Saturday, February 9, 2019

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

An Ephemeral Sign of Hope!!
       A few hours ago this rainbow appeared briefly over the sea outside Havana. It was photographed by Daily Perez Guillen, a superb young journalist at Cubavision International. Daily's Facebook description of this photo says a lot more about what's happening in Cuba than all the articles you might read this weekend. Daily described it this way: "Que toda esa luz venga a nosotros como un barrdor de tristezas." {"May all that light come to us as a sweeper of sorrows."}. In other words, that ephemeral rainbow for a few moments in time represented a brief ray of hope for Daily. All this week Cuba has been trying to recover from the tornado that killed 6 people while destroying or severely damaging over 3,200 homes in Havana. But also Daily and almost every adult Cuban on the island is convinced that President Trump is allowing Marco Rubio & John Bolton to attack Cuba between now and April using the turmoil and quagmire in Venezuela as their long-sought excuse. And Daily along with other Cubans are not just expecting attacks from the ever-tightening U. S. sanctions but...this attack from ultra-modern U. S. military weapons, a virtual Bay of Pigs on steroids.
    While working full-time as a skilled broadcast journalist in Havana, Daily Perez Guillen is also the loving mother of two precious young children, a boy and a girl. As a democracy-loving American, I am glad that Daily, a few hours ago, found some comfort in that rainbow that shone briefly over the sea back toward the Florida Keys. Daily, you see, is a far more decent human being than unchecked miscreants like Rubio & Bolton who are dire threats to Daily's two young children. In fact, I believe Daily is a far superior human being than the working mothers in the USA who don't care what Rubio & Bolton have planned for Cuba...replicating working USA mothers back in the 1950s who didn't care what Batista & Luciano were doing to Cubans as long as rich American businessmen, via kickbacks, could also partake in the thuggery made possible by extreme imperialist brutality.
     For Americans in February of 2019 to sit back like ignorant cowards and allow a Rubio to anoint a Bolton as Trump's unchecked National Security Adviser shows zero respect for America that has had more than its share of war-mongered wars since the necessity of World War II. Bolton has a well-earned reputation as the USA's most salacious war-mongering zealot, at least when it comes to small, vulnerable nations. After the regime-change in Venezuela, the ensuing attack on Cuba will bear Bolton's ignorant and salacious stamp, thanks to the ignorance and cowardice of the U. S. citizens who allow things like that to happen in America's name while sanctimoniously criticizing "bad countries."
     As the Progreso Weekly in Miami pointed out with this astute cartoon, the American people might deserve John Bolton and Marco Rubio as self-serving puppeteers hiding behind the superpower U. S. government, but Cubans on the island in 2019 don't deserve Bolton and Rubio ANYMORE than Cubans on the island deserved Batista and Luciano in the 1950s. Yet, agreeing with Miami's Progreso Weekly, Cubans on the island equate Bolton and Rubio in 2019 with Batista and Luciano in the 1950s.
    Indecent and cowardly Americans who allow miscreants in the USA to threaten Daily Perez Guillen's two young children should be ashamed of themselves. But like I said, a few hours ago Daily...ever so briefly...found some comfort in the rainbow that appeared momentarily over the sea back toward the Florida Keys. SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW there may be an answer to this question: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE U. S. DEMOCRACY THAT ALLOWS RUNTS LIKE RUBIO & BOLTON TO BE DECISION-MAKERS?
     Yet today the U. S. media and the U. S. citizens are programmed to accept THIS PHOTO as being as American today as Apple Pie once was to more intelligent, more patriotic, and more courageous generations of Americans. INDEED, what the hell happened to Democracy?

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