Monday, February 18, 2019

Trump Outlines Cuban War

Miami Declares It Official!!
{Tuesday, February 19th, 2019}
       Just before dark Monday in Miami President Trump was introduced by First Lady Melania for his major speech explaining his plans for, in this order, regime-changes in...Venezuela, CUBA, and Nicaragua.
    Speaking lively before volatile Cuban and Venezuelan exiles in Miami, Trump was wildly supported by the well-organized choirs. His speech was carried live by the Fox News network and by local Miami stations while also being touted beforehand by powerfully well-funded and extreme right-wing  war-mongering media sources such as Breitbart. Trump began his speech by touting, in this exact order, the Top Four politicians in Florida who are demanding that Trump use the tragic situation in Venezuela to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba, and those four in order were the usual self-serving suspects -- Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rick Scott, and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart. If Trump continues his policy of allowing those four to dictate his Cuban policies...a Caribbean and Latin American War will evolve that won't just involve Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua -- the three nations Trump repeatedly assailed. The raucous crowd revealed anew that Miami, more than being a Florida or a USA city, is the hub for any faction in Latin America that wants the U. S. treasury and the U. S. military to overthrow their governments under the pretense of making it U.S.-friendly. And make no mistake, Cuba is the primary target of the war-mongers. Trump insisted that "The Venezuelan tyrant Maduro is protected by a private army of Cubans...Venezuela is a police state run directly from Havana..." Of course, the drumbeat for recapturing Cuba has been beating loudly in Miami since Jan. 1, 1959...but the Batistiano-Mafiosi faction FINALLY is convinced they have the Perfect Storm to accomplish their goal -- namely Trump as President and Commander-in-Chief combined with the Perfect Pretext, which is the situation in Venezuela. From Homestead Air Force Base in Miami to U. S. military operations in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Brazil, the U. S. has more than enough power to satisfy the Cuban extremists in the Miami region as well as the Venezuelan exiles that have now taken over much of the political apparatuses in the Miami suburbs of Doral and Weston. Meanwhile, the key question is whether the rest of the United States that is not Miami will allow the extreme war-mongers who now have control of Trump to create proxy wars in the USA's backyard?
     A U. S. President, Trump, feeling obligated to take Senator "Little Marco" Rubio's orders pertaining to Cuba is a President that is about to take us to a war that future Presidents will be forced to deal with.
    After monitoring Trump's speech in Miami, Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel fired off the Tweet shown above. It says: "Democracy and peace in Cuba was achieved by the Cuban Revolution. Those who act as gendarmes of the world are incapable of propitiating these conquests to the Latin American peoples. They only know how to offend us. Get your hands out of Venezuela. We are Cuba. We are continuity."
      Everyday Cubans on the island now know that, with Trump, "the Miami Cubans can dictate the war on Cuba that they have hoped for decades." That quote was posted on social media by a Cuban mother right after Trump's Miami speech. The "No To War" poster above also became ubiquitous on social media and it is printed in English as you can see. Cubans on the island, frankly, are surprised that..."all these years after our revolution chased them to Miami," as one Cuban from Santa Clara posted, a small handful of "career Batistianos have such a grip on a supposed democracy that consists of 325 million people. We are 11 million people on a nearby island and we must resist as we an."
    Indeed, six decades after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Cubans on the island are astonished that the American democracy can still be dictated to by a mere handful of Cuban-Americans in Miami with direct ties back to the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship that roiled, robbed, and tormented Cuba from 1952 till 1959.
     It is no accident or coincidence that the Four Batistiano-Loving Florida Benefactors shown above in front of the White House were The Exact Same Four that Trump began his Monday speech in Miami LAVISHLY PRAISING. The Four are, left to right: Mario Diaz-Balart, Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott. As if their political and economic powers are hanging in the balance IF Trump doesn't RE-capture Cuba for them, these Four war-mongers seem unconcerned about who will pay their war bills, but obviously they believe they and their families will be exempt from such payments. Yes, a few days ago these Four stepped outside the White House after apparently making their successful  war plans known to Trump and...LO 'N BEHOLD...these were the first Four that Trump singled out for praise in his Monday Declaration of War against Cuba, a war that will follow the elimination of Maduro in Venezuela and precede the elimination of Ortega in Nicaragua. THEN WHAT...other than another Batistiano/Mafiosi-like Americanization of Cuba?

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