The U.S. Election and Cuba

 Cubans On the Island Cringe!!

     During the Democratic Obama presidency Josefina Vidal, Cuba's top diplomat related to U. S. affairs, powerfully represented the island in fashioning a sane normalization process between the two nations. But starting on January 20th-2017 the Republican President Donald Trump replaced Obama and Vidal was abundantly aware that the transition in Washington was the difference between sanity and insanity as well as the difference between decency and indecency as far as families in Cuba were concerned. In that milieu, it was Vidal who uttered the statement depicted in red above: "Cuba is not going to renege on its principles nor the ideas it has always believed in."
      Now shift forward to today, a week before the Nov. 3rd-2020 U. S. presidential election. Josefina Vidal is now Cuba's Ambassador to Canada. And today she topped off her Facebook page with these words from Ottawa: "407 Western Union payment points will close in Cuba due to the brutal measures taken by the US Government against remittances. Another example of the policy of maximum cruelty against the Cuban people and families, even more so in times of the COVID-19 pandemic." In an effort to starve "the Cuban people and families," Vidal is aware that the Trump administration, as a trade-off that he thinks will win him Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes in next week's election, has allowed self-serving Little Havana Cubans in Miami and in Congress to dictate genocidal-type policies against Cubans on the island. Decent Cuban-Americans send several billion dollars to their families on the island each year and, of course, the likes of Little Havana benefactors such as Senator Marco Rubio had rather see those family members in Cuba starve than have money to survive on. While Vidal understands that situation, the propagandized and intimidated American citizens are not supposed to comprehend or at least not to object to such things lest it angers Counter Revolutionary Cubans like Rubio.
     While the brilliant and decent Cuban diplomat Josefina Vidal adamantly fights to keep what she perceives as Cuban-Americans like Marco Rubio from trying to starve Cuban families on the island, from her position in Ottawa as Cuba's Ambassador to Canada she also places most of the blame on "cowardly and sanctimonious United States citizens who allow it to happen. Rubio's political and economic fortunes may be tied to the genocide against Cuban families but the U. S. citizens don't share such egregious rewards, but yet they silently condone it."
      During the Obama presidency the very skilled and decent U. S. diplomat Roberto Jacobson led U. S. efforts in highly publicized private and public meetings with Cuba's skilled and decent diplomat Josefina Vidal. These two brilliant female diplomats corrected most of the indecent portions of the USA's six-decade-old economic Embargo against Cuba. Thus, in October of 2016 the entire world voted 191-to-0 in the United Nations to condemn the Embargo because even Obama's U. S. vote, and therefore Israel's, REFUSED to support it.
      During the U.S.-Cuba normalization negotiations during the Obama presidency, three decent and brilliant diplomats were at the forefront -- Jeffrey DeLaurentis and Roberto Jacobson representing the United States while Josefina Vidal represented Cuba. At the time DeLaurentis was the charge d'affaires at the U. S. Embassy in Havana that Obama had reopened for the first time in six decades. President Obama, after normalizing relations with Cuba as best he could, nominated the universally respected DeLaurentis as the U. S. Ambassador to Cuba and nominated the highly respected Jacobson to the job she wanted as U. S. Ambassador to Mexico. Immediately Rubio used his Senate position to stop DeLaurentis from being Ambassador to Cuba and cruelly seeked bitter revenge against Jacobson for being the Ambassador to Mexico.
     During the Republican primary in 2016 when both of them were candidates to be President, Rubio and Trump called each other vile names. They hate each other to this day but once he became President Trump shook Rubio's hand and anointed Rubio as the Dictator of Cuba on U. S. soil. Trump's payoff, he believed, was that Little Havana's Counter Revolutionary zealots who sent Rubio to the U. S. Senate could and would provide Trump with Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes needed for his 2020 reelection in November. That trade-off should go down as America's most egregious political pay-off in history. Quickly not only did Dictator Rubio ditch decent and brilliant U. S. diplomats such as DeLaurentis and Jacobson, Rubio also saturated the U. S. State Department and Western Hemisphere departments WITH ONLY vicious LIFETIME anti-Cuban zealots such as Mauricio Claver-Carone. Therefore, the genocidal U. S. efforts to starve Cuban families on the island goes on unabated daily since Rubio was anointed the U. S. Dictator of Cuba!!!!
      That's why today -- October 28th, 2020 -- Cuba's Ambassador to Canada Josefina Vidal, from Ottawa, topped off her Facebook page with these cogent words: "407 Western Union payment points will close in Cuba due to the brutal measures taken by the US Government against remittances. Another example of the policy of maximum cruelty against the Cuban people and families, even more so in times of the COVID-19 pandemic."
      In other words, Josefina Vidal {who is massively admired in Canada} knows the definition of genocide and she believes that Little Havana today equates to what Havana was in the 1950's during the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship, which was prior to the...uh...Cuba Revolution's triumph in 1959.



