USA vs. Latin America

The History Shames The USA!!
{Saturday, March 2nd, 2019}
       U. S. President Donald Trump flew all the way to Communist Vietnam this week to offer his friend Chairman Kim, the Communist dictator of North Korea, a TREMENDOUS DEAL: If Kim would forsake his nuclear weapons, the USA would not only drop its stifling economic sanctions but also help Communist North Korea become the financial success that Communist Vietnam has become since that now-thriving nation became united after defeating the USA in the bloody Vietnam War that usurped USA blood and treasure from the 1960s into the 1970s. WONDERFUL!!! But Kim turned Trump's sweet offer down, so it was "No Deal." That journey to Hanoi was 12,000 miles. But 100 miles off the eastern coast of the USA no Republican president is allowed to talk with the island of Cuba while ALWAYS...since January of 1959...trying to starve, terrify, attack, etc., Cuba for the purpose of returning control of the island back over to the current capital of the BATISTA-MAFIA DICTATORSHIP, which now happens to be Little Havana in Miami, Florida. Since 1959 Americans have been propagandized not to consider such basic facts but we are daily proselytized to pretend there is no sub-government, or transplanted dictatorship, within the bowels of the USA democracy. But, truth be told, that's where we are today -- in the first week of March, 2019.
      The "Crisis in Venezuela" portrays Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro as heartless {and desperate} for refusing badly needed food, medicine, and other necessities from reaching destitute citizens in that oil-rich Latin American nation. And that perception is correct.
    But there is another perception that is also correct: The history of the USA's imperial and even genocidal lust to dominate Latin America should rule out another Republican administration in Washington, TRUMP'S, from influencing any potential solution to the Venezuela Crisis. There is a MYRIAD of less-biased negotiators.
    This session at the United Nations on Thursday -- Feb. 28, 2019 -- addressed the Venezuelan Crisis. The 15-nation Security Council, led by the U. S., voted 13-to-2 to end the Maduro government and replace it, supposedly, with a U.S.-friendly government. But the two dissenting votes -- from Russia and China -- were enough to block/veto that ruling. While the UN is the logical body to broker international disputes, the fact that a handful of powerful nations have veto power negates the UN's effectiveness. For example, also Thursday the supreme U. S. ally, Israel, was widely condemned by the UN for "crimes against humanity" in a ruling that said Israel fatally shot innocent Palestinians including "children." Like Thursday's Russia and China veto regarding Venezuela, the U. S. routinely vetoes/blocks any such UN condemnation of Israel, for example. Superpower veto power hurts the UN.
     At yesterday's UN session, this is Venezuela's and Maduro's Ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, vividly pointing a finger at the United States for instigating "another genocidal coup in our region." He also said, "The threats against peace in Venezuela come from abroad, meaning Miami and Washington, and it is the U. S. sanctions and the coup-meddling USAID, posing as a sanctimonious humanitarian organization, that is harming and trying to starve the Venezuelan people." Yesterday's image of Maduro's man, Samuel Moncada, speaking so forcefully at the United Nations is interesting...because most people expected both Maduro and Moncada to have been eliminated BY NOW.
     But this image at the United Nations explains why the U. S. being perceived as orchestrating the solution of the Venezuelan Crisis is not likely to be either bloodless or short-lived -- or minus continuing revolts or revolutions. This is Elliott Abrams who has INCREDIBLY been named by President Trump as "America's Special Envoy to Venezuela." While Americans are not supposed to know why President George H. W. Bush pardoned Abrams, Latin Americans believe that Abrams was tightly tied to some of the most genocidal atrocities in Latin America's history, including one of the region's all-time most egregious massacres of men, women, children, and babies. American citizens and even the left-wing mainstream U. S. media may be too afraid to question Trump's "Special Envoy to Venezuela" but, believe me, even U.S.-friendly Latin American nations cringe just to think about it. Also, Abrams is a vivid reminder that perhaps the ten still-living most anti-Cuban zealots from the Bush dynasty...such as Abrams, John Bolton, Otto Reich, Mauricio Claver-Carone, Jason Poblete, Jose Cardenas, etc., etc...have been maneuvered into a cabal by unchecked anti-Cuban zealot Marco Rubio to dictate the Trump administration's policies regarding Latin America and, especially, regarding CUBA, which is Rubio's obsession. Heading into this weekend, for example, it appears that Poblete and Cardenas are doing handstands about Trump putting Cuba on the Sponsors of Terrorism list and activating Title Three of the Batistiano-driven {Havana-born Jorge Mas Canosa and Havana-born Lincoln Diaz-Balart} and infamous Helms-Burton Bill. Not even the Little Havana-aligned Bush presidencies went that far but now that Trump has resurrected long-ago extremists such as Elliott Abrams, Poblete, Cardenas, and their ilk, THEY have reason to be doing handstands heading into the first weekend in March-2019.
