The Journalist That Brands US Cuban Policy Criminal

 From 1952 Till 2021!!!!

     Born in 1968 in Rio de Janeiro, a Brazilian named Carlos LaTuff is the world's top Superstar when it comes to Editorial Cartoons. He also is courageous enough to ubiquitously tell the world that America's Cuban policies are criminal and immoral...and that has been so at least since 1952. That was the year that the United States, the world's most respected democracy, joined the top echelon of the Mafia to support the brutal and thieving Batista dictatorSHIP in Cuba. LaTuff's rationale concludes that the USA's logic was that, in such a dictatorSHIP, many already rich U. S. businessmen and companies could partake in the wholesale rape and robbery of the vulnerable and helpless nation, which was/is the largest and arguably the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. LaTuff is among the unbiased and brave journalists who also believes that Batista, the Mafiosi, and the USA were so confident, as well as so enthralled with their largess, that they stupidly failed to at least toss some crumbs to the majority Cuban peasants. And beyond that, LaTuff seems aware that, as historically documented by countless photos that many of us have published, the mass street marches by outraged Cuban mothers highlighted posters that stated that Batista routinely murdered their children as warnings to the non-Batistiano Cubans not to dissent or even ask for any educational or health help from the dictatorSHIP. Those Mother Marches inspired what history calls the Cuban Revolution, which shocked the world on January 1, 1959, by overthrowing the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorSHIP. But starting in January of 1959 Little Havana in the heart of Miami-USA became a Cuban-powered sanctuary that has, incredibly, surpassed the Batista dictatorSHIP's own lucrative rewards on the island. Moreover, for going on seven decades now, Little Havana and the U. S. government have been engaged an out-out effort to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba, recapture the island, and...uh, you know, uh, "return" DEMOCRACY TO CUBA!!!! Well, uh...LaTuff to this day is even more astounded by Revolutionary Cuba's longevity than its astounding victory back on January 1, 1959. And he sincerely seems to believe that from at least 1952 till 2021 the United States policies regarding Cuba have been both criminal and immoral. In his brilliant international Editorial Cartoons, such as the four I depict below, the great Carlos Latuff has perhaps chronicled the best true portraits and the best documentations of America's shameless conduct regarding the Caribbean's largest island nation.
     Since 2009 when Carlos LaTuff first had this image published worldwide, billions of eyes have seen and studied it. It still shames democracy lovers around the world, but apparently still doesn't shame enough Americans. Therefore, this image best chronicles the world's view of the U. S. economic Embargo against Cuba. In 1962...after three years of assassination attempts, vicious terrorist attacks, and the April-1961 Bay of Pigs military attack HAD ALL FAILED to recapture Cuba...the U. S. began the Embargo that has lasted to this day in this year of 2021. The purpose of the Embargo, according to de-classified U. S. documents, was to starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government.
     As Carlos LaTuff understands, President Obama from 2009 till 2016 has been the only U. S. President to have the intelligence, the guts, and the decency to sincerely try to NORMALIZE RELATIONS WITH CUBA or to try to treat the masses of totally Cubans decently.
     But for sure Carlos LaTuff, as he showed with the gem shown above, realized that all of Obama's decency and sanity towards the Cuban people on the island ended the day Donald Trump, who was totally dictated to by Little Havana extremists, became the U. S. President in January of 2017. With the Editorial above, LaTuff was showing that the Trump presidency even took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to try to finally starve and wipe-out the Cubans on the island. But note...that LaTuff in the above Editorial shows the Cuban doctor in the white clothes to be the true hero as he tried to stand off the vicious genocidal intentions of the United States of America. And so, the great image above by LaTuff, shows that Cuba in 2021 is forced to battle both the USA & COVID-19 as Cubans are left to wonder if Trump's successor, President Biden, will ever end or even lesson the Embargo. LaTuff apparently believes that too many people in Little Havana and elsewhere are making too much money during the Embargo for any U. S. government to end it.
     Of all the Carlos LaTuff Editorial images, this one is said to be the one that has reached into the TOP TWO for worldwide views. It is LaTuff's way of reminding the world that a genocidal economic Embargo-Blockade by a powerful nation against a much-weaker nation impacts children the hardest. Thus this brilliant image by LaTuff of the little Cuban schoolgirl, gleefully and proudly carrying a Cuban flag while gleefully and proudly pounding on the head of the United States, sums up the USA's Embargo against Cuba since 1962. And folks, Carlos LaTuff will be the first to tell you that six+ decades is a LONG, LONG time. And I am brave enough to admit that I'm happy for LaTuff's little Cuban schoolgirl, and I also must admit that I'm very proud of her.



cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story): Note : This particular essay on  Ana Margarita Martinez  was first posted on   Cubaninsider  on November 2nd, 2011. Yet, for some reason...


USA's Cuban Piggybank

 From the 1950's Till 2021!!!

         In this month of February-2021, the first full month of the new Biden administration in Washington, there has been a plethora of headlines such as the one depicted above, especially from the U. S. media aligned with the ultra-rich, ultra-powerful, and ultra-Counter Revolutionary Cuban zealots headquartered in Miami's Little Havana sector. Those media outlets include such entities as the Miami Herald, Miami's tax-funded piggybank Radio-TV Marti operation, and national powerhouses such as the Washington Post, which happens to be owned by Jeff Bezos who happens to be richest person in the history of the entire world and the adopted son of Cuba-born Miguel Bezos. For going on seven decades now, there have been predictions and expectations that the unchecked Little Havana zealots from Miami will recapture Cuba ANY DAY NOW!!! After all, the island of Cuba is a mere 90 miles or so away and Little Havana's quest is supported by the richest and strongest nation in the world and, additionally, it has the massive support of the U. S. treasury, the mainstream U. S. media, and the apathy of the 330 million severely propagandized Americans.
        In that milieu, in these closing days of February-2021, the Cuban leaders who control the financial and political apparatuses in Little Havana and the state of Florida have just completed a massive forum that ended with dire suggestions...warnings...to the post-Trump Biden presidency not to hamper their efforts to overthrow Cuba's revolutionary government...especially now that the genocidal policies of the Little Havana-dictated Trump presidency coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic has supposedly left Cuba totally vulnerable to being recaptured.
          Thus, even as soon as March-2021, Little Havana finally expects to again take control of Havana.
       Even Sarah Marsh's latest article from Havana seems to predict the eminent demise of Revolutionary Cuba by the time February-2021 turns into March-2021. That's important because Sarah is an excellent journalist that is part of the superb London-based Reuters bureau in Havana. This weekend Sarah reported on..."The anti-Cuba anthem featuring Gente de Zona goes viral and sparks Cuban fury. A group of Miami-based Cuban musicians including reggaetón duo Gente de Zona launched an impassioned anthem this week that has gone viral, sparking a furious state response." The song is entitled "Patria y Vida", which means, "Homeland and Life." It is meant to insult Fidel Castro's famous mantra "Patria o Muerte", which means "Homeland or Death." Indeed, powerfully funded and massively promoted, "Homeland and Life" has gone viral, including millions of views on You Tube. The "Patria y Vida" video on You Tube is below, and you can hear the entire song:
      The reaction to the video has apparently even convinced the great Reuters journalist Sarah Marsh in Havana that Little Havana in Miami will soon be back in control of the island. Here is what Sarah Marsh wrote this weekend:
