Monday, February 11, 2019

Florida's Anti-Cuban Fanatics

Are Actually Anti-American Fanatics!!
     This quartet of anti-Cuban fanatics from Florida are shown standing in front of the White House after presumably huddling with the mallaeable President Trump to supposedly nail down permission to fulfill their lifelong dreams -- to finally overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. From left-to-right these one-trick-ponies are U. S. Congressman from Miami Mario Diaz-Balart; Florida Governor Ron DeSantis; U. S. Senator from Miami Marco Rubio; and former Florida governor now U. S. Senator Rick Scott. While the United States and Florida {in particular} have massive problems of their own, this shameful quartet is massively focused on recapturing Cuba, and fully believe with Trump as President they will accomplish that feat. Meanwhile, these one-trick-ponies react violently to even a minor headline that might reflect positively on Cuba, feeling put-upon if they can't dictate the entire Cuban narrative in the United States. I'll give you a fresh and LAUGHABLE example as they reacted to a British headline.
     The future King of England, Prince Charles, and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, plan to visit Cuba this spring. The aforementioned quartet of anti-Cuban one-trick-pony fanatics have reacted VIOLENTLY to the notion that Prince Charles will visit Cuba...stupidly trying to block that trip while ignoring any and all other problems the U. S. or Florida might have to extend their asinine dictation of Cuban issues to all other countries. Having gotten away with such egregious arrogance since 1959, these Batistiano-types are appalled if their United States fiefdom, or dictatorship, is not totally, even internationally, cruel and precise.
     U. S. Senator Rick Scott is the one-trick-pony who has shamefully assailed Prince Charles because the future King of England had the audacity to schedule a visit to Cuba for this spring. The buffoonish Scott is a Poster Boy...along with the likes of Jeb someone with no connections to Florida flocking to Florida for political reasons...knowing that aligning with the most vicious Counter Revolutionary Cubans could be a political and financial windfall. Scott was born 66-years-ago in Bloomington, Indiana, and he was educated in Missouri. But as a  conveniently transplanted 100% Batistiano he was Florida's Governor from 2011 till 2019 and then became Florida's new United States Senator. In Washington, as indicated by the  microphone-hungry Quartet Photo at the top of this update, Senator Scott's primary or solitary role seems clearly to help Counter Revolutionary fanatics in Miami recapture Cuba while, of course, also meanwhile dictating the Cuban narratives in the United States. With utter but unapologetic shame, Scott fired off a scathing letter to Prince Charles denouncing any visit to Cuba by England's future King. "I urge you to reconsider...visit stand by the people of Cuba..." YEAH!! Stand with the Counter Revolutionaries in Florida who continually tighten the embargo that back in 1962 was intended to starve, deprive, and make miserable the lives of Cubans on the island to induce them to overthrow their government...the same Florida fanatics who famously and historically feigned unawareness as famed Miami-CIA terrorists committed mass acts of terrorism against totally innocent Cubans in a civilian airplane, Havana hotels, coastal fishing villages, etc.,...the same Florida fanatics who, like out-of-stater Scott, have gotten rich and powerful waging war and terror against Cubans {like Miami newsman Emilio Milian} since 1959. Understanding that Florida's politics are unique is simply no excuse for the rest of the American democracy not to be able to even remotely restrain a one-trick manipulator-benefactor like Rick Scott, and such weakness bespeaks of an American rather than just a Cuban problem. If Prince Charles is afraid of Rick Scott, THAN GOD HELP ENGLAND TOO...but I imagine the Brits have more courage than Americans.
     One thing that appears evident is the fact that this quartet of one-trick-ponies can scare President Trump and the mainstream U. S. media. So it's not surprising that these bullies, hiding behind the skirts of the world Superpower, feel free to bully Brits like they bully Americans.

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