    This photo of Juan Guaido, the self-ordained and U.S.-backed President of Venezuela, shown with U. S. Vice President Mike Pence also sends some shivers down the spines of some Latin Americans. History registers the fact that Republican administrations since the 1950s have all proclaimed the USA's dire need to force DEMOCRACY on Latin American nations WHILE all the while supporting and in some cases installing murderous U.S.-friendly dictators such as...Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua, Videla in Argentina, Pinochet in Chile, etc., etc. As a democracy-loving American, I wish that was not so, but it is.
    Meanwhile, President Trump has just returned from Communist Vietnam where he met again with his beloved Communist dictator Chairman Kim, promising Kim as the world watched that the U. S. would help Communist North Korea become the "fantastic economic success" that Communist Vietnam has become since winning the Vietnam War. Well, folks, that also reminds the world that in the 1950s the U. S. didn't win the bloody Korean War AND in the 1960s and 1970s the U. S. didn't win the bloody Vietnam War...despite vast costs to the U. S. in both blood, treasure, and reputation. Also, in support of Batista and the Mafia, the U. S. didn't win the Cuban Revolutionary War that ended way back on January 1, 1959. So...you might ask...what is the difference from the U. S. perspective today between KOREA, VIETNAM, and CUBA? Well, the short and accurate answer is this: No overthrown dictatorship in Korea or Vietnam or anywhere else ever fled to U. S. soil and...quickly and permanently...reestablished itself within the bowels of the U. S. democracy. Of course, if that is not so, go back and explain the Trump-Hanoi photo above or any of the other photos directly before it.


Cuban Rhythms Still Sovereign

As New Realism Seeps In!!
{Thursday, February 28th, 2019}
    Some major travel companies, such as G Adventures.com, still use typical images of Cuba like this to remind potential tourists that the Caribbean's largest and arguably its most beautiful island is open for business. But at the end of February, 2019, even those best in touch with the rhythms & pulses of everyday life now believe that the latest Batistiano/Little Havana-aligned Counter Revolutionaries forces in Miami and Washington have the military might, the finances, and the pretext {the dire crisis in Venezuela} to finally overthrow the pugnacious and historic Cuban Revolution, which chased the Batista-Mafia kingpins to Miami way back in January, 1959. Now it seems that the greedy rhythms & pulses of Little Havana in Miami will soon show up in Cuba's Havana resembling the 1950's Batista-Mafia rhythms & pulses.
     Even Rosy Amaro, Cuba's highly popular and influential television news anchor, seems resigned to the effects of the ominous nature of the Perfect Storm forming  just off the western and northern coasts of her vulnerable island, namely...the geographical nearness of the imperial-minded Superpower; and another Batista/Mafia-type Republican administration in Washington that obviously won't stop with just erasing the remarkably positive gains pioneered by the previous Democratic administration of Mr. Obama. Rosy knows those topical facts.
     As surprised as Obama himself was that a Republican like Trump would become the USA's next Commander-in-Chief, Rosy Amaro is at least "THANKFUL" that her precious daughter Mariana has spent the first five years of her life in Revolutionary Cuba free of foreign domination..."if not free from foreign assaults all our lives, and my mother's entire life, from the foreign rulers who fled our revolution but settled nearby and remembered where to aim their weapons, their hatred, their revenge, and their greed." Rosy is surprised that the American people and the U. S. democracy have allowed such a Government-in-Exile to not only exist for 6+ decades but to "so easily write their own U. S. laws, to garner unlimited tax dollars from the world's largest treasury, commit horrendous terrorist acts against everyday Cubans in Cuba as well as decent and moderate Cubans in Miami, and utilize the world's strongest military from time-to-time...and now most deadly with Trump...to mesh their insatiable greed with their desires, or whims, to retake Cuba." Rosy has visited major cities in Europe and she has family and friends in the USA. She anticipates a major assault on the island within days after the regime-change in Venezuela is finalized, and she could easily leave for a safer haven...or send Mariano to one. When I resume this update later today, I'll explain how Rosy has explained to Mariana why they will remain on "our island" despite what she considers "the bad men in a country more stronger than our country."
