Terror Offensive Against Cuba

A Miami Cuban Is Ashamed!!
      The Editor of Progreso Weekly in Miami, Alfaro Fernandez, this past weekend penned a gripping article entitled: "Beating Back The American Terror Offensive Against Cuba." What many believe to be genocidal terror against Cuban families has particularly been in effect since June-2019 when President Trump activated Title 3 of Helms-Burton, which is clearly so cruel and genocidal against innocent people in a vulnerable nation that not even the George W. Bush administration would activate it to appease the ultra-powerful Little Havana extremists in Miami. But Trump, believing it will gift him with Florida's pivotal 29 Electoral Votes that he would need for his reelection, shamefully activated Title 3 on June 4th, 2019. Meanwhile, Trump is trying desperately to avoid impeachment that is being fueled by the rich and omnipotent left-wing U. S. media -- CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. All those powerful media sources spend most of their time and energy digging up dirt on Trump, and most of the 535-member U. S. Congress devotes most of its time and energy trying to impeach Trump, which will likely happen in the 434-member House but then get blocked in the 100-member Republican-controlled Senate. In that milieu, the left-wing U. S. media is TOO AFRAID to hold Title 3's "Terror Offensive" against innocent Cubans against Trump. But, of course, Miami journalist Alfaro Fernandez has the courage to do so. BUT WHY IS THE MAINSTREAM U. S. MEDIA SO AFRAID TO BLAME TRUMP FOR TITLE 3'S TERROR?? Could the answer possibly be..."Emilio Milian?"
     As the top Cuban-American newsman in Miami, Emilio Milian railed passionately against Cuban terrorism against innocent Cubans on the island. He was then silenced by a car bomb, an historic fact that still, perhaps, resonates as a message to the media.
      To this very day, every Cuban in Miami knows precisely why, as a journalist who denounced terrorism against innocent Cubans, Emilio Milian was car-bombed. Not surprisingly, no one was ever charged with the crime.
     Today's Editor of the Miami-based Progreso Weekly, the very brave and decent Alfaro Hernandez, has compassion for the grossly targeted Cubans on the island and he urges the majority of Cuban-Americans who agree with him to have the courage to do something about Title 3's Terror. It is obvious that the U. S. democracy and the mainstream U. S. media do not have such courage. In his article entitled "Beating Back the American Terror Offensive Against Cuba," Mr. Hernandez wrote these exact words: "It is why I believe that Cuba emigres, especially those living in the United States, must make it our task to help our brothers and sisters there. The U. S. cannot accept that Cuba refuses to bow to its giant neighbor, which sees it as a hard-to-control and petulant child that must be taught a lesson. It is why we must create a campaign of Cubans living abroad opposed to the brutal U. S. blockade. If the U. S. Congress will not help, then we must take it upon ourselves to do so. We must show the world the love we have for our families. We will peacefully beat back the 60-year-old American terror against Cuba."

     The Progreso Weekly, to illustrate the aforementioned article by Editor Alfaro Hernandez, published the above graphic. It strongly suggests that "THE BLOCKADE AGAINST CUBA EQUALS TERRORISM." The blockade has existed for six decades but the June-2019 activation of Title 3/Helms-Burton has clearly emphasized the "Terrorism" aspect to it in the name of the Superpower United States.
       Can Americans justify this "genocidio" image just because Little Havana extremists in Miami have an iron-grip around the throat of the Republican Party in America's two-party political system?????
         Are American citizens and the mainstream U. S. media too afraid to admit that Title 3/Helms-Burton is being used as a "legal" genocidal mechanism against totally innocent Cuban families on the island?
      How many more decades will a mere handful of Cuban-exile extremists in the U. S. be able to prevent Cubans and Americans from becoming "Good Friends" the way close neighbors should be??????
      Miami journalist Alfaro Hernandez says that a Superpower FOREIGN NATION, the United States, is committing a "Terror Offensive" against Cuban children on the island like the three shown above. I wonder how proud that makes the 325 million Americans who don't live in the Little Havana section of Miami feel??????


