Wednesday, January 31, 2018

THE Biggest Threat to America

It's Internal, Not External!!
     The photo above shows America's First Lady Melania Trump arriving for last night's presidential State of the Union message. Her arrival was much to the chagrin of the powerful left-wing, coup-mongering extremists intent on dethroning President Trump and who also consider her expendable collateral damage. While I, too, politically oppose President Trump, I, unlike the coup-mongers, respect the Office of President and the Democratic process that put him in the White House. Moreover, I resent First Lady Melania Trump being unfairly and shamefully targeted by uncouth, anti-democratic coup-mongers. Melania Trump for over a year has steadfastly represented the United States with class, dignity, and eloquence as First Lady. 
     The biggest threat to the United States of America is not First Lady Melania Trump, global warming, Russia, China, Iran nor North Korea...and not even so-called friends such as Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The biggest threat to America and its Democracy is the mainstream U. S. media. That already solidified belief was reinforced in the past week when, it seems, everyone of the powerful left-wing units that are incessantly engaged and obsessed in the coup to dethrone President Trump -- CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post -- included the destruction of First Lady Melania Trump in their anti-Democracy coup.
     I assume First Lady Melania Trump does not read left-wing coup-mongers like Charles Blow in the New York Times or Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post...and if she did she likely would be shocked at the sheer audacity of their self-serving and repetitive vitriol. Likewise, Melania's expression above would be appropriate if, even accidentally, she watched just one minute of the extremely biased, left-wing, anti-Trump/anti Melania propaganda that is, with extremely FEW exceptions, the only thing anyone will see on the CNN-NBC-MSNBC-CBS-ABC propaganda outlets masquerading as "News Programs." Extremely biased left-wing anchors like Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and their ilk shame both broadcast journalism and democracy. Departing even briefly from their anti-Trump coup to attack Melania is merely one example of their dipping down to the abyss.
     Both domestically and abroad, First Lady Melania Trump has represented the United States well. Yet, in its furious anti-Trump coup-obsession the mainstream U. S. media, exercising what it deems a monopolistic status, also wants to dethrone the First Lady. That mainstream left-wing media cabal strongly favors illegal aliens and the plethora of sanctuary cities that protect them over native Americans...even favoring fierce gang-related immigrants from Central America over decent, well-educated immigrants from, SAY, Norway -- presumably because Norwegians are too well educated and too white. In its extreme pro-immigrant bias, the mainstream media ignores facts, such as victimized Americans and such as First Lady Melania. She happens to be the absolute, prototypical immigrant. She was born 47-years-ago in the tiny town of Novo Mesto, Slovenia, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE
     Anyone who has ever read a word of Cubaninsider is aware that I do not approve of the Trump presidency, that I have never thought he was qualified to be President, and that I believe Trump's reversal of President Obama's decent Cuban policies is both indecent and shameful. Twenty-four hours a day the aforementioned left-wing U. S. media propaganda outlets  -- ultra-powerful and backed by corporate & individual multi-billionaires -- scream that Trump is a dire threat to the United States, to Democracy, and to the world. He's not, but the extremist left-wing media is because it spawns additional right-wing extremists, probably meaning an evolutionary or revolutionary clash is imminent. Study the above photo, for example. When Trump flew to Davos, Switzerland, to address the ultra-elitist World Economic Forum, the left-wing media used its left-wing reporters-pundits -- Jim Acosta, Hallie Jackson, Boris Sanchez, etc. -- to try their best to convince Americans that Trump would be loudly booed and be greeted by huge anti-American demonstrations. Of course, the elites in Davos loved Trump for his massive tax cuts that greatly benefit them. Also, even more cowardly and shamefully, the mainstream U. S. media used Trump's trip to Davos to assail First Lady Melania Trump. It was the first foreign trip in which she had not accompanied the President. Her reasons for not going, according to the shameful mainstream media anti-American contingent, proved that everyone else, of course!!...hated Trump and that's why she didn't sleep with him or want anything to do with him. Well, the fact is...the mainstream-media clowns have no business knowing or speculating where Melania sleeps because that's her business, not theirs. But the gutless assaults on America's classy and dignified First Lady merely confirms that the incessant bid of the left-wing and/or right-wing extremists to take over America is by far the biggest threat to the United States and to Democracy, which also would further destabilize the world.