     Looking a bit tired and sleepy today {she's was a hard-working mother and journalist on Feb. 27-2019}, Rosy Amaro posted this photo atop her influential Facebook page, reminding Cubans: "Look for your colors inside you and not in others." Most adult Cubans now have, or have access to, Smart Phones and therefore easy access to the Internet and Social Media. Rosy, and most adult Cubans, are aware that President Trump is in Communist Vietnam kissing the ass of Trump's beloved Communist North Korean dictator Chairman Kim while lavishing praise on Vietnam's amazing economy and promising Kim he will make sure North Korea's economy also flourishes. Seeing those reports on the Internet, Rosy is well aware that "no brutal U.S.-backed dictatorship in Vietnam or Korea ever got overthrown and then became a dictatorship in the United States. Vietnam and Korea just won bloody wars against imperial U. S. ambitions. That's all. Cuba won a revolutionary war against a vile U. S. dictatorship only to have that dictatorship resettle in the U. S. with U. S. support in six decades of trying to recapture Cuba, starting by trying to starve Cubans on this island. With Trump, we can now to be annihilated. But unlike the Batista-Mafia cowards, we will not run."
    Meanwhile, in Havana Rosy Amaro has explained to her precious 5-year-old daughter Mariana that she and, she believes most Cubans, will not run: "Sweetheart, this is our country, our home. If we run because Trump has empowered Rubio to destroy us, we could be in a safer place. But we would no longer be Cuban, and I always want us to be Cuban."
 It is a well-known historic fact that Fidel Castro died at age 90 on Nov. 25, 2016. Rosy and many other young-adult Cubans believe what she believes: "Rubio's Little Havana hometown became afraid of Fidel but now that he's gone and they have Trump, they are real brave men taking off their skirts." {Yes, she said "skirts," not shirts}.
     Thus, Rosy Amaro...who understands the rhythms & pulses of everyday life in Cuba...will ride out the latest waves from Miami as she fiercely defends both Mariana & CUBA. She knows the odds are against her.
    On the streets of Havana, on Social Media, and as a highly influential anchor on Cubavision International and on the Internet, Rosy Amaro is far more of a typical Cuban than Americans are led to believe.



Cuba's New Constitution

Enthusiastically Approved!!
      On Sunday -- Feb. 24, 2019 -- Cuba got its first New Constitution since the 1970s. In recent months the fine points were discussed by everyday Cubans at thousands of venues across the island. Sunday 6,816,169 Cubans voted and 86.85% voted "Yes" according to government statistics and this enthused animation. MANY THANKS!

Rubio Threatens Diaz-Canel

After Venezuela Falls!!
     Little Havana's U. S. Senator Marco Rubio, as is well known, has been allowed by President Trump to reshape Latin America in order for the Miami Batistianos to finally regain control of Cuba, and this time not lose it to a Revolution. And Rubio has been emboldened enough by the above AP map to declare victory in Venezuela. As the graphic indicates, Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro is fenced-in all along his key borders by powerful U. S. proxies -- Colombia and President Ivan Duque as well as Brazil and President Jair Bolsonaro. So, except for money and perhaps air-power, the U. S. can gain dominance in oil-rich but destitute Venezuela without having to actually use its own military. Rubio understands all that, and that accounts for a brazen threat that Rubio has Tweeted to his prime target, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel.
     Now that Marco Rubio@marcorubio knows Cuban ally Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela is toast, Rubio fired off his threat to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel via the above Tweet at 5:06 PM on Feb. 23rd, 2019. Translated from Spanish to English, "Te vermos pronto" means "See you soon." In other words, Rubio's not-so-subtle message to Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel is this: "I am Commander-in-Chief of U. S. and allied forces and right after eliminating Maduro in Venezuela I will personally arrive in Cuba to take care of you."
     It is clear that Rubio's "See you soon" threat to Diaz-Canel has registered in Cuba.
