Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Key SUNDAY For Cuba

Sunday, February 24th, 2019!!
    While Fox News and other right-wing/pro-Trump sources in the U. S. are promoting a Latin American/Caribbean War, the less-biased and more professional BBC used this photo & video today to admit that the embers of a war are already burning on Venezuela's borders with Colombia and Brazil, the two pro-Trump nations now providing the proxy armies for the U. S. and for anti-Cuban forces in Miami and Washington. So, yes, the war embers will get hotter, much hotter.
     This photo today -- Sunday, Feb. 24th -- shows Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Balart and his wife waiting to vote "Yes" for the island's New Constitutional Reforms. It is strongly supported by Cubans.
   This AP/Ramon Espinosa photo shows President Diaz-Balart speaking to the media after his vote. The first new Constitution since the 1970s bears his stamp. It allows ownership of private property and promotes private enterprise. The AP reports that he said: "This new Constitution guarantees the rights of each and every citizen of the nation."
    This AP photo shows President Diaz-Canel at the voting station congratulating the schoolboy who was symbolically guarding the ballot box. The island's former Education Minister, Diaz-Canel is well-liked and strongly supported by the majority of Cubans on the island. Regime-change Operatives in the USA Trump administration do not want Americans to know that. Meanwhile, Trump is preparing for another meeting with his beloved friend, the nuclear-armed dictator of Communist North Korea that Trump both loves and is afraid of. Diaz-Balart doesn't have nuclear weapons but he has the support of most Cubans on the island. Of course, Cuban extremists in Miami will allow their latest Republican puppet to talk to vicious dictators elsewhere while they demand they should dictate what happens in Cuba -- apparently reverting back to the "sweet manner" their idols in the Batista-Mafia dictatorship back in the 1950s treated Cubans on the island. A U. S. democracy that permits the former dictatorship to thrive in Miami, Newark, and Washington for over six decades is not the same democracy that the United States of America had Prior to 1959.
Photo credit: Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images.
    An NBC News report this Sunday morning used the above image to explain that Cubans today flock to the polls to vote on the island's first new Constitution since the 1970s. Adopted by the Cuban Parliament and strongly supported by New President Miguel Diaz-Canel, the island's former Education Minister, it is an important development. There are indeed significant changes and they have been publicly discussed at thousands of well-attended meetings across the island the past four months. It is expected to pass but anti-government forces, as mentioned by this accurate NBC News report, have mounted a strong "No" campaign against the government's strong "#Yo Voto Si" {"I Vote Yes"} promotions. The NBC News update on the eve of today's vote quoted 36-year-old taxi driver Jorge Rodriguez explaining why he will vote "Yes." He said, "There are things I have to thank the Revolution for. I have never had to worry about what a hospital costs."
    One of Cuba's most talented and popular television news anchors, Rosy Amaro, strongly votes "Yes" to get today's New Constitution passed. Like millions of the island's well-educated young Americans, Rosy is very active on social media and well-informed by their now easy access to the Internet. Rosy's Facebook page today says her positive vote is "For Mariana, for my family, and for Cuba." Mariana is her 5-year-old daughter. The photo above, with Mariana holding a red rose, is a statement. Rosy has visited great cities in Europe and she has family members living in Florida, Virginia, and Arizona. But, like many more young-adult Cubans than Americans realize, Rosy is pure Cuban. She firmly believes Cubans on the island, not in Miami, should determine Cuba's fate. This photo with the rose reflects Rosy's opinion that, as soon as there is a regime-change in Venezuela, the U. S. will militarily reward the small but powerful Cuban exiles with their long-desired recapture of Cuba. Despite the odds against her island, Rosy has no plans to seek a safer haven.
     Yes, Rosy has explained her pro-Revolutionary decisions to Mariana...just as Rosy's mother Carmen explained them to her. And so -- on Sunday, February 24th, 2019 -- Rosy represents a very important side of Cuba that Americans are not supposed to be aware of.

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