Cellphones Are Remaking Cuba

With Governmental Acceptance!!
{Saturday, February 23rd, 2019}
    Colombia-born Andrea Rodriguez is the excellent Associated Press journalist in Havana. Her informative article on Feb. 22nd-2019 is entitled: "Cellphone Internet Access Bringing Changes Fast To Cuba." Using their cellphones to access the Internet is a new phenomenon in Cuba that its citizens now use to improve their daily lives and to get positive responses from their government if they complain about such things as..."bathroom improvements at schools."
       The AP's Ramon Espinosa took this photo yesterday and it shows a Cuban using his cellphone to access the "Sube" app to get a ride. Cubans in cars routinely stop anywhere to transport fellow Cubans.
     This AP-Ramon Espinosa photo used by Andrea Rodriguez shows 25-year-old Cuban Julio Aguirre Lusson in his Havana home showing off his popular cellphone-produced program on the YouTube channel known as TechnoLikeCuba. If Julio hails something in Cuba, the people react. If Julio complains about something in Cuba, the government reacts.
     The vulnerable island of Cuba is still trying to survive...the Trump administration; the stifling U. S. economic embargo that has been in effect since 1962; the endless U. S. theft of plush Guantanamo Bay {see map lower-right} that was first stolen in 1903, etc., etc., etc. But Cuba has a new President, former Education Minister Miguel Diaz-Canel; it is getting its first New Constitution since the 1970s and it encourages private businesses; and island-wide Cellphone access to the Internet is remaking Cuba for its well-educated 11.4 million citizens.
    It might be considered a small threat by some people but ACTUALLY the message Russia's Putin sent to America's Trump IS a BIG DEAL: "I'm ready for another Cuban Missile-style Crisis if you want one." Financially, Russia  is no match for the United States but militarily it is. With the Venezuelan crisis along its border with Colombia possibly approaching a bloody crescendo this weekend, it is hoped Trump takes Putin's taunt seriously. COMMENT: While everyone agrees that something must be done to help/aid the people of Venezuela, the perception that Cuban-obsessed U. S. players {Rubio, Diaz-Balart, Claver-Carone, Bolton, Abrams} are directing the Venezuelan opposition is factoring unnecessarily into the equation and could exacerbate the bloodshed. It also might involve the heavyweight muscle of...Russia and China.
     By early Saturday morning -- Feb. 23, 2019 -- CNN reported ambulances like this were needed to carry injured people to the hospital in the Brazilian town of Boa Vista near the Venezuelan border. There were already reports of at least two dead with more violence anticipated.
      It appears Brazil, now led by U.S.-friendly right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, is providing the most troops along its border with Venezuela. The above photo in the town of Boa Vista shows Brazilian soldiers handling bags of powdered milk that is among the aid being forced into Venezuela this weekend despite Venezuelan resistance.

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