     Cuba's President since April 18-2018, Diaz-Canel does not have a getaway airplane and he's not about to be scared off the island. Sunday, February 24th, when Diaz-Canel was shown Rubio's Tweet, he and his wife were at a voting station to cast their "Yes" votes for the New Cuban Constitution. Asked about the Tweet, Diaz-Canel ignored it directly but said, "Tin soldiers backed by three militarized nations many times stronger than we are will do what they will do, and so will I, which is to use our new Constitution to improve our economy and create as much private enterprise and private ownership as we possibly can." The "three militarized nations" referenced by Diaz-Canel are the USA, Brazil, and Colombia.
     Throughout his brief tenure as President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel has been quite aware that vicious, rich, and unchecked Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami like Marco Rubio and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen would "leave no stone un-turned to retake Cuba, especially now that Fidel Castro has died and another Republican runs the White House." That opinion reportedly was stated three months ago when Diaz-Canel was attending a public discussion of the new Constitution at a session with a dozen everyday Cubans, one of whom had her cell phone on the table recording, which he knew.
     President Diaz-Canel has admitted that he is "maybe a little surprised" that President Trump "has surrounded himself with Rubio-directed war-mongers without a hint of an outcry from the prime U. S. media." It is reported that on an office wall Diaz-Canel has a Miami newspaper clipping in which, just days after becoming U. S. President, Trump told his staff, "Keep Rubio happy." That 4-word quote has been confirmed by several staffers as legitimate. It made Diaz-Canel wonder out-loud on a recent trip to Santa Clara, "What could Rubio have on Trump?" Indeed, that is question worth asking. During the presidential primary in 2016 Trump hated "Little Marco" Rubio and the feeling was mutual. And, yes, soon after becoming President, Trump actually instructed his staff to "Keep Rubio happy." And keeping Rubio happy would involve two factors: The back-stabbing Rubio replacing Trump as President or at least as head of the Republican Party; and, of course, President Trump providing Rubio the military and financial muscle to recapture Cuba. Venezuela is an afterthought for Rubio and only a pathway to recapturing Cuba for a few Little Havana zealots in his hometown of Miami.
    Meanwhile, with "Little Marco" left in charge of fanning the flames of war in Latin America before the smoke even reaches the Caribbean, President Trump has another meeting with his beloved North Korean communist dictator, Chairman Kim, in Hanoi, Vietnam...a thriving nation now united as a communist country after beating the U. S. in the bloody Vietnam War. If you're Communist China or Communist Vietnam and can't be conquered, you become major trade partners with the USA. And, of course, if you're Communist North Korea and have nuclear weapons plus 1.3 million well-armed soldiers, the Republican war-mongers in Washington will kiss your ass. Moreover, no vile dictatorship in China, Vietnam, or Korea ever got overthrown by a Revolution and then resurrected itself on U. S. soil. That, of course, makes the Cuban Revolution totally unique and, for going on 7 decades, has made little Cuba the constant military and economic target of the island's resurrected dictatorship that is still backed by the USA, which is still the world's economic and military Superpower. I wonder if Chairman Kim, at his meeting with President Trump in Vietnam, will ask, "After you let Rubio capture Venezuela and Cuba, what about letting us share in Venezuela's massive oil reserves?" How Trump would reply to such a question from Kim would be, to say the least, interesting.


A Key SUNDAY For Cuba

Sunday, February 24th, 2019!!
    While Fox News and other right-wing/pro-Trump sources in the U. S. are promoting a Latin American/Caribbean War, the less-biased and more professional BBC used this photo & video today to admit that the embers of a war are already burning on Venezuela's borders with Colombia and Brazil, the two pro-Trump nations now providing the proxy armies for the U. S. and for anti-Cuban forces in Miami and Washington. So, yes, the war embers will get hotter, much hotter.
     This photo today -- Sunday, Feb. 24th -- shows Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Balart and his wife waiting to vote "Yes" for the island's New Constitutional Reforms. It is strongly supported by Cubans.
   This AP/Ramon Espinosa photo shows President Diaz-Balart speaking to the media after his vote. The first new Constitution since the 1970s bears his stamp. It allows ownership of private property and promotes private enterprise. The AP reports that he said: "This new Constitution guarantees the rights of each and every citizen of the nation."