      While even Sarah Marsh of Reuters, a good source from Cuba regarding how the Cuban people are accepting or fearing the U.S.-Cuban conundrum, now believes a reaction to the anti-Cuban song might signify that the last vestiges of the Cuban Revolutionary rule might finally be upon us, but don't believe it. Since January 1, 1959 when the Cuban Revolution booted the U.S.-backed & Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship from Havana-Cuba to Little Havana-USA, there have always, incredibly, been enough Cubans on the island to be willing to fight to the death to prolong the Revolution's grip on the island and resist the USA/Little Havana's attempts to overthrow it. For over six decades Americans who have not been to Cuba have been told that practically every Cuban on the island wants Little Havana & the U. S. to regain control of Cuba. For example, historians are aware that new President Kennedy in 1960 inherited the Bay of Pigs military attack from the Republican Eisenhower administration to recapture Cuba. Kennedy was famously told, "Don't worry, because when the Cuban people realize that the bombs are falling and the U. S. is attacking, they will quickly turn against Fidel Castro and support us." Of course, during the U.S.-Little Havana air-land-and-sea Bay of Pigs attack in April of 1961 that was a propaganda lie and Fidel Castro easily had more support than he needed to thwart the Bay of Pigs debacle. Historians also know that President Kennedy was told, "Don't worry, the moment Fidel Castro realizes that U. S. bombs are falling on Camp Colombia on the edge of Havana, he will race to his getaway airplane." Of course, Fidel was sleeping in revolutionary heroine Celia Sanchez's apartment in Havana when they heard the U. S. bombs beginning to fall on Camp Colombia, and at that moment Fidel began racing toward the southern coastal city of Trinidad and the Bay of Pigs where he and Celia believed the ground assault would land. Incredibly, the two lies President Kennedy were told are similar to the lies the American people have been told since April of 1961.
     Of course, since April of 1961 in the United States the pervasive  Counter Revolutionary propaganda has consistently denied much of U.S.-Cuban history, such as Fidel Castro having a getaway airplane ready in Havana, which he never did have. Thus, as shown above, he himself led the defense of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961. And never having a getaway airplane, Fidel Castro lived in Havana until he died of natural causes at age 90 in 2016.
           And truth be know, to this day in February of 2021 those of us who have been to Cuba know this fact: It is still Fidel Castro's Cuba and that will be true until or when the omnipotent Little Havana forces recapture Cuba. To most Cubans on the island the words "FIDEL SIEMPRE" truly mean "FIDEL ALWAYS."
         Therefore, even in February of 2021 when the aforementioned song mocked Fidel Castro's famous "Homeland or Death" mantra goes viral on You Tube and elsewhere, in the 7th decade since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution it is still Fidel Castro's Cuba. And that is so despite the fact that the determined Counter Revolutionaries in nearby Little Havana for all these years have been backed by the strongest nation and the richest nation in the history of the world. Therefore, if the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959 shocked the world, its longevity has been even more SHOCKING!!! Study the images below, starting with the photo of the great and renowned journalist and Cuban expert Tracey Eaton, to understand and comprehend that, to this very day, a truly staggering amount of U. S. tax dollars are being devoted to overthrowing Cuba and enriching just about anyone who raises their hands and then convinces Little Havana and the U. S. government that they will help overthrow Cuba. The dollar amounts that the great Tracey Eaton obtains are via Freedom of Information searches and he details exact sums, names, etc., or explains the cases in which such information is hidden.