     America's Founding Fathers engraved into the fabric of their superb Democracy the absolute necessity of a free, unbiased media. Of course, that was at a time when the printed word was supreme, long before the powerful & addictive elements of radio, television, the Internet, etc., became omnipotent propaganda tools. Thomas Jefferson, the Father who wrote America's Declaration of Independence, famously believed that a strong, free, and unbiased media was even more essential than the democratic government itself. If he were alive today, Mr. Jefferson, I truly believe, would be appalled that the U. S. media has descended into being a weird collection of propaganda outlets espousing the beliefs of an unholy minority as opposed to actually gathering and providing important news that the American people need.
     The halcyon days of the news media in the United States ended in 1981 when Walter Cronkite --"The Most Respected Person in America" -- after 19 years said his final "good night" as the anchor of CBS News. Before he left the air, Cronkite's wisdom profoundly ended America's bloody and costly Vietnam War.
      Instead of a Walter Cronkite, network "news" in the United States now features only terribly biased, propaganda anchors such as MSNBC's prime-time TOP anchor Rachel Maddow. Without even a pretense of covering and providing news, Maddow and her ilk engage only in the anti-Trump coup and the gullible idiots...or choir...that tune in exacerbate the undeniable fact that network "news" in the U. S. is nothing-more-and-nothing-less than propaganda outlets. On her air, and on Tweets like the one above, Rachel Maddow dangerously and callously calls for "taking out" the democratically elected President of the United States so, presumably, an extreme left-wing ideologue can replace him. Just waiting for the next election is NOT AN OPTION FOR THEM. And the saddest fact of all is this: The Rachel Maddow extremism is typical of U. S. anchors and surely no worse than that of Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Van Jones, and the clownish anti-Trump/no news Mika & Joe charade. If these people are broadcast journalists, than you and I are astronauts on Mars and totally immune from the ubiquity of it all.
     At the very least, CNN & MSNBC should show this disclosure notice at the top of each hour: "If you have tuned in for news coverage, please know that is not our business. For the next hour all you will hear and see are anchors and pundits engaged in the coup to topple President Trump. If you desire actual news converge we suggest you go to a real news network such as BBC World News that provides the best and fairest news coverage that most Americans desire and deserve." If cigarette companies are now required to post graphic disclosures on their packages, surely the time has come for the equally cancerous and dangerous television networks to do the same. Instead, we still get nothing but propaganda. Sometimes it's just subtle lies, such as indicated by the photo above. It shows CNN pundit Ana Navarro with her arm around Marco Rubio. Falsely presented as an "expert commentator," Ana Navarro is an extremely biased Republican right-wing propagandist with extreme anti-Trump and anti-white bias. She is freely allowed to vent both of those extreme biases on countless CNN platforms, often shouting maddeningly against pro-Trump or pro-white pundits. Anyone who knows Navarro's Miami background is abundantly aware why she wants to bury Trump and that is so Marco Rubio can assume leadership of the Republican Party and then the White House. Only an idiot watching Navarro on CNN would deny those facts, in my democracy-loving opinion.
    Of course, as purely a propaganda extremist, Ana Navarro doesn't confine her extremism to her ubiquitous appearances on CNN's "news" programs. Like Maddow and others, Navarro openly and brazenly uses outlets like Twitter to advocate taking out or dropping out the "animal" President Trump so her man, Rubio, can take over. When a multi-billionaire network like CNN provides extreme platforms to dangerous and utterly biased extremists like Ana Navarro, it is not even trying to camouflage its status as a propaganda machine. Also, CNN and the other U. S. networks are not interested anymore in hiring broadcast journalists to actually cover and report the news. They are only seeking Ana Navarro-like pundits ranting on the sets about their extremist anti-American, anti-democracy, pro-immigrant, and anti-white propaganda. SUCH LEFT-WING EXTREMISM, to my chagrin, got Donald Trump elected President and might well get him RE-elected in 2020 because CNN and similar propaganda outlets might again arouse and inspire enough "uneducated white irredeemable deplorables" to at least vote. In other words, while CNN and the other left-wing extremists blame everyone else for the election of Trump, they should be honest and place most of the blame ON THEMSELVES. Thrusting the likes of Ana Navarro down America's throats will have many more Trump-like ramifications.