Starve Cuba While Cashing In

Little Havana's Cuban Gold Mines!!
Photo credit: Reuters/Alexandre Meneghini.
        This last week in Sept.-2019 the rich and insatiably greedy Miami lawyers in Little Havana apparently discovered this smoky little field in Ciro Redondo, Cuba, where Marabu is being burned to make charcoal. BINGO!! "Now that Trump has given us Florida courtrooms to sue Cuba and anyone who deals with Cuba for whatever we want to sue them for, this little field is worth billions of easy dollars for Little Havana." That, folks, is how it is and merely reflects the fact that Little Havana Counter Revolutionary extremists have deadly choke-holds around the throats of all Republican administrations, especially Trump's. Trump is the only Republican president that activated Title 3-Helms-Burton, which legalizes starvation-like genocide against innocent Cuban families on the island while also creating an endless string of Gold Mines for not-so-innocent Little Havana denizens in Miami. And so, Cuban charcoal and anyone associated with it is now the focus of the latest Florida courtroom lawsuit designed to, first off, create more millionaires and billionaires in Little Havana while, secondarily, adding to the genocidal starvation of Cuban families on the island.
      In all Republican administrations since 1959, only extreme Cuban exiles have had input into fashioning Cuban policies in the United States. Into 2019 that leaves out decent Cuban experts such as John Kavulich, the President of the U.S.-CUBA TRADE & ECONOMIC COUNCIL. Kavulich on Sept. 26-2019 told Reuters that the filing of the charcoal lawsuit is just the start for the Little Havana lawyers because anyone touched by charcoal will also be sued, including the Florida-based Fogo Charcoal Company. Kavulich added these two sentences: "Will the next charcoal defendant be Crawley Linter Services, which transported the charcoal to the United States? FedEX that delivered some of the charcoal?"
      The High Administrator at the 28-nation European Union, Federica Mogherini, has pointed out anew that the United States is the only nation in the world that takes "it's Cuban dictations" from only self-serving Cuban exile extremists. Mogherini defines the USA's Cuban policy as "exceptionally cruel, exceeding illegal, and in acute defiance of international law." Because of Trump's recent activation of Title 3, Mogherini said the EU, along with Canada, is greatly strengthening its already tough laws to protect its companies and citizens from Cuban extremists and their courtrooms in the USA. Spain's Melia Hotels, for example, has had close ties to Cuba for decades and continues to expand them. Melia, of course, is being sued in a Florida courtroom on behalf of Title 3 and Little Havana. If, say, the verdict against Melia is a trillion dollars, even with the new Title 3 legality, don't expect Little Havana to collect it. YET WITH ITS TOTAL GRIP ON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND ITS EASY INTIMIDATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, LITTLE HAVANA--BASED PRECEDENTS FROM FLORIDA COURTS PORTEND THAT "FROZEN ASSETS AND U.S. TAX DOLLARS" CAN STEP INTO THE BREACH. Decent world leaders, such as Federica Mogherini, consider that "exceedingly illegal" and, of course, they are 100% correct.
    On January 1, 1959, the Cuban Revolution chased the Havana Mob out of Havana all the way to nearby Miami. Although the U. S. government had supported that vile dictatorship on Cuban soil so rich Americans could partake of the looting, Democracy-lovers around the world to this day are astonished that it has been supported by the U. S. government on American soil. But, in essence, that's what turned soon-to-be ultra-rich Miami into Little Havana!!


cubaninsider: Gutter Attack on Cuba Families

cubaninsider: Gutter Attack on Cuba Families: By Right-Wing   Trump  Supporter !!    A bully and thuggish right-wing Trump supporter named  Benny Johnson  is using his   Twitter  a...

cubaninsider: Gutter Attack on Cuba Families

cubaninsider: Gutter Attack on Cuba Families: By Right-Wing   Trump  Supporter !!    A bully and thuggish right-wing Trump supporter named  Benny Johnson  is using his   Twitter  a...

Gutter Attack on Cuba Families

By Right-Wing Trump Supporter!!
   A bully and thuggish right-wing Trump supporter named Benny Johnson is using his Twitter account to mock Cuban families trying to survive the Trump administration's activation of Title 3 of the infamous Helms-Burton Act. Even the George W. Bush presidency refused to activate Title 3 because it is far too genocidal against families in a small nation, but Trump did so as a trade-off for Florida's 29 Electoral Votes in his 2020 re-election bid. At 10:22 P. M., Sept. 19, 2019, Benny Johnson posted the following Tweet complete with photos such as the one above:
        "I just returned from Cuba. What would your 'supermarket' look like on socialism?
         This is the fascist 'supermarket' in Havana. Notice anything odd?
         Ailes ae filled with goods having NO VARIETY AT ALL.
         No competition.
         No choice.
         No hope.
         SHARE so @Bernie Sanders & @AOC see this."

