cubaninsider: Trump Intensifies Genocide Against Cuba

cubaninsider: Trump Intensifies Genocide Against Cuba: To Improve   Re-election  Chances !!       Today --   Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020   -- the photo above shows the President of the Unite...


Trump Intensifies Genocide Against Cuba

To Improve Re-election Chances!!

      Today -- Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 -- the photo above shows the President of the United States Donald Trump -- despite everything else taking place in the U. S. and the world -- spent much of his time adding to the genocide that he had already imposed on totally innocent families on the island of Cuba to appease a handful of vicious revenge-minded Cubans in Miami's rich and powerful Little Havana neighborhood.

 Of course, Trump's prime reason today for increasing the genocide against masses of Cubans in Cuba is to try to garner Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes that he needs for his re-election on November 3rd, a mere 40 days away.

    Today Trump hosted twenty veterans of BRIGADE 2506, the U.S./CIA-sponsored Cuban exiles who attacked Cuba in April of 1961 to try to re-capture Revolutionary Cuba. On January 1, 1959, the Cuban Revolution had shocked the world by overthrowing the brutal and thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship, which had been supported by the United States and by the top echelon of the Mafia.

     All these decades later, the photo above proves that the United States democracy remains unable to prevent benefactors to continue using genocide, terrorism, and whatever means they choose to try to recapture the Caribbean's largest and arguably its most beautiful and potentially its richest nation.

     In the photo today shown above, President Trump is shown adding to his already-genocidal sanctions against Cubans on the island to appease 20 Brigade 2506 veterans who were in the East Room at the White House with him today.

      Of course, at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961 Revolutionary Cuba soundly defeated the Brigade 2506 Cuban exiles who were massively supported by the United States military, the U. S. taxpayers, and the wealthy remnants of the Batista-Mafia dictatorship who had fled to their new haven in nearby Miami in January of 1959, creating Little Havana as their new capital on U. S. soil.
    Since January 1 of 1959 every Republican president -- especially the three Bush terms -- have been powerfully tied economically and politically to Little Havana, creating many millionaires and billionaires but somehow NOT recapturing Cuba. As President Trump shows in the above photo today, every Republican U. S. President is totally obligated to go to Little Havana and stand before the Brigade 2506 battle flag and fully capitulate to anything and everything a handful of vicious Counter Revolutionary Cubans demand. Today -- September 23rd, 2020 -- President Trump hosted 20 Brigade 2506 veterans in the East Room at the White House and obligingly pleased them by adding to his already genocidal policies against the masses of Cubans on the island. Having already imposed everything Little Havana had demanded to starve Cubans on the island, today Trump again got applause from Brigade 2506 vets by adding that Americans couldn't stay in Cuban hotels, Americans couldn't import or use Cuban alcohol and tobacco products, and, of course, Trump again promised that he would recapture Cuba for them if they continue to re-elect him to four more years in the White House.
     Of course, in the East Room at the White House today, President Trump could have promised the Brigade 2506 veterans from Little Havana that he was about to nuke Havana for them. And, if he even did that, the American people appear far too afraid of Little Havana to object.
       Meanwhile today -- September 23th, 2020 -- President Trump tried to improve his chances for getting re-elected by adding more sanctions against Cuban families on the island to the GENOCIDIO sanctions that he already imposed.



cubaninsider: Trump's Imperialist Latin America

cubaninsider: Trump's Imperialist Latin America: Little Havana Now   Dictates The Region !!      The photo above is courtesy of  Gabriel Aponte / Getty Images . It is extremely important b...


Is Cuba Economy Collapsing?