Surviving Trump and COVID

 Cuba's Massive Problems!!

        The Editor In Chief of the Travel Off Path website Kashlee Kucheran this week concentrated on Cuba's decision to reopen tourist sites to international tourism after seven months of closing its borders because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She particularly pinpointed Cuba's decision to reopen Varadero Beach, which Travel Writers have voted "The World's Best Beach."
       As shown by the map above, Varadero Beach is only an hour's drive east of Havana down the coastal highway along Cuba's northwest coast. As of October 15th, 2020, Varadero Beach became the latest Cuban tourist site to reopen for international travelers. Actually Cuba on July 1st had reopened the six most popular Cayo sites including Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo as depicted on this map. By November 1-2020 German, Russian, Panamanian, and other flights will deny/defy the U. S. blockade and also begin returning tourists to the Caribbean's largest island.
     Several weeks ago Air Canada flights had begun taking Canadian tourists to their beloved vacation destination spot -- Cayo Coco on Cuba's northern coast.
     Meanwhile, Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez this week reiterated that his island nation "will survive the current Trump administration's genocide against Cuban families just as we have survived the past six decades as a sovereign and very independent country." Rodriguez told REUTERS that in just the past year, "The U. S. genocide has cost Cuba more than $5 billion and, as the U. S. planned, it has hurt our ability to tackle the coronavirus pandemic in the total manner we have otherwise  tried so hard to deal with it. Taking advantage of a pandemic to tightened genocide against Cuban families is an ongoing policy of the United States of America. I decry the propaganda or the scare tactics U. S. citizens are subjected to in order to get them to accept U. S. genocide against innocent families in a much smaller island nation. The criminality of the United States to join with the Mafia to support the brutal Batista regime in Cuba during the 1950's has spawned even more criminality in the United States since the Cuban Revolution gained our country's sovereignty by chasing the Batista-Mafia regime to U. S. soil on January one of 1959. A population of 330 million Americans today puts up with it, and in the eyes of much of the world that says much about the U.S. 'Democracy,' and what it says leaves much to be desired."
      Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez this week began his annual campaign for a United Nations resolution condemning the embargo put in place after Cuba's 1959 revolutionary victory over the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship. The UN vote regarding Cuba's plea is usually held in October and for 29 years it has severely denounced the U. S. embargo against Revolutionary Cuba, which calls the Blockade, a "Bloqueo." In 2016, the last year of the Obama presidency, the UN voted 191-to-0 to denounce it because President Obama opposed it. But when the Democratic Obama was replaced by a Republican President named Trump, Bruno Rodriguez this week said, "The decency and sanity of Obama has gone to unmitigated insanity under Trump, a veritable genocidal Blockade aimed at the masses of everyday Cuban families. It, of course, is the age-old  six decades of a policy that is trying to make the Cuban people rise up and overthrow their government. It hasn't happened and won't happen because they understand what created the Cuban Revolution, which was the extreme brutality and ravages of the U.S.-backed Batista and Mafia rule on this island in the 1950's. Unbiased nations understand that history and it is unfathomable that the American people are so massively lied to about the reason and the longevity of Revolutionary Cuba, which changed history in 1959 and now in October of 2020 is still surviving genocidal attempts being legalized by the U. S. government at the behest of the Trump regime in Washington to appease Mafiosi-types in Miami. In Spanish we call it 'genocidio' and in English the Americans and the world call it 'genocide.' And in any society 'genocidio'/'genocide' is perhaps the greatest crime in the history of mankind."


U.S. Coup In Bolivia Backfires

 Overturned By Election Result...Wow!!

