Bashing Cuba and Cashing In

From Batista to TODAY!!

     The photo above shows a well-known and very notable U. S. businessman having a cozy chat with Cuba's Mafia-riddled Fulgencio Batista dictatorship. Americans to this day are not supposed to remember that very ubiquitous relationship in which rich Americans were, shall we say, lovingly friendly to the island's brutal and thieving regime that preceded the triumph of the world-shocking Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959. Starting with January of 1959 Little Havana evolved in nearby Miami and, since then, has increasingly become richer-and-richer and more-and-more POLITICALLY POWERFUL. All the while, in the past 6+ decades, all that wealth and all that power in Miami and Washington has dictated poverty and deprivation for generations of Blockaded Cubans on the island via an incredible array of Little Havana-friendly U. S. laws. Meanwhile, in the U. S. media every day of every week since 1959 Americans have been told how swell Batista's Cuba was and how terrible Revolutionary Cuba has been since the U. S. businesses, the Batistianos, and the Mafioso were ousted.
         Today -- on March 30, 2022 -- this is one of the prime examples of Cuban-American journalists -- in this case Ethan Bauer of the Deseret News -- taking advantage of the well-plowed and well-cultivated media field in the U. S. to bash Cuba while, of course, implying how fantastic their lavish lives in the the United States are. Of course, there are no mentions about the fact Cuba for the past 60 years has been the only small nation in history to have been forced to face the longest and cruelest Embargo/Blockade ever imposed on any small nation by any powerful nation. Such history and topicality, of course, shouldn't be mentioned in the U. S. because it just wouldn't compute with the narrative that powers and fuels the endless...and endlessly lucrative...Cuban Cottage Industry in the United States.
    Today -- on March 30-2022 -- the two paragraphs above are the way that Ethan Bauer in the Deseret News began his propaganda spiel against Cuba. In his first sentence about his visit to Havana he tells us about the roads in Havana "pricked with potholes and bumps and are prone to flooding..." I have been to Havana and that is surely not the first thing I noticed in the Cuban capital, but, of course, it is not my job or prerogative to promote Little Havana's self-serving view of Havana.
    In the above two paragraphs today by Ethan Bauer of the Deseret News we are told: "In Miami, when you come from a Cuban family {or even a half-Cuban family, like me} you're surrounded at all time by Cuban culture -- or, at least, what Cuban culture once was. Yet Cuba itself remains mysterious." Yes, while Miami/Little Havana is rich and marvelous, Havana is a pot-marked hellhole!!!!!!!!!! In other words, let's keep making Miami/Little Havana richer-and-richer while making sure Havana keeps getting poorer-and-power...with more-and-more POT-HOLES!!!
      Of course, what Ethan Bauer in the Deseret News won't mention is the fact that this old car in Cuba, while driving over those Havana pot-holes, is forced to navigate in an island nation that is forced to face "the largest/longest genocidal blockade in history." And, Ethan, you should at least admit that the uniquely cruel blockade is prone to probably and purposely create a lot of pot-holes...and other problems...in Havana.
Welcome to Havana...and:



