US-Cuba Relations Don't Mention Blockade

Because Little Havana Dictates It? 

     Since the Cuban Revolution overthrew the US-backed Batista DICTATORSHIP in January of 1959, US-Cuban Relations have been dictated by rich and politically powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in the Miami neighborhood known as Little Havana USA.
     Sixty-four years after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution spawned Little Havana USA in nearby Miami, today is March 30th of 2023. And today the Cuban Headlines, as shown above, reveal that the mainstream U. S. media continues to support and propagandize Little Havana USA's endless efforts to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. Above, typically, today the Cuban headlines in the U. S. come from...Fox News, CNN, USA Today, NBC News, Miami Herald, and the Jose Bezos-owned Washington Post.
     For six decades Little Girls Born in Cuba, at least the ones that didn't end up in Little Havana, have tried to survive in the throes of history's longest and cruelest Embargo/Blockade ever imposed by any powerful nation against a much-weaker nation.
     Meanwhile, while the great Brazilian editorial cartoonist Carlos LaTuff and billions of other people around the world are ashamed of this image of the United States, the mainstream U. S. media is not  ashamed.
    But I agree with Carlos LaTuff and billions of other people around the world, Rosy-checked girls born in Cuba since 1959 should not be Punished all their lives because Miami & Little Havana Cubans don't like them.


Uh, Cuba Holds Routine Elections


      It happens that Cuba's latest nationwide election evokes vivid memories in the U. S. media of this historic photo that flashed around the world on April 22nd of 2000. The graphic photo shows the 6-year-old Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez being rescued from a Miami closet by a heavily-armed U. S. Marshall so the terrified little boy could return to Cuba with his father.
     Some 23 years after 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez left that Miami closet and returned to Cuba, today -- March 28th-2023 -- the U. S. media is awash with Cuban headlines about Elian Gonzalez being elected to the Cuban parliament in the island's latest national elections. Note that today's CNN headline loudly wonders: "What Elian Gonzalez wants for Cuba?" It also seems to wonder Why Elian hasn't fled back to Little Havana in Miami where his memories of that closet remind him of how wonderful Little Havana Cubans treated him?
  To answer CNN, it appears that the adult Elian Gonzalez wants Little Havana in Miami to allow the U. S. government to permit Cubans in Cuba like him to rule Cuba...not Cubans in Miami!!!
      In fact, as you see above, Elian Gonzalez spoke directly to CNN and said he wants this: "That our governments reach an understanding and remove all the barriers between us. Our country doesn't have any sanctions on the United States."
     In the second paragraph above, CNN was honest enough to say: "Gonzalez spoke with CNN after going to vote on Sunday with his wife and their two-year-old daugher in Cardenas, which, like many small cities in Cuba, has been ravaged by economic calamity; harsher US sanctions, the sluggish pace of reforms by the communist-run government, a pandemic that scared off tourists and inflation that has made state salaries nearly worthless."
      And in the third paragraph above, CNN was honest enough to allow Elian Gonzalez to say: "Having a daughter, Gonzalez said, gave him a new perspective on the decisions his own father Juan Manuel made when in 1999 Elian's mother drowned after attempting...to take the dangerous journey by boat across the Florida Straits. It's helped me to understand my father. It's made me more sensitive. It's helped me understand how all the Cubans feel who are separated from their families, and fathers who aren't able to give all the attention and things their children want."
     The two above photos show Elian Gonzalez and his childhood sweetheart that became his wife in Revolutionary Cuba. Their little baby girl shown above is the event that, as Elian told CNN, that reminded him anew how correct his father and Fidel Castro and the U. S. government were when they fought so hard to rescue him from that Little Havana closet in Miami way back on April 22nd, 2000. The CNN report today about Elian getting elected to the Cuban parliament is, actually, one of the rare examples of the U. S. media reporting fairly about a major U. S. event, not just propaganizing about how wonderful the Batista-Mafia-US rule of Cuba was in the 1950s and how terrible the Cuban Revolution's rule of Cuba has been since 1959.
    But, folks, the above article via CNN this last week in March of 2023, amazingly, is perhaps the most honest journalism that the mainstream U. S. media has produced about U.S.-Cuban  Relations since 1959. Normally since 1959 all such perspectives reflect only the opinions of Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami. But in this aforementioned article, CNN actually included the opinions of a prominent Cuban in Cuba, the 29-year-old politician named Elian Gonzalez. So Americans know, for example, that Elian actually believes that Cubans in Havana, not Cubans in Miami's Little Havana, should rule Cuba.


CUBA: What IF There Is No Blockade?


