Little Havana STILL WANTS Cuba!!

 During the Lame Duck Trump Presidency!!

     This week -- Nov. 30th, 2020 -- the Wall Street Journal used this photo to headline an article entitled: "CUBAN LEADERSHIP CONFRONTS A RARE DISSIDENT MOVEMENT." The U. S. media, of course, never prints a positive story about Cuba, only the negative ones. The caption for this article said: "Cuban poet Katherine Bisquet reads the activists' manufesto by the light of cellphones outside of the ministry of Culture early on Saturday." The day before, back on Friday, a crowd of about 200 artists and dissidents had descended on the Minister of Culture in Havana and demanded "freedom of expression" rights...making sure the international media was on hand to report it.
     Quickly this demonstration Friday {Nov. 27th} in front of the gates of Cuba's Ministry of Culture got international attention, especially in the United States. And then the next day, Saturday, there was a anti-Cuba demonstration along Calle Ocho {8th Street} in Little Havana in the heart of Miami.
     Expensive cars paraded along Calle Ocho in Little Havana and the anti-Cuba protesters on Saturday were obviously tuned to the Friday protest in Havana. Cuba, of course, claims that Little Havana corroborates with dissidents in Havana on such things, and that the Cuban dissidents are "well-funded" with United States dollars.
      Brave U. S. journalists and Cuban experts such as Tracey Eaton are well aware of the tax dollars -- before but especially during the Bush and Trump presidencies, which now total four -- shockingly reveal that Cuban piggybank, brimming with tons of tax dollars to destroy Revolutionary Cuba and enrich selected U.S. Counter Revolutionaries. Eaton was the Dallas Morning News correspondent in Cuba for five years and his work has been reported for many years by most major U. S. media outlets from NBC to USA Today, etc. He is now a beloved Journalism professor at Flagler College in Florida and his must-read blogs Along the Malecon and Cuba Money Project remain the best sources for pertinent, unbiased news regarding Cuba and U.S-Cuba relations.
If you are not familiar with Tracey Eaton's CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog, you will not have any concept of the vast amounts of tax money routinely meted out to, apparently, anyone who raises his/her hand and promises to help overthrow the Cuban government. Via USAID, NED, and other State Department inspired agencies, regular notices are parceled out giving the details about how to get such money...and it doesn't appear all that difficult...either on the island or otherwise. Tracey Eaton gets his data from the Freedom of Information Act and he names people and companies who end up getting the money...and he provides the money down to the pennies in precise numbers. He also prints each word from the long U. S. government solicitations. As a tax-payer and Democracy-lover, I cringe or cry when I read such articles on Tracey Eaton's CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog...and I assume you would too if you are brave enough or care enough to read and decipher any of the many articles, the articles THAT PRECISELY DETAIL THE EXTREME AMOUNTS OF TAX MONEY THAT ARE GIVEN OUT TO HELP DECREDIT OR OVERTHROW THE CUBAN GOVERNMENT AND ENRICH CERTAIN ANTI-CUBAN EXTREMISTS.
    In the U. S. media, the opinions of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, the former Education Minister who was born after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, are not allowed. But he has voiced strong opinions about the anti-Cuban demonstrations in Havana that took place Friday and in Little Havana Saturday. President Diaz-Canel said, "I proudly lead Cuba as President because I speak for the vast number of Cubans who support our hard-earned sovereignty and independence. The tremendous amount of Counter Revolutionary money and tactics from the United States buy many Counter Revolutionary people in the U. S. and