     This is the newly elected President of Bolivia Luis Arce. A year ago in what the world believes was a U.S.-backed coup, the Bolivian President Evo Morales was chased out of the country, first to Mexico and then Argentina, in fear for his life. The purpose of the coup, apparently, was because Evo Morales was a dear FRIEND of Cuba's, a fact that the Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, Newark, and the U. S. Congress didn't like. After the coup Jeanine Anez was installed as the new pro-U.S./Anti-Cuban leader of Bolivia. Today, speaking to AFE News, Luis Arce said, "We are going to reestablish all relations. The government we had after Evo has acted very ideologically, depriving the Bolivian people of access to Cuban medicine..." The newly elected Bolivian President, Luis Arce, belongs to the MAS PARTY that was founded by and is led by Evo Morales, Cuba's dear friend.
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Bolivian Presidential Election Overturns Coup

 Massive Pro-Cuba/Anti-U.S. Result!!!

     The photo above is one of 14 that the Associated Press sent around the world this afternoon {Oct. 19, 2020}. The AP began its awesomely important news article with these exact words:
               "Evo Morales' party has claimed victory in a presidential election that appears to sharply shift Bolivia away from the conservative policies of the U.S.-backed interim government that took power after the leftist leader resigned and fled the country a year ago. The leading rival of Morales's hand-picked successor, Luis Arce, conceded defeat on Monday, as did interim President Jeanine Anez, a bitter foe of Morales."
    A year ago a coup in Bolivia chased President Evo Morales from office and out of the country. Morales and neutral observers believe that the coup was supported by United States efforts fueled by vicious Trump-empowered anti-Cuban forces in Miami and in Congress. Morales remains one of the world's strongest supporters of Cuba.
      Bolivia's indigenous majority loved having one their own, Evo Morales, as their President and they repeatedly elected him. He is now 60-years-old and had been elected President for the first time in 2002.
   This photo shows some of the aftermath after the coup in Bolivia a year ago that chased Evo Morales to Mexico in fear for his life.
    Since being deposed by the coup, Evo Morales has called himself a "New Internationalist." In that role in the past year Morales has used the media, including social media, to denounce the USA under President Trump "as dangerous to the world, especially Latin America and the Caribbean, because of its bloody obsession to recapture Cuba at all costs. Next to Cuba, the United States wants to eviscerate any and all nations in the Western Hemisphere that show concern or respect for Cuba."
    This BBC photo shows Evo Morales this week in Argentina where he is living during his forced exile since the coup. As shown above, he continued fervently campaigning to "overturn the U.S.-backed coup that forced me from power in Bolivia so a USA-backed regime could rule, which it has for a year. In years past, the U. S. got away with forcing murderous right-wing regimes in many Latin America and Caribbean nations, especially the U.S.-backed Mafia-Batista regime that ruled Cuba prior to the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Now the Trump regime in Washington wants regimes like that all over the region. If Trump wins a second 4-year term in next month's U. S. presidential election, that will allow anti-Cuba extremists like Marco Rubio and his kind to capture Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua for sure."
     Of course, Americans are not supposed to know it, but the views espoused this week by Evo Morales from Argentina align with the views of most Caribbean and Latin American people regarding Rubio's and Trump's plans for Cuba as well as for Cuba's closest allies. But, for sure, today's presidential election in Bolivia drastically reversed the U.S.-backed coup that forced pro-Cuban President Evo Morales from power and forced him to seek safety in Mexico and now Argentina. And how Rubio and Trump respond to today's presidential election in Bolivia remains to be seen.


USA Commits Genocide Against Cuba

 A Cowardly American Generation Allows It!!