      In the mainstream U. S. media the daily refrain for the last six decades has informed Americans how necessary the U. S. Embargo/Blockade of Cuba is; how fantastically great the pre-Revolultionary Batista/Mafia rule of Cuba was; and how incredibly nice and correct the Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana/Miami are and have been since January of 1959 and since February of 1962 when the Embargo/Blockade against Cuba began. But...Cubans on the island also have opinions too, including Manuel Lopez Bello, the Director of the International Jose Marti Airport in Havana. On Cuban television today -- March 27th-2023 -- Manuel had a lot of opinions: "If there was no blockade of this island, our tourism could top Florida's. After all, Cuba has more beautiful beaches and other such lures. This month of March in 2023, after the pandemic and other recent calamities, despite the blockade more tourists are arriving in Cuba and repeatedly I hear from other would-be tourists that want to fly or cruise to Cuba but they are scared off by the economic and military power of Miami and the United States. Through it all, when there are glimmers of light in the dark tunnels between Key West and Havana, our tourism and our would-be tourism tries to flourish."
     Today -- March 27th-2023 -- these photos from Havana's Jose Marti International Airport reveals renewed tourism beginning to arrive in Cuba despite the longest and, many say, the cruelest Embargo/Blocade ever imposed by any powerful nation against any much weaker nation.
      Today -- March 27th-2023 -- this photo shows a rather busy Jose Marti Airport in HavanaBut how much busier would it be if Cuba was not embargoed/blockaded since 1962 by the richest, most powerful, and most influential nation in the world??
     Today -- March 27th-2023 -- this Air France airplane is shown leaving Jose Marti Airport in Havana. How many other flights since 1962 have bowed to the dictates of the U. S. Embargo/Blockade and thus refused to fly to Cuba.
     The location of Cuba...namely its tragic closeness to Miami...remains Cuba's greatest tragedy since 1959.
      Of course, great authors such as T. J. English have minutely explained such pertinent U.S.-Cuban Facts as: "How the Mob Owned Cuba...and Then Lost It to the Revolution." But, of course, it appears that the Embargo/Blockade will endure.


Miami Shames Baseball, Cuba, & USA


     Since January of 1959 Little Havana in Miami has been a rich and powerful political force in the USA as it leads the six-decade-old fight to overthrow the Cuban Revolution. Amazingly, it hasn't succeeded but has as of today -- March 24th-2023 -- it has succeeded in accomomplishing things such as starving, depriving, and making miserable generations of Cubans on the island.

     And, of course, this headline this week reveals -- in late March of 2023 -- more misery for Cubans on the island that apparently cheers Little Havana's Counter Revolutionaries. 

     Natural disasters such as Hurricane Ian coupled with man-made disasters such as the Little Havana-promoted U. S. Embargo/Blockade continue to devastate Cuba's vital crops and its overall economy.
     Despite struggling with a blockaded and largely depleted economy, Cuba somehow maintains an exceptionally strong and ultra-modern Television-Radio News operations, such as today's National TV Newscast shown above.
      Cuba's ubiquitous TV News Stations focus on live reports featuring everyday Cubans across the island, and live reports from its Parliament as shown above. Such reports reflect the moods of everyday Cubans as well as Parliamentarians such as Carlos Enrique Gonzalez who are still upset with how Team Cuba was so rudely treated in Little Havana-Miami in the semi-finals of the World Baseball Classic.
     In the 20-nation, wildly popular and widely televised World Baseball Classic that spanned 13 days this month, Team Cuba thrilled Cubans by winning the 5-team Pool A in Taiwan and then surviving the Quarterfinals in Japan, and then had to fly to Little Havana/Miami for the Semi-Finals.
     Led by the Chicago White Sox's  and Team Cuba's switch-hitting Third Baseman Yoan Moncada, Cuba was the biggest surprise of the 2023 WBC...till it arrived in Miami for the Semi-Finals. As TV baseball fans in Cuba saw, Yoan Moncada, along with other WBC All-Stars such as Japan's superman pitcher-hitter Shohei Ortani, finished the World Baseball Classic being placed on the WBC All-Star Team.
      In both Taiwan and Tokyo Team Cuba and Yoan Moncada, and their fans -- including Yoan's wife and daughter -- were treated well. But in Miami facing Team USA in the WBC Semi-Finals, Cuban fans including this woman and girl were chased out of their seats by anti-Team Cuba zealots.
      The two photos directly above show Cuban fans in the stands in Miami having insults and water being hurled at them. Of course, the Team Cuba players saw this happening up in the stands as they tried to play against Team USA.
     This photo shows Team Cuba in red uniforms in the top of the First Inning taking a 1-0 lead over Team USA and Team Cuba still had no one out with the bases loaded!! But as you see above, the Cuban player on First Base and the Cuban First Base coach were watching play being stopped while security forces were moving an anti-Team Cuba protester off the field. Even with the 1-0 lead and still having a huge threat, how did having on-field protesters halting play make the Cuban players feel in the hostile atmosphere in Miami...a city in which Team Cuba should not have been forced to play Team USA. After that quick 1-0 lead, Team Cuba went on to lose this game 14-to-2.
     Despite what happened in the Semi-Final game in Miami, Team Cuba still had a hugely successful participation in the 20-team World Baseball Classic in 2023...finishing 4th behind only Japan, the USA, and Mexico.
      But Team Cuba and Yoan Moncada were treated unfairly when they had to play the Semi-Finals of the 2023 World Baseball Classic in Little Havana-Miami.