       Thugs like Benny Johnson seem to relish tormenting families in this island nation by hiding behind the skirts of the world's Superpower, and also find macabre joy in the digital age by flourishing their thuggery. In America's two-party political system, the Republican Party, dating back to the 1950's, has been tightly aligned with the Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba and, since 1959, also with two generations who fled the victorious Cuban Revolution to quickly and long-lastingly re-establish their new capital, little Havana, in nearby Miami. With a ruthless reputation and far more Mafia money than was needed, the Batistianos easily overwhelmed Miami economically and politically, including criminal activities such as the enormously lucrative drug trade. Strongly supported by the U. S. government, the Batistianos expected to recapture Cuba within a matter of Months. But after the humiliating failure of the April-1961 military attack known as the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban exiles and the U. S. devised policies, according to declassified documents, to starve, deprive, and make miserable the lives of Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their government themselves. But that didn't happen because the last thing the Cuban people wanted then or now was/is a return of the Batistianos and the Mafiosi. In 1962 the U. S. imposed an economic embargo/blockade that exists to this day, easily establishing it as history's all-time longest and cruelest economic embargo ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much-weaker nation. With America's incomparable worldwide economic might and influence, surely much larger nations than Cuba could NOT have survived six decades of a fiercely enforced U. S. economic embargo. But somehow Revolutionary Cuba has. Yet, heartless right-wing thugs like Benny Johnson get their kicks from flying to Cuba and then using their Twitter accounts to mock Cuba for not having supermarkets as well-stocked as America's.
     Truth be known, Benny Johnson's making fun of Cuban families trying to survive Title 3/Helms-Burton has gotten a strong negative reaction, even by many Trump supporters, some of whom actually oppose genocide against totally innocent Cuban families.
      The Cuban working 24-hours-a-day to help families on the island survive the genocidal intentions of Title 3/Helms-Burton is a determined lady named Betsy Diaz. Her important title is Minister of Interior Commerce. She regularly appears on state media to inform the people what she is doing on their behalf. At one point, when she got to explaining where she had to outline restrictions on certain products vital to Cuban families, tears unashamedly flushed down her face. But before she finished the update, Betsy Diaz bravely and determinedly ended her update with these words: "Three generations of Cuban families have faced genocidal attempts by unsavory people protected by the world superpower. My news tonight does not belittle that fact. But we have no alternative to what we have always done since, in 1959, the Batista and Mafia people resettled in Miami, reshaping that democracy far more than it has reshaped Revolutionary Cuba. Will we survive Trump and Title 3? Yes, we will survive because there is no alternative." Betsy was referencing a return of the Batistianos.
      With the Batistianos-Mafiosi having a firm grip on both the Republican Party and the Cuban narrative in the USA, Americans are told that Cubans like the child-loving Betsy Diaz are the "bad guys" while rich Cuban thugs who perpetuate things like Title 3/Helms-Burton are the "good guys" and American thugs like Benny Johnson who mock and target Cuban children are the "good guys." Decent, democracy-loving Americans believe that such gross distortions say a lot more about the USA than about Cuba. Yet, it appears that decent, democracy-loving Americans are powerless in wiping such things as Title 3/Helms-Burton from the cancer-riven bowels of the U. S. government.


cubaninsider: RUBIO: Batista-like Dictator

cubaninsider: RUBIO: Batista-like Dictator: On   USA  Soil, Not  Cuba's !!! { UPDATED :  Saturday, September 21st,  2019 }      At his pro-Hispanic speech this week in Rio R...


cubaninsider: RUBIO: Batista-like Dictator

cubaninsider: RUBIO: Batista-like Dictator: On   USA  Soil, Not  Cuba's !!!      At his pro-Hispanic speech this week in Rio Rancho, New Mexico,  President Trump  threw out o...