     The much-maligned island of Cuba happens to have one of the best and most respected broadcast journalists not only in the Caribbean but in the Western HemisphereCristina Escobar's admirers include former President Barack Obama as well as Andrea Mitchell, the long-time top Foreign Correspondent at NBC News. Cristina is the only Cuban journalist that ever asked questions at a White House News Conference and she has spoke at U. S. universities. Fluent in English as well as Spanish, she is also an expert on U.S.-Cuban relations. While in Washington to cover the Vidal-Jacobson diplomatic sessions, Cristina created interesting headlines, which extended to YouTube videos, when she said: "Journalists in Cuba have more freedom to tell the truth about the U. S. than U. S. journalists have to tell the truth about Cuba" and "Cuba's fate is up to Cubans on the island, not Cubans in Miami."
 Whether or not Americans believe her or respect her..........
Cuba's Cristina Escobar is a step beyond......
America's broadcast propagandists.
Plus...she is, incredibly, a pro-Cuban Cuban.
{By contrast, U. S. anchors are anti-American propagandists}

Monday, January 29, 2018

Rubio's Cuban Lies

Hurt Both the USA & Cuba!!
{Fresh update for: Tuesday, January 30th, 2018}
     This is an updated photo this week of ten top Cuban Foreign Ministry officials. That's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in the middle wearing the red tie and the Ministry's American expert Josefina Vidal third from the right in the blue jacket. The other three are members of the U. S. Congress standing just to the right of Rodriguez. They are Congresswomen Barbara Lee, up front, and Karen Bass, both from California; and Congressman Roger Marshall from Kansas. Marshall is also a doctor. The members of Congress were in Havana to investigate the alleged sonic attacks on 24 members of the U. S. embassy in Havana. The U. S. State Department, pressured by Cuban Americans in Congress, has convenient used the alleged attacks as the pretext to gut the embassies in Havana and Washington while also, of course, "WARNING" Americans it is unsafe to visit Cuba. Most expert observers are convinced that the Cuban government would be the last force on earth to be responsible for such attacks because tourism, including visits from Americans, is vital to the island's economy. Cuba has, in fact, begged the FBI to investigate the alleged attacks and release the results, and indeed the FBI has repeatedly VISITED. But with the FBI and most everyone...for months now...not believing Cuba is at fault, the U. S. State Department Monday-Jan. 29-2018 claimed nineteen...19...U. S. visitors to Cuba are now showing symptoms, but -- with the U. S. and Counter Revolutionary forces famed for creating historic pretexts against Cuba -- non-Counter Revolutionaries desire some proof. Right after the above photo was taken, Congresswoman Barbara Lee released this official statement: "I think we should restore our diplomats and either end this travel warning or share with the public the evidence that supports the travel warning." Yet, the pretext still reigns supreme.
     Yesterday -- Sunday, January 28th, 2018 -- marked the intersection, or clash, of factions trying to forge good relations between the U. S. and Cuba vs. elements trying to destroy those prospects. At considerable expense and effort, New York City's magnificent Marti Statue was transported to Cuba and gifted to Havana along with the official reminder that "New York City is proud to be Cuba's friend." For 50 years the statue had graced New York City where Jose Marti lived as an acclaimed poet until he returned to Cuba to fight against Spanish soldiers to try to attain independence for his beloved island. He died in battle on Cuban soil in 1895, three years before the U. S. gained dominance of Cuba with an easy victory in the 1898 Spanish-American War. The ceremony officially transferring the Marti Statue to Havana from New York City was bittersweet and that was expressed best by Marc Frank, the great Reuters journalist whose article is entitled: "Trump Casts Pall on Inauguration of U. S. Statue of Marti in Cuba."  In other words, all the good people who had made the decision to transfer the statue to Havana did so when the decent Barack Obama was President of the United States and trying desperately to normalize relations with Cuba. All that changed when the Democrat Obama was replaced by the Republican Trump, which is the difference between decency and indecency as far as Cuba and America's democratic reputation is concerned. Marc Frank, in the aforementioned article, wrote: "With the advent of the Republican administration in Washington, a pall has fallen over the two countries' fragile detente." That pall, as Marc Frank explained, darkened Sunday what otherwise should have been a happy U.S.-Cuban interaction.