US Media Used WBC to Assault Havana!!

 While Promoting Wonderful Little Havana!!

    The hugely entertaining and successful 2023 World Baseball Classic ended its 13-day run last night in Miami with Japan beating the United States 3-to-2 in the Championship Game. It started on March 8th featuring the world's Top 20 baseball-loving nations, led by the two richest nations -- USA & Japan. The event included many of the richest and best players in Baseball History, including the highest paid player in history, Mike Trout of the USA, the second highest paid player in history, Mookie Betts of the USA, etc., and it also featured #16 Shohei Ortani of Japan, the best player in baseball history who this year is being paid only $30 million this year by the Los Angeles Angels but, because he becomes a Free Agent after the 2023 season, will become in 2024 the highest paid player in the world.
     Today -- March 22nd-2023 -- the WBC All-Star Team was revealed and it shows that poor Cuba was well represented. Cuba-born Randy Arozarena and Cuba-born Yoan Moncada made the WBC All-Stars. Randy, the great young outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays, led Mexico to the Semi-Finals of the WBC in Miami and Yoan, the great switch-hitter for the Chicago White Sox, led Cuba to the Semi-Finals of the WBC in Miami.
  Yes, because Yoan Moncada had the courage to play for Cuba in the World Baseball Classic, Cuba reached the Semi-Finals in Miami after winning the 5-team WBC Pool A in faraway Taiwan and then winning its Quarter-Final game in faraway Japan. The photo on the right shows Yoan Moncada then arriving at the Miami Airport to lead Cuba in the WBC Semi-Finals to play the star-studded and ultra-rich Team USA in a sold-out and hostile venue for the Cuban players, especially for Yoan who had the courage and audacity to play for Team Cuba in the shadow of Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. Intimidated and rudely attacked -- in sharp contrast to how they were treated in Taiwan and Japan -- Yoan and Team Cuba lost 14-to-2 to Team USA on the very unfair soil of Little Havana/Miami.
    This Little Havana/Miami photo by the Associated Press was published in many U. S. newspapers and widely used on the various Fox News platforms to explain how the Cuban players were wonderfully assaulted as they tried to play Team USA in the WBC Semi-Finals in Little Havana/Miami. The rich and politically powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami since 1959 have been virtually unopposed in wildly promoting how the Batista-Mafia rule of Cuba was WONDERFUL in the 1950s and how TERRIBLE Cuba has been since 1959 while the USA and Little Havana have tried so hard for six decades to starve, terrorize, and otherwise try to overthrow the Revolution.
    Cuba's hero in the island's smashing WBC victories in Taiwan and Japan, Yoan Moncada was treated like Public Enemy #1 when he arrived in Little Havana/Miami for the WBC Semi-Finals. It, of course, says more about the U. S., the U. S. media, Batista, the Mafia, and Little Havana/Miami than it says about Yoan Moncada, Cuba, and the Cuban Revolution. But most of all, as a Democracy-loving American, I believe it reveals the greatest weakness of the world's richest and strongest nation, and that is its propaganda-crazed mainstream media. Like the U. S. Founding Fathers, I believe that Democracy must be allowed to thrive and survive within the parameters of an honest and unbiast meida. And in recent years, many polls have revealed that most Americans "don't trust" the mainstream U. S. Media, nor should they trust it.
    Take, for example, the Top Cuban Headlines today -- March 22nd-2023. Note that the London--based Reuters News Agency today reports the good and the bad aspects of an election Cuba is having. But also note, as always, the propaganda-crazed mainstream U. S. media -- Fox News, ESPN, and the New York Times in this case -- is not about to report anything regarding Cuba except what Little Havana wants reported, even about the World Baseball Classic that thrilled the baseball-loving Cubans on the island, as least until their players had to go to Miami/Little Havana in the WBC Semi-Final round. See above what the propaganda-crazed and jubilant mainstream headlined: "Cuba baseball player defects after team's loss to USA in World Baseball...!!"
    As far as the mainstream U. S. media is concerned, the Big Cuban Story is that, while in Miami, "26-year-old first baseman and catcher Ivan Prieto Gonzalez of Team Cuba" defected to Little Havana/Miami, as shown above as reported by Fox News, which still mightily loves Batista and still cries every night about the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Actually, "Ivan" never played for Team Cuba in the WBC. He was only the Bullpen Catcher that warmed up relief pitchers. Team Cuba did play three catchers in the WBC and none of them defected {yet} despite lofty and constant lures to do so. I mean...if we can't starve and overthrow Revolutionary Cuba after six decades, let't keep luring more of them to rich and powerful Little Havana USA!!!

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