RUBIO: Batista-like Dictator

On USA Soil, Not Cuba's!!!
{UPDATED: Saturday, September 21st, 2019}
     At his pro-Hispanic speech this week in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, President Trump threw out one line that was both ignorant and clearly anti-American/anti-Democracy but was designed for Little Havana in Miami to deliver him Florida's pivotal 29 Electoral Votes for his 2020 re-election. This was the line: "Miami Cubans gave me the Bay of Pigs Award." In April of 1961 the USA/Cuban Exiles launched a land-air-and-sea military attack on Revolutionary Cuba. Known to history as the Bay of Pigs, it resulted in a resounding victory for the Cuban rebels and a humiliating defeat for the Cuban Exiles and the United States of America. But back in Little Havana with firm, authoritative control of the Cuban narrative in the USA, the Cuban exiles from the ousted Batista-Mafia dictatorship have continued...right into September of 2019...their brutal distortion of U.S.-Cuban history, something democracy-lovers never thought would be allowed to demean America and Democracy for all these decades. Yes, with his latest snicker to Democracy and America, Trump in the above New Mexico speech this week said, "Miami Cubans gave me the Bay of Pigs Award." AND GUESS WHAT? Americans, including Democracy-lovers, are supposed to accept such things with barely a whimper.
     It becomes more-and-more obvious that Little Marco Rubio, Little Havana's contribution to the U. S. Senate, envisions himself as a 3-pronged Latin American dictator -- Cuba, of course, but also Cuban allies Venezuela and Nicaragua. At one time Little Marco sent a 3-word threatening Tweet to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel that said: "See You Soon." That was months ago when Little Marco was sure he had executed a coup in Venezuela, and he was warning Diaz-Canel that he would be next.
  It is well-known that Little Marco hates President Trump and Trump hates Little Marco but in America's two-party, money-crazed political system Trump knows he needs Florida's 29 Electoral Votes for his 2020 re-election. Believing Little Havana in Miami will deliver unto him those pivotal Electoral Votes, Trump essentially named Little Marco the USA's Cuban dictator. As a Little Havana denizen, Little Marco has built his lucrative economic and political career on selling out to only the most extremists of two generations of Cuban Counter Revolutionaries zealots in Little Havana.
          Once wads of Little Havana money got Little Marco to the U. S. Senate, he cultivated tons of other financial donors. As Trump himself pointed out, they supposedly include every Jewish multi-billionaire Little Marco could find.
      The banner above pulled by a plane -- "SHAME ON YOU MARCO RUBIO & NRA" -- circled over Little Marco's Little Havana region after a horrific school shooting, pointing out the millions-of-NRA-donations Little Marco treasures.
     Of course, it appears to be known to all journalists and politicians in Washington that Little Marco is so unchecked as America's Cuban dictator in this latest Republican administration that he can funnel untold amounts of tax dollars to Little Havana in Miami and to the best-known Cuban dissidents on the island, not to mention to Miami's many recipients such as the infamous Radio TV-Marti anti-Cuban propaganda machine. The tax dollars that flowed since the 1980's to Little Havana's Radio-TV Marti, the laughable anti-Cuba propaganda machine, proves the powerful hold a handful of extremist Cubans have on America's political apparatus, not so unlike the grip Batista-Luciano-Lansky had on Cuba back in the 1950's. Soon after Little Marco was allowed to dictate the USA's Cuban policy, his old mentor {Havana-born former Miami mayor Tomas Regalado} became the very high-priced boss at...you GUESSED IT...Radio-TV Marti.
     Of course, Tomas Regalado has spawned a lot Counter Revolutionary Cubans such as Marco Rubio. Regalado was born in Havana 72 years ago and his dominance of Little Havana in Miami left him as Mayor of Miami from 2009 to 2017. Radio -TV Marti, totally funded by torrents of tax dollars from Washington, is famed for providing lucrative salaries and bonuses to Counter Revolutionary Cubans. So, it was no surprise that Rubio, once Trump as a gigantic trade-off let him dictate the USA's Cuban policy, put his mentor in charge of the luscious Counter Revolutionary propaganda machine Radio-TV Marti. BUT GUESS WHAT? Regalado has resigned following a series of, uh...scandals. That in itself, of course, is mind-boggling!!! Scandals in Miami causing a Counter Revolutionary Havana-born Cuban to resign? Incredibe...absolutely incredible!!!
      One of the scandals at Radio-TV Marti that apparently caused Tomas Regalado to resign involved his son, Tomas Regalado Jr. As shown above, the Miami media actually reported it, which is also incredible.
      Also this week the Pinocchio-nosed President Trump kicked more Cuban diplomats out of the United Nations and restricted the travel of others. This is the President who, back in June, activated Title 3 of Helms-Burton, a provision that is so genocidal against totally innocent families on the island that not even the George W. Bush presidency would activate it. Of course, genocide against Cubans on the island IS ALWAYS the secondary purpose of such provisions. ALWAYS the first purpose is to make rich lawyers and other Republican-aligned extremists in Little Havana much richer via pipelines of tax dollars and lawsuits.
    With the definitive graphic above, the Miami-based Progreso Weekly makes a salient point that Americans should have the courage to react to and then do something about it. Yes, when a Pinocchio-nosed Marco Rubio can tell Pinocchio-nosed President Trump to commit genocide against Cubans on the island and to keep tons of tax dollars flowing to Little Havana extremists, it's a reminder that democracy-loving Americans may be bigger losers than the grossly targeted Cubans. "MARCO RUBIO, TRUMPIFIED AND USING THE LANGUAGE OF DEMOCRACY TO SUBVERT DEMOCRACY."