 U. S. Blockade + COVID-19 Is Killing It?!!

       In the U. S. even the mainstream media has evolved into vast dispensers of propaganda since the Supreme Court a decade ago allowed even billionaire individuals and corporations to make unlimited political donations and buy up top media sources -- such as the richest person in the history of the world, Jeff Bezos, purchasing the Washington Post and ultra-rich companies like Comcast, Disney, Time-Warner, etc., buying up the rest. Thus, when it comes to Cuba and other topics, Americans who want to only get repeated doses of their favorite propaganda go to those outlets such as...the once-hallowed NY Times, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, etc., etc. In that milieu in SEPTEMBER-2020, intelligent people, I believe, seek other sources in the Digital World. When it comes to Cuba, especially since the 1950's, Americans have readily accepted being lied to by both the media and by the government. But, with the overall tendency to now get away with sheer monopolistic propaganda within the bowels of the mainstream U. S. media, the Cuban lies have, of course, become grossly exacerbated. Since the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba was chased to nearby Miami/Little Havana in January of 1959, Batistiano & Mafiosi remnants have dictated Cuban narratives in the United States -- proclaiming, for example, that recapturing Cuba would take a matter of only a few days, a few months at the most. Now in September of 2020, the recapture effort continues unabated...but UNFORFILLED. Yet, the daily lies continue.
        Thus, in mid-September of 2020 it seems to be that the best source of honest journalism related to Cuba is easily available from a digital source -- OnCuba News. So, again this week, the most pertinent Cuban article, as depicted below, is at OnCuba News.
      This week's ultra-pertinent OnCuba News article is prefaced by the graphic/photo above. It pertains to an update on the Cuban economy by the man who is best capable of updating it -- Juan Triana Cordovi, an astute and honest Professor of Economics. The article is entitled: "Is 'DAY ZERO' Approaching For The Cuban Economy?" For sure, Dr. Triana has the answer to that pertinent question...or at least the best prognosis. So, I suggest Americans who want the answer to that question should wean themselves from the propaganda-skewed mainstream U. S. media sources and dial up this article by OnCuba News. After all, rampant in the media in September-2020 the Batistiano-Mafiosi disciples are elated with the dire prospects that the Twin Perils of the Trump/Little Havana-tightened U. S. BLOCKADE and the COVID-19 Pandemic will finally lead to the recapture of Cuba. But will it...or not??


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cubaninsider: Canadian Tourists Return to Cuba: But  Capital City Dark, Empty !!       Cuba's vibrant Institute of Radio and Television  { ICRT }  has virtually closed because of ...


Trump's Imperialist Latin America

Little Havana Now Dictates The Region!!

     The photo above is courtesy of Gabriel Aponte/Getty Images. It is extremely important because it illustrates in September of 2020 that U. S. President Donald Trump, coveting Florida's vital 29 Electoral Votes in the Nov. 3rd-2020 presidential election, has finished making vicious anti-Cuban zealots in Little Havana/Miami the absolute dictators of not only the USA's Cuban policies but also the supreme dictators of the entire Caribbean and Latin America region. Back in the 1950s, a cowardly generation of Americans didn't object when right-wing Republicans teamed the U. S. democracy with the Mafia to support the brutal, thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba so rich American companies could partake in the rape and robbery of the Caribbean's largest island. That insult to Democracy spawned the Cuban Revolution that, on Jan. 1-1959, shocked the world by chasing the Batistianos to their new sanctuary -- Little Havana in nearby Miami. Similarly in another insult to Democracy, in September of 2020 expect another cowardly generation now to not object as right-wing Little Havana zealots who control the Trump administration's Cuban policies have now also created a Little Havana dictatorship in all of Latin America.
       The photo above shows Mauricio Claver-Carone, on the right, being presented to Latin America as its new dictator -- courtesy of U. S. President Trump's obsession to win Florida's 29 Electoral Votes on November 3rd. Claver-Carone is the most vicious anti-Cuban zealot in the United States. His hometown newspaper in Florida...the Naples Daily News...had an article entitled: "A Closer Look At The Man Advising Trump On Cuba." It explained that even when he was playing football at Bishop Moore High School, Claver-Carone would go "berserk" if he heard anyone mention "Fidel Castro" or the "Cuban Revolution." And since his high school days, Claver-Carone has devoted his entire adult life trying to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba and also destroy other governments considered pro-Cuba. Now as trade-off for Florida's 29 Electoral Votes President Trump has given Claver-Carone a chance to dictate Cuban policies and Latin American policies.