   The present and future leaders of Cuba -- Raul Castro and Miguel Diaz-Canel -- are shown Sunday arriving for the transfer of the Marti Statue from New York City to Havana. They were both silent and solemn throughout the ceremony. In April the 86-year-old Castro is due to retire as Cuba's President and be replaced by the 57-year-old Diaz-Canel, marking the first time since 1959 that Cuba will have a non-Castro as its leader. But Cuban insiders note that Raul Castro worked closely with President Obama to normalize relations but Diaz-Canel, soured by another Republican administration in Washington, prefers to devote his time and energy to "Cuba's friends, not our one enemy. Waiting for another Obama is just not practical for us." 
     A teacher, Diaz-Canel is Cuba's former Education Minister and he has popular support across the island, according to Reuters' two outstanding Cuban journalists, Marc Frank and Sarah Marsh, who are free to report very objectively about Cuba.
       The world's most renowned and most respected Travel Writer/Photographer is Christopher P. Baker. He was born 62 years ago in Britain and that fact is important. It means, in shameful contrast to USA journalists, he can write not only expertly but also truthfully about Cuba. In that vein, Chris Baker this month of January-2018 has penned a major article that Americans are not supposed to dial up and read because it clearly depicts Miami's U. S. Senator Marco Rubio, President Trump's latest Republican USA Cuban dictator, as a liar as he dictates USA Cuban policies that reverse the decent detente that former democracy-loving President Barack Obama had painstakingly forged until he was replaced a little over a year ago by Trump.
         The world-famed Travel Writer Christopher P. Baker has won just about every top journalistic award he has been eligible for, and as indicated above just about every single U. S. network has used him as a renowned and honest travel expert.
     The Christopher P. Baker Travel Books under the Moon banner are legendary, including the Cuba book above and many others. In countless countries that are tourist attractions he has met the people and studied the landscape traveling by foot, autos, motorcycles, etc. So, Chris Baker knows those countries, including Cuba, better than other foreign journalists. His article today, the one Americans are not supposed to read, can easily be dialed up online with the title: "Let's Stop Calling Cuba Unsafe." The article was surely inspired by the Rubio lies that have persuaded President Trump's State Department to "warn" Americans, who visited Cuba in record numbers during the Obama presidency, not to visit the largest and safest Caribbean island because it was "unsafe." Being a Brit, Chris Baker, unlike U. S. journalists, had the guts to contradict the lie in the aforementioned article. He wrote:
                   "On January 18, 2018, Cuba was named 'Safest Country for Tourism' at the 38th annual International Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain. That is no surprise to me. I've always considered Cuba to be the safest place in the Americas outside Canada despite the almost laughable accusations of 'sonic attacks' in the U. S. diplomatic staff in Havana. But the wide publicity given to these accusations, together with the State Department warning have reduced U. S. Cuba travel to a trickle...tour operations specializing in Cuba 'people to people' programs report this winter is down about 80 percent. That's a pity because the nation of Cuba being unsafe is bogus."
      The internationally renowned travel expert, Christopher P. Bakereasily challenges the Rubio-orchestrated indecent reversal of President Obama's decent Cuban policy. Baker calls the lie about Cuba being unsafe "a pity" because it cruelly targets innocent Cubans as well as cruelly targeting Americans and Cuban Americans as well as the U. S. democracy by dictating that everyday U. S. citizens are the only people in the world without the freedom to travel to Cuba. That reversal of Obama's decency harms everyone except a few extremists Cuban Americans, and Rubio knows it. Chris Baker understands that but U. S. citizens are bombarded with propaganda from the vast Castro Cottage Industry in the United States that people like Rubio in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood use to build their political and economic nests, and their pathway to Congress. With the Cuban narrative in the U. S. dominated by Cuban extremists, Americans {including the intimidated, mainstream U. S. media} are programmed to ignore true, unbiased experts like Chris Baker and believe every word that proven benefactors and liars, like Rubio, say about Cuba...the Rubio who has never set foot on Cuban soil and who got to Congress from Little Havana still claiming his parents escaped the Castro tyranny in Cuba for the Freedom of Miami when Rubio's parents actually escaped the very brutal Batista tyranny long before the world ever heard of Fidel Castro.
