Saturday, February 6, 2021

Little Havana Fights Biden's Havana Overture

 As Biden Appoints A Key ENGAGE-Cuba Person!!!

     As the Democrat Joe Biden has replaced the Republican Donald Trump as the U. S. President, the rich and politically powerful faction that rules Little Havana in Miami wants to remain in control of the USA's lucrative CUBAN POLICIES. That includes the Miami Herald's Editorial Editor Fabiola Santiago. She was born in Matanzas, Cuba, but arrived in Miami on one of the "Freedom Flights" in 1969. That meant her privileges came gushing in from three powerful sources -- Cuban exiles, the Catholic Church, and the United States government. By 1980 the young Fabiola Santiago had a nice job at the Miami Herald and was primed to write Counter Revolutionary books that major publishers such as Simon & Schuster were eager to unleash on the world. Now as the long-time Editorialist at the Miami Herald she still relishes being a rich and powerful Cuban-American in Miami but she still appears to promote the notion that Cubans on the island should continue to be exploited, starved, and made miserable so Congress and all Republican administrations can continue to enrich and empower Little Havana. In that vein during this first weekend of February-2021, below is the powerful headline from Fabiola Santiago's latest Editorial in the Miami Herald.
     In studying that headline above, I realize that, once again, Fabiola Santiago is promoting the lucrative notion that the USA's Cuban policies should be dictated by Little Havana without any regard for how the 11.2 million Cubans on the island feel about it. As you see below, Ms. Santiago is suggesting...warning?...that President Biden, like Trump, should permit Little Havana to dictate the USA's Cuban policies.
     In the portion of the Editorial above Fabiola Santiago pinpoints why the ultra-rich and ultra-powerful Cubans in Little Havana should dictate the USA's Cuban policies. "Biden needs us and our expertise," she wrote. "Cubans in Cuba need us to advocate for them." Those two sanctimonious sentences ignore the fact that 11.2 million Cubans in Cuba should not be allowed to think for themselves about what they want. In other words, Ms. Santiago implies that most Cubans on the island grave a return of the Batistiano-Mafiosi dictatorship that preceded the 1959 victory of the Cuban Revolution. Those of us who have been to Cuba, and those who take time to read the now ubiquitous comments of Cubans on Social Media platforms, have and can detect that most Cubans on the island actually prefer Revolutionary Cuba to what they know of or remember about the Batista-Mafia rule of Cuba. As Ms. Santiago knows, Trump for the past four years gave 100% control of the USA's Cuban policies to only the most self-serving Little Havana Counter Revolutionary zealots such as Rubio, Claver-Carone, and Diaz-Balart. But the new Biden presidency has, at least, just named a life-long advocate of U.S.-Cuban decency and engagement to a significant position in the U. S. State Department. Thus, Emily Mendrala will have decent input from her post as Deputy Secretary in the State Department regarding Cuba and the Western Hemisphere. Of course, Ms. Santiago is not a fan of Emily you can see below in the aforementioned Santiago Editorial.
       But on its official website the U. S. State Department, as shown below, described Emily Mendrala.   
     And the U. S. State Department used the photo, as shown below, of Emily Mendrala and provided this synopsis of her career. It includes the last four when she was the Executive Director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas where her primary focus was always on promoting decent engagement between the United States and Cuba.
     Of course, decent engagement with Cuba by the United States, as promoted by Emily Mendrala, would ease the cruel and genocidal targeting of Cubans on the island by self-serving Cubans in Little Havana.
      This photo of the Miami Herald's powerful Editorial Writer Fabiola Santiago is courtesy of her powerful publisher, Simon & Shuster.
     This photo of Emily Mendrala is the one used on the U. S. State Department's website. It showed Emily during her 4-year term as the leader of the Washington-based Center for Democracy in the Americas where she steadfastly exhibited  her fervent desire to bring sanity and decency to U.S.-Cuban relations. Now as a pertinent member of President Biden's State Department, she hopefully can continue those endeavors.
    Emily Mendrala's mentor was/is Sarah Stephens, who founded the Center for Democracy in the Americas in 2006 and led it till Emily took over in 2017. From its beginning, the Center for Democracy in the Americas had a prime focus -- normalizing relations between the U. S. and Cuba. But, of course, brilliant and decent Americans like Sarah and Emily have always faced powerful obstacles because...Batista's Cuba in Havana back in the 1950's and Batistiano's Cuba in Little Havana from 1959 till February of 2021 has been and CONTINUES to be a vast piggybank and power base for too many Cubans and too many Americans.
        In other words, the superbly talented and decent Emily Mendrala -- and fair-minded Americans like her -- have always faced massive obstacles when it comes to bringing decency and sanity to the USA's relations with Cuba, the Caribbean's largest and most luscious island nation. That is NOT LIKELY to change in the foreseeable future, even with a Democrat {Biden} replacing the latest Republican {Trump} in Washington's White House. And if you disagree with that analysis, study the five photos directly below. {You don't have to agree or disagree with them, but at least study them for a few seconds}.

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