       And, of course, if you don't take time to consult Tracey Eaton's blog Cuba Money Project you will not get posted on the staggering amounts of absolute U. S. tax dollars devoted to Counter Revolutionary projects that have enriched dissidents and their efforts for decades. During the just-ended Trump administration the expensive BAZOOKA BLASTS aimed at Cuba reached new heights but even during the new Biden Administration the rich and often fanatically motivated Counter Revolutionary zealots in Little Havana this week let President Biden know that he must keep them in charge of the USA's extremely lucrative Cuban piggybank. Thus, the ubiquitous Headlines such as the one below, I believe, shame the United States democracy.


cubaninsider: The Media: Cuba vs. USA

cubaninsider: The Media: Cuba vs. USA: Note : The essay below was first published on   Cubaninsider  on October 12, 2018, but on one day in February-2021 it received thousands of...


Cuba Battles COVID & USA

 And Cuba Plans To Survive Both Drastic Perils!!

    The world's best source for news, London's BBC, thankfully has a truly great journalist stationed in Cuba. Will Grant therefore is an antidote for the weakened U. S. mainstream media that has evolved into vast propaganda outlets for well-funded special groups, including those with a special interest since 1959 in recapturing Cuba for the latest generation of Little Havana-based Batistianos. This week the BBC's Will Grant provides another important report from Havana that propagandized Americans need to study...because it reveals how Cuba is trying to survive both the perils the Cuban people know as the genocidal nature of the U. S. Blockade and the pandemic scourge of COVID-19.
      Even in the last few days of the Little Havana-aligned Trump presidency, the U. S. was adding more genocidal policies to harm masses of Cuban families, shamefully taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to further turn the screws against Cuban families. But the headline above and the above excerpts from Will Grant's latest BBC article from Havana speaks of "Optimism as Cuba is set to test its own Covid vaccine." As he points out, Cuba's reputation in the past "30 years of experience in biotechnology and immunology" is cause for hope for the Cuban people.
      The director of Cuba's renowned Finlay Institute, Dr. Vincente Verez Bencomo, told the BBC's Will Grant, "Our plan is to, of course, first immunize our population. Moving to commercial production of Soberana 2 is our plan because we must provide totally free education and healthcare for our people. We plan to have 100 million does during 2021."
      The Pan American Health Organization's representative in Cuba, Dr. Jose Moya, told the BBC's Will Grant, "We are very optimistic that Cuba's vaccine will soon help the Cuban people and also help others get past the pandemic."
     Because of the Pandemic Cuba was forced to close its airports back in March and, believing it had a handle on COVID-19, the island reopened its airports to international visitors on November 15th, 2020. Since then the cases and deaths from the virus have surged drastically.
      Cubans depend on their television anchors to keep them updated on COVID-19 and, as you can see above by the photo and graphic, news anchor Rosy Amaro had the sad duty today -- Feb. 17-2021 -- to report that three more Cubans had died in the past 24 hours from COVID-19 with 824 more positive cases detected and 608 patients released from hospitals.
      Meanwhile, the Soberana vaccine painstakingly being groomed and tested in Havana by the Finlay Institute will hopefully soon help Cubans on the island survive the two perils that the BBC's great journalist in Cuba, Will Grant, wrote about this week in a major international article. The immediate peril is COVID-19. The ongoing, everlasting, and long-term peril is the genocidal U. S. Blockade. Since March of 2020 COVID-19 has threatened Cuban families. Since January of 1962 the U. S. Blockade has threatened Cuban families while also highlighting a massive shame it is inflicting on America and its Democracy. Of course, any day now the embargo-blockade might help another generation of Batistiano Cubans in Little Havana to finally recapture the island!!!


Biden Changes Trump's Cuba Policy

                                    At Least A Beginning Is Happening!!