    Sufficiently propagandized Americans are not supposed to complain or even acknowledge how much the photo above mocks the United States democracy to appease a mere handful of Counter Revolutionary extremists in Little Havana, which is U. S. territory in Miami just as occupied Guantanamo Bay in Cuba is a highly controversial U. S. military base and prison. The photo above was taken on June 16, 2017, when President Trump embarrassed Democracy. This photo illustrates why the U. S. Cuban policy was condemned 191-to-0 in a UN vote during the last year of the decent Obama presidency. On June 16-2017 in a plush Little Havana building named for a Bay of Pigs "hero," Trump stood before a huge Bay of Pigs assault banner and promised the few remaining Bay of Pigs veterans that he would reverse Obama's decent Cuban policies and also reverse their smashing defeat in the Bay of Pigs attack in April of 1961. Such utter anti-Democratic gutlessness was accepted by the gutless mainstream U. S. media and by the sufficiently propagandized American people. And if that is not so, perhaps some Cuban expert in Miami could explain why the photo depicted above does not represent sheer and utter anti-Democratic gutlessness.
      The Getty photo above shows an insult to the U. S. democracy earlier this month of January-2018 that, typically, the mainstream U. S. media didn't have either the competence or the courage to report to the American people. On the left is U. S. Senator Robert Menendez alongside U. S. Senator Marco Rubio. They are two extreme Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans, the only kind that can get elected to the U. S. Congress although the majority of Cuban Americans even in Miami support Obama's efforts to normalize relations with Cuba. In this photo this month Rubio was the Chairman and Menendez was the Co-Chairman of a U. S. Senate Foreign Relations and Western Hemisphere Committee hearing designed to brutally assault Cuba based on the "bogus" claim, as depicted by Chris Baker and by even the FBI, related to the "sonic attack" scheme. Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans such as Rubio and Menendez flock to the Foreign Relation and Western Hemisphere committees, of course, because Cuba is a foreign country and in the Western Hemisphere. And like in the 435-member House of Representatives, in the 100-member Senate it is anti-Cuban extremists like Rubio & Menendez who are allowed to dictate Congress's Cuban policy, a policy the world condemns 191-to-0 and a policy that not even decent Presidents like Obama can overcome. Since the 1950s the Cuban Revolution -- which chased the Batistianos-Mafiosi to U. S. soil, has said more about America and its Democracy than it has said about the island of Cuba itself.
  The photo above depicts in the front row Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen and Senators Marco Rubio & Robert Menendez. They have ample reason to cheer the clearance they have in the 535-member U. S. Congress to self-servingly dictate America's Cuban policy. The Havana-born Ros-Lehtinen has always been aligned in Miami with the most anti-Castro Cubans, even including the infamous Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles. She has been in the U. S. Congress since 1989 when Jeb Bush was her Campaign Manager, denoting the Bush dynasty's mutually beneficial alliance since the 1950s with Cuban American extremists. American citizens are not supposed to question such things, and when Miami's top Cuban-American newsman, Emilio Milian, did so, he got car-bombed. Of course, Americans are also not supposed to Google the name Emilio Milian just as they are not supposed to question Rubio & Menendez as the Chair & Co-Chair of a Senate hearing designed to assault Cuba and, of course, solicit "expert testimony" from famed Counter Revolutionary zealots such as the infamous Otto Reich. Of course, expert testimony from true and unbiased Cuban experts, such as the aforementioned Chris Baker, would not be permitted because of a sharply altered democracy since 1959.
     Although it was surely a big deal this month when Rubio & Menendez were the Chair & Co-Chair of a Senate committee designed to bury Revolutionary Cuba, the fact the mainstream U. S. media was too afraid to report on it is perhaps the biggest insult to a democracy founded in the belief a strong media was essential. That committee session could not have had two more controversial Chairmen. One of America's best and most respected journalists, Ken Silverstein, penned an easily dialed-up and unchallenged article that called Rubio, with massive documentations, "head and shoulders above everyone else" when it came to chicanery and corruption in Washington. And that's a massive statement. The U. S. Government has spent three exhaustive and expensive years investigating and trying to convict Menendez of 18 corruption and bribery charges. In 2017 after an exhausting and expensive 3-month trial in Menendez's backyard of Newark, New Jersey, a hung jury was declared. Still determined, the U. S. Justice Department has announced its intention to retry Menendez. Yet, with no complaints from the mainstream U. S. media nor from propagandized U. S. citizens, Chairman Rubio & Co-Chairman Menendez are typical Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans who are allowed to control America's Cuban narrative and America's Cuban policies.