     The Paris Club consists of the twenty-two {22} nations shown in the graphic depicted above. It evolved regarding an issue about the Caribbean island nation of Cuba. These nations claim that Revolutionary Cuba owes them billions of dollars. When Cuba agreed to some of the claims, the island nation reached a settlement with what is known as the Paris Club to begin regular payments to settle the debts. Currently the debt totals $5.2 billion and Cuba was diligently, as agreed, paying $2 million a year to whittle down the debt. But because of two truly gruesome and devastating events -- {1} The genocidal Blockade being committed on Cuban families by the USA's Trump administration; and {2} the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic -- Cuba is having dire financial problems. And for those two awesome reasons, Cuba asked the Paris Club to allow it to suspend the yearly payments for two years. The United States of America, with a Republican administration in the White House, shamefully is using its unique power to try to prevent the Paris Club from accepting the simple humanitarian gesture because the United States of America wants to continue its genocide against innocent masses of Cuban families on the island. Of course, at least two of the 22 nations listed above -- Brazil and Israel -- would likely support Republican U. S. governments if they nuked Cuba. But decent Democratic nations such as the UK, Canada, Spain, Japan, Norway, etc., are starkly against a powerful nation committing genocide against people in a much smaller and weaker nation. Thus, the Paris Club will accept Cuba's proposal to suspend the debt payments for two years. Thankfully, the Paris Club is an organization that does not allow the United States of America to have veto POWER over its decisions. And Thanks to the Paris Club for this statement against genocide against 11.2 million Cubans on the island.


cubaninsider: One TRUE Cuban Article This Week

cubaninsider: One TRUE Cuban Article This Week:   A   RARITY  In The USA !!!      In January of 1959 the   Cuban Revolution  verily shocked the world by overthrowing the brutal and thievin...

One TRUE Cuban Article This Week


     In January of 1959 the Cuban Revolution verily shocked the world by overthrowing the brutal and thieving U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista DICTATORSHIP on the island just 90 miles from Florida. Quickly, the Batistianos regrouped in Little Havana in the heart of Miami, expecting to recapture the island within a few weeks, a few months at most. That was over six decades ago and the rich and powerful Batistianos are still trying to recapture Cuba. In fact, the Batistianos have had much more success in recapturing the U. S. government than it has had  in re-capturing Cuba. That basic fact is illustrated above by the two videos that reveal who dictates the Cuban narrative in the U S. Since 1959 Little Havana has dictated the Cuban narratives in the United States -- starting, of course, by denying that the top echelon of the Mafia controlled the Batista DICTATORSHIP in Cuba...supported by the United States SO rich U. S. individuals and companies could partake in the wholesale rape and robbery of the Caribbean's largest, most beautiful, and potentially, for sure, its most prosperous nation.
      In that milieu, from January-1959 until today {October-2020}, the Cuban narrative in the USA has been dictated by the Batistianos in Little Havana...and it has been the same in the U. S. Congress since 1989 when the Little Havana-aligned Bush Dynasty began putting Little Havana Counter Revolutionary zealots in the U. S. Congress. That started in 1989 when Bush-anointed Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the Havana-born Counter Revolutionary extremist, began a 33-year run as a Little Havana Congresswoman in Washington. Then came Havana-born Lincoln Diaz-Balart, whose father Rafael was a key Minister in the Batista DICTATORSHIP in Cuba until, starting in 1959, he became the first rich and powerful Counter Revolutionary zealot in Little Havana. Today another of Rafael's sons, Mario Diaz-Balart, is a Counter Revolutionary zealot in the U. S. Congress...as are others of that ilk such as Marco Rubio of Miami and Bob Menendez of Newark, the other  long-time Cuban stronghold in New Jersey. Despite controversies, such anti-Cuban Cubans can hold such exalted positions as long as they choose. In that environment, the U. S. media is basically too reluctant, or afraid, to report even terrorism or GENOCIDE aimed at totally innocent Cuban families on the island. For example, by 1976 Cuban-American Emilio Milian, shown above, was the most respected journalist in Miami. Very bravely, Emilio strongly denounced extreme terrorism being routinely committed by well-known Counter Revolutionary Cubans against totally innocent Cubans in Cuba or anyone, such as foreign tourists, that might be helping Cuba's embargoed/blockaded economy by visiting the island. For denouncing such atrocities, the brave Emilio Milian himself, was car-bombed.
       In October of 2020 a great American journalist-author-historian named Peter Kornbluh is as brave as Emilio Milian was in Miami in 1976. Mr. Kornbluh has been with the U. S. National Archives since 1986. No other journalist-author-historian knows as much about U.S.-Cuban relations since the 1950s than Peter. From his perch in Washington, Peter Kornbluh has been to Cuba about 120 times. This week the bravery, expertise, and integrity as a journalist/author of Peter Kornbluh is displayed in a new internationally published Online article entitled: "WILL 2020 BE TRUMP'S BAY OF PIGS?"
           In the above mentioned article, you will read an update that only Peter Kornbluh had both the knowledge and the courage to write. For example, he writes: "Trump is not the first incumbent president to troll for Cuban-American votes in Miami; the cynical use of Cuba policy as a form of gaining that patronage has been a staple of almost every US presidential campaign since the 1959 revolution {which chased the Batista-Mafia dictators in Cuba from Havana to Little Havana in Miami}. But to advance his presidential re-election prospects, Trump is now sacrificing fundamental rights of US citizens {including Cuban-Americans in Miami who want to visit relatives in Cuba or send money to help relatives in Cuba}. In 2019 Cubans in the U. S. send $3.7 billion to needy Cubans in Cuba. Trump is cutting trips and money...squeezing Cuba's economy in a cruel and malicious attempt to starve Cuba's citizens as the island nation tries to recover from the costly COVID-19 pandemic."