        In the last few days of the Trump presidency, the last of an horrendous array of genocidal policies against Cuban families were implemented on behalf of the Counter Revolutionary Cuban extremists in Little Havana and Washington. That included putting Cuba on the short list of Sponsors of Terrorism and cutting off over 400 Western Union offices in Cuba that handled cash remittances from the U. S. that Cuban families sorely needed. While such things as removing Cuba from the dastardly Terrorism List will take more time, today -- Feb. 15, 2021 -- the new U. S. President Joe Biden began starting to show some compassion for Cuban families on the island. Here is what the Cuban media today told the Cuban people what Biden did today.
     As told to the Cuban people today, the Biden administration in Washington will end at least some of the Trump presidency's stoppage of the Western Union remittances to Cuban families on the island, and also ease some of Trump's blockage of business and travel relations with the island. The Cuban people are also being told that President Biden still "faces strong resistance in Congress from members who oppose détente with Cuba and that Trump left numerous obstacles, such as formally declaring the island as a state sponsor of terrorism, which takes time and a lot of bureaucratic red tape, to reverse."
     But still controversial and deeply entrenched U. S. Senators...one from Newark and the other from Miami, the two strongest Counter Revolutionary Cuban enclaves...can dictate Cuban policies to not only to all Republican presidents but also, at times, to even Democratic Presidents like Joe Biden. Bob Menendez, the vicious Cuban-American U. S. Senator from New Jersey, is a Democrat and Marco Rubio, the Republican U. S. Senator from Florida, are both mired with major controversies from their home bases but they also are entrenched in their Congressional jobs for as long as they choose. For example, the U. S. government spent countless months and countless dollars investigating Menendez for multiple crimes involving Miami and the Dominican Republic and then charged him with those crimes in a Newark federal courtroom, but Menendez was acquitted by a hung jury verdict. Federal authorities decided the charges were so serious that they said they would take the time and expense to hold a second trial, but later decided not to do so because they expected another very expensive hung jury result. After his acquittal, Menendez, of course, quickly was reelected to another 6-year term in the U. S. Senate and today Menendez is the ultra-powerful Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- which, of course, puts him in charge of many issues regarding Cuba, a sovereign and foreign country. Even beyond Menendez's controversial background, Senator Rubio from Little Havana/Miami has been described, by well-respected investigative journalist Ken Silverstein, as the most corrupt politician in Washington: "When it comes to sheer brazen corruption, chicanery and dishonesty there is one candidate who stands head and shoulders above everyone else and that is the right-wing Cuban-American and the darling Senator Marco Rubio of -- naturally -- the great state of Florida. Mr. Rubio's entire public image is less tethered to reality than The Wizard of Oz." In other words, as long as Newark and Miami have Counter Revolutionary Cubans such as Menendez & Rubio in positions of power within the bowels of the U. S. government, the families of Cubans on the island will always be in dire straits, even with a Democrat like Joe Biden as the President and Commander-in-Chief.
       Of course, the scathing federal trial involving Senator Bob Menendez and the scathing Ken Silverstein bio that included many minutely detailed facts about Senator Marco Rubio in no way hampered the work of the U. S. Congress's most powerful and most vicious Cuban Counter Revolutionary perpetrators and benefactors within the bowels of the United States government. You see, when it comes to making political and economic hay from cultivating and fleecing America's vast CUBAN COTTAGE INDUSTRY, the schemes and shenanigans are now so engrained in the U. S. culture and psyche that it is now a totally legal absorption of morality.



CNN Spotlights Cuba In Busy Week

 Precursor of Biden Cuban Overtures?