And by the way:
     This is a very important memorial that neither Americans nor tourists are supposed to take particular notice of in America's capital city of Washington. It concerns a day -- September 21, 1976  -- when two totally decent and productive people were murdered by a car-bomb within sound of the White House. They were Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier and his beautiful, young American aide Ronnie Moffitt. The memorial engraves the words "Justice-Peace-Dignity" with the images of the two victims as well as the dates of their births and deaths. But neither Orlando nor Ronnie have ever received Justice, Peace, or Dignity. And to this day Americans are not supposed to care enough to even Google why it happened, who was responsible, and did the CIA Director and future President mislead the FBI's investigation to protect the culprits? Did right-wing thugs in the White House who promoted the coup that overthrew and killed the wildly popular democratically elected President of Chile, Allende, to install the murderous U.S.-friendly Pinochet dictatorship for 17 bloody years have anything to do with the infamous car-bombing? And how many anti-Castro Cubans were involved in the car-bombing that murdered two innocent people near the White House on September 21, 1976?
But does any of that matter?

      And speaking of memorials, this one still resonates in Cuba and elsewhere in the Caribbean as well as in Latin American history books, but not in the USA. A few days after the deadly car-bombing near the White House on September 21, 1976, a child-laden civilian Cuban airplane -- Cubana Flight 455 -- was blown into the ocean October 6, 1976 by a terrorist bomb, killing all 73 people on board including two dozen teenage athletes. Within hours, de-classified U. S. documents revealed the U. S. government had quickly pinpointed the culprits. By the way, Luis Posada Carriles will turn 90-years-old in a few days -- on Feb. 6, 2018 -- as a heralded citizen of Miami, Florida!
But does any of that matter?

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Trump Sets Cuba's Doomsday

Mark It Down: February 7th, 2018!!
{Updated: Sunday, January 28th, 2018}
       Even as the Trump administration in Washington has set Cuba's doomsday as February 7th, 2018, as we will explain, U. S. executives were in Havana signing major deals with state-owned Cuban businesses. Guy Henderson, President of U.S.-based Sony ATV Music Publishing, is shown on the right after signing a mega deal on January 24th, 2018 with Mario Angel Escalona Serrano, head of Cuba's Egrem Record Label. Now Sony will distribute the catalog of Cuba's state-run Egrem Music. The U. S. Sony music giant sought and has received the rights to renowned Cuban artists. 
      The Voice of America this week used this Reuters photo to illustrate a major article on the VOA's international platforms to hint that February 7th-2018 is the day the Trump administration has set as the start of its effort to overthrow Cuba's revolutionary government. The photo shows a man using a computer in the lobby of a Havana hotel. The VOA article is entitled: "U. S. State Department Creates Cuba Internet Task Force." That Task Force will meet Feb. 7th-2018 in Washington and it is in keeping with a pledge that President Trump made to hard-line Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans in Miami's Little Havana on June 16, 2017. That day Trump stood before Bay of Pigs Assault Banner 2506 and essentially told elderly survivors of the April-1961 military attack on Cuba that he would fulfill their dreams of overthrowing Revolutionary Cuba. The "Cuba Internet Task Force" that holds its first meeting on Feb. 7th-2018 is a culmination of Trump's June 16-2017 promise.
Photo courtesy: Desmond Boylan/Associated Press.
     The same day this week the VOA article appeared, the Miami Herald used the above photo to headline an article entitled: "Trump Administration Wants to Expand Internet Access in Cuba." While that is supposed to be a benign headline in Miami, in Havana it signals the start -- on Feb. 7-2018 -- of the Trump administration's effort to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. The article, written by anti-Cuban zealot Nora Gamez Torres, stated: "As part of President Trump's Cuba policy, as outlined in its June presidential memorandum, the Department of State has created the Cuba Internal Task Force." Not surprisingly, the Miami Herald article said that Miami's lushly funded Radio-TV Marti anti-Cuban propaganda vehicle will be a part of that Task Force when it meets on Feb. 7-2018 in Washington. It is presumed that other fierce Counter Revolutionary forces from Miami will also dominate that Task Force meeting.