  For sure, Peter Kornbluh is the only U. S. journalist with the guts to tell such truths about the  genocidal aspects of the Embargo/Blockade of Cuba. His books, such as Back Door to CUBA and his "Cuba Documentation Project" have cogently documented that the U. S. Embargo against Revolutionary Cuba began in 1962 for the purpose of starving, depriving and making miserable the Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government to make for a return of the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and the rich U. S. businessmen. But for six decades the Cubans on the island have pugnaciously resisted foreign attempts, powerfully funded from Washington and Miami, to overthrow their hard-earned sovereignty.
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     For anyone who wants to debunk the lies about the Bay of Pigs or any other U.S. secrets relating to Cuba, the man to consult is, of course, Peter Kornbluh. That has been so for many years and is particularly important in October of 2020 as another November presidential election looms just on the horizon. Thus, his latest international article, readily available Online, is entitled: "WILL 2020 BE TRUMP'S BAY OF PIGS." Americans, of course, have a lot riding on the 2020 presidential election but not as much, perhaps, as Cubans on the island of Cuba. After all, the current Trump administration that is seeking re-election on Nov. 3rd-2020 is trying to "starve" the Cubans on the island to appease a few of important Cubans in Little Havana/Miami. And, yes, "starve" is the exact word that Peter Kornbluh used in his October-2020 article to describe the Trump administration's plan for the Cubans on the island. And please remember that Peter Kornbluh is the only U. S. journalist-historian-author who has both the guts and knowledge to use the word "starve" to describe the current GENOCIDE being imposed by the United States against the families on the nearby island of Cuba.
The courageous Peter Kornbluh.


USA's Vicious NEW Cuban Dictator

 And It's A Uncontested 5-Year Term!!

     As of today -- October 1st-2020 -- the United States of America has perhaps its's most POWERFUL Cuban dictator since the 1950's when the USA teamed with Lucky Luciano's Mafia to support the brutal and thieving Batista dictatorship on the island. Starting today, Cuban-American Mauricio Claver-Carone, operating from Washington...for all intents and purposes...is the USA's new Cuban dictator. Afraid of rich and powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana/Miami, the mainstream U. S. media will not tell Americans of this blatant fact.
      Today -- October 1, 2020 -- Mauricio Claver-Carone walks into the job of his dreams. He begins a 5-year term as the President of the Inter-American Development Bank. In that position, he finally believes that his lifelong dream of recapturing Cuba will not only be possible or probable but easy.😋 Of course, sacrificing or torturing masses of innocent Cubans on the island to appease a handful of Cubans in Little Havana/Miami has been a U. S. pastime since 1959's triumphant Cuban Revolution chased Havana's brutal Batistiano leaders to their new havens on U. S. soil.
        This is the mammoth building in Washington for the powerful IDB Bank. In its 61-year history its only Presidents have come from Latin American nations, as its founding intended. Claver-Carone, a Cuban-American born in Miami 45 years ago, was strong-armed into the job by President Donald Trump to help him win Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes heading into the November 3rd presidential election.👎
     Independent nations thoroughout the Caribbean and Latin America cringe at Mauricio Claver-Carone taking over as the President of the Inter-American Bank in Washington, and with good reason. It hands out billions of dollars each year and it is assumed that Claver-Carone will now dole out billions of dollars to countries that help him reach his goal -- recapturing Cuba -- while short-changing nations who don't. There are 48 IDF members, including 13 European Union members who joined with nations like Mexico, Argentina, and Chile that tried desperately to postpone the nomination of the new President until after the Nov. 3rd-2020 U. S. presidential when possibly a new U. S. President will be elected. But the vote to elect Claver-Carone was held in secret and behind closed doors, supposedly giving the necessary 23 votes to Claver-Carone. For sure, the economic and military power of the United States can buy-off or scare-off many nations in the regions.

