Friday, September 18, 2020

Is Cuba Economy Collapsing?

 U. S. Blockade + COVID-19 Is Killing It?!!

       In the U. S. even the mainstream media has evolved into vast dispensers of propaganda since the Supreme Court a decade ago allowed even billionaire individuals and corporations to make unlimited political donations and buy up top media sources -- such as the richest person in the history of the world, Jeff Bezos, purchasing the Washington Post and ultra-rich companies like Comcast, Disney, Time-Warner, etc., buying up the rest. Thus, when it comes to Cuba and other topics, Americans who want to only get repeated doses of their favorite propaganda go to those outlets such as...the once-hallowed NY Times, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, etc., etc. In that milieu in SEPTEMBER-2020, intelligent people, I believe, seek other sources in the Digital World. When it comes to Cuba, especially since the 1950's, Americans have readily accepted being lied to by both the media and by the government. But, with the overall tendency to now get away with sheer monopolistic propaganda within the bowels of the mainstream U. S. media, the Cuban lies have, of course, become grossly exacerbated. Since the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba was chased to nearby Miami/Little Havana in January of 1959, Batistiano & Mafiosi remnants have dictated Cuban narratives in the United States -- proclaiming, for example, that recapturing Cuba would take a matter of only a few days, a few months at the most. Now in September of 2020, the recapture effort continues unabated...but UNFORFILLED. Yet, the daily lies continue.
        Thus, in mid-September of 2020 it seems to be that the best source of honest journalism related to Cuba is easily available from a digital source -- OnCuba News. So, again this week, the most pertinent Cuban article, as depicted below, is at OnCuba News.
      This week's ultra-pertinent OnCuba News article is prefaced by the graphic/photo above. It pertains to an update on the Cuban economy by the man who is best capable of updating it -- Juan Triana Cordovi, an astute and honest Professor of Economics. The article is entitled: "Is 'DAY ZERO' Approaching For The Cuban Economy?" For sure, Dr. Triana has the answer to that pertinent question...or at least the best prognosis. So, I suggest Americans who want the answer to that question should wean themselves from the propaganda-skewed mainstream U. S. media sources and dial up this article by OnCuba News. After all, rampant in the media in September-2020 the Batistiano-Mafiosi disciples are elated with the dire prospects that the Twin Perils of the Trump/Little Havana-tightened U. S. BLOCKADE and the COVID-19 Pandemic will finally lead to the recapture of Cuba. But will it...or not??

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