Venezuela: Coup or War?

We Will Soon Know Which!!
    As this Miami Herald photo illustrates, U. S. President Donald Trump considered Miami's hard-line Cubans essential to his 2016 election and considers them vital to his re-election in 2020. Thus, Trump early in his presidency went to Miami to promise the choir that he not only would reverse former President Obama's positive overtures to Cuba but also tighten the reins on Revolutionary Cuba to return control of the island over to Little Havana. Since then Trump's Vice President Mike Pence and National Security Adviser John Bolton have both flocked to Miami to more pointedly declare war on Cuba. And now today -- Feb. 18th, 2019 -- Trump will make another choir-pleasing speech in Miami portending regime-changes in Cuba and its direly troubled ally Venezuela. The Miami area is home to most Cuban and Venezuelan exiles in the USA. As always, revenge against the Cuban Revolution is high on the list of the Miami extremists but not as high as simply making financial killings whenever a Republican is President. Thus, expect Trump to return Cuba to the Sponsors of Terrorism list. That means Cuba, always unrepresented, can be sued for...whatever the Miami extremists want to sue the island for. Cuba, of course, will not directly make such payments but Republican administrations find ways to honor the "verdicts" via Cuban assets, tax dollars, or some other lucrative foibles.
   As the above Newsweek photo illustrates, top Republican officials, like VP Mike Pence in this case, flock to Miami to discuss Cuban and Venezuelan regime-change plans with key Cuban and Venezuelan exiles. The briefly successful coup that ousted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 2002 had those trademarks and rest assured that most of the coup-mongers in that Bush administration coup are now helping mastermind the upcoming Maduro regime-change in Venezuela.
    The photo above taken from a CNN report sent back to the USA and around the world Sunday {Feb. 17th, 2019} clearly indicates that a war in Venezuela followed by a coup in Cuba is perhaps just hours away. In the forefront above is U. S. Senator Marco Rubio dominating the headlines Sunday on the Simon Bolivar Bridge that separates Colombia from Venezuela, the bridge that is being blocked by Venezuela's harried President Nicolas Maduro to prevent USAID supplies being delivered to the Venezuelan people who DESPERATELY need it. At Rubio's right shoulder and partially obscured by Rubio's raised right hand is another U. S. Congressman from Miami, Mario Diaz-Balart whose father was a key Minister in the overthrown Batista dictatorship who then in 1959 quickly because the richest and most powerful Cuban exile in Miami determined to regain control of Cuba with the help of the U. S. economy and military. Mario Diaz-Balart's father Rafael died without accomplishing his  fervent goal but his sons Mario and Havana-born Lincoln, both of whom have been elected to the U. S. Congress from Miami, are just as determined to FINALLY overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. With Rubio, also elected to the U. S. Congress from Little Havana in Miami, now in charge of President Trump's dangerous Cuban policies, it appears the Venezuelan crisis has finally given the Counter Revolutionary extremists the pretext to regain total control of Cuba...after replacing the Cuba-friendly Venezuelan government. But the London-based BBC...not CNN or any of the U. S. media sources...is where Americans need to get their information on the Miami-to-Washington-to-Havana-to-Caracas conundrum because the U. S. media is far too biased or intimidated to explain that, in truth, the self-ordained Mother Teresa-darlings Rubio & Diaz-Balart are concerned with recapturing Cuba, not with the welfare of Cubans in Cuba, Venezuelans in Venezuela, or with Americans in America who will foot the blood-stained bills...perhaps for decades to come.
    For example, the BBC's prime reporter inside Venezuela, Olga Guerin, is the journalist that Americans and the rest of the world should depend on for updates on the Venezuelan crisis. On Sunday, Feb. 17th, Ms. Guerin again filed a BBC update explaining the dire need of a political change in Venezuela. Her report included a video of a 14-year-old Venezuelan girl fetching water from a totally polluted stream and then, in a sit-down interview with Ms. Guerin, the girl cried as she explained that they were "all going hungry" and without medical assistance. Olga Guerin is an honest journalist, not one to search for isolated cases to make propaganda points. While the oil-rich Venezuelan government is largely responsible for the nation's financial disaster, the BBC and Ms. Guerin have also pointed out that harsh U. S. sanctions, inspired by the Miami extremists, have greatly exacerbated the humanitarian problems by, for example, "using the economic might of the U. S. to scare off would-be food and medical suppliers that could alleviate some of the disastrous situation." While Rubio & Diaz-Balart can successfully use the international media to stress that Maduro is preventing tons of USAID supplies to get to the needy Venezuelan people, it is also a fact that USAID has been and continues to be a conduit for millions of dollars devoted to undermining or overthrowing the Cuban government, a truth that also undermines the blocked Venezuelan supplies being in USAID hands and USAID Boxes.