some, of course, in Cuba. This activity has been accelerated during the Trump regime in Washington. With Trump now as a lame-duck President after the November 3rd election, he still is in power until January 20th. Till then Little Havana hopes to recapture Havana before January 20th, 2021. That's what the protests this past weekend tried to portend. Speaking for the people of Cuba, I assure Miami and Washington that the resolve of the Cubans on the island are the same today as it was in April of 1961 during what history calls the Bay of Pigs military attack." President Diaz-Canel is not quoted by the U. S. media but he often takes to the streets and at public meetings to speak to the Cuban people, and he often uses the Cuban radio & television media and Social Media to converse with Cubans.
      On his ubiquitous Twitter account, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has just posted the two Tweets depicted above. He said, "Our people take to the streets to defend their Revolution" and "I trust the people: we will not only resist, we will also triumph."
      Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel also posted on Twitter photos like the one shown above that shows the President, wearing the blue cap and the "CUBA" shirt, joining a raucous PRO-CUBAN demonstration in the streets of Havana to answer the highly publicized ANTI-CUBAN protests, especially the one in Little Havana on November 28th. Diaz-Canel used his appearances on the streets of Havana like this as well on television, radio, and Social Media to deliver the same message: "The enemies in Havana and in Little Havana and  in Washington who want to destroy your REVOLUTION are extremely well-funded. That is especially true during the Age of Trump and the exalted political power of Little Havana. But we have put our lives on the line to resist it for over six decades AND WE MUST RESIST IT WITH THE SAME RESOLVE TODAY OR TOMORROW OR WHENEVER ELSE IT BECOMES NECESSARY. Viva Cuba!!! Viva Fidel!!! Viva our Revolution!!!"
       This photo of President Miguel Diaz-Canel in the middle of a crowd of Cubans in Havana was used today by Granma in both its online and print editions. It said: "The people are shown here in the streets defending the Revolution. The arrival of the President to an event called by Havana youth in Trillo Park to condemn the most recent U. S. attempt to discredit our country surprised the crowd, and his emphatic words further raised their spirits." Whether he is in the streets, at public meetings, on radio or television, and on Social Media, President Diaz-Canel always emphasizes that "The United States government based in Washington is controlled in its Cuban policies by extremists who hail from the Calle 8 {8th Street} area of the Little Havana center of Miami. And with total control of Washington's Cuban policies, gradually the Calle 8 extremists are also getting an iron grip on the overall U. S. government."
   Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said, "The American people in 1952 supported their democracy teaming with the Mafia to support the murderous Batista rulers in Cuba, so a few rich Americans could get richer. After the victory of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 Little Havana counter revolutionaries started out rich because of Cuban gains and gradually got richer in Miami and obtained massive political power. With Republican leaders like Trump, they control the terrorisms and military wherewithal they think will reconquer Cuba. But Cuba's Revolution shocked the world and Cuba has also shocked the world by its survival since 1959...especially as Little Havana has gotten such a powerful grip on the U. S. democracy. We know that, but the American people either don't know it or they are not brave enough to defend their democracy government. In that environment, we in Cuba are left to defend Cuba, meaning the Revolution. The Trump era in the U. S. will end but Little Havana's political power will grow."

