Rubio Closer to Cuba Takeover

A HUGE Step Closer TODAY!!
Above photo-graphic courtesy of: Associated Press/Andre Penner.
     The image above reflects how Senator Marco Rubio's insatiable quest to regain control of Cuba to satisfy his mentors in Miami's Little Havana sector took a powerful step forward today. Rubio has been blessed with Donald Trump as U. S. President and extreme right-winger Zair Bolsonaro as President of Brazil, Latin America's superpower. Today Bolsonaro had his top diplomat, Ernesto Araezo, in Washington HUDDLING WITH MARCO RUBIO. Afterward, as reported in a major Miami Herald article today, both anti-Cuban war-mongers blamed Cuba for Latin America's ills, specifically the problems in Venezuela. "We totally agree," was Araezo's exact quote, followed by Rubio's latest comments about mentioning the Cuban regime-change as more important than the regime-change in Venezuela.
     In maneuvering five extreme anti-Cuban zealots to top positions in the Trump administration, John Bolton's appointment as Trump's National Security Adviser is by far Rubio's most significant triumph. Bolton, the planet's most egregious anti-Cuban war-monger, is more dangerous than all of the other of Rubio's anti-Cuban zealots, even more-so than career zealot Mauricio Claver-Carone becoming Trump's Western Hemisphere chief. So, within hours of extreme right-winger Jair Bolsonaro becoming President of Brazil, FOR DAMN SURE Bolton {as shown above} quickly flew to Brazil to get Bolsonaro's permission to attack Cuba. Thus, today -- February 8th, 2019 -- Bolsonaro's top diplomat -- Ernesto Arauzo, WAS IN WASHINGTON finalizing those plans with Marco Rubio. And now the bills will be paid in Blood and dollars while, with history as our guide, the likes of Rubio and Bolton will never be held accountable.
       In other words, today's Brazilian mission with Marco Rubio in Washington puts Rubio one giant step closer to rewarding the Little Havana extremists with their regime-change in Cuba. It will happen in a matter of days, not months. Afterward, Americans will pay the bills...in blood and dollars...for Rubio's ignorance, cowardice, and lack of concern for America as he, a flyweight, is allowed to rework his Batista-revamped ideology into the fabric of America's once-cherished democracy. For meekly allowing it to happen, this pusillanimous generation of United States citizens deserves Rubio's Batista fanaticism much more than Cubans on the island deserve its return to their vulnerable nation, a little country that chased the Batistianos and their Mafiosi brothers to their new headquarters, Little Havana in Miami, way back on January 1, 1959.
    At the moment, these are the three Little Havana kingpins being allowed to move the region into a war-footing to finally fulfill their obsession to regain control of Cuba. From left to right above are: Mauricio Claver-Carone, Marco Rubio, and Mario Diaz-Balart {whose father was a key Batista Minister before becoming one of the richest and most powerful Counter Revolutionaries in Little Havana}. As a democracy-loving American, I'm afraid that a Democracy that is unable to rein-in this trio is a Democracy in a precipitous decline. And I say that with heart-wrenching regret.

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