    This AP photo shows President Diaz-Canel at the voting station congratulating the schoolboy who was symbolically guarding the ballot box. The island's former Education Minister, Diaz-Canel is well-liked and strongly supported by the majority of Cubans on the island. Regime-change Operatives in the USA Trump administration do not want Americans to know that. Meanwhile, Trump is preparing for another meeting with his beloved friend, the nuclear-armed dictator of Communist North Korea that Trump both loves and is afraid of. Diaz-Balart doesn't have nuclear weapons but he has the support of most Cubans on the island. Of course, Cuban extremists in Miami will allow their latest Republican puppet to talk to vicious dictators elsewhere while they demand they should dictate what happens in Cuba -- apparently reverting back to the "sweet manner" their idols in the Batista-Mafia dictatorship back in the 1950s treated Cubans on the island. A U. S. democracy that permits the former dictatorship to thrive in Miami, Newark, and Washington for over six decades is not the same democracy that the United States of America had Prior to 1959.
Photo credit: Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images.
    An NBC News report this Sunday morning used the above image to explain that Cubans today flock to the polls to vote on the island's first new Constitution since the 1970s. Adopted by the Cuban Parliament and strongly supported by New President Miguel Diaz-Canel, the island's former Education Minister, it is an important development. There are indeed significant changes and they have been publicly discussed at thousands of well-attended meetings across the island the past four months. It is expected to pass but anti-government forces, as mentioned by this accurate NBC News report, have mounted a strong "No" campaign against the government's strong "#Yo Voto Si" {"I Vote Yes"} promotions. The NBC News update on the eve of today's vote quoted 36-year-old taxi driver Jorge Rodriguez explaining why he will vote "Yes." He said, "There are things I have to thank the Revolution for. I have never had to worry about what a hospital costs."
    One of Cuba's most talented and popular television news anchors, Rosy Amaro, strongly votes "Yes" to get today's New Constitution passed. Like millions of the island's well-educated young Americans, Rosy is very active on social media and well-informed by their now easy access to the Internet. Rosy's Facebook page today says her positive vote is "For Mariana, for my family, and for Cuba." Mariana is her 5-year-old daughter. The photo above, with Mariana holding a red rose, is a statement. Rosy has visited great cities in Europe and she has family members living in Florida, Virginia, and Arizona. But, like many more young-adult Cubans than Americans realize, Rosy is pure Cuban. She firmly believes Cubans on the island, not in Miami, should determine Cuba's fate. This photo with the rose reflects Rosy's opinion that, as soon as there is a regime-change in Venezuela, the U. S. will militarily reward the small but powerful Cuban exiles with their long-desired recapture of Cuba. Despite the odds against her island, Rosy has no plans to seek a safer haven.
     Yes, Rosy has explained her pro-Revolutionary decisions to Mariana...just as Rosy's mother Carmen explained them to her. And so -- on Sunday, February 24th, 2019 -- Rosy represents a very important side of Cuba that Americans are not supposed to be aware of.


The PROPAGANDA-obsessed Media!!
     In today's nuclear-powered, digitally-wired world, there are seven billion decent citizens who need accurate and unbiased information provided not by their governments but by trusted news sources. Unfortunately, even in the world's strongest democracies, such media outlets are increasingly hard to find, but there are exceptions. For example, Orla Guerin is a brilliant investigative broadcast journalist who is permitted by her international network, the London-based BBC, to dispense vital and accurate reports to a worldwide audience on events vital to the entire world.
    In these final days of February-2019, the Venezuela Crisis that is bubbling toward what might be a bloody and long-lasting Latin American War is an event that demands accurate world-wide coverage, the type provided...as shown above...by the BBC's most skilled and daunting journalist -- Orla Guerin.