     In that milieu, perhaps it is time that the remaining Democracy-loving Americans at least know who Mauricio Claver-Carone is and also care at least a little bit that President Trump has strong-armed Claver-Carone into the position as the Latin American dictator, with Claver-Carone's "berserk" obsession about recapturing Cuba for Little Havana remaining his paramount goal.
     This weekend -- Sept. 12-13, 2020 -- extreme anti-Cuban zealot Mauricio Claver-Carone began a five-year term as the President of the World Bank, the powerful Washington-backed  Inter-American Development Bank. Since its existence, only people from Latin-American nations have been the Bank's Presidents, which was the rule till Trump broke standard procedure by strong-arming Claver-Carone into the position. Although right-wing governments in Brazil and Colombia are Trump disciples, all the rest of the bravest Latin Americans leaders literally cringe about Claver-Carone. Chile, Argentina, and other nations tried their best to prevent this insult to Latin America but 30 of the Bank's 48 governors voted for Claver-Carone, bowing meekly to the U.S.'s economic clout that is showered on such sycophants.
    Once President Trump anointed Marco Rubio and Mauricio Claver-Carone...two lifetime zealots whose economic and political fortunes have been always tied to recapturing Cuba for Little Havana denizens...it has been well-known that their anti-Cuban fervor would spill over into the rest of the Western Hemisphere. Thus...as the great investigative journalist and Cuban expert Tracey Eaton has repeatedly revealed on his Cuba Money Project blog...a myriad of U. S. agencies, such as USAID, dole out tax dollars in the form of aid and, under Trump, allowing the likes of Rubio & Claver-Carone to be in on the DOLING has already had an impact...even prior to Claver-Carone taking over the plush job as the President of the World Bank.
      The World Bank is a massive force in Washington. The New York Times, in lamenting what Claver-Carone's reign as President will mean, said: "The position is one of the most influential in the region {Western Hemisphere}, involving regular contact with heads of state to dole out about $13 billion every year, and the presidency has always been held by a Latin American."
     In his high school days in Florida Mauricio Claver-Carone was known for going "berserk" at any mention of the Cuban Revolution. His adult life has been raising and collecting "berserk" amounts of money to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba, including wads of dollars to help put anti-Cuban zealots in Congress and wads of dollars to influence things such as the infamous Helms-Burton Act that Congress crafted to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba while also, of course, making rich anti-Cubans much richer. But now...beyond Helms-Burton...Mauricio Claver-Carone, as the Trump-anointed President of the World Bank, can dole out billions of dollars to further his "berserk" obsession, which is to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba...presumably so Little Havana in Miami can reclaim Cuba as in the luscious, herculean days of the 1950's when the U. S. teamed with the Mafia to support the brutal Batista dictatorship. WONDERFUL!!!!! With Claver-Carone now the President of the World Bank in Washington, it can truthfully be said that LITTLE HAVANA has finally completed its quest to extend LITTLE HAVANA'S money-crazed rule of Miami to Washington.




Cuba Unhappy With Havana Amid Covid

 Rest of the Island Is Open!!

     The great Reuters journalist Marc Frank today, September 12th-2020, used the photo above to illustrate his latest report from Cuba. He revealed that "On Saturday interprovincial transportation has been shutdown and the curfew in Havana has been extended from September 15th till at least till September 30th." Except for Havana, Cuba is pleased with its containment of the Coronavirus in all of its 14 provinces.
      In fact, this Air Canada flight this week shows that Canadian tourists are now flying to their beloved vacations on Cayo Coco.
The pristine beaches at Cayo Coco.
This is the Sol Hotel at Cayo Coco.

