Monday, February 15, 2021

Biden Changes Trump's Cuba Policy

                                    At Least A Beginning Is Happening!!

        In the last few days of the Trump presidency, the last of an horrendous array of genocidal policies against Cuban families were implemented on behalf of the Counter Revolutionary Cuban extremists in Little Havana and Washington. That included putting Cuba on the short list of Sponsors of Terrorism and cutting off over 400 Western Union offices in Cuba that handled cash remittances from the U. S. that Cuban families sorely needed. While such things as removing Cuba from the dastardly Terrorism List will take more time, today -- Feb. 15, 2021 -- the new U. S. President Joe Biden began starting to show some compassion for Cuban families on the island. Here is what the Cuban media today told the Cuban people what Biden did today.
     As told to the Cuban people today, the Biden administration in Washington will end at least some of the Trump presidency's stoppage of the Western Union remittances to Cuban families on the island, and also ease some of Trump's blockage of business and travel relations with the island. The Cuban people are also being told that President Biden still "faces strong resistance in Congress from members who oppose d├ętente with Cuba and that Trump left numerous obstacles, such as formally declaring the island as a state sponsor of terrorism, which takes time and a lot of bureaucratic red tape, to reverse."
     But still controversial and deeply entrenched U. S. from Newark and the other from Miami, the two strongest Counter Revolutionary Cuban enclaves...can dictate Cuban policies to not only to all Republican presidents but also, at times, to even Democratic Presidents like Joe Biden. Bob Menendez, the vicious Cuban-American U. S. Senator from New Jersey, is a Democrat and Marco Rubio, the Republican U. S. Senator from Florida, are both mired with major controversies from their home bases but they also are entrenched in their Congressional jobs for as long as they choose. For example, the U. S. government spent countless months and countless dollars investigating Menendez for multiple crimes involving Miami and the Dominican Republic and then charged him with those crimes in a Newark federal courtroom, but Menendez was acquitted by a hung jury verdict. Federal authorities decided the charges were so serious that they said they would take the time and expense to hold a second trial, but later decided not to do so because they expected another very expensive hung jury result. After his acquittal, Menendez, of course, quickly was reelected to another 6-year term in the U. S. Senate and today Menendez is the ultra-powerful Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- which, of course, puts him in charge of many issues regarding Cuba, a sovereign and foreign country. Even beyond Menendez's controversial background, Senator Rubio from Little Havana/Miami has been described, by well-respected investigative journalist Ken Silverstein, as the most corrupt politician in Washington: "When it comes to sheer brazen corruption, chicanery and dishonesty there is one candidate who stands head and shoulders above everyone else and that is the right-wing Cuban-American and the darling Senator Marco Rubio of -- naturally -- the great state of Florida. Mr. Rubio's entire public image is less tethered to reality than The Wizard of Oz." In other words, as long as Newark and Miami have Counter Revolutionary Cubans such as Menendez & Rubio in positions of power within the bowels of the U. S. government, the families of Cubans on the island will always be in dire straits, even with a Democrat like Joe Biden as the President and Commander-in-Chief.
       Of course, the scathing federal trial involving Senator Bob Menendez and the scathing Ken Silverstein bio that included many minutely detailed facts about Senator Marco Rubio in no way hampered the work of the U. S. Congress's most powerful and most vicious Cuban Counter Revolutionary perpetrators and benefactors within the bowels of the United States government. You see, when it comes to making political and economic hay from cultivating and fleecing America's vast CUBAN COTTAGE INDUSTRY, the schemes and shenanigans are now so engrained in the U. S. culture and psyche that it is now a totally legal absorption of morality.


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