Rubio's American Shame

Brutal, Unchecked, Relentless!!
{Undemocratic, Cruel, AND STUPID}
{Sunday, February 10th, 2018}
     On this second weekend of February, 2019, every young mother on the island of Cuba is abundantly aware of what awaits them between now and this coming spring. They expect a military attack from the nearby world superpower, the United States. Additionally, they realize that the anointed director of that impending disaster is merely a lightweight, unsavory, propped-up politician from Little Havana in Miami -- Marco Rubio, a prime benefactor of the post-Obama Trump presidency and of the scared mainstream U. S. media that is afraid to challenge any Little Havana cruelty directed at innocent Cubans on the island, including children like the very precious Mariana, shown above clinging tightly to her mother Rosy Amaro Perez.
     To Rubio's chagrin, there was a moment of Mother-Daughter happiness in Havana lat night -- Feb. 9th, 2019. That is reflected by Rosy's photo above that chronicles a program that featured her 5-year-old daughter -- "my Spanish dancer, my Mariana." And Rosy, on her Facebook page, said she was so excited she "had no time for photos, just this unfocused image. I was so happy because I was by her side. I dressed her, combed her hair, made her up...always happy because I was growing together with her, my Mariana." Those words...this photo...document a basic fact: Even hiding behind the skirts of the world superpower, Rubio was not able to deter a brief moment of happiness in Havana last night. That, for sure, is only the calm before the storm...but at least it's something. And therefore it's worth mentioning, I think.
     Fully aware that Marco Rubio's nefarious regime-change plans for Cuba are moving full-bore ahead, and expedited by the acute Venezuelan crisis, Rosy Amaro admits it is "difficult" to try to explain to her 5-year-old Mariana how a few revengeful and greedy extremists in Miami can spend 6+ decades targeting generation-after-generation of Cuban children. But Rosy understands that her own mother, Carmen, also had a "tough time" trying to explain such things when Rosy was Mariana's age. The three-generational crisis in Cuba, of course, says more about the Batistiano-fueled deterioration of the U. S. democracy than it says about the pugnacious resistance in Cuba.
     Regardless of how it might appear to be at times, most Americans and most Cuban-Americans are still decent and honorable people who care deeply about children, and not just their own. Yet, in the world's most famous democracy, a Marco Rubio is allowed...by the United States government and by the mainstream United States media...to dictate Cuban policies and narratives that most of all show no respect and no regard for Rosy Amaro's 5-year-old Mariana in Havana. If Russia, for example, was doing this to a 5-year-old Ukrainian girl, sanctimonious Americans would be continuously screaming to the high heavens.
      A precious little girl that is deeply loved in Cuba should not be targeted by a handful of unscrupulous politicians in a foreign, much more powerful nation. Mariana vs. Rubio is grossly unfair.

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