Cuba on May Day-2022


     On Sunday, May 1, 2022 -- MAY DAY in Cuba -- Cubans on the island are recovering from the Pandemic but, perhaps more so than usual, they are deeply worried about the U. S. Blockade that began six decades ago, in 1962, as an economic Embargo designed to starve them into a revolt against their revolutionary government.
     May Day brings back vivid memories of their revolutionary leader Fidel Castro who died at age 90 in 2016.
     For sure, Fidel's mystique remains a formidable force on the island, but there are also palpable signs that what would be yet another full seventh decade of resisting the awesome power of the nearby superpower United States will simply be too much to ask of the Revolution. 
    January 1st of 1959, the day the Revolution began creating Little Havana/USA in the heart of nearby Miami, is still celebrated with pride on the island, but the last two generations of Cuban youth have grown tired of being the only people in the Western Hemisphere to have lived their entire lives under the threatening yoke of a foreign superpower. Therefore, sometime within the next five years, that situation...one way or the other...must end.
    The Embargo, the Pandemic, and now the tightening of what more-and-more Cubans on the island consider a genocidal Blockade has finally taken a toll that cannot endue much longer. In reality, pleas to Eliminate the Blockade will never be heeded because it pleases and/or benefits some very rich and very powerful people.
     Yet, the successful generation of Cubans on the island who vowed to fight to the death for the Revolution will forever be revered. For sure, both their illimitable & illuminable courage as well as their honorable vision will forever remain historic.


U.S. Views Cuba as a Cash Cow

 From 1776 Till 2022!!

    From its existence starting in 1776 the United States has always viewed the nearby island of Cuba as a Cash Cow for rich Americans. In the last days of April in 2022...Yes, that is still particularly true as rich companies take full advantage of the Biden administration's Trumpian policies designed by Little Havana's prime Counter Revolutionary Cubans who flock to the U. S. Congress as well as either Republican or Democratic White Houses. Dictating the USA's two-party political system regarding the Cuban Cash Cow is still in 2022 a "scandalously" true fact!! The headline above is correct...as American Airlines closes off April-2022 by jumping on the Cuban Cash Cow..."scandalously." And, Yes, a news source that fair-minded observers on both sides of the Florida Straits -- in Havana and in Little Havana -- both trust is OnCuba News, which has offices in both Havana and Little Havana and actually produces honest journalism regarding  U.S.-Cuba/Havana-Little Havana.
    As revealed in the honest OnCuba News editorial above, U. S. companies such as American Airlines, when they are allowed to do business regarding Cuba, have no trouble finding special legalities related to the unique ways Cuban policies are routinely constructed in Washington to exploit the Caribbean's largest island nation.
    In other words, what is pertinent about the "scandalous" article at the end of April-2022 about American Airlines taking advantage of the scandalous U. S. policy regarding Cuba is this: The greedy United States magnet that has been aimed at the nearby island of Cuba from 1776 till 2022 will continue as long as a few greedy Americans, and their greedy acolytes can legally benefit from it. Of course, what that says about the U. S. democracy simply doesn't matter!! What does matter is MONEY, and how much MONEY that powerful American magnet can rake in!!!!



US Says Cuba Is Not A Country

 The Same U. S. That Loved Batista's Cuba!!

    Cuba, the largest nation in the Caribbean, is being told by other Caribbean nations that the United States will not allow Cuba to be represented at the upcoming Ninth Summit of the Americas to be held in Los Angeles this June. The reason: The Biden administration is maintaining the Trump administration's draconian Cuban policies to appease Miami extremists who "still clamor for a pre-revolutionary Batista-like 1950's Cuba."
    The little western Caribbean nation of Dominica is a leader in keeping Cuba apprised of how regional nations are influenced by Miami-Washington extremists to keep expanding efforts to "blockade Cuba from area economical and governmental associations, including the Summit of the Americas in LA in June." Dominica is an interesting mountainous nation with natural hot springs, tropical rainforests, and other natural features.

     Today -- Wednesday, April 27-2022 -- the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, is wrapping up a three-day visit to Cuba. As shown above, Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel honored Skerrit with Cuba's highest medal that it can be awarded to a foreign leader. As he left the island, Skerrit said, "Cuba should be showered with the highest recognition as an important Caribbean nation and all of the Caribbean nations agree with that conclusion, unless they are intimidated otherwise by the power of the United States. Every year in the United Nations every Caribbean country votes against the U. S. blockade of Cuba that started in 1962 to starve the island after it eliminated the U. S. dictator Batista. In fact, at the UN the typical worldwide vote against the blockade is usually 189-2 with only U. S. dependent Israel always siding with the U. S. vote. Just because it is the Superpower economically and militarily should not give one powerful nation the right to do this to the people in Cuba."

     Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez says that, "The U. S. pressuring other nations to bar Cuba from the Los Angeles Summit in June highlights the fact that the U. S. democracy blatantly allows a few extremists in Miami to dictate Washington's Cuban policies. This has been true since 1959."
    Cuba admits that it was surprised last week when the Biden administration allowed Cuban diplomats to participate in a meeting in Washington that concerned both nations.
    Cuba's veteran Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has long complained that "the U. S. media is unwilling or unable to report the truth about U. S. relations with Cuba." So, typically -- as shown above -- Rodriguez goes on Social Media platforms to state Cuba's positions on such things as the upcoming Summit of the Americas.
    Cuba told the powerful Reuters News agency, "The Cuban government believes the people in Cuba that are being blockaded or deprived of family necessities by decisions Washington gets from Miami are the Cubans in Cuba, not in Miami, and they should be represented at the Summit of the Americas that, on U. S. soil, will benefit Miami and hurt Cuba. That is the only reason we think Cubans in Cuba should be represented, not just Miami Cubans who benefit from hurting Cubans in Cuba."
    Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel turned 62-years-old this month of April-2022 and he was born in 1960 right after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. Regarding the upcoming USA's Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles in June, Diaz-Canel said: "In the 1950s the U. S. powerfully supported the brutal dictator Batista because Batista allowed rich Americans to share in the wholesale usurpation of Cuba's resources with no concern for helping the everyday Cuban people. In 2022 we can assume, if the U. S. had a Batista in Cuba today, that he would not only be invited to the 2022 Summit of the Americas but probably be the most praised leader in attendance in Los Angeles."

    Indeed, in Batista's Cuba in the 1950s prior to the Revolution, Americans were wildly encouraged to visit Cuba where they would be given "V.I.P" treatment as they deposited their dollars in the Mafia-run hotels, gambling casinos, and other lucrative enterprises.
   Any true history of Batista's Cuba in the 1950s would reveal how the U. S. government encouraged tourists "to FLOCK to Cuba" so the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and the U. S. businessmen could wallow in the lucrative spoils. The bit of history shown above was by Smithsonian HISTORY. But Batista's Cuba in the 1950s ended on January 1, 1959...the day that Little Havana began to take hold in nearby Miami, Florida.
    In Batista's Cuba in the 1950s, while raking in tons of loot, Batista didn't bother to toss a few crumbs to the majority everyday Cubans. After all, Batista had a powerful U.S.-trained army {trained at Fort Benning in Georgia} and Batista also knew he was supported by the strongest criminal organization in the world, the Mafia, and by the strongest nation in the world, the United States. So, Batista believed he and his best Mafia pal Meyer Lansky could invest their loot in their favorite city, Miami, and that there was no need to toss a few crumbs to the peasants in Cuba.
    Of course, Batista's extreme greed and brutality created the Cuban Revolution that, starting in 1959, reshaped Havana while also creating Little Havana in Miami. While the U. S. media in 2022 is not about to mention such things, some brave and knowledgeable experts such as T. J. ENGLISH have told us exactly "How the Mob Owned Cuba...and Then Lost It to the Revolution."
       And therefore, if you know a little history about Batista's Cuba in the 1950s you will also know a lot about Little Havana USA since 1959, the U. S. EMBARGO of Cuba since 1962, and you will also know why Cuba will be barred from the 9th Summit of the Americas that will be held in Los Angeles in June of 2022. But the question is...if the U. S. had another Batista in Cuba in 2022, would Cuba then be invited to the Summit of the Americas in Los Angles in June of 2022?


Cuba News in the Digital Age


   In this last week of April in 2022 the United States actually spoke to a Cuban official for the first time since President Trump overturned all of President Obama's positive overtures to the blockaded Caribbean nation. Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez sent Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, his Deputy and top U. S. specialist, to the meeting in Washington, which pertained to the flood of Cubans migrating to the U.S.-Mexican border as the anti-Cuban Biden administration deals with a massively volatile Migration Crisis. Bruno Rodriguez, respected as one of the most knowledgeable experts on U.S.-Cuban Affairs, commented, "This week's discussions between our delegation and the U. S. officials in Washington regarding migration has faced the same problem that has plagued and prevented honest, sane, and decent progress in U.S.-Cuban relations for decades, and that ongoing problem is the U. S. media's refusal to tell the American people the truth about U. S. involvements with Cuba. To support or condone the U. S. government's Cuban policy, only what pleases a handful of Counter Revolutionary zealots in Miami is what the U. S. media reports. And that journalistic problem in the U. S. shames innocent Cuban families as well as American families."
    Surprisingly "disgusted that Biden has followed Trump's genocidal additions to the Miami-brokered Helms-Burton criminality," Bruno Rodriguez long ago realized the U. S. media would report the Miami-permitted side of this week's U.S.-Cuba meeting in Washington. So, as shown above, Bruno Rodriguez went on social media platforms to present Cuba's side regarding "the bilateral migration accords."
    So once again, after this week's "bilateral migration accords," Cuba's veteran Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reiterated what he has told audiences many times before: "Good people in the United States and good people in Cuba, especially those in everyday families, are at the mercy of a mainstream U. S. media that refuses to tell the truth about relationships between the United States and Cuba. The military, economic, and media power of the United States spreads that problem far beyond U. S. shores. It is up to the American people, I believe, to correct this longstanding problem, which plagues Americans and Cubans alike."
   On April 24-2022 Cuba News, as usual, originates in Miami and often spreads around the world.
   For sure, U.S.-Cuba Relations are hampered when, as all polls seem to confirm, American citizens are "untrustful of the U. S. media."


US-Cuba Migration Talks Let Cuba Speak

     On Thursday -- April 21st-2022 -- the United States hosted Cuba in very important migration talks. At the event in Washington, Emily Mendrala -- Deputy Secretary for the Western Hemisphere -- led the U. S. delegation -- and Carlos Fernandez de Cossio -- Cuba's top Minister for United States Affairs -- led the Cuban delegation. Avalanches of migrants, including thousands of Cubans, are flooding across the Mexican-U. S. border.

    As shown above and below, at yesterday's discussion the U. S. uniquely provided Cuba an opportunity to air some of its many grievances regarding U. S. policies against the Caribbean's largest nation.

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