Post-Batista Hatred for Cuba

  And from 1959 till 2023 it always starts with sanitizing Batista's, the Mafia's and the USA's Cuba from 1952 till 1959!!

    By far the most famous and most influential journalist that lives in Havana is Yoani Sanchez. Her unending hatred of Revolutionary Cuba manifests itself in vitriol that is spread around the world daily via her 14yMedio columns that are internationally published in multiple languages and lavishly heralded by the vast multitude of anti-Cuba zealots around the world, especially in the nearby United States. Above, in this first week of December of 2022, this is Yoani Sanchez's latest anti-Cuba diatribe spread around the world by the powerful Paris-based AFP News Agency, which headlined Yoani Sanchez's claim about a new wave of "oppressive fury" being unleashed by the Cuban government against its citizens, especially targeting journalists she deems controlled by the government. She created these latest anti-Cuban headlines not from Havana but while attending an International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico.
     Of course, Yoani Sanchez also made news when, stopping off in her beloved city of Miami, she made the above broadcast on Radio-TV Marti.
   And of course, on a stopover in Washington, Yoani Sanchez had wonderful meetings with her two favorite U. S. Senators -- Mario Rubio of Miami and Bob Menendez of Newark.
    And of course, Yoani Sanchez is not worried about rumors that she is Made in the USA because she is aware that the mainstream and international U. S. media will support anything and everything she writes from her home in Havana. So...her latest worldwide headline in this first week of December-2022 resonates unchecked around the world: "Dissident Says Cuba Regime Has Unleashed 'Repressive Fury.'"
     In December of 2022, as shown above, Yoani Sanchez is using her vast forums to tell the world that Cuba is engaging in a new wave of "repressive fury" against its people, especially Cuba's non-government journalists. As usual, Yoani Sanchez and other similar extreme Cuban dissidents imply that the Batista-Mafia-USA dictatorship that preceded the 1959 triumph of the Cuban Revolution was a supremely loving administration that showered love and kindness on everyday Cuban citizens, not just the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and the U. S. businessmen that were verily raping and robbing the island at will.
     But the Batistianos, supported by the ultra-powerful Mafia and the ultra-powerful United States, robbed the island blindly while not seeing any need to toss a few crumbs to the non-Batistianos, the non-Mafiosi, and the non-Americans.
       So...in Batista's money-crazed Cuba conditions such as this spawned serious rumblings of a do-or-die Revolution.
    But...in 1952 and 1953 the utter poverty of the non-Batistianos probably would not have fueled a revolution against such a powerful dictator as Batista...but his reaction to the initial rumblings regarding the lack of education and health care for the everyday Cubans did fuel a viable revolution. To blunt the rumblings about poverty, Batista sent his goons out to kidnap and kill children, believing it would quiet their parents. But what it did was spawn massive marches by the mothers, the madres, who bravely took to the streets to protest. One of them shown above, in the sunglasses and white blouse, was the mother of Little Willie Soler whose body, along with three other boys, was left in an abandoned warehouse to be found as a dire warning.
    Today -- in December of 2022 -- this is the largest and most important Children's Hospital in Cuba. It is located in Havana and it is the William Soler Children's Hospital. It is important, I believe, why and how it got its name.
   You see...Little Willie Soler will always be an historic part of why there was a Cuban Revolution and why the Cuban Revolultion actually won.


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