Cuba Tensions Reach New Heights


    Virtually every day since January 1st of 1959 there have been dire predictions that Cubans in Florida, with the omnipotent help of the United States, would regain control of Cuba from Cuba's upstart revolutionary government. But, perhaps, on March 28th-2022 -- as Tension Rises In Cuba -- many insiders in both Florida and Cuba believe that the demise of Revolutionary Cuba is imminent, perhaps as soon as April of 2022.
    The Latino Affairs Reporter for the Tampa Bay Times is Juan Carlos Chavez. Tampa is second only to Miami when it comes to the ultra-powerful Cubans in Florida.
     Above is the start of the prime article penned by Juan Carlos Chavez in the Tampa Bay Times today -- on March 28th-2022. It explains that Guillermo Farinas, the long-time dissident MOST FAMED for being the most passionate Cuban obsessed with overthrowing Revolutionary Cuba's government, seems poised to finally get his wish. The first three paragraphs shown above pinpoint the avalanche of tensions that supposedly are about to accomplish that fervent and long-standing goal. Keep reading below:
     On his latest visit to Florida, this time to Tampa, Guillermo Farinas seems to be explaining that the time is ripe for a new democracy in Cuba...although, of course, there are a lot of long-suffering embargoed-blockaded Cubans on the island who would like to know exactly when Cuba has ever had Democracy, certainly not when the Mafia and the United States profited so massively during the pre-revolutionary years when they supported the brutal Batista dictatorship in Cuba.
    For sure, Guillermo Farinas has suffered mightily for his dissidence in Cuba. Now 60-years-old, as indicated by his array of international prizes and honors, he continues to  garner massive support off the island.
    As you can note from Senator Ted Cruz's congressional page above, the most powerful Cuban-Americans have long wildly supported Guillermo Farinas's efforts to dethrone Revolutionary Cuba; and if you are supported wildly by unchallenged U. S. Senators like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bob Menendez, the wonder is...why has Guillermo Farinas not dethroned Revolutionary Cuba years ago!!!????
    All Cuban dissidents since 1959 have had the massive support of all key Republican politicians in the USA's two-party political system. But, as shown above, Guillermo Farinas has also had the massive support of the top Democratic leaders, even President Obama, who has been the only United States President in history who has had the courage to defy the ultra-powerful and ultra-rich Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans, especially the normally unchallenged Cuban-Americans that control the political power in the Cuban-led cities of Miami, Tampa, and Newark.
      Today on March 28th-2022 this article in the Tampa Bay Times indicates that Guillermo Farinas is closer than he has ever been to overthrowing Revolutionary Cuba, perhaps as early as APRIL OF 2022!!!! If you deny that, I suggest you re-read today's first three paragraphs shown above from the March 28th-2022 Tampa Bay Times.



Troops {Crabs} March On Cuban Soil

 The Last Week of March-2022

     Since the day in 1492 that the Spanish explorer Columbus discovered Cuba, the powerful imperial nations in the world -- especially Spain, England, France, and the United States -- have been marching unrelentingly to capture the Caribbean's largest island, which Columbus famously noted in his diary as "The most BEAUTIFUL LAND THESE EYES have ever seen." In this last week of March in 2022, as reported above by Reuters, millions of crabs from the sea are marching on Cuban land at the famed Bay of Pigs on their migration to lay eggs in the soft Bay of Pigs Cuban sand.
     Of course, the fame of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba derives from the march of U.S./Miami soldiers, supported by U. S. air and naval power, that took place in mid-April of 1961. It was supposed to be a 3-day defeat of Revolutionary Cuba but ended up being a 3-day victory for Revolutionary Cuba.

     Today, in late March of 2022, this is a photo of the Bay of Pigs. Now it is very peaceful and it accepts the breeding march of the crabs. It also now is well known as one of the favorite snorkeling  spots in the Western Hemisphere. Of course, since failing to regain control of Cuba with the April-1961 air-land-&-sea Bay of Pigs attack, the U. S. and Miami have not failed to curtail their relentless efforts to starve and overwhelm Revolutionary Cuba with vicious attacks that include the longest and cruelest Embargo-Blockade {from 1962 till today} ever imposed by any powerful nation against any much-smaller nation.
    Surviving the United States EMBARGO has been, for over six decades, even more astounding than winning the Revolutionary War in 1959 or winning the Bay of Pigs battle in 1961.
     In the USA's two-party political system, since the 1950s the Republican presidents have all been totally aligned with Little Havana in trying to destroy Revolutionary Cuba, with the Republican President Donald Trump from 2016 to 2020 being the most vicious, even more than the three 4-year terms of the two totally Little Havana-dictated Bush Presidents. So when Election 2020 elected the Democrat Joe Biden as President, many Cubans and Americans believed that Trump's genocide against Cuban families would at least be lessened somewhat. But Biden has followed Trump's devious efforts designed to starve Cuba into submission while, of course, adding substantially to the economic power of the already rich and politically powerful Little Havana Cubans who are deemed the dictators of Florida's important 29 Electoral Votes that can predicate the outcome of Presidential Elections. So, the money-crazed 2020 Election, to the surprise of some, didn't ease the incredible torment the Superpower United States, on behalf of Miami, has created for Cuban families for six decades...and counting.
       Yet, incredibly, there have always been, since 1959, generations of Cubans in Cuba to resist the lures, threats, deprivations, and turmoil they have been subjected to all their lives by Little Havana as well as the omnipotence of the U. S. Congress and the U. S. White House. And during the ongoing Trump/Biden era in Washington, the well-funded efforts to starve Cuba by enriching Little Havana have reached crescendos not even seen when the Bush dynasty was enriching and empowering Miami's request to recapture Havana. With almost three years left in the Biden presidency, even the "proud" Cubans depicted above seem resigned to the inevitable reality they have tried so hard to prolong for all of their lives.
     The notable photojournalist Roberto Suarez took this photo of the Bay of Havana at dusk today.
       But the specter of the Bay of Pigs in 1961 has colored the conflicts between Miami and Havana. Those conflicts, unfortunately, will never cease till the Little Havana Cubans in Miami regain control of Havana...which may finally happen in 2022.
     And that, of course, evokes the unforgettable specters of what Havana was like in the 1950s prior to the startling victory of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.