     When Donald Trump began his 4-year presidency in January of 2017, Cuba was still basking in the only Cuba-friendly U. S. presidency, Barack Obama's. Almost all of the 11.2 million Cubans on the island were dismayed that another Republican, Trump, became the USA's Commander-in-Chief in 2017. All Republican presidents since the 1950s had hugely supported first the brutal Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba from 1952-1959 and then hugely supported the Batisitanos in Miami, Newark, and Washington from 1959 to this very day in 2020. The three most brutal U. S. presidencies since 1959 were the three Bush administrations {4 years of former CIA director George H. W. Bush and 8 years of his son George W. Bush). But starting from Day One in 2017 Trump has been more brutal against Cubans on the island than even the Bush dynasty. As shown above, President Trump quickly went to Little Havana in Miami and, standing before the Bay of Pigs Assault Banner 2506, told surviving Bay of Pigs veterans that he would soon destroy Revolutionary Cuba and recapture the Caribbean's largest island FOR THEM. Of course, the air-land-sea Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba was way back in April of 1961 and, of course, it was a humiliating DEFEAT for the U. S. and the Batistianos, and a historically brilliant and overwhelming VICTORY for Fidel Castro and his Cuban Revolution. In the six decades since then, the U. S. -- especially since the Bush dynasty began sending Havana-born Counter Revolutionary zealots from Little Havana to the U. S. Congress such as Havana-born Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in 1989, when Jeb Bush was her Campaign Manager. Ros-Lehtinen was followed soon by a litany of others such as Havana-born Lincoln Diaz-Balart and his brother Mario, whose father Rafael was a key Minister in the Batista dictatorship. With only people such as the Diaz-Balarts making its Cuban policies, the Superpower U. S. government has brutally tried to starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cubans on the island to appease a handful of rich and politically powerful Little Havana Cubans.
     Since the 1990s the infamous Helms-Burton Act has had two purposes: {1} To make Counter Revolutionary U. S. Cubans rich; and {2} to recapture Cuba for the Little Havana elites. The first purpose of Helms-Burton has been {and continues to be} successfully applied but the second purpose is still ongoing. The U. S. economic blockade against Cuba began in 1962 and remains in place till to this day, but it was in the 1990s that Helms-Burton attached {see above} the genocidal Skull-X to it.
     The Helms-Burton Act includes a provision called Title III. It is so extremely genocidal against the masses of everyday Cuban families on the island that even the Little Havana-aligned George W. Bush presidency refused to activate it from 2001 to 2009 during his two terms in office. But President Trump, as a trade-off for Florida's 29 Electoral Votes in the Nov. 3rd-2020 election, did activate TITLE III and it remains in effect to this day because neither the U. S. citizens, the U. S. Congress, nor even the mainstream anti-Trump U. S. media have either the guts or the intelligence to do anything about it. So, since 1962 the U. S. Embargo against Cuba has been both the longest and cruelest economic embargo ever imposed on a smaller nation by a much larger nation. But it has been the Trump administration that has been responsible for expanding history's cruelest and longest embargo into a GENOCIDAL BLOCKADE against Cuban families on the island, even EXCEEDING the cruelty exacted by the Bush dynasty.
    In the United States it is called "genocide" but in Cuba, as shown above, it is called "genocidio." Americans sanctimoniously are real quick to vilify China or Russia for any signs of committing genocide against masses of innocent people in smaller nations but the same Americans simply seem not to have either the guts or the intelligence to define their own genocide against generations of Cubans on the nearby island, a sovereign country Cubans were bequeathed in 1959 when the Cuban Revolution defeated the brutal/thieving U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship.
     The great Brazilian Editorial Cartoonist Carlos Latuff has best publicized the Cruel U. S. EMBARGO and now the Genocidal U. S. BLOCKADE against the Cubans on the island. Of course, appeasing and enriching the Cubans in Little Havana is now embedded on U. S. soil in the bowels and fabrics of the U. S. democracy. In 2020 Latuff brilliantly sent the image directly above all around the world, adding to his other myriad depictions of the USA's intransigence against Cuba's pugnacious desire to rule ITS SELFThis 2020 image explains that the U. S. this year has taken advantage of both Title III and the Covid 19 pandemic to further punish Cuban families on the island. Propagandized or intimidated Americans, of course, are not supposed to be ashamed of the two famous Carlos Latuff depictions of America shown above. But I ask you to gaze at them and even to study them.
       Cubans in Cuba actually have many very decent family members and friends in the Miami area. But the area around Calle 8 {8th Street} in Little Havana in Miami is dominated totally by extremist Counter Revolutionary Cubans whose tentacles have now begun to take over the United States government in Washington, and not just Washington's Cuban policies. In my opinion, neither 11.2 million Cubans on the Caribbean's largest island nor the U. S. democracy deserve that.