       Even this week -- this second week of Feb.-2021 -- as CNN is obsessed with the 2nd Congressional Impeachment trial of former President Trump -- CNN has provided major airtime for its excellent correspondent based in Havana, Patrick Oppmann
      Patrick Oppmann opines, in the last sentence depicted above, that "Cuba's endlessly inventive and long suffering entrepreneurs will be watching to see what happens." Unfortunately, of course, so will some powerful people, even in President Biden's own Democratic Party, who profit from being {or answering to} Counter Cuban Revolutionary forces in the United States.
     In his CNN report from Havana Patrick Oppmann mentioned that long-time {since 1975} Senator Patrick Leahy has co-sponsored yet another bill in the U. S. Senate designed to finally overthrow the U. S. Embargo/Blockade against Cuba. But, yet again, the cruelty and insanity of the Embargo/Blockade within the bowels of the U. S. democracy has for decades been fueled by the greed or revenge that a few powerful Cuban-Americans and their sycophants derive from maintaining it.
   While CNN's Havana-based journalist Patrick Oppmann provides fair reports from Cuba on U.S.-Cuban affairs, so does the BBC's excellent journalist Will Grant. Below the gist of Will Grant's article this week is all about Cuba's effort to energize its economy during the Age of COVID-19 that has been coupled with the Trump administration's dire efforts in the past four years to totally wipe it out. Those twin perils in the past year have reduced the overall Cuban economy by another 11%. Below read what the BBC's Will Grant says the island is trying to do about it.
     The BBC's Will Grant, as well as Patrick Oppmann of CNN, this week reported fairly on what the Cuban government is implementing to help entrepreneurs revive the economy, and as well as reporting on how the Cuban people are reacting to the changes.
      Another good source for fair journalism regarding US-Cuban relations is Reuters's Marc Frank, a great journalist who has been based in Cuba for decades. This week his latest article reported on significant efforts by the Cuban government to help small business entrepreneurs.
     In his great book CUBAN REVELATIONS, Marc Frank discussed many of the revelations he gained from actually living for many years among the Cuban people on the island, such as these succinct words:
     Patrick Oppmann, Will Grant, and Marc Frank are...for sure...three fair-minded journalists who report real news from Cuba. Of course, most U. S. sources...such as The Miami Herald, Miami's Radio-TV Marti, The Washington Post, etc., are dispensers of only anti-Cuban propaganda...which makes real journalists such as Oppmann, Grant, and Frank all that much more important for finding the truth about U.S.-Cuban relations.
     Actually, most of the 11.2 million Cubans on the island are now geared to ubiquitous Internet social media platforms to discuss their lives and opinions, including complaints about the government if they feel like it. And most of the 11.2 million Cubans depend on and have learned to accept as true and viable the news and its efficacy that they get from state radio, television, and newspaper sources. TV anchors such as Rosy Amaro shown above are well educated and talented journalists who live with the people and understand that if their newscasts and reporters are not honest with the people that their listeners, viewers, and readers will know...and let them know about it. Rosy Amaro, for example, is a star on Cubavision International News but on both social media and on the airways she has criticized the government when she feels everyday Cubans are treated unfairly.
    Now entrepreneurs in Cuba, such as these farmers in Vinales Valley, are getting more support from the government to expand their businesses and profit more from their efforts.
     In the United States no one has worked more tirelessly than powerful Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont to bring sanity to the insane and self-serving U. S. policies regarding Cuba that, for all these decades, have been crafted to enrich and empower a minority of rather unholy and greedy individuals. As noted by fair journalists, such as those mentioned above, Senator Leahy this week noted the entrepreneurial changes taking place in Cuba and said again: "This is long overdue and it's welcome news, and the United States should finally affirm that the Embargo, from 1962, was never intended to last forever and to forever penalize private families and private enterprise in Cuba. In this year of 2021 if we cannot fairly and honestly deal with that it says more about us than it says about Cuba. Or we, permit me to say, too mired in having created too many generations of people who have profited immensely from such insanity and cruelty."
      Cubans on the island, such as the ones shown above arriving in Havana on a train, have been pawns for centuries...for sure since the 1898 Spanish-American War that transferred dominance of the island from Spain to the United States from 1898 to 1959. In 1903 the U. S. exercised its prerogative and stole the plush Guantanamo Bay, where to this day the U. S. has an unwanted military base there along with an infamous prison. And in 1952 why and how did the U. S. democracy team with the highest echelon Mafia leaders to support the brutal Batista dictatorship. {And why hasn't the U. S. democracy never had to really explain such things??}. Of course, since 1959 Revolutionary Cuba has dominated the island but, for sure, almost seven decades of trying to recapture the island while destroying or  punishing the people who live on the island has created a vastly lucrative Cottage Industry in the United States even though somehow the pugnacious island has held off the world's Superpower FOR ALL THESE DECADES. Of course, in the U. S. only the few prime benefactors are generally allowed opinions about that dichotomous dilemma but, if truth be known, in the Internet Age we can now assume, for example, that the young man in the red shirt and wearing the COVID mask above has a Smart Phone and knows not only what his own government is doing to affect his life but also he knows what the U. S. government is doing to affect his life. The point I make is this: That young man shown above has opinions, and his opinions are IMPORTANT too. And, in fact, his parents and grandparents also have opinions that self-serving Americans don't think they should be allowed to have!!!

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story) : Note : This particular essay on  Ana Margarita Martinez  was first ...