Tuesday, November 24, 2020

USA's Mainstream Propaganda Media

 America And Cuba Are Victims!!!

     The above banner headline in the Washington Post chronicles one of the last nails in America's once-respected media industry as a vital purveyor of important news. Now the USA's mainstream media newspaper, television, radio, and online "news" outlets are strictly purveyors of left-wing and right-wing propaganda machines. The left-wingers are much more dangerous to the U. S. democracy than the right-wingers because the left-wing extremists now owning most of the U. S. mainstream media simply have the most MONEY, now reaching past the trillion-dollar stratosphere. For example, Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the history of the world. His ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, after her divorce settlement, is now the richest woman in the history of the world. The day Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post that longstanding liberal bastion of real news became the latest current purveyor of real left-wing propaganda...joining with the USA's other most powerful newspapers, such as the NY Times, along with the most powerful television news operations NBC, CBS, and ABC...not to mention the embarrassingly left-wing propaganda that now spews out of cable outlets CNN and MSNBC every single hour of every single day!! But among all that regretful truth, the Jeff Bezos purchase of the Washington Post remains the primary parameter of how the demise of the USA's media has perhaps...probably...become the biggest threat to the USA's democracy. While Bezos, the richest person in the history of the world, now owns the Washington Post, the other extreme left-wing propaganda powers mention above are owned by...Carlos Slim, who is the biggest single owner of the NY Times and is the richest person in the history of Mexico; and the other powerful left-wing media mentioned above are owned by MULTI MEGA-billionaire corporations such as A T & T, Time Warner, Comcast, Disney, etc. With a trillion dollars+ to ramrod its propaganda down the throat of Democracy, the left-wing extremist media moguls seem, among other things, very intent and very capable of making the two-party U. S. political system into a one-party political system via its domination of the Democratic Party, which means the destruction of the Republican Party, which also means the destruction of the U. S. democracy, at least as the Founding Fathers envisioned it 245 years ago!!
      This photo shows Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the history of the world, and his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, the richest woman in the history of the world.
      This photo shows Jeff Bezos with his step-father Miguel Bezos. Jeff was born 56 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico to a penniless 16-year-old mother and an 18-year-old father. When he was 4-years-old Jeff was adopted by Miguel, who was born in Santiago de Cuba. As a rich Cuban-American, Miguel made sure Jeff had a rich life, a great education {Princeton}, and enough money to start Amazon, which soon became a veritable Gold Mine for the Bezos family. As far as Cuba is concerned, it is evident that Jeff Bezos, like Miguel, is an anti-Cuban Counter Revolutionary zealot!!
       Thus, the Jeff Bezos-ownd Washington Post has turned into one of the most extreme anti-Cuban propaganda sources in the United States. Almost every day, it seems, the Washington Post has a scathing anti-Cuban article, often published as Opinion Editorial columns. That could only happen via the approval of Jeff Bezos. For example, today the "Opinion" column in the Washington Post is loudly entitled: "A GROUP OF CUBAN ARTISTS IS DARING TO LIVE IN DEMOCRACY. THEIR PROTEST COULD END IN TRAGEDY." Of course, any Cuban dissident or any Counter Revolutionary Cuban readily has the Washington Post as a prime source to spew anti-Cuban vitriol. For example today...!! 
      Born in Matanzas and educated at the University of Havana, Carlos Manuel Alvarez wrote the Washington Post editorial entitled: "A GROUP OF CUBAN ARTISTS IS DARING TO LIVE IN DEMOCRACY. THEIR PROTEST COULD END IN TRAGEDY." Of course, don't hold your breath waiting for an unbiased article about Cuba in the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post, not while it is owned by the richest person in the history of the world who also happens to be a Counter Revolutionary zealot.
     If you happen to be a Counter Revolutionary Cuban like Carlos Manuel Alvarez, who wrote the scathing aforementioned article, or Denis Solis, the Counter Revolutionary Cuban rapper shown above, the propaganda-obsessed Washington Post will make you a Superstar while providing you the space to publish your Cuban venom. Meanwhile, obviously, most of the 11.2 Cubans on the island support the revolution as opposed to what preceded it, but the U. S. media doesn't want you to know that.
       Cubans in Cuba who are neither Counter Revolutionaries nor influenced by consistent avalanches and tsunamis of Counter Revolutionary U. S. dollars or Counter Revolutionary U. S. propaganda also have OPINIONS about their island and their Superpower neighbor. Like this young man, Cubans on the island are well-educated, opinionated, and now have ubiquitous access to Smart Phone-provided data. But of course, in the United States the voices and opinions of non-dissident Cubans in Cuba are not permitted. For that reason, I believe, Americans have no idea why the island nation has been able to somehow survive the violent and unchecked decades-old effort of the ultra-powerful Cuban extremists and the MEGA-powerful United States to retake Cuba.

        The grossly unbiased Cuban narratives in the United States exploit the views vitriols of anti-Cuban extremists but totally ignores the opinions, hopes, and desires of Cubans in Cuba such as this group, all of them checking their Smart Phones on a Cuban street. And, YES, they have opinions too!!! The triumph of the Cuban Revolution is 1959 over the U.S.-backed and MAFIA-backed Batista dictators drastically changed Cuba. But, incredibly, it has drastically changed the United States JUST AS MUCH.

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