Wednesday, February 13, 2019

USA's Insane Cuban Policies

The LEGAL CRUELTY Is Stunning!!
{Thursday, February 14th, 2019}
     A top journalist at the Miami Herald is Nora Gamez Torres. This week -- Feb. 12th, 2019 -- her HUGE article included this exact sentence: "Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., confirmed on his Twitter account that Washington is preparing more sanctions against the Cuban government." A democracy decade AFTER decade since 1959 that permits biased and unsavory extremists like RUBIO to use the economic and military might of the world superpower to punish generation after generation of innocent people in a smaller, much weaker nation ceases to be a world-class democracy. Allowing RUBIO-types, decade after decade, to feather their political and economic nests on the backs and, yes, in the blood, of innocent people in a weaker country is both insane and insanely cruel. Yes, INSANITY permeates America's Cuban policy in a Democracy too weak to curb Rubio-style cruelty.
       Now also a Professor of Journalism in Florida, Tracey Eaton remains the USA's best expert on current U.S.-Cuban relations. His latest article this week -- on Feb. 10th, 2019 -- is entitled: "ONE SIDE WANTS PEACE, THE OTHER WANTS BLOOD."
     When Tracey Eaton, the USA's best expert on U.S.-Cuban relations, publishes an article this week pointing out the decent Americans, such as newly announced presidential aspirant Senator Amy Klobuchar, who sincerely seek "PEACE" for targeted Cubans, patriotic Americans should take note. But also, when a Tracey Eaton delineates the names of the usual suspects who want more-and-more "BLOOD"  from targeted Cubans, I believe Americans have a duty as human beings to likewise take note, especially when the gruesome blood-letting is being carried out in America's name and with American tax dollars. The Feb. 12-2019 Miami Herald that quoted the gutless and heartless Marco Rubio bragging and tweeting about more sanctions against Cuba; and the Feb. 10-2019 article by Tracey Eaton about the gutless and heartless Counter Revolutionary blood-suckers both remind me of the best quotation that has ever defined what the likes of Marco Rubio have been getting away with on U. S. soil ever since January of 1959.
     On June 15, 1992, The New York Times summarized a scathing Editorial with these exact words that, then and now, perfectly describe America's Cuban policy: "There is, finally, something indecent about vociferous exiles living safely in Miami prescribing more pain for their poorer cousins." That 1992 sentence describes Rubio today.
      Yes, every letter and word inside the quotation marks above are correct. On my Cubaninsider updates, I'm the only person who has ever written or influenced a word or opinion, and thus I've never made a penny off it because I want no outside influence. And I repeatedly suggest that readers use their Google-search engine to double-check every name or event I mention. For example, a simple Google-search of "New York Times Editorial saying there is, finally, something indecent about vociferous exiles living safely in Miami prescribing more pain for their poorer cousins" will quickly take you to that quotation above and the pertinent Editorial that featured it.
    The Miami-based Progreso Weekly astutely points out with the above graphic that Miami's self-proclaimed choirboy Marco Rubio -- now that he has been "TRUMPIFIED" -- is unceasingly "USING LANGUAGE OF DEMOCRACY TO SUBVERT DEMOCRACY." In other words, Rubio's usually unchallenged lies about seeking revenge on Cuba's revolutionary leaders is a cowardly attack on the island's 11.4 million totally innocent Cubans...who are far more innocent than Marco "Pinocchio" Rubio and his rich Counter  Revolutionary supporters.
     Even the Miami Herald has pointed out how gutless Rubio is when he insists he is only seeking revenge against Cuba's leaders when EVERYONE knows he is mostly harming the most innocent Cubans, namely the mothers trying to take care of their babies and children. Thus, the Miami Herald invited the young Cuban women above to write what turned out to be a scathing article that revealed Marco "Pinocchio" Rubio to be the deceitful liar just as he was depicted in Progreso Weekly. As you can see above, those young Cuban mothers begged Rubio to meet with them to at least hear their side of the conundrum. Of course, Rubio didn't have the guts or decency to do so.
     Yet, the "TRUMPIFIED" Marco Rubio can continue to squeeze the "blood" from totally innocent children, women, and men on the nearby island of Cuba. The adjective "TRUMPIFIED" is used courtesy of Miami's Progresso Weekly and the noun "blood" is used courtesy of Florida's top Cuban expert Tracey Eaton. Both terms are accurate.

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