      When Donald Trump became President in January of 2017 he quickly named his Republican enemy, Senator Marco Rubio, to dictate America's Cuban policies and quickly Rubio elevated Mauricio Claver-Carone as a key component of the USA's new Cuban stratagems. Rubio, totally controlled by the most vicious Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana/Miami, is still supposed to make sure Trump wins Florida's 29 Electoral Votes on November 3rd. And Rubio knew that his buddy Claver-Carone was/is the most vicious anti-Cuban Little Havana Counter Revolutionary Cuban on the planet. For example, Claver-Carone's hometown newspaper in South Florida, the Naples Daily News, had an article entitled: "A Closer Look At The Man Advising Trump on Cuba." The article explained that, even while playing football at Bishop Moore High School, that Claver-Carone would go "berserk" if anyone even mentioned anything about the Cuban Revolution. And sense then, of course, Claver-Carone has spent his entire adult life berserkly raising tons of money and berserkly promoting everything and everyone he can to help him overthrow the Cuban Revolution!!!!!!!
      Since 2017 the Trump administration has given control of its perverse Cuban agenda to the three most vicious Cuban-Americans -- Mauricio Claver-Carone, Marco Rubio, and Mario Diaz-Balart {whose father was a key Minister in the Batista dictatorship}. Dating back to the Spanish-American War in 1898 the U. S. has  displayed egregious disregard for Democracy when it comes to its obsession of controlling Cuba. And that, of course, is especially true since the U. S. teamed with the Mafia to support the Batista dictatorship in 1952 and, since 1959, has supported the all-out efforts of the Little Havana-based Batistianos to recapture Cuba.

  Even as it purports to still be the world's most acclaimed Democracy, during the Trump presidency only anti-Cuban zealots such as Cuban-Americans like Mauricio Claver-Carone, Marco Rubio, and Mario Diaz-Balart are allowed to make decisions regarding Cuba, and they are vicious, genocidal, and self-serving decisions!!!
    The Bay of Pigs military attack in 1961, numerous assassination attempts, vicious terrorist attacks such as the bomb that killed all aboard on the civilian Cubana Flight 455, etc., etc. failed to defeat Revolutionary Cuba. So in 1962 the U. S. tried sanctions in the form of an Embargo that, according to declassfied U. S. documents, was designed to starve, deprive, and make miserable Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their own Revolutionary government. After all these decades, even after the Embargo has been expanded to an undeniably genocidal Blockade, the Cubans in Cuba...mindful of the brutality of the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship...have refused to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government nor have they allowed the U.S.-backed Batistianos to regain control of their island. Even so, as the graphic of Trump driving the Cuba convertible above depicts, Republican presidents keep saying, "Sanctions against Cuba need more time." Six decades have not been enough time to bring the pugnacious and independence-minded Cubans on the island to their knees...at least not yet

     Cubans on the island begin October of 2020 still assaulted by the all-time longest and cruelest EMBARGO/BLOCKADE ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much smaller and weaker nation.
     Yet, in October of 2020, another cowardly and undemocratic generation of Americans is not ashamed of the image of a U. S. President, Trump, willing...eager...to impose genocide against masses of people on an island nation as a trade-off for his impending re-election.
      And now, as President of the Inter-American Bank and as the Dictator of Cuba on U. S. soil, Mauricio Claver-Carone has the wherewithal to recapture Cuba for his Little Havana cronies in Miami. Let's see, Claver-Carone now has control of enough money and sanctions to not only decimate and dominate Cuba but, as indicated above, he now can surely dominate the entire Western Hemisphere too. The nations that Claver-Carone can't buy-off with money he surely can try to scare-off with sanctions backed the world's richest and strongest nation.
    For sure, Little Havana controls Miami but "Welcome to LITTLE HAVANA USA" too.
Fulgencio Batista
The USA's Cuban dictator in the 1950's!!
Mauricio Claver-Carone
The USA's Cuban dictator beginning in October, 2020??


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