Cuba vs. USA in WBC Semi-Finals Tonight in Little Havana!!

 U. S. Media Promotes Violence for Cuba!!

    This is Yoan Moncada, the powerful 27-year-old switch-hittingThird Baseman for the Chicago White Sox and for Team Cuba in the 2023 World Baseball Classic. The heralded event started with the world's top 20 Baseball nations and it now is down to just four nations alive in the Semi-Finals -- Cuba, USA, Mexico,and Japan. It is being played at the sold-old Major League Stadium in Miami. Yoan Moncada very bravely and proudly chose to play for Cuba. He flew 14-hours to Taiwan to help Cuba win the 5-team WBC Pool A round, and then flew to Tokyo to help Cuba win in its WBC Quarterfinals game. Then he flew to Miami because Cuba, thanks to him, was the first of the 20 teams to make the WBC semi-finals. The photo below shows Yoan Moncada bravely arriving at the Miami airport.

 Tonight in Miami's sold-out Major League stadium and a massive live television audience, Team Cuba plays the mighty, ultra-paid Team USA that has ultra-priced Major League superstars at every position. But saddest of all for the Cuban players, especially Yoan Moncada, much of the gutless mainstream U. S. media is reporting and seeminly promoting violence in Maimi tonight for the Cuban players. See below and judge for yourself.

     As a part of their typical disgrace to journalism, as you can see above, today the Miami Herald, NBC , USA Today, etc., have joined other propaganda dispencers to predict or promote violence in Miami tonight -- March 19th-2023 -- for Cuban players brave enought to play a great USA team in Miami/Little Havana in the semi-finals of the World Baseball Classic.

    Today -- March 19-2023 -- above is the blazing Headline and Sub-Headline in the famed but propaganda-riddled New York Times.
     The highly regarded Armando Johnson is the Manager of Team Cuba that plays Team USA tonight in Miami in the semi-finals of the 2023 World Baseball Classic. The photo above shows Armando and one of his star players asking media questions today in Miami. Armando has said repeatedly, "We just play baseball the best we can. We don't ever try to hurt anyone." Of course, all decent Americans and Cuban-Americans hope that Armando and his players are not hurt in Miami tonight. They deserve to be treated with respect and with dignity.
    This photo was posted on Facebook today. These children in Havana will root for Team Cuba tonight in the semi-final game of the World Baseball Classic against Team USA. These children also need to be respected with dignity by Miami, USA.
Brave Cuban players in Miami tonight.
    Domingo {Sunday} night in Miami tonight, Team USA, literally the richest team that money can buy, will defeat Team Cuba. But the hope is that Team USA will do it with dignity and respect.



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