      Anti-Cuban zealot Nora Gamez Torres wrote this week's celebratory article in the Miami Herald about the upcoming Feb. 7-2018 Cuban Task Force meeting in Washington that supposedly will begin Cuba's long-awaited doomsday. But such celebrations since 1959 in Miami have been premature and overly optimistic, so this one too might prove more humiliating to the Batistianos in Miami than to Cuba.
     When Obama was the U. S. President, Internet giant Google opened the above Technology Center in Havana on March 21, 2016. This proved that Cuba wanted to expand and improve Internet service on the least when it trusted the U. S. when Obama was President. But Cuba in 2018 doesn't trust the U. S. with Trump in power and therefore Cuba believes the Feb. 7th-2018 Cuba Internet Task Force in Washington is designed to "destabilize" the island's sovereignty and security.
    The photo above shows President Trump displaying that memorandum he signed on June 16-2017 in Little Havana before a choir of vicious Counter Revolutionaries in Miami. Cheering the presidential action was, on the far left, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart whose father was a key Minister in Cuba's Batista-Mafia dictatorship. Third from the right is Senator Marco Rubio, another flagrant Miami anti-Cuban extremist.
     In a drastic but expected departure from the decent Obama presidency, on June 16th, 2017, President Donald Trump made the above speech in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood standing before a huge Assault Banner of the Brigade 2506 that attacked Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961. Only a handful of those failed attackers are still living but Trump, tossing democracy into the trashcan, promised them he would make up for their humiliating defeat from six decades ago. As Trump made that promise, all the nations in the UN had voted 191-to-0 to condemn the Bastistiano-driven U. S. Cuban policy. In fact, polls show most Cuban-Americans in Miami favor Obama-like normal relations with Cuba. But the weakness of America's two-party political system for decades has been crystallized by the USA's effort since 1959 to recapture Cuba for a few Batistiano-Mafiosi extremists. When the Democratic Party is in control of the White House, democracy is generally respected regarding Cuba. But when the Republican Party controls the White House it is like putting Batistiano-Mafiosi boss Lucky Luciano in charge of America's Cuban policies. And for six decades, two generations of gutless Americans have allowed this assault on their democracy to persist without even a modicum of embarrassment that the USA Cuban policy is the only topic that could possibly get a 191-to-ZERO condemnation in a very diverse world. Reversing the decency of Democratic President Obama, Republican President Trump, as shown above, turned America's Cuban policy back over to a mere handful of vicious, self-serving Counter Revolutionaries in Miami's Little Havana and, in today's milieu, if that Cuban Task Force that meets in Washington on Feb. 7-2018 decides to nuke 11.4 million innocent Cubans neither the United States media nor this generation of United States citizens would likely have the guts to object.
     The anointment of former Brigade 2506 soldier Jorge Mas Canosa as America's Cuban dictator by the Bush dynasty soon made Canosa a Miami billionaire and the architect of such Counter Revolutionary things as...the Cuban American National Foundation, the Helms-Burton Act, Radio-TV Marti, etc. Yet, even with unchecked U. S. Cuban dictators during all Republican administrations, Cuba somehow has managed to maintain its hard-earned sovereignty except for its inability to regain control of Guantanamo Bay, which has been a controversial U. S. Naval Base since 1903.
      One of the many lucrative enterprises created by the Bush-anointed Canosa was Radio-TV Marti that has, everyday since the 1980s, sucked untold millions-and-MILLIONS of tax dollars in a steady pipeline from Washington to Miami. It is supposed to be an anti-Castro propaganda machine that will cause the Cuban people to rise up and overthrow their government but, first-off, it is just a cash-cow for hard-line Cubans in Miami. Decades ago ABC-News had a famous report entitled "The Broadcast to Nowhere" that explained, despite sucking up hundreds of millions of tax dollars even then, the broadcasts were easily blocked by Cuba and, in any case, Cubans would consider it slanted propaganda from a foreign enemy. YET to this day tax dollars flow to Miami for Radio-TV Marti and, not surprisingly, Radio-TV Marti has reportedly been added to the Feb. 9-2018 Cuban Task Force in Washington, along with similarly motivated entities, that will supposedly commence the Trump effort to reshape Havana solely in Little Havana's extremist image. 
