Thursday, November 12, 2020

After Biden's Win, Cuba Still Loses

Cuba Epitomizes America's Tar-baby Obsession!!

{As illustrated by being unable to recapture Cuba}

{And employing terrorism & genocide against Cubans}

{While assisted by a propaganda-fueled media

       At times, of course, the Miami Herald has stressed journalism as opposed to propaganda since its very first edition was published on September 15th, 1903. But shortly after January 1 of 1959 -- when the Cuban Revolution chased the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship to nearby Miami -- the Miami Herald has been a vessel for Batistiano propaganda. The Batistianos, still supported by the U. S. government, expected to recapture Cuba from the rebels within a few least within a few weeks. Then they planned to return to their Gold Mine/Piggybank in Havana. But as the months piled up and Revolutionary Cuba survived, the Batistianos created and solidified their new capital in the heart of Miami...and called it Little Havana. In the money-crazed U. S. democracy, capitalist Little Havana...buoyed  by its owned money and then using its political clout to amass tax dollars...soon evolved into a powerful, uncontrollable, and unchecked political and economic force -- not in Cuba, of course, but in the United States!!
           In this month's presidential election, seeking a second 4-year term, Batistiano-controlled of Little Havana led to Trump's winning Florida's huge passel of 29 Electoral Votes...the same Batistianos who persuaded Trump to activate Title 3/Helms-Burton, which is so incredibly GENOCIDAL against masses of Cuban families that even Batistiano-aligned George W. Bush REFUSED TO ACTIVATE IT during his 8-years as President from 2000-2009. But in November-2020 Florida's 29 Electoral Votes were not quite enough to give Trump a second presidential term, making Biden the President beginning on January 20th, 2021.
       In that milieu, the Miami Herald's Batistiano-spewed Editorial this week is entitled: "Obama Threw Cuba A Lifeline. Biden Shouldn't Do The Same Thing. It Didn't Work."
    In other words, the propaganda-riddled Miami Herald advises President-elect Biden to maintain the USA's shameful Title 3/Helms-Burton genocide against 11.2 million innocent Cubans on the nearby island.
     As Little Havana emerged in Miami, the cruel, undemocratic U. S. Embargo against Cuba began in 1962 after things such as assassination attempts, deadly terrorism acts, the Bay of Pigs military attack, etc., failed to recapture Cuba for the U.S.-backed Batistianos and their rich sycophants. All Republican U. S. presidencies since the 1950s, especially the three Bush administrations, have been tightly aligned with the Batista-Batistianos so rich American individuals and corporations could partake in the rape and robbery of Cuba -- a brutal process that spawned the Cuban Revolution on July 26, 1953, and then, as a worldwide phenomenon, came to fruition on January 1, 1959. De-classified U. S. documents confirm that the purpose of the U. S. embargo was to starve, deprive, and make miserable Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. It appears, in these last 6+ decades, that the vivid memories of the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship have been the primary reasons Revolutionary rule on the island has persisted and resisted foreign threats...a survival that has/is occurring against OVER-WHELMING odds. Meanwhile, the U. S. media has been too intimidated or too incompetent or too biased to explain why the world's best Editorial Cartoonist -- Carlos Latuff of Brazil -- has vividly told the entire world how the little island nation of Cuba has exposed the Batistiano hold on the United States democracy that is now supposed not to be embarrassed by such ongoing, ubiquitous, and brilliant images of the USA's despicable Cuban policies. As crafted by Carlos Latuff, this {directly below} remains the most ubiquitous and the most vivid worldwide image of the USA's insatiable greed for and against Cuba.
      And the brilliant Carlos Latuff in 2020 sent this image around the world to explain that the USA's Batistiano-fueled Trump government took advantage of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC to further expand its genocide against Cubans on the island. Study this year's Carlos Latuff image {directly below} of the United States of America TRYING TO PREVENT DEDICATED  AND WELL-TRAINED CUBAN MEDICAL PERSONEL WHO ARE TRYING SO HARD TO TAKE CARE OF CUBANS ON THE ISLAND WHO WERE/ARE THREATENED BY COVID-19. Prior to Little Havana's impact on the United States government, I am convinced that America's Founding Fathers 245 years ago had imbued their Democracy with enough Safeguards and Checks & Balances to have prevented the images Carlos Latuff has so brilliantly sent around the world.
         I agree with Carlos Latuff's depictions, as shown above, of the USA's attempts to try to impose genocide on masses of Cubans on the island. As a democracy-loving American, I am embarrassed about these images. I will forever wonder why several generations of Americans have allowed this calamitous situation to continue decade-after-decade in OUR names!!!
     And, by the way, the great Carlos Latuff also crafted the image shown above of a Cuban schoolgirl showing her love for the Cuban flag as well as her feisty contempt for the U. S. EMBARGO.

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