cubaninsider: Miami's Cuban Propaganda

cubaninsider: Miami's Cuban Propaganda: Reminiscent of   Batista's  Cuba  in 1950's !!       A new movie --   "Wasp Network"  -- hasn't appeared in the...

Miami's Cuban Propaganda

Reminiscent of Batista's Cuba in 1950's!!
      A new movie -- "Wasp Network" -- hasn't appeared in theaters yet but in two Film Festivals it has already received rave reviews. Also, it chronicles a fact of life about how much the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959, continues to define a reshaped U. S. democracy in September of 2019. After the popular rebel uprising in Cuba overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship and created a Little Havana rule in Miami, extreme Miami-based propaganda has become a way of life in America, among other drastic alterations of the U. S. democracy. "Wasp Network" is a brilliant movie featuring the genius of celebrated director Olivier Assayas. It stars internationally renowned actors such as Penelope Cruz, Edgar Ramirez, Gael Garcia Bernal, and young Cuban superstar Ana de Armas. It tells the story of the Cuban Five, the Cuban patriots who arrived in Miami to try to monitor unchecked Cuban-exile terrorist acts against innocent Cubans on the island -- such as blowing up a civilian airplane, Cubana Flight 445, and killing all 72 on board. But the Cuban Five were captured and, in Miami courtrooms, sentenced as spies to up to life in prison. They served 14 years in five separate federal prisons till they were released back to Cuba as national heroes during the Obama administration's herculean efforts to normalize relations with Cuba. The "Wasp Network" movie attempts to tell the true story of the Cuban Five but, of course, that sharply contradicts the dominant version successfully presented by Little Havana in Miami, which insists on controlling the Cuban narrative in the United States EVEN IF it is blatant propaganda.
     This weekend -- on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019 -- Sarah Moreno penned a huge article in the Miami Herald that blared this headline: "New Film About Cuban Spies Raises Ire Among Exiles: 'A Tale To Glorify Criminals.'" Of course, the "Criminals" that Ms. Moreno references are not Miami's glorified and legendary international criminal terrorists such as Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, etc., etc. As far as Miami propaganda is concerned, the dictators in Cuba in the 1950's -- Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Santo Trafficante Jr., Fulgencio Batista, etc. -- were Mother Teresa-like angels just like Carriles, Bosch, etc., were in Miami after the Batista-Mafia dictators were booted off the island in 1959.
    In the aforementioned Sept. 14th Miami Herald article, of course, extreme Counter Revolutionary Cuban exiles like Zoe Valdes were freely quoted about the "Wasp Network" movie. Valdes, a widely published author, was born in Havana 60 years ago and graduated from the University of Havana. She is also a film director and scriptwriter, but mostly an anti-Cuban zealot. The Miami Herald said Valdes, among other things, is lavishly using her social media accounts to denounce the new movie about the Cuban Five. And Valdes said, "I posted the movie poster with one red word -- 'Disgusted.'"
     Since 1959 Counter Revolutionary Cuban exiles such as Zoe Valdes have enjoyed lucrative and powerful forums to promote whatever they choose about Cuba, never for a moment believing their venom will be challenged. Thus, if such exiles produced a movie about the Cuban Five it would surely portray them as vicious criminals who infiltrated Miami's exile community of Little Havana to kill innocent Cuban-Americans, surely not to try to prevent innocent Cubans from being killed by well-known Little Havana acts of terrorism.