Miami Alone Controls the US Cuba Narrative.

In a Democracy with 330 million People!!! 
  Since the Cuban Revolution managed to overthrow the U.S.--backed/Mafia-backed Batista rule of Cuba in 1959, generations of Cubans in nearby Little Havana-Miami have dictated the USA's Cuban policies...a financial and political bonanza for them and continuous, well-orchestrated disasters for Cubans on the island. Little Havana's power, like Batista's power in Cuba in the 1950s, is tied to the fact that sycophants in the guise of very rich U. S. businesses and political parties also partook/partake in the Cuban largess that includes economic benefits via juicy Congressional and White House legalities such as extremely legalized laws such as the extremely and endlessly convenient acts such as Torricelli, Helms-Burton, etc., etc., etc...all of which, of course, include massive economic and political rewards for some along with massive cruelty for othersDecade after decade such luscious rewards predicate, extend, and expand what long-ago became the cruelest and longest Embargo/Blockade ever imposed by a powerful nation against the people in a much smaller nation. Within the bowels of the U. S. DEMOCRACY it doesn's matter if most U. S. citizens and most citizens of the world are APPALLED BY THIS PHENOMENON. What does matter are the fantastic economic and POLITICAL rewards that accrue to a minority of miscreants who lap-up the bulk of the off-shoots of the USA's non-democratic Cuban policies. To agree with these universal beliefs is of no use because MONEY, MONEY, MONEY trumps all else when it comes to the USA's age-old view of the Caribbean's most coveted prize....Cuba!! It has been that way for the past two centuries at least...and especially since 1898 when the Spanish-American War in Cuba gave the prized island nation to the world's most notable DEMOCRACY!! On March 20th-2022 the journalist-author who best addressed the U. S. domination of Cuba, as shown above, is Mexico's Gerardo Arreola:
     For sure, in both the article today and in the new book above, on March 20-2022 Gerardo Arriola had the guts to speak truths about Cuba as it exists in the clutches of Little Havana/Miami. But he is merely honest, not pro-Cuba at all. Yet, he displays both the courage and the insight to express the fact that the Cuban Revolution & Revolutionary Cuba say a lot more about the United States than they say about the island of Cuba. Of course, such factual situations within the bowels of the U.S.-Cuba conundrum would never have occurred if democratic ideals had ever been applied.
     For sure, most facts/nuances of the USA's relations with Cuba do not reflect nice images of Democracy, YET they persist decade-after-decade...prolonged by reflections of such things as a feisty little Cuban schoolgirl bouncing off the Embargo hat of the USA's Uncle Sam.
    While it is wonderful that Cuban brothers can easily become billionaires in the U. S. or other Cuban brothers can easily become ultra-powerful politicians in the U. S., perhaps it would also be nice if some moderate Cubans would also be allowed to have INPUT in such areas, areas such as legalizing or not LEGALIZING a cruel embargo/blockade that involves starving families on the island of Cuba, among its other very controversial provisions!!

A greedy, cruel, red-eyed United States shames some people.
And it should shame all Americans!!

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