Monday, February 4, 2019

Pence Confirms Cuba Coup

{Thursday: February 7th, 2019}
     This week -- Tuesday, Feb. 5th -- it was confirmed that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwell will visit Cuba this spring. That's big news because never before has a member of the British Royal Family been in Cuba. Baroness Hale, the President of the Brit's Supreme Court, said, "They are not only going to the Anglo Caribbean, they are going to Cuba as well. Camilla especially is very much looking forward to visiting Cuba." The visit will be this spring, which is also interesting. The first reaction to one UK journalist was: "By the time Charles and Camilla get to Cuba this spring, they'll probably be seeing Walmart's and Starbucks all over Havana." Many Brits, Americans, and Cubans believe that...based on what Vice President Mike Pence said in Little Havana {Miami} Monday...that BY SPRING the Trump administration in Washington will have returned Cuba to the eager Counter Revolutionaries that have ruled Little Havana and all REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATIONS since 1959.
      This photo shows United States Vice President Mike Pence being greeted Monday in the famed Cuban-exile Versailles Restaurant in Miami's Little Havana. It is the perfect place to go if you are a spokesman for the current Republican administration and want to assure the Versailles customers that, at LONG LAST, Revolutionary Cuba will soon become Little Havana's Cuba. At Versailles Pence trotted out his stump line for his later speech, and that line was and is: "It is time to liberate Venezuela from Cuba." That afternoon the BBC in London was telling the world about that quote, reminding everyone what was already known, which is this: The Trump administration is ecstatic over being able to use the turmoil in Venezuela to finally deliver Cuba back to the Cuban-exile extremists who, for decades, have huddled at venues like the Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana trying to use Big Money and Political Clout to persuade a Republican Commander-in-Chief to return Cuba to them. In Trump, they struck gold beyond their fondest dreams.
  At the Versailles Restaurant Monday Pence celebrated "Make America Great Again" and "You People Will Have Cuba Back In A Matter of Days." This was one of those celebrations in Miami's Little Havana.
    This photo reveals that the Trump administration months ago began courting the Venezuela crisis as their pathway to a successful coup in Cuba. In this photo that is Vice President Mike Pence meeting with Venezuelan opposition figures in April of 2018 in Lima, Peru. Of course, as with Cuban exiles, Venezuelan exiles flock to Miami if they want to finalize a coup. That, of course, was the case in 2002 with the coup that briefly overthrew Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. And so now it becomes clear that the Trump administration no longer has to pretend that CUBA is the catalyst for the regime change in Venezuela. Pence at the Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana successfully tested his prime line: "TIME TO LIBERATE VENEZUELA FROM CUBA." Of course, the Trump White House and Little Havana are convinced it'll all be as easy as eating a piece of Cuban cake at the Versailles Restaurant. MAYBE. Or.....MAYBE NOT.
     The BBC graphic above indicates some of the many nations supporting President Guaido, those supporting Maduro, and those, led by the EU, who are supporting the more peaceful "for new elections."
    As far as the U. S. is concerned, the Trump White House is still getting away with a looming tragedy for the region and possibly the world by letting Senator Marco Rubio, a flyweight one-trick-pony from Little Havana, direct the USA's Venezuelan input, which Rubio considers to be the pathway to recapturing Cuba. The criminally insane aspect of Trump's stupidity is proven by Rubio's maneuvering only well-known anti-Cuban war-mongers into the Venezuelan quagmire -- including, incredibly, the most zealous anti-Cuban war-mongers on the planet such as Mauricio Claver-Carone and a virtual Who's Who of Bush dynasty Cuban extremists like Otto Reich...all now meshing with extreme war-mongers John Bolton and INCREDIBLY even Elliott Abrams who famously needed a Bush pardon to avoid prison for his incessant war-mongering against supposedly vulnerable smaller nations.
       As of today - - February 6th, 2019 -- the U.S. anti-Cuba decision-makers -- Rubio, Bolton, Claver-Carone, etc., etc. -- don't have enough rationale...sanity, either comprehend or care about the above photo. But if President Maduro has the firm backing of Russian President Putin, it might result in war-mongers like Rubio in 2019 doing what war-mongers like Reich in 2002 did after the coup that ousted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez -- at least FOR A FEW HOURS -- which is to hide away in the hopes that neither the government nor the media would hold them accountable, which is generally the case. At the moment Putin has a nuclear arsenal equivalent to Trump's...and if push comes to shove, Rubio, who will never be held accountable for what he is masterminding, might at least want to duck.