     Yes, back on the island thanks to the Obama administration, the Cuban Five are being treated like "HEROIC FIGHTERS AGAINST U. S. IMPERIALIST TERROR." There are, for sure, some fair-minded Americans and Cuban-Americans who object to that depiction. However, there is no denying the portrayal of the excellent "Wasp Network" movie about the Miami-based exile terrorism that made their efforts necessary from the perspectives of innocent Cubans on the island. And further, the one-sided and usually unchecked Miami propaganda such as presented Sept. 14-2019 by the Miami Herald continues to remind many democracy-lovers of how drastically the emergence of Little Havana in Miami since 1959 has altered America's democratic principles. For example, prolific writers and fair-minded American experts on the Cuban Five -- such as Peter Kornbluh at the U. S. National Archives in Washington and Wayne S. Smith, the former U. S. diplomat in Havana -- have minutely told the truth about that significant event in U.S.-Cuban relations. Yet, it is accepted in America that extreme Little Havana propaganda is now an integral part of the U. S. democracy and thus whatever counters that propaganda -- such as Kornbluh, Smith,  and the "Wasp Network -- will be met with torrents of a tsunami-like denunciation, with even the mainstream media in the United States usually too afraid to challenge it.
      For example, extreme distortions in Little Havana by Cuban-exile extremists directly led to Little Havana jewel and goldmine know as the Helms-Burton Act that, from 1996 till today, has been used to extremely punish innocent Cubans on the island while also creating a plethora of millionaires and billionaires in Little Havana.
      The Little Havana millionaires and billionaires continue to be spawned by Helms-Burton but it is the genocidal aspects of Helms-Burton that most appalls democracy-lovers. That's because, from the bowels of the U. S. government, Helms-Burton legalizes starvation and deprivation tactics against everyday families on the island. That's why a famous New York Times Editorial correctly said: "There is, frankly, something indecent about vociferous exiles living safely in Miami prescribing more pain for their poorer cousins on a vulnerable island." Therefore, any American or any democracy-lover who believes Little Havana propaganda that says Helms-Burton is "not INDECENT" is either a coward or a convenient idiot.
   This scene featuring superstar actors Edgar Ramirez and Penelope Cruz in the Wasp Network movie portrays one of the Cuban Five and his wife after their "infiltration" among Miami exiles. This scene, as well as the movie, is based on fact. Of course, the propagandists in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood are alarmed that someone would have the audacity to challenge their self-serving Cuban narratives. Tap the video below to see an excerpt from the scintillating movie:
      If the Little Havana propagandists are outraged about the "Wasp Network" movie, then, frankly, that's probably a real good reason to see it because it must be factual and it surely has a brilliant director and a brilliant cast.


cubaninsider: Twitter Attacks Cuba

cubaninsider: Twitter Attacks Cuba: To Please  Miami's   Cubans !!     Cuba's President  Miguel Diaz-Canel , like most Cubans now that the digital age/search engi...

