incredibly, THAT'S ALL SHE DOES WITH NOT EVEN A PRETENSE OF PRESENTING NEWS. While Maddow and her ilk incessantly promote anti-Trump vitriol, they stress that he will "hurt" or destroy America, Democracy and EVEN THE WORLD. I don't know about the world, but as a Democracy-loving American I believe a propaganda-obsessed, dogmatically postulating U. S. media -- and the left-wing vs. right-wing Civil War it might produce -- is a FAR BIGGER threat to America and ITS PRECIOUS DEMOCRACY than Donald Trump.
      And that surely reminds me of what Cristina Escobar -- Cuba's very thoughtful and highly respected superstar broadcast journalist -- surmised out loud on one of her notable visits to the USA: "Journalists in Cuba have more freedom to tell the truth about the U. S. than U. S. journalists have to tell the truth about Cuba." Whether Americans agree with that rather profound quotation or not, I believe it perhaps is time they at least ponder it. By the same token, I assume that Cristina Escobar, for example, is more apt to tell the truth about Donald Trump than "U. S. journalists" like Rachel Maddow are. AND REMEMBER that nearby, repeatedly targeted and a vulnerable little Cuba is as interested in the U. S. presidency as America is.


Cuba's BoomingTourism

Will Trump Halt It?
     Yet another major U. S. company -- Expedia -- has joined the Cuban bandwagon even as the small but powerful and self-serving counter-revolutionary factions in Miami and Washington frantically try to convince President Donald Trump to reverse all of the Cuban positives the Republican administration inherited from the Democratic Obama presidency. This week -- Tuesday, May 23, 2017 -- Expedia announced it will start offering online booking for Cuban hotels to capitalize on the Obama-generated "boom in tourists activity to Cuba." The Republican-dominated U. S. Congress staunchly maintains a plethora of anti-Cuban laws, including restrictions on U. S. citizens' freedoms to visit Cuba, but Obama eased many of those anti-democratic obstacles.
            The Expedia executive in charge of the Caribbean is Veronica Vega. She told Reuters, "I see a lot of potential in Cuba. We are talking about the largest country in the Caribbean with significant hotel expansions now underway and with much more tourist-friendly actions in their plans. The Cuban market excites us and, if roadblocks are not instituted, Cuba looms as a Caribbean hot-spot because it is, for real, the intriguing Pearl of the Antilles. There are now 12 U. S. airlines and cruise operators with regular forays to Cuba."
       In the background, this is the magnificent Hotel Encanto in Santiago de Cuba on the island's southeastern tip. It has now been newly renovated up to luxury status in Cuba's second largest city.
This is the renovated Hotel Santa in Old Havana.
        The American hotel giant Starwood Hotels & Resorts now has massively important investments in Cuba -- such as this Four Points-Sheraton in the historic and picturesque Miramar district of Havana.
Inside Starwood's 5-star Four Points Havana Hotel.
Also inside Starwood's luxury Havana Hotel.
A Starwood's luxury bedroom in Havana.
      This is one of Starwood's 2-bed luxury gems in Havana. Starwood Hotels & Resorts is already booking its Four Points Hotel in Havana but the opening day for its Inglaterra Hotel is set for December 31, 2019.
      Cuba has also welcomed the American online giant AIRbnb. In fact, AIRbnb now says, "Cuba has become our fastest growing market in the world and also our fastest growing market ever."
    A privately owned AIRbnb-related Bed & Breakfast in Cuba.
      With inroads paved by President Obama and now with massive assistant from AIRbnb's worldwide booking prowess, Cuba's newly excited Bed & Breakfasts entrepreneurs are just beginning to thrive.
      Although there are cheaper Bed & Breadfast rentals in Cuba, the AIRbnb connection has enabled Cubans to invest in remodeling their businesses as shown above. Many Cuban-Americans have long assisted Cubans on the island financially but because of advances in U.S.-Cuban relations orchestrated by President Obama, business investments from Cuban-Americans to new Cuban entrepreneurs have increased massively since 2014, enabling private homes-businesses like this to be sharply upgraded.
         The vast majority of Cubans in Cuba and the vast majority of Cubans in the United States, as well as almost every business and entrepreneur enterprise on both sides of the Florida Straits, want to continue the mutually beneficial cordial relations that former U. S. President Obama made possible. But a small, self-serving cabal of Cubans and lobbyists in Miami and in Washington are in the process of trying desperately to persuade current U. S. President Donald Trump to reverse those long-awaited positive measures.

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