      Having a Republican President is no excuse for the U. S. democracy allowing a pipsqueak like Senator Rubio instead of a decent, rational, and intelligent American like Senator Dick Durbin to have the primary input in the USA's delicate influence in the Venezuelan morass. Now 74-years-old and in the Senate from Illinois since 1997, Durbin has long advocated USA sanity and decency towards Cuba and well knows the insanity of leaving Cuban policy in the hands of only a few Little Havana zealots and the sycophants that they have the money and the political clout to readily and easily purchase. On the Editorial Page of the Feb. 4th-2019 USA Today, Senator Durbin, after personally talking with President Guaido, understands that something must be done in Venezuela. His last sentence was: "It's about democratic change coming from within Venezuela." Senator Durbin in his article reminded us that he is quite cognizant of the U. S. past roles in "ILL-FATED MILITARY COUPS AND U. S. INTERVENTION IN LATIN AMERICA." And now for the United States to allow the likes of Rubio, Claver-Carone, Bolton, Reich, etc., to even be perceived as orchestrating the denouement in Venezuela first and Cuba second would again make the United States Democracy look like it is being ruled by vicious, greedy imperialist  misfits and miscreants willing to dismiss the blood-letting {of others} in order to attain self-serving lucrative or revengeful goals.
     Every day since January 1, 1959, Americans have been saturated with un-contradicted  propaganda telling them that "There was no need for the Cuban Revolution because the sweet Batista government treated everyday Cubans like Mother Teresa would have lovingly treated them." The truth is...if there had been a Mother Teresa in Cuba between 1952 and 1959 the Havana Mafia Mob {see above} would have erased her as quickly at it did student leader Jose Echeverria, young teacher Frank Pais, Frank's 17-year-old brother Jesus, etc., etc. Shamefully, in the world's most famed Democracy, as Miami newsman Emilio Milian found out, it has also been unhealthy not to accept Batistiano and Mafiosi propaganda concerning pre-or-post-Revolutionary Cuba.
    Today in the so-called mainstream U. S. media, don't expect to ever see or hear true and honest Cuban experts...such as Peter Kornbluh at the National Security Archives in Washington...but Counter Revolutionary Cubans such as Humberto Fontova, the Diaz-Balarts, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, etc., etc., are seemingly provided such access 24-hours-a-day with never a contradiction to their rants. Despite such propaganda, of course, neither Cuba in Havana nor America in Little Havana deserve the cruel, elitists, and thieving rule that Cuba endured from 1952 till 1959. But, it seems, it took the Cuban Revolution to prove the weakness of the U. S. two-party political system when money and political clout can purchase all of one party, the Republicans, and most of the other, the Democrats. Without a viable third political party, that's an ongoing problem easily exploited by miscreants. So, it's rare indeed when one decent and brave Democratic President, Obama, can squeeze into the morass and attempt to bring sanity to America's Cuban policy, only to be replaced by another Batistiano-controlled Republican administration -- the Trump-Pence administration that Humber Fontova-types don't deserve, and neither does America.
    Thus, the photo above is the definitive image pertaining to the Venezuelan crisis so far this week. On Feb. 4th-2019 at the Versailles Restaurant in the heart of Little Havana this photo shows Vice President Pence stating clearly that Venezuela is the first step but the main step is the one that follows -- and that is returning Cuba to Cuban-exile extremists. The exact Pence quote was: "It is time to liberate Venezuela from Cuba." There are, of course, many Venezuelan exiles in Miami but Pence well knows that it's only Cuban exiles that dictate policy to the Republican Party and that's why Pence and all other major Republicans flock to Little Havana havens such as the Versailles Restaurant to get their orders. Americans too ignorant or too afraid to grasp the meaning on that sentence -- "It is time to liberate Venezuela from Cuba" -- explains why dangerous extremists in the Trump administration have the leeway to do what they are now doing...and if past Latin American history is a harbinger of future Latin American history, it can be expected that none of them will ever be held accountable for however much blood is shed initially or during the decades that will follow. {cuba...Cuba...CUBA}.

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