Monday, February 4, 2019

U.S. Scares Key Cuban Friend

Canada Bows Down to Rubio!!
     For decades...from Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to today's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...Cuba has had one key friend in the Western Hemisphere -- Canada. But, it seems that it has only taken the Batistiano-aligned Trump administration in Washington to scare Canada into supporting a regime-change in Cuba along with regime-changes to Cuban allies in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia. And now this week, Canada has decided to reduce its diplomatic staff in Havana from 16 to 8...apparently at the dictation of Counter Revolutionary zealots who have risen to the forefront of the Trump presidency. Canada's excuse for gutting its diplomatic staff in Havana is the same that Trump's war-mongering Rubio-Bolton-Pompeo/Claver-Carone quartet has used to totally gut the Obama-resurected U. S. embassy in Havana -- the MYSTERIOUS sonic attacks that allegedly are targeting United States and Canadian diplomats in Havana.
      For almost two decades Josefina Vidal has been Cuba's all-time most famous and most effective diplomat. So after negotiating a near-normal Cuba-U.S. relationship with the Obama administration, Vidal was named Cuba's Ambassador to Canada. Vidal is Cuba's best expert regarding U. S. relations...and, knowing how vital a good relationship with Canada is to Cuba, she sought and received the Canadian ambassadorship. And Vidal well knows now that Canada is showing fear of the Rubio-led assaults on Cuba that also include Cuba's Caribbean, Latin American, and North American friends -- INCLUDING Canada. Vidal posted the photo depicted above on her Twitter page and included comments that Canadian and Americans should read. Yes, Vidal accused Canada of being afraid of the unchecked Rubio and the Little Havana extremists who made him an incumbent in the U. S. Senate and even a, uh...presidential candidate. Vidal pointed out that Cuba is the nation that, for two years, has worked diligently with U. S. and Canadian experts to try to solve the sonic-mystery that is hurting Cuba but gifting Rubio with a grenade to assail Cuba. If you check this photo and Vidal's Twitter page, you will see her exact comments, such as: "This behaviour favours those who in the United States use this issue to attack and denigrate Cuba. It's well known that some individuals with high level positions with U. S. foreign policy are trying very hard to create a climate of bilateral tension seeking to portray our country as a threat." Both Americans and Canadians should go to Josefina Vidal's Twitter page to read Cuba's sane position. Of course, Americans & Canadians are programmed to accept only the Little Havana narrative regarding Cuba...and, of course, beyond that the American & Canadian media are both afraid to challenge anything the Batistianos do or say.
     The USA and Canadian media will not admit it but such fates as that which befell Miami's brave Cuban-American newsman Emilio Milian constitute a paradigm that still shapes coverage of Cuba. Saddened by unchecked terrorist bombings that killed innocent Cubans, such as all aboard Cubana Flight 455, Emilio Milian on the air lamented unchecked Miami terrorists targeting innocent Cubans. Emilio was then silenced by Miami's most famed terrorist tool -- a car bomb. To this day Americans & Canadians, including the media, are not supposed to even GOOGLE such names as Emilio Milian or Cubana Flight 455 to comprehend what happened to them. Therefore, Josefina Vidal this week ignored requests from the media to be interviewed about Canada's capitulations to Marco Rubio's insanely cruel targeting of totally innocent Cubans on the island. Instead, she posted her own photo and her own comments on Twitter...and despite what the U.S./Canadian media suggest, it is legal for Americans and Canadians to GOOGLE things so they can make judgments on their own instead of being stuffed with self-serving propaganda.
      Canada cutting its embassy staff in Havana from 16 to 8 is considered by Cuba to be a rare Canadian capitulation to Miami's Little Havana.
         After President Obama had bravely reopened the U. S. embassy in Havana for the first time since 1961, and tried desperately to fully staff it, the Trump administration, taking its orders from a few anti-Cuban extremists, quickly gutted the embassy.
   In Canada Cuba's Ambassador Josefina Vidal is well-liked and respected. She is shown above with Canada's Tourism Director Alaina Lockhart. Over a million Canadians visit Cuba each year.
      Overflow crowds of Canadians recently helped celebrate the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.
      This photo shows Cubans who live and work in Canada with Ambassador Josefinal Vidal. That's Vidal in the middle standing above the lady who is kneeling. Vidal for almost two decades has been Cuba's top diplomat and expert regarding all issues with the United States. She worked positively with Obama but she, not unexpectedly, is finding yet another Republican administration, Trump's, totally dancing to whatever tune emerges from Little Havana in Miami. And at the moment, Cuba and Vidal, in the 60th year of Revolutionary Cuba, are losing out to Little Havana.
     And now early in 2019 -- with Canada opposing Cuba and siding with Little Havana, not Havana, at every turn -- the island is having to adjust to the growing components of an anti-Cuban Perfect Storm.

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