Twitter Attacks Cuba

To Please Miami's Cubans!!
    Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel, like most Cubans now that the digital age/search engine-era has reached the island, is very active on social media, including Twitter that he has used to stay in touch with his people. But Twitter, which allows bitter anti-Cuban propagandists uncontested forums, has now blocked not only Diaz-Canel's Twitter account but also the accounts of important Cuban journalists, even meteorologists who keep the hurricane-prone islanders informed about weather conditions. That appears to be a scared Twitter caving in to a handful of Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami and in the U. S. Congress. Diaz-Canel, the island's former very popular Education Minister, as shown above, repeatedly uses Cuban radio and television to explain his decisions to viewers on top-rated programs such as Round Table which is aired nightly on state television. Diaz-Canel also has instructed his Ministers to appear regularly on radio and television newscasts to "let the people know what, if anything, you are doing to address their needs." He has told his Ministers not to ever mislead the people even on "tough subjects because our people are smart, well-educated and they know what is happening, good or bad, on this close-knit island."
     Typically, for one hour and 30 minutes Thursday, as shown above, President Diaz-Canel spent 90 minutes, along with four of his Ministers, telling the Cuban people how they are dealing with such things as the uniquely hard new sanctions from Trump's Washington and he also discussed the blockage of top officials and even Cuban journalists by Twitter. Both off-the-cuff and while referencing new written updates, in several 15-minute portions of this program Diaz-Canel outlined his plans to deal with the Trump-Miami sanctions, adding, "We are not in a Special Period like the early 1990s. We will survive. We will survive another Republican White House that is letting a few unchecked Miami benefactors run roughshod over Cuban families on the island and almost a million decent Cubans in South Florida." As for him and Cuban journalists now being blocked by Twitter, he said just prior to this program, "We all know that even Democrats in Washington and powerful U. S. corporations as well as the main U. S. news media are afraid of a few Miami Cubans, just like Cubans were afraid of U.S.-backed Mafia leaders who ruled the island. That fear no accounts for Trump being able to activate Title 3 of Helms-Burton although even Republicans consider it genocidal. And that's why U. S. giants like Twitter feels it must do whatever Rubio, Menendez, and the Diaz-Balarts tell them to do."
     This Getty Images photo shows a Cuban using a Smart Phone to read a Twitter message from President Diaz-Canel. Almost all Cubans now have access to the Internet and, being familiar with search engines and staying in touch with many Cuban relatives and friends in the U. S, they are knowledgeable about what is going on in Cuba, in Miami, and in Washington. That probably appears to be why Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami and Washington want to preserve their control of the Cuban narrative in the U. S. by forcing Americans to believe what they say -- not what smart, well-informed, and well-educated Cubans on the island think or believe.
    The London-based Reuters news agency covers Cuba like a blanket with four excellent, fair-minded journalists. Considering that Twitter bowed to Miami extremists when it blocked the accounts of Cuban journalists, Reuters quoted Cuba's most famed dissident journalist Yoani Sanchez as mocking the blocked Cuban journalists with these exact words: "Official Cuban journalists chided officials for complaining of censorship when they indulge in it at other times." Well, the most respected journalists in Cuba are unanimous in one thing, which is: Yoani Sanchez operates a well-financed/anti-Cuban digital magazine, 14YMedia, from the island ONLY AFTER she flew to Miami and Washington.
     It seems that, when she flew back to Cuba from the U. S., Yoani Sanchez was loaded with plenty of U. S. tax dollars to hire a big staff to work her anti-Cuban digital magazine.
     Of course, every Cuban dissident -- such as Yoani Sanchez as shown above -- seeks to become friends with fierce anti-Cuban Cuban-Americans like U. S. Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez. After that nice session above...uh, it seems securing U. S. tax dollars to defame Cuba is no problem.
     Of course, if you're a Cuban dissident on a visit to the U. S. like Yoani Sanchez you end up at Miami's infamous Radio-TV Marti. Since the 1980's it has raked-in startling amounts of tax dollars every day EVEN THOUGH every journalist and every politician in Washington well knows it is nothing but a laughable anti-Cuban propaganda machine run by a handful of selected and highly paid non-professionals. The current head of Radio-TV Marti is Marco Rubio's former mentor and former Miami mayor Tomas Regalado. Even the Miami media is embarrassed about that, and about such things as a Cuban-American poet getting a million very easy tax dollars for, it seems, merely writing a few anti-Cuban poems for the infamous but lushly funded, by tax dollars, Radio-TV Marti.
      And, of course, if and when Cuban dissidents on the island, like Yoani Sanchez, run out of tax dollars, it is assumed they know the phone numbers of the unchecked...some brave souls say unscrupulous...Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans in Miami and in the U. S. Congress.
         And, meanwhile, Cubans on the island now accustomed to using their Smart Phones to check the Twitter updates from their President Miguel Diaz-Canel are now unable to do that. Apparently afraid of Cuban-American extremists, Twitter has blocked Diaz-Canel's account and the accounts of some truly outstanding Cuban journalists. Of course, the intimidated mainstream U. S. media and the long-propagandized U. S. citizens won't even comment on this insult to Democracy.

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