Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Noose Tightens Around Maduro

With Cuba & Nicaragua Next!!
    The New York Times graphic above chronicles a basic fact: Venezuela is in dire need of essentials such as bread and medicine for its suffering people and the perception that President Maduro is using his military to prevent such badly needed supplies from entering his country is true. But that perception includes a caveat, which is this: Decent, unbiased people from Latin America, the Caribbean, the United Nations, the Catholic Church, and the European Union should be the ones negotiating this temporary impasse -- not Bush-era war-mongers using the Venezuelan crisis to sate their long-desired cravings to bring about a regime-change in Cuba. The Bush-era war-mongers and Cuban zealots that have resurfaced in the Trump administration will almost guarantee an extremely bloody resolution not only along the Venezuelan-Colombian border but throughout  the Caribbean and Latin America for years to come, tightly involving the USA's new anti-Cuban ally, the Latin American SUPERPOWER Brazil.
    Backed solidly by that NY Times graphic as well as the financial and military might of the United States, 35-year-old Juan Guaido has ample reason to be laughing as the self-proclaimed President of Brazil.
 And so does "Little Marco" Rubio whom President Trump has shamefully and dangerously anointed as America's new Cuban dictator. "Little Marco" Rubio is shown above a few days ago on the Colombian-Venezuelan border loudly exhorting his concern for the Venezuelan people while most brave observers believe "Little Marco" Rubio is actually concerned about recapturing Cuba and reviving his anti-Trump 2016 presidential bid. The updated map below reveals how both "Little Marco" Rubio and Juan Guaido have all the cards stacked in their favor, at least at the moment.
    This updated Reuters map explains how the noose is tightening around the neck of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, an event to be followed by a similar fate that awaits the leaders of Cuba and Nicaragua. That has been a guarantee since the latest U. S. Republican president, Trump, turned America's Cuban policies over to only the most vehement war-mongering Counter Revolutionaries, including the most famed Bush-era fanatics -- meaning the likes of Rubio, Diaz-Balart, Claver-Carone, Bolton, and now even Elliott Abrams. With nary a lone or token moderate Republican involved in Trump's Cuban-crazed inner-circle, the regime-change in Venezuela will happen with Cuba next and then Nicaragua. The Reuters map above explains that tightening noose. Right-wing governments in Colombia and Brazil were already surrounding Venezuela while taking their orders from Cuban-obsessed zealots in Miami and Washington. And now the Dutch island of Curacao on Venezuela's northern flank {see map} has also become a base for USAID operations, which also, based on the Reuters report, presumably includes USMILITARY operations.
    Even more ominous for Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua is the Reuters update illustrated by the photo above. Depending on the U. S. media for factual updates on Cuban issues...and understand that Cuba is the prime factor in U. S. designs on Venezuela and futile but the London-based Reuters and BBC are legitimate and honest sources to rely on. Reuters brilliant news agency used this photo to point out the fact that Brazil, by far Latin America's most powerful country, is about to militarily force truck-loads of aid into Venezuela, and a U. S. perfectly willing to deal with the consequences if Venezuela's military tries to stop the Brazilian trucks.
     The photo above illustrates how the drastic right-wing tilt in Latin America has so drastically favored the Trump-anointed Counter Revolutionary Cuban zealots. Through four recent democratic elections...meaning the four that made Castro worshipers the Presidents of Brazil...Cuba was powerfully supported by Latin America's richest and most powerful nation, Brazil. But now Zair Bolsonaro has been elected President of Brazil. As indicated with this photo, Bolsonaro worships Donald Trump and Bolsonaro is considered by many Latin American experts to be the region's most dangerously extreme right-wing/military obsessed leader since...well, since a U.S.-backed coup installed the murderous General Pinochet as the dictator of Chile at the expense of killing democratically elected President Allende who was unwilling to favor U. S. companies such as the infamous United Fruit Company that ran amok during the U.S.-backed dictatorships of ruthless U.S.-backed dictators such as...Batista, Trujillo, Somozo, Pinochet, Videla, etc. So, today with the U. S. media afraid to compare Bolsonaro with Pinochet, U. S. citizens that may be asked to pay dearly for upcoming Latin American coups, wars, or revolutions should rely on Reuters and the BBC for their coverage of Latin American events, which are boiling at the moment.
    While the U. S. media will not explain the significance of this photo to the American people, Reuters and the BBC will. That is Brazil's new President Jair Bolsonaro shaking hands with John Bolton. As noted, it is not far-fetched to say that Bolsonaro is possibly the most dangerous U.S.-backed right-winger/military zealot in Latin America since the days when General Pinochet ruled Chile for 17 years right up until the decade of the 1990s. With Bolsonaro the new strongman in Brazil and an avowed fan of Donald Trump, it was a no-brainer that Trump would quickly send John Bolton to huddle with Bolsonaro -- with CUBA undoubtedly A or The prime topic. All his famously war-mongering adult life John Bolton has advocated a regime-change in Cuba, once ADVISING President George W. Bush that Cuba was a dire-immediate nuclear threat to the USA. And so...with Bolsonaro the new Brazilian leader...and with Bolton now Trump's National Security ADVISER, it didn't require a genius to know that Bolton and Bolsonaro would team-up to execute Bolton's age-old desire for a regime-change in Cuba. All the the dire situation in Venezuela provides the Cuban pretext for Bolton and Bolsonaro...Bolton's primary cover in the United States remains the fact that even the mainstream U. S. media is too afraid or too politically correct to report fairly to the American people regarding Cuban issues.
    But the less-afraid Reuters News Agency will fairly update Americans on Cuban-related events in Latin America that might soon turn extremely bloody with long-lasting consequences beyond that. Thus, studying the new Reuters MAP depicted above is, I believe, important. It shows the noose being tied ever-more tightly around Venezuela's throat as U.S.-friendly forces in Colombia, Brazil and now Curacao are prime proxies for the USA, which also means Colombia, Brazil, and Curacao are ready to support the extreme Cuban Counter Revolutionaries now in total control of Trump's Latin American policies. To discount the Cuban aspect of the eminent coup-War maneuvers now unfolding in Latin America is something that plays conveniently into the hands of the war-mongers, like Bolton or like, even more INCREDIBLY, Trump's new "Envoy to Venezuela" -- the old and infamous Elliott Abrams, yet another Bush-product that the most respected Latin American experts {such as the great Pulitzer prize-winner RAYMOND BONNER} believe is even more dangerous than Bolton. I'll discuss that  aspect {in depth} tomorrow.

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