Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cuban Rhythms Still Sovereign

As New Realism Seeps In!!
{Thursday, February 28th, 2019}
    Some major travel companies, such as G, still use typical images of Cuba like this to remind potential tourists that the Caribbean's largest and arguably its most beautiful island is open for business. But at the end of February, 2019, even those best in touch with the rhythms & pulses of everyday life now believe that the latest Batistiano/Little Havana-aligned Counter Revolutionaries forces in Miami and Washington have the military might, the finances, and the pretext {the dire crisis in Venezuela} to finally overthrow the pugnacious and historic Cuban Revolution, which chased the Batista-Mafia kingpins to Miami way back in January, 1959. Now it seems that the greedy rhythms & pulses of Little Havana in Miami will soon show up in Cuba's Havana resembling the 1950's Batista-Mafia rhythms & pulses.
     Even Rosy Amaro, Cuba's highly popular and influential television news anchor, seems resigned to the effects of the ominous nature of the Perfect Storm forming  just off the western and northern coasts of her vulnerable island, namely...the geographical nearness of the imperial-minded Superpower; and another Batista/Mafia-type Republican administration in Washington that obviously won't stop with just erasing the remarkably positive gains pioneered by the previous Democratic administration of Mr. Obama. Rosy knows those topical facts.
     As surprised as Obama himself was that a Republican like Trump would become the USA's next Commander-in-Chief, Rosy Amaro is at least "THANKFUL" that her precious daughter Mariana has spent the first five years of her life in Revolutionary Cuba free of foreign domination..."if not free from foreign assaults all our lives, and my mother's entire life, from the foreign rulers who fled our revolution but settled nearby and remembered where to aim their weapons, their hatred, their revenge, and their greed." Rosy is surprised that the American people and the U. S. democracy have allowed such a Government-in-Exile to not only exist for 6+ decades but to "so easily write their own U. S. laws, to garner unlimited tax dollars from the world's largest treasury, commit horrendous terrorist acts against everyday Cubans in Cuba as well as decent and moderate Cubans in Miami, and utilize the world's strongest military from time-to-time...and now most deadly with mesh their insatiable greed with their desires, or whims, to retake Cuba." Rosy has visited major cities in Europe and she has family and friends in the USA. She anticipates a major assault on the island within days after the regime-change in Venezuela is finalized, and she could easily leave for a safer haven...or send Mariano to one. When I resume this update later today, I'll explain how Rosy has explained to Mariana why they will remain on "our island" despite what she considers "the bad men in a country more stronger than our country."
     Looking a bit tired and sleepy today {she's was a hard-working mother and journalist on Feb. 27-2019}, Rosy Amaro posted this photo atop her influential Facebook page, reminding Cubans: "Look for your colors inside you and not in others." Most adult Cubans now have, or have access to, Smart Phones and therefore easy access to the Internet and Social Media. Rosy, and most adult Cubans, are aware that President Trump is in Communist Vietnam kissing the ass of Trump's beloved Communist North Korean dictator Chairman Kim while lavishing praise on Vietnam's amazing economy and promising Kim he will make sure North Korea's economy also flourishes. Seeing those reports on the Internet, Rosy is well aware that "no brutal U.S.-backed dictatorship in Vietnam or Korea ever got overthrown and then became a dictatorship in the United States. Vietnam and Korea just won bloody wars against imperial U. S. ambitions. That's all. Cuba won a revolutionary war against a vile U. S. dictatorship only to have that dictatorship resettle in the U. S. with U. S. support in six decades of trying to recapture Cuba, starting by trying to starve Cubans on this island. With Trump, we can now to be annihilated. But unlike the Batista-Mafia cowards, we will not run."
    Meanwhile, in Havana Rosy Amaro has explained to her precious 5-year-old daughter Mariana that she and, she believes most Cubans, will not run: "Sweetheart, this is our country, our home. If we run because Trump has empowered Rubio to destroy us, we could be in a safer place. But we would no longer be Cuban, and I always want us to be Cuban."
 It is a well-known historic fact that Fidel Castro died at age 90 on Nov. 25, 2016. Rosy and many other young-adult Cubans believe what she believes: "Rubio's Little Havana hometown became afraid of Fidel but now that he's gone and they have Trump, they are real brave men taking off their skirts." {Yes, she said "skirts," not shirts}.
     Thus, Rosy Amaro...who understands the rhythms & pulses of everyday life in Cuba...will ride out the latest waves from Miami as she fiercely defends both Mariana & CUBA. She knows the odds are against her.
    On the streets of Havana, on Social Media, and as a highly influential anchor on Cubavision International and on the Internet, Rosy Amaro is far more of a typical Cuban than Americans are led to believe.


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