4 Years Since Fidel Died

 And It's Still His Cuba!!!

   Today is November 25, 2020. It has been exactly four years since Fidel Castro died at 90 in Havana on November 25, 2016. While today Americans are not supposed to know it, it is still Fidel Castro's Cuba...and that remains a fact until or if another foreign nation captures or recaptures the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful nation.

    After the miraculous triumph of his Cuban Revolution over the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship on January 1-1959, Fidel Castro made thousands of speeches to the Cuban people and to the world. In his last speech in April of 2016 as he knew he was dying, he began, as shown above, by reminding Cubans that it is up to them to maintain what he had won and left to them.
     During his 90 years on this planet, Fidel Castro aged from a strong revolutionary legend into an old man. While dying of old age in his own bed in Havana, his many records included having survived by far the most assassination attempts of any person in the annals of history. And, incredibly, his would-be assassins included the best, most capable assassins in history -- the CIA, the Mafia, and legions of zealous, well-trained, and well-equipped Cuban assassins that he had chased off his island to U. S. soil.
     Even as he himself was on U. S. soil, Fidel Castro musingly read about one of the latest plots to kill him in the pages of the New York Journal-American. The famed Guinness Book of World Records says that there were "638 assassination attmpts on the life of Fidel Castro, but none were successful."
     But, by any yardstick or measurement, from January 1st of 1959 until the day he died of natural causes on November 25th of 2016, it was Fidel Castro's Cuba. That is true even though the nearby United States, the strongest nation in the history of the world, tried many of those days to kill Fidel Castro and destroy every vestige of his Revolutionary Cuba.
       And the fact is today on November 25th-2020 -- exactly four years after his death at age 90 -- Cuba is still Fidel Castro's Cuba. And, as a measure of what Fidel Castro accomplished as  a revolutionary icon, to this DAY the United States of America, still the strongest nation in the world, still can't recapture Cuba on behalf of the ultra-rich and mega-powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in the United States who conceivably still have every wherewithal supposedly needed to overpower the nearby island nation. As a token of how the Cuban Revolution has so drastically changed America, today Americans are not supposed to know that there are many millions of Cubans on the island who verily worship everything that Fidel did for them, such as the young woman shown above worshipping at Fidel's tomb. And that's WHY it's still Fidel's Cuba. Perhaps one key reason the United States and the Batistianos have not recaptured Cuba is because the Batistiano-dictated Cuban narratives in the United States from the 1950s until today have falsely denied the fact that from the 1950s until TODAY most Cubans on the island have loved Fidel and will fight to the death to defend him.
     Yet, it is an historic fact that Fidel Castro died of natural causes in his own bed in Havana at age 90 four years ago today -- on November 25th, 2016. And, yes, it is a topical fact that every American today is programmed to vilify everything about him while also, of course, sanctifying everything that the United States, the Mafia, and the Batistianos did in Cuba from 1952 till 1959 to spawn the need for Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution. The Revolutionary victory was earth-shattering but so has been its longevity. If he could put pen to paper today on what would have been his 94th birthday, I suppose the whimsical Fidel Castro, with a grin on his face as above, would write something akin to this: "I be damned!!! What Celia Sanchez said about who was most responsible for the victory of the Cuban Revolution is still being proven to be true with every passing day." Celia Sanchez, of course, is/was the revolutionary heroine that Fidel Castro literally worshipped and whom he considered as the single most important person in the Cuban Revolution, man or woman.
      The historic quote that the incomparable Celia Sanchez made that the worshipful Fidel Castro most admired was/is: "WE REBELS...GET FAR TOO MUCH CREDIT FOR WINNING THE REVOLUTION. OUR ENEMIES DESERVE MOST OF THE CREDIT, FOR BEING GREEDY COWARDS AND IDIOTS." In other words, Celia Sanchez believed that the extreme greed, brutality, and stupidity of the U.S.-backed/Mafia-backed Batistianos provided rebels like her with the extreme motivation to out-smart and out-FIGHT "our enemies." I believe Celia Sanchez was correct. Much more importantly, Fidel Castro believed she was correct!!!


USA's Mainstream Propaganda Media

 America And Cuba Are Victims!!!