     For all intents and purposes, Miami's Senator Marco Rubio has been anointed by Trump to be America's latest Cuban dictator, the same Marco Rubio that candidate Trump mocked as "Little Marco" during the 2016 Republican primary. 
    Meanwhile, Cuba is busy preparing for a new President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, who will officially take office in April, 2018, with the retirement of 86-year-old Raul Castro. Diaz-Canel will be the first non-Castro to lead Cuba since 1959 and he also will be the first Cuban leader born since the triumph of the Revolution. A teacher, he rose from the ranks in Villa Clara and Holguin Provinces far from Havana but became Cuba's Minister of Education, a priority still dear to him. Popular on the island with everyday Cubans, he is known as a huge fan of the Beatles and motorcycles. But as First Vice President he has traveled widely to meet world leaders. Also, Diaz-Canel is considered less likely than Raul Castro, who teamed with President Obama to try to normalize relations with the U. S., to "bend over backwards to accommodate America," as one key Diaz-Canel observer recently articulated. Instead, since Trump replaced Obama, Diaz-Canel has stressed acutely improving relations with three particular forces -- the European Union, China, and Russia. And those efforts in January-2018 are already showing up on the streets of Havana.
     In the very first week of January-2018, Federica Mogherini, the powerful High Administrator of the 28-nation European Union, paid an ultra-friendly and productive visit to Cuba. She is known to be impressed with Cuba's next President Miguel Diaz-Canel. At a news conference in Havana, Mogherini said, "The U. S. blockade of Cuba is self-defeating, cruel, and illegal." She wants the EU nations to make up for the U. S. embargo and for the diminished trade Cuba had with now crisis-wracked Venezuela.
Cuba's important EU friend.
      The powerful EU leader Federica Mogherini joins the unanimity of world opinion that condemns the cruelty and illegality of the U. S. embargo/blockade against Cuba.
     A huge plus for Cuba is Miguel Diaz-Canel's close friendship with the EU's ultra-powerful Federica Mogherini. She is excited about Miguel Diaz-Canel leading Cuba.
Diaz-Canel is a friend of China's President Zi.
      But President Putin of Russia is courting Cuba's next leader, Miguel Diaz-Canel, every bit as anxiously as the EU and China. Diaz-Canel believes, "We have spent, I believe, too much time hoping for friendship with the United States at the expense of cultivating better friendship with our friends who accept our nation's sovereignty."
    Quite significantly this month -- on January 17th, 2018 -- Gerardo Penalver became Cuba's Ambassador to Russia. Penalver had been Cuba's important Director General of Domestic Affairs but Diaz-Canel wanted him to be the island's top man in Moscow.
     Positioning a key Cuban, Gerardo Penalver, as Cuba's new Ambassador to Russia provides a window into how Miguel Diaz-Balart plans to rule Cuba in the Trump era.
     This photo reveals how Russia is trying to take advantage of the Trump-Rubio belligerency towards Cuba. That's a 2018 Russian Lada auto driving past the Russian embassy in Havana this week. Following a Russian delivery of oil to Cuba, this week a Russian ship delivered 344 new Lada cars to Cuba. Russia's top auto dealer, AvtoVAZ, believes it now produces quality cars that deserve international exposure and it now believes its strong presence in Cuba will advertise that fact.
      Many of the 344 newly arrived {on January 19th, 2018} Lada cars from Russia have already been added to Cuba's taxi fleet, like the four shown here. Luis Diaz Hernandez, the head of Taxis Cuba, beamed this week, "These new Lada cars have greatly bolstered the island's capacity to serve its citizens and the tourists. These Russian cars are world-class." Cuba, when Obama was President, hoped such trade would be with the nearby U. S. but, with Trump as President, Cuba's next leader, Miguel Diaz-Canel, has already helped orchestrate important oil and automobile deals with Russia as well as sign key trade agreements with the EU.
      And so, as Cuba prepares to transition to a Fidel Castro-loving but non-Castro leader born after the triumph of the Revolution, President Trump's Feb. 7-2018 Cuban Task Force meeting in Washington may or may not be the beginning of doomsday for Revolutionary Cuba, as Trump seems to have promised Miami extremists. After all, the pugnacious island has survived NUMEROUS predicted doomsdays since 1959.

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