This the Melia Hotel at Cayo Coco.

      According to TripAdvisor, both the Canadian and Cuban governments are sure that Cayo Coco and the other four popular Cuban cays are safe destination sites for tourists.
The Cuban Cays are on the north-central coast.
So, Cuba is open to travel for tourists.
 welcome to the Cuban Cays.
      As the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island nation, Cuba's close to proximity to Miami, where two generations of Cubans have controlled Little Havana, remains Cuba's greatest obstacle to dominating the vital tourism sector in the Caribbean. So, even in the Age of COVID-19, Little Havana continues as the prime enemy of Cuba...as it has been since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1-1959 that chased leaders of the US-backed Batista dictatorship to Miami, where Little Havana quickly sprung up.
      Even UNESCO, the UN's children monitor, recognizes that Cuba's proximity to Little Havana-Miami remains, along with COVID-19 and devastating Hurricanes, a dire threat to everyday Cubans.
      Today on Sept. 12th-2020 Cubans on the island are celebrating the anniversary of when, during the USA's Obama presidency. Five Cuban Heroes were returned to the island instead of serving up-to-lifetime sentences in five different U. S. federal prisons. The U.S., meaning Little Havana, claimed the five Cubans were "spies" in Miami while Cuba proclaims they were in Miami to inform the U. S. of well-known Counter Revolutionary Cubans they said were contemplating more vicious terrorist attacks against everyday Cubans, such as the infamous bombing of Cubana Flight 455 in which all 73 people on board were killed.
     In March of 2016, during the last year of his 8-years as the U. S. president, Barack Obama became the first U. S. president to visit Cuba since Herbert Hoover arrived in Havana on a warship in 1928. Obama had the decency and bravery to inform the Cuban people: "CUBA DOES NOT NEED TO FEAR A THREAT FROM THE UNITED STATES." He was sincere...and he normalized relations with Cuba by releasing the Five Cuban Heroes but also by re-opening the U. S. Embassy in Havana for the first time since 1962, permitting airplanes and cruise ships to take tourists to Cuba, etc., etc. By 2017, the year Obama left office, Cuba thus was amassing record-making tourist visits.
      But in January of 2017 Republican Donald Trump replaced the Democrat Barack Obama as the president of the United States. Since the 1950s every Republican president has been tightly tied to the Batista-Batistiano group in Havana and Little Havana, especially Trump. Thus, as shown above, Trump took his presidency to Little Havana and informed the Counter Revolutionary Cubans he was totally reversing all of Obama's decent Cuban policies and turning his indecent policies over to self-serving anti-Cubans such as Cuban-American zealots Marco Rubio, Mauricio Claver-Carone, and the Diaz-Balart brothers. Trump's activation of Title III of Helms-Burton actually imposed genocide on masses of innocent Cubans on the island to appease the Rubio/Claver-Carone/Diaz-Balart brothers disciples. Not even the Little Havana-aligned George W. Bush presidency, from 2000-2008, would activate Title III/Helms-Burton because even Bush considered it too genocidal to activate against masses of Cuban women and children on the island. But Trump activated Title III.
       So on September 12th, 2020, masses of innocent Cubans on the island are facing genocide because President Trump, taking his Cuban orders from Rubio/Claver-Carone/Diaz-Balart, activated Title III/Helms-Burton. And that genocide is a fact EVEN THOUGH neither the American people nor even the fierce anti-Trump media simply don't GIVE A DAMN.
      So, while Revolutionary Cuba is changing and in drastic transition in mid-September of 2020, one thing remains the same: The rich and powerful Cubans in Little Havana, supported by the wealth and power of the world's most powerful and richest nation, continue their fervent quest into a 7th decade to recapture Cuba. It also appears that the two-party U. S. political system is unable to deal with the situation in either a decent or INTELLIGENT manner.
       For Sure, Marco Rubio's idea of a "BETTER DEAL FOR CUBA" is crafted to make Little Havana/Miami Cubans like him even more Richer and POWERFUL than they already are.
     When Americans accept a "GENOCIDIO" blockade against masses of innocent people on a nearby island, America should  have a Democracy to do something about it BUT........
     Since the 1950's this has been the prime international image of the United States regarding Cuba. And yet, it persists as another generation of Americans accept it...or at least don't have the decency or courage to deal with it.
      And another generation of Cubans on the island, like this young Cuban woman, struggles to keep the island from again becoming controlled by foreign powers such as Spain and then, after the 1898 Spanish-American War, by the United States...at least until the Cuban Revolution on Jan. 1-1959 finally overthrew the US-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship. The young Cuban above knows about the Spanish-American War, Batista, the Mafia, and the Cuban Revolution. But, since 1959, Americans have gotten only Little Havana's perspective of US-Cuban relations. Perhaps it is time for Americans to question the difference, if any, between the Batista DICTATORSHIP and Little Havana's DICTATORSHIP. At least, the Cuban girl shown above would like to know what Americans think is the DIFFERENCE.
     Three generations of Revolutionary little Cuban girls also  have wondered why Little Havana needs to dominate their lives with cruel embargoes and genocidal blockades.