     The above banner headline in the Washington Post chronicles one of the last nails in America's once-respected media industry as a vital purveyor of important news. Now the USA's mainstream media newspaper, television, radio, and online "news" outlets are strictly purveyors of left-wing and right-wing propaganda machines. The left-wingers are much more dangerous to the U. S. democracy than the right-wingers because the left-wing extremists now owning most of the U. S. mainstream media simply have the most MONEY, now reaching past the trillion-dollar stratosphere. For example, Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the history of the world. His ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, after her divorce settlement, is now the richest woman in the history of the world. The day Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post that longstanding liberal bastion of real news became the latest current purveyor of real left-wing propaganda...joining with the USA's other most powerful newspapers, such as the NY Times, along with the most powerful television news operations NBC, CBS, and ABC...not to mention the embarrassingly left-wing propaganda that now spews out of cable outlets CNN and MSNBC every single hour of every single day!! But among all that regretful truth, the Jeff Bezos purchase of the Washington Post remains the primary parameter of how the demise of the USA's media has perhaps...probably...become the biggest threat to the USA's democracy. While Bezos, the richest person in the history of the world, now owns the Washington Post, the other extreme left-wing propaganda powers mention above are owned by...Carlos Slim, who is the biggest single owner of the NY Times and is the richest person in the history of Mexico; and the other powerful left-wing media mentioned above are owned by MULTI MEGA-billionaire corporations such as A T & T, Time Warner, Comcast, Disney, etc. With a trillion dollars+ to ramrod its propaganda down the throat of Democracy, the left-wing extremist media moguls seem, among other things, very intent and very capable of making the two-party U. S. political system into a one-party political system via its domination of the Democratic Party, which means the destruction of the Republican Party, which also means the destruction of the U. S. democracy, at least as the Founding Fathers envisioned it 245 years ago!!
      This photo shows Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the history of the world, and his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, the richest woman in the history of the world.
      This photo shows Jeff Bezos with his step-father Miguel Bezos. Jeff was born 56 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico to a penniless 16-year-old mother and an 18-year-old father. When he was 4-years-old Jeff was adopted by Miguel, who was born in Santiago de Cuba. As a rich Cuban-American, Miguel made sure Jeff had a rich life, a great education {Princeton}, and enough money to start Amazon, which soon became a veritable Gold Mine for the Bezos family. As far as Cuba is concerned, it is evident that Jeff Bezos, like Miguel, is an anti-Cuban Counter Revolutionary zealot!!
       Thus, the Jeff Bezos-ownd Washington Post has turned into one of the most extreme anti-Cuban propaganda sources in the United States. Almost every day, it seems, the Washington Post has a scathing anti-Cuban article, often published as Opinion Editorial columns. That could only happen via the approval of Jeff Bezos. For example, today the "Opinion" column in the Washington Post is loudly entitled: "A GROUP OF CUBAN ARTISTS IS DARING TO LIVE IN DEMOCRACY. THEIR PROTEST COULD END IN TRAGEDY." Of course, any Cuban dissident or any Counter Revolutionary Cuban readily has the Washington Post as a prime source to spew anti-Cuban vitriol. For example today...!! 
      Born in Matanzas and educated at the University of Havana, Carlos Manuel Alvarez wrote the Washington Post editorial entitled: "A GROUP OF CUBAN ARTISTS IS DARING TO LIVE IN DEMOCRACY. THEIR PROTEST COULD END IN TRAGEDY." Of course, don't hold your breath waiting for an unbiased article about Cuba in the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post, not while it is owned by the richest person in the history of the world who also happens to be a Counter Revolutionary zealot.
     If you happen to be a Counter Revolutionary Cuban like Carlos Manuel Alvarez, who wrote the scathing aforementioned article, or Denis Solis, the Counter Revolutionary Cuban rapper shown above, the propaganda-obsessed Washington Post will make you a Superstar while providing you the space to publish your Cuban venom. Meanwhile, obviously, most of the 11.2 Cubans on the island support the revolution as opposed to what preceded it, but the U. S. media doesn't want you to know that.
       Cubans in Cuba who are neither Counter Revolutionaries nor influenced by consistent avalanches and tsunamis of Counter Revolutionary U. S. dollars or Counter Revolutionary U. S. propaganda also have OPINIONS about their island and their Superpower neighbor. Like this young man, Cubans on the island are well-educated, opinionated, and now have ubiquitous access to Smart Phone-provided data. But of course, in the United States the voices and opinions of non-dissident Cubans in Cuba are not permitted. For that reason, I believe, Americans have no idea why the island nation has been able to somehow survive the violent and unchecked decades-old effort of the ultra-powerful Cuban extremists and the MEGA-powerful United States to retake Cuba.

        The grossly unbiased Cuban narratives in the United States exploit the views vitriols of anti-Cuban extremists but totally ignores the opinions, hopes, and desires of Cubans in Cuba such as this group, all of them checking their Smart Phones on a Cuban street. And, YES, they have opinions too!!! The triumph of the Cuban Revolution is 1959 over the U.S.-backed and MAFIA-backed Batista dictators drastically changed Cuba. But, incredibly, it has drastically changed the United States JUST AS MUCH.


Amnesty International and Cuba!!!!

 Yet Another Update!!

       Amnesty International is a great organization and it has been DEFENDING HUMAN RIGHTS around the world for years.
      For sure, Erika Guevara-Rosas is a great lady. She is the Amnesty International Director for the Americas. She is a Mexican-American who graduated from York University, Canada's third largest university. She also got her law degree from Mexico's University of Londres.
     Great women like Erika Guevara-Rosas and Jurema Werneck, under the auspices of Amnesty International, monitor human rights violations around the world. As the Americas Director at Amnesty International, it is Erika Guevara-Rosas who closely monitors human rights violations in Cuba.
      On behalf of Amnesty International this week -- on Nov. 20th-2020 -- Erika Guevara issued her latest Human Rights Report on Cuba. It is entitled: "CUBA: HARASSMENT OF SAN ISIDRO MOVEMENT EXEMPLIFIES ONGOING ASSAULT ON FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION." The report stressed these exact words: "The ongoing harassment and intimidation of members of the San Isidro movement, at the forefront of challenging Degree 349, a dystopian law that stands to censor artists, shows Cuba's ongoing repression of human rights, including the right to freedom of expression in the country. Authorities can continue to harass, intimidate, detain, and criminalize artists and alternative thinkers, but they can't keep their minds in prison. No one should be imprisoned for 'contempt' against a public official, a provision of the criminal code that Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have consistently called on the Cuban authorities to repeal."