    Because of the BBC's massive reach, most of the world's nations know from Orla Guerin's brilliant reports that SOMETHING must be done to alleviate what is happening in Venezuela. Yes, in oil-rich Venezuela millions of people are without proper food, medicine, and other necessities. And yes, the already bloody impasse that pits the U.S.-funded and U.S.-backed Juan Guaido as opposition President against questionable incumbent President Nicolas Maduro is an intolerable situation that should be brokered by honest and unbiased entities such as...the UN, the EU, the Catholic Church, etc. But the image above that shows RENOWNED WAR-MONGERING AMERICAN JOHN BOLTON as the mediator between Guaido and Maduro is a disaster for Venezuela, Latin America, the Caribbean, and perhaps the entire world. It is a well-known fact that Bolton and the extreme Counter-Revolutionary Cubans in Miami and in Washington view the Venezuelan crisis mostly as a means to finally regain total control of Cuba, where a rather famed Revolution chased the Batista-Mafia dictators to Miami and Washington in 1959, now several generations ago. Those facts, coupled with extreme war-mongers like Bolton, Elliott Abrams, Otto Reich, etc., are well-known to every Latin American government and every historian. Thus, injecting Bolton...as shown above...directly between Guaido and Maduro is a perpetration by the latest Batistiano-fueled Republican administration in Washington that almost certainly portends a conflagration written in blood that should be chronicled by peace-lovers. THE WORLD TODAY ALREADY HAS ENOUGH PROXY WARS. Of course, war-hardened President Eisenhower way back in 1960 in his famous Industrial Complex Speech warned that profiteering war-mongers were the biggest threat to the United States...because of the immense profits they could make from wars or the threat of wars. Even when Republicans are not in control of the White House, it seems that war-mongers like John Bolton bide their time as highly paid consultants, highly paid "Fellows" at conservative and right-wing "Think Tanks" and as massive fund-raisers to buy-off current and future politicians. Then when a Republican becomes Commander-in-Chief...BINGO!!!
     When the mainstream media in the U. S. is either too biased, too afraid, or too incompetent to tell the American people the truth about, say, a John Bolton, then that scenario is probably more dangerous to America and Democracy than having war-mongering zealots from Miami in charge of America's Cuban policies, both of which have a direct bearing on what's happening in Venezuela. The Batistiano-benefactors in the George W. Bush administration once played a joke on Democracy and the American people by naming John Bolton to the prestigious position of U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, which requires confirmation by the U. S. Senate. Because Bolton is well-known as an extreme war-monger against small countries, such as Cuba, President George W. Bush, of course, just made Bolton "a recess appointment" as UN Ambassador, withdrawing it PRIOR TO SEEKING Senate approval. Yet, to this day, even the so-called mainstream U. S. media calls Bolton "the former UN Ambassador," ascribing prestige to him that he  does not deserve. Therefore in 2019 the latest Batistiano-directed Republican president, Trump, can name Bolton America's National Security Adviser, which puts him in a position to direct the long-desired regime-change in Cuba...starting with the regime-change in Venezuela, following by the regime-change in Nicaragua, etc. That, of course, belies the historic Latin American facts that direly include genocidal U. S. regime-changes in...El Salvador in 1953, Chile in 1973, etc., not to mention siccing the Mafia on Cuba in 1952...all to enable rich U. S. businessmen to partake in the economic fleecing of those nations.
     The ever-lasting impact that the Cuban Revolution's 1959 triumph has had on the USA and its Democracy is reflected by the above graphic, so please study it. The U. S. gained dominance over Cuba in 1898 via the Spanish-American War, providing the U. S. with the golden opportunity to made the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island a world-class DEMOCRACY. But that's not what happened. It was made into an imperialist piggy-bank for rich Americans. In militarized U.S.-dominated Cuba, in 1903...for example...the U. S. simply stole Cuba's plush Guantanamo Bay "in perpetuity" according to "papers" that confirmed the theft as a "Treaty." U. S. companies controlled the Cuban economy through one U.S.-approved government after the other, including the first Batista dictatorship. Then, filthy rich, Batista spent 8 years in South Florida where his best friends were Mafia kingpins like Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, and Santo Trafficante. Then one day in Miami Lansky told Batista, "I've always wanted the Mob to own its own country." While some great historians as well as the famous "Godfather" Mafia movies have acknowledged that famed Lansky-Batista historic nexus, TO THIS DAY the mainstream media in the United States is too afraid to mention it.
     But truth be know, that's precisely how the U.S.-backed Luciano-Lansky-Batista dictatorship brutally plundered Cuba beginning in 1952, all the while MAKING DAMN SURE to maintain the support of the U. S. government by taking kick-backs for allowing selected U. S. businessmen to partake in the rape and robbery of the helpless island.
    Backed by the military muscle of the United States, the Batista dictatorship didn't believe it had to bother with even tossing crumbs to the majority peasants, as indicated above. And even when great journalists like Herbert L. Matthews of the New York Times, with articles and with photos, tried to inform Americans about the dire poverty of most Cubans while the island was being ransacked by Mafia-crooks supported by the U. S. government, Americans flocked to Batista's Cuba to revel in the Mafia's three flourishing schemes -- drugs, gambling, and prostitution...with the fourth very lucrative scheme being those kick-backs from U. S. businesses.