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cubaninsider: Canadian Tourists Return to Cuba

cubaninsider: Canadian Tourists Return to Cuba: But  Capital City Dark, Empty !!       Cuba's vibrant Institute of Radio and Television  { ICRT }  has virtually closed because of ...


Canadian Tourists Return to Cuba

But Capital City Dark, Empty!!
      Cuba's vibrant Institute of Radio and Television {ICRT} has virtually closed because of a new outbreak of positive cases of COVID-19 in Havana. When 1,294 reporters, editors, newscasters, operators, and service personnel were tested, 23 proved to be positive. Then ICRT's Vice President Guillermo Pavon Pachaco announced some operations with closed and others were transferred to other sites.
      Cuba's 14 provinces, all except for Havana, remain in control of the pandemic and opened schools this week. But in the capital city cases have surged from a handful a day to dozens daily over the last month, even raising the overall total deaths {"fallecidos"} on the island to 100 as shown above. Thus, stringent measures have shut down Havana at least until September 15th when the situation will be reviewed. Concerned that people in Havana have not been following COVID protocols and also detecting that some residents have left the city and spread the virus to other provinces, Havana is under a strict curfew. London's The Guardian has released photos showing how empty and dark the streets of Havana are this week with police patrols monitoring the curfew, as depicted below.
     But while Havana's streets remain dark and empty, the rest of the island has schools open and is ready to welcome tourists.
       On his Twitter page, Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel posted this photo and wrote: "Jardines del Rey is ready to receive the first post-COVID flight of Air Canada." In fact, Air Canada on Friday, September 4th, flew Canadian tourists to Cuba's popular Cayo Coco resort.
     As President Diaz-Canel's Tweet alerted Cubans, this is the Air Canada plane that landed at the Jardines del Rey Airport this weekend. Trying to recover from COVID-19 and trying even harder to survive the excruciatingly cruel Trump/Little Havana blockade, Cuba welcomes nations that have the courage and decency to defy the blockade. Canada's bravery and independence shows its respect for everyday Cubans.
      This is one of the three 5-star Gaviota Hotels on Cayo Coco that was ready to receive the Air Canada passengers this weekend.
      This is a pristine beach at Cayo Coco that Canadian tourists verily love and are experiencing AGAIN this weekend. It reflects, except for Havana, that Cuba has had much success in containing COVID-19. It also reflects Canada's feisty independence because many nations, of course, are influenced by the Trump administration's vicious economic Blockade of the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island.
    The five cays off the north-central Cuban coast, such as Jardines del Rey and Cayo Coco, are popular destinations for Canadian tourists, which are flying to them in September.
      The red marker on the above map pinpoints the location of Jardines del Rey.

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