      For decades, of course, Amnesty International has spotlighted the images and names of Cubans such as Eduardo Cardet as "a prisoner of conscience who must be released immediately and unconditionally." In this week's update in November of 2020, Amnesty International named current prisoners of conscience in Cuba such as rapper Denis Solis Gonzalez who was "detained on 9 November."

     So, for many year Amnesty International has kept a keen eye on civil rights violations in Revolutionary Cuba, as it should. But one problem with all that diligence, I believe, is that it tends to minimize the opinions of everyday Cubans on the island while placing an emphasize on Counter Revolutionaries that Cuba says are supported politically and financially and even militarily by Counter Revolutionary Cubans in the United States -- namely in Miami, Newark, and the U. S. Congress. Also, many unbiased observers believe that Amnesty International and other such organizations, perhaps influenced or intimidated by America's unique Superpower wealth and power, fails to compare civil rights in Revolutionary Cuba since 1959 with the civil rights in PRE-Revolutionary Cuba -- namely the Cuba supported from 1952 till 1959 by the Mafia and the United States.

     And, for example, an unbiased source -- the Encyclopedia Britannia -- used the above Library of Congress photo in a segment that detailed Fulgencio Batista's pre-Revolutionary rule of Cuba, first from 1933-1944 when Batista rose from a soldier to head of the Cuban army and then became the head of the Cuban government. In the photo above taken in the U. S. capital of Washington, Batista, as the leader of the Cuban army and leader of the Cuban government, is shown on Nov. 10-1938 with General Malin Craig, then the Chief of Staff of the U. S. Army. According to historical accounts that include Encyclopedia Britannia, "After ruling Cuba from 1933-1944, Batista traveled abroad and lived for a while in Florida, where his best friends included Mafia kingpins and where he invested part of the huge sums he had acquired in Cuba. At the behest of his best Florida friend, Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky, Batista returned to power in Cuba in March of 1952 via a military coup that deposed President Carlos Prio Socarras. Batista returned to the island as an extremely brutal dictator supported by the Mafia and the United States, and he embezzled huge sums from Cuba's soaring economy that was bulging with American tourists lured by gambling, drugs, prostitution, etc. The rich U. S. companies as well as the top Mafia kingpins including Lansky, Lucky Luciano, Santo Trafficante Jr., Carlos Marcelo and others partook in the sacking of Cuba from March-1952 until January 1-1959 when the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by overthrowing the Batista dictatorship."
     Beginning in January of 1959, as the nascent Revolutionary government was taking over Cuba, on nearby U. S. soil in the heart of Miami, a bastion known as Little Havana evolved as an unchecked creation of Counter Revolutionary zealots. With tons of Cuban money already sent to South Florida banks and invested in prime real estate holdings, along with the last of the Batistiano loot and gold that left Cuba in getaway planes, ships, and boats in the wee hours of January 1-1959 quickly and permanently overwhelmed Miami and thus Little Havana reigned, and still reigns, as a political and economic force in the U. S. to this very day. Yet, from 1959 till 2020, unable to recapture Cuba, Little Havana has nevertheless been a massive tormentor of Cubans left behind in Cuba, meaning the ones unable to leave the island or the ones unwilling to be lured off the island. Of course, early Counter Revolutionary leaders such as Rafael Diaz-Balart and Jorge Mas Canosa -- and latter day zealots such as Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Mario Diaz-Balart -- have believed that, with the help of the U. S. government, recapturing Cuba would take only a few weeks, and certainly not more than a few months. But all these decades later, and now in late November of 2020, the supposedly vulnerable island of Cuba is still standing as a poor but pugnacious and incredibly resilient Revolutionary Cuba while the ultra-powerful and ultra-rich leaders in Little Havana are left wondering how in the hell they are not back in control of Havana. "I mean...uh...with the help of the world's financial and military Superpower we have attacked, terrified, deprived, and starved the people on that island since 1959. So why in the hell have they not overthrown their rebel government and then handed it back over to US in the USA?" An interesting question. I will attempt to answer that question when I return within 48 hours with Part Two of "Amnesty International and Cuba!!!"

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