     Meanwhile, there is NO DENYING the fact that Olga Guerin and the BBC are proving to the world that dire and immediate change is needed in Venezuela. But the European Union and the Catholic Church, both of which are currently dispensing some aid and comfort to the Venezuelan people, should...along with the United Nations...be the respected entities that try to resolve the Venezuelan crisis, without any guidance from biased war-mongers like Rubio, Diaz-Balart, or any of the other Trump-anointed and renowned anti-Cubans war-mongers like John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, and Mauricio Claver-Carone who are now actively and shamefully also representing the USA in the Venezuelan-Cuban quagmire that could easily evolve into a regional war that Americans do not need.
    Throughout the Venezuelan crisis, the U. S. media is obligated to make Rubio/Diaz-Balart/Bolton/Abrams/Claver-Carone out to be sweet Mother Teresa-types. And that's WHY the brilliant, respected, and unbiased BBC should be the source for U. S. citizens to be fairly updated on what is going on in the Caribbean and Latin America. The photo above shows the BBC's Orla Guerin in her recent interview with Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro. And, yes, she asked all the tough questions...never playing footsie with the embattled leader.
    By stark contrast, CNN and the mainstream U. S. media would not mention that maybe...just MABBE!!...Rubio, backed by Cuban extremist Diaz-Balart...was on the above-depicted mission Sunday to add fuel to the war that is smoldering in Venezuela because it represents the convenient pretext for them to at long last recapture Cuba for Little Havana. Of course, Rubio also is apparently counting on the Venezuela crisis and the subservient U. S. media to rekindle his failed 2016 presidential bid. While pusillanimous and unpatriotic Americans may deserve Rubio, Cubans on the island don't deserve a Rubio/Diaz-Balart government anymore than they deserved a Batista/Luciano/Diaz-Balart government way back in the 1950s.
    It is known that "Trump's special envoy to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, has informed Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro that he will be afforded safe passage to another country if he will step down as President." If he refuses, it is also known that an effort to force the USAID supplies into Venezuela from Colombia will be militarily-enforced, meaning that any effort by Maduro to stop that next step will result in war.
    For sure, despite the dire disaster now facing Venezuelans, as long as the the Miami-Washington axis directs the anti-Maduro forces, there will be Venezuelans and Latin Americans who will strongly resist. WHY, you ask? Well, from 1953 till deep into the 1970s Venezuelans and Latin Americans vividly remember what Americans have been taught to forget -- and that is genocidal coups in Latin America to install U.S.-friendly leaders, even if such coups...as in Chile in 1973...killed the popular democratically elected President Salvador Allende to install for 17 bloody years the murderous but U.S.-friendly dictatorship of the ruthless General Pinochet. SO...whether Americans and Canadians realize it or not...the Venezuelan lady holding the sign in the above photo does have a legitimate point.
     Yet, the fiery and self-ordained President of Venezuela, 35-year-old Juan Guaido, has a HUGE advantage over President Maduro and it's the same advantage Pinochet had over Allende back in 1973, and that is this: Guaido has the economic and military support of the world's economic and military Superpower, the United States. A prime reason for that, of course, is Guaido represents the pathway for Little Havana in Miami to quickly regain control of Cuba.
To summarze on Feb. 18, 2019:
     While I fervently believe that Cubans on the island, not extremists in Miami, should decide Cuba's fate, I also believe it is direly important that respected brokers -- such as the EU, the UN, and the Catholic Church -- should arbitrate and correct the Venezuelan crisis. Such BBC updates as the video below clearly reveal that SOMETHING must be done regarding Venezuela, but not with input from the likes of Rubio, Bolton, Abrams, Claver-Carone, and the Diaz-Balart broothers.
Tap the video below for a BBC report:

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