     All the while, Batista and Lansky...as shown by the photo above...knew they were perfectly safe in treating the majority Cuban peasants horrendously. After all, their Mafia was the strongest criminal organization in the world and they were backed by the strongest nation in the world, the United States. Also, no nation had ever come close to overthrowing a U.S.-backed dictatorship...and the dire poverty of the Cuban peasants was not enough to spawn a viable anti-Batista/Lansky Cuban Revolution.
    Batista, Lansky, and their supporters in Washington were actually stupid not to at least throw some crumbs and even some educational and health benefits to the Cuban peasants. But that neglect didn't inspire the Revolution that would actually challenge the Batista dictatorship. But historic photos like the one above DID INSPIRE a viable Revolution in Cuba. In Batista's Cuba children were routinely murdered as warnings to quell dissent. But it quelled the outrage of brave Madres Cubanas {Cuban mothers} like the ones shown above who took to the streets to let the world know how they felt about the murders of Nuestros Hijos {Our Children}. The woman second from the left in the white blouse was the mother of the gruesomely murdered Little Willie Soler, for example. Today, as an indication as to how successful such marches were, today in 2019 the largest children's hospital in Havana is named for...Little Willie Soler.
     History registers the fact that the Fidel Castro-led Cuban Revolution chased the leaders of the Batista dictatorship out of Havana on January 1, 1959.
    Ironically, the Cuban Revolution has had even more of an impact on the USA than on Cuba. That is because the Batista dictatorship was essentially "chased" out of Havana all the way to Little Havana, 100 miles away in Miami, USA.
    For example, a key Minister in the Batista dictatorship, Rafael Diaz-Balart, quickly became one of the most powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, and HE quickly created the very first paramilitary unit on U. S. soil designed to quickly recapture Cuba. He called it the White Rose after a Jose Marti poem.
     As it turned out, Rafael Diaz-Balart didn't recapture Cuba...and neither have the other similarly motivated Counter Revolutionary Cubans after all these years. In fact, they have reshaped America far more than rearranging Cuba. But along the way, for the past 6+ decades, they have severely punished totally innocent Cubans back on the island. That cruelty has, I think, best been described by this EXACT Editorial Comment by the New York Times: "There is, finally, something indecent about vociferous exiles living safely in Miami prescribing more pain for their poorer cousins." Batistianos arrived in Miami with enough money...and enough continuing support from the U. S. government...to easily take over Miami economically and politically. Soon, while failing to regain control of Cuba, they did, in fact, gain control of Miami first, then Florida, and then Washington...at least as far as anything regarding either Cuba or their already bulging bank accounts were concerned. With political dictation of the Republican Party, as well as powerful entities such as the Bush dynasty, CAPTURING the USA has proven to be a lot easier than RE-CAPTURING Cuba, as amazing as that might seem. But the first and second generations of the Rafael Diaz-Balart family in the USA explains that historic and topical phenomenon.
    Ultra-powerful and ultra-rich, Rafael Diaz-Balart had four sons, all born with the proverbial silver...or golden...spoons in their mouths. From left-to-right flanking the matriarch is the namesake son Rafael, now a powerful banker. Second from the is left is Lincoln who was born in Havana in 1954 when his father was a key man in the Batista dictatorship. Second from the right is Jose and on the right is Mario. Nepotism is a wonderful advantage, especially in dictatorships but also in the capitalist-fueled USA. While son Rafael is a super-rich banker in the USA, Rafael Sr.'s other three sons are also euphorically rich and powerful. Lincoln was first elected to the U. S. Congress from Miami in 1993 and served there as a massively effective anti-Castro zealot till 2011, when he retired from Congress to concentrate on massive anti-Castro activities in Miami, as he lavishly announced at a news conference. Following Lincoln's well-groomed path, Mario has represented Miami and the anti-Castro zealots in the U. S. Congress since 2002. And that leaves the 4th son Jose, who was born in Fort Lauderdale 58 years ago.
