Wednesday, November 25, 2020

4 Years Since Fidel Died

 And It's Still His Cuba!!!

   Today is November 25, 2020. It has been exactly four years since Fidel Castro died at 90 in Havana on November 25, 2016. While today Americans are not supposed to know it, it is still Fidel Castro's Cuba...and that remains a fact until or if another foreign nation captures or recaptures the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful nation.

    After the miraculous triumph of his Cuban Revolution over the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship on January 1-1959, Fidel Castro made thousands of speeches to the Cuban people and to the world. In his last speech in April of 2016 as he knew he was dying, he began, as shown above, by reminding Cubans that it is up to them to maintain what he had won and left to them.
     During his 90 years on this planet, Fidel Castro aged from a strong revolutionary legend into an old man. While dying of old age in his own bed in Havana, his many records included having survived by far the most assassination attempts of any person in the annals of history. And, incredibly, his would-be assassins included the best, most capable assassins in history -- the CIA, the Mafia, and legions of zealous, well-trained, and well-equipped Cuban assassins that he had chased off his island to U. S. soil.
     Even as he himself was on U. S. soil, Fidel Castro musingly read about one of the latest plots to kill him in the pages of the New York Journal-American. The famed Guinness Book of World Records says that there were "638 assassination attmpts on the life of Fidel Castro, but none were successful."
     But, by any yardstick or measurement, from January 1st of 1959 until the day he died of natural causes on November 25th of 2016, it was Fidel Castro's Cuba. That is true even though the nearby United States, the strongest nation in the history of the world, tried many of those days to kill Fidel Castro and destroy every vestige of his Revolutionary Cuba.
       And the fact is today on November 25th-2020 -- exactly four years after his death at age 90 -- Cuba is still Fidel Castro's Cuba. And, as a measure of what Fidel Castro accomplished as  a revolutionary icon, to this DAY the United States of America, still the strongest nation in the world, still can't recapture Cuba on behalf of the ultra-rich and mega-powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in the United States who conceivably still have every wherewithal supposedly needed to overpower the nearby island nation. As a token of how the Cuban Revolution has so drastically changed America, today Americans are not supposed to know that there are many millions of Cubans on the island who verily worship everything that Fidel did for them, such as the young woman shown above worshipping at Fidel's tomb. And that's WHY it's still Fidel's Cuba. Perhaps one key reason the United States and the Batistianos have not recaptured Cuba is because the Batistiano-dictated Cuban narratives in the United States from the 1950s until today have falsely denied the fact that from the 1950s until TODAY most Cubans on the island have loved Fidel and will fight to the death to defend him.
     Yet, it is an historic fact that Fidel Castro died of natural causes in his own bed in Havana at age 90 four years ago today -- on November 25th, 2016. And, yes, it is a topical fact that every American today is programmed to vilify everything about him while also, of course, sanctifying everything that the United States, the Mafia, and the Batistianos did in Cuba from 1952 till 1959 to spawn the need for Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution. The Revolutionary victory was earth-shattering but so has been its longevity. If he could put pen to paper today on what would have been his 94th birthday, I suppose the whimsical Fidel Castro, with a grin on his face as above, would write something akin to this: "I be damned!!! What Celia Sanchez said about who was most responsible for the victory of the Cuban Revolution is still being proven to be true with every passing day." Celia Sanchez, of course, is/was the revolutionary heroine that Fidel Castro literally worshipped and whom he considered as the single most important person in the Cuban Revolution, man or woman.
      The historic quote that the incomparable Celia Sanchez made that the worshipful Fidel Castro most admired was/is: "WE REBELS...GET FAR TOO MUCH CREDIT FOR WINNING THE REVOLUTION. OUR ENEMIES DESERVE MOST OF THE CREDIT, FOR BEING GREEDY COWARDS AND IDIOTS." In other words, Celia Sanchez believed that the extreme greed, brutality, and stupidity of the U.S.-backed/Mafia-backed Batistianos provided rebels like her with the extreme motivation to out-smart and out-FIGHT "our enemies." I believe Celia Sanchez was correct. Much more importantly, Fidel Castro believed she was correct!!!

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