          On Feb. 22-2019 Jose Diaz-Balart was the anchor on NBC News telling Americans about the now deadly crisis in Venezuela...you know, the crisis that many experts believe Counter Revolutionary Cubans from Miami are using to recapture Cuba. But, of course, neither NBC News nor the rest of the mainstream U. S. broadcast media has either the courage or the integrity to tell its viewers or listeners the truth about Counter Revolutionary Cuban zealots like Jose that have free-reign within the bowels of the mainstream U. S. media.
        A U. S. media that allows a Jose Diaz-Balart to report on Cuban issues without letting Americans know about Jose Diaz-Balart's Cuban zealotry is a U. S. media that is lying to the American people. Yet, it is par-for-the-course in the U. S. media today.
       As an ultra-rich and ultra-powerful television News Anchor on NBC, MSNBC, and Telemondo, Jose Diaz-Balart can fund an array of wonderful internships designed, I suppose, to perpetuate the Counter Revolutionary Cuban narrative even after the Counter Revolutionaries RE-capture Cuba. But that being said, let it be known that the Counter Revolutionaries ACTUALLY captured the USA before they RE-captured Cuba. {And that's why I say with confidence that the Cuban Revolution says more about the USA than it says about Cuba, and two generations of the Diaz-Balart family on U. S. soil, I think, is proof}.
     Even though she is a star journalist at the Miami Herald, Mimi Whitefield writes informative and fair-minded articles ABOUT CUBA, for heavens sake!!! One of Ms. Whitefield's recent articles was entitled: "U.S. Bookings To Cuba Expected To Rise, But Americans Still Confused." Informative and fair-minded. The operative word, of course, is "CONFUSED." For damn sure, this generation of Americans, like the two previous ones since the 1950s, are CONFUSED about Cuba. And because of their acute cowardice, they deserve to be CONFUSED about Cuba because we Americans have neither the guts nor the patriotism to insists on factual coverage of the island, which happens to be the ONLY topic that could possibly get the United States condemned 191-to-0 in the United Nations, as happened in 2016 during the last year of the decent Obama presidency when the DECENT Obama approved that unanimous condemnation of America's Batistinao-driven Cuban policy. Sheer Cowardice and a lack of PATRIOTISM by successive generations of Americans have resulted in the island of Cuba being a flash-point that chronicles the world's greatest democracy descending into a nation obsessed with greed, corruption, and other imperialistic sins. Despite occasional true journalists, such as Mimi Whitefield, a propaganda-fueled/pundit-driven mainstream media has evolved into the biggest threat to the USA and its Democracy, and that helps account for the "CONFUSION" about Cuba, an island that  should not paint such a vivid and accurate portrait of the mighty USA. After all, Cuba is just a small island nation. But of all the U.S.-friendly dictators, the Cuban Revolution's overthrow of the vile U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia in 1959 makes Cuba both unique and special. And to be perfectly frank, the overthrown Batista-Mafia dictatorship has, since 1959, been resurrected richer and STRONGER than ever, on U. S. soil...with Little Havana its new capital in Miami. America and Democracy have both paid a huge price for permitting that to happen.
   When anyone in the U. S. media has the courage to write a truthful word related to Cuba, they should be congratulated. Mimi Whitefield at the Miami Herald should therefore be applauded for using a correct and truthful word pertaining to Cuba -- "Confused." It truthfully, correctly, and bravely describes how the American people feel about the island just off the coast of Florida. The "CONFUSION" relates to who tightly controls the Cuban narrative in the USA, and it harks back to a slight transition that evolved on January 1, 1959, when the Cuban Revolution chased the Batista-Mafia leaders off the island...all the way to Miami.
     He died at age 90 on Nov. 25-2016 and Fidel Castro never expected his Cuban Revolution to out-live him although it has somehow lasted for going on seven decades. So, if it ends in 2019, Fidel Castro would most likely have been satisfied with the gigantic statement it made.
     We know that Fidel Castro considered his Cuban Revolution in this vein based on his own exact workds: "It is just a statement because, Nelson, whatever we slaves may accomplish, it will be short-lived because the people with the most money and the most guns will one day be sure to re-conquer us." Yes, Fidel Castro and his dear friend Nelson Mandela, the legendary Civil Rights icon, co-wrote a book together about "We Slaves." It's worth reading because their far richer and better-armed enemies, to this day, dictate the narratives surrounding the remarkable lives they lived for many VERY volatile decades upon this earth.

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