U.S. Hurt by Its Cuban Lies

An Affront to Democracy Since 1959!
       On the first day of January, 1959, the Cuban Revolution astounded the world by defeating the brutal, thieving, U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship. Equally astounding, the U.S.-backed exiles from the overthrown Batista-Mafia dictatorship were quickly permitted to quickly...and it seems permanently...replace their capital in Havana on Cuban soil with their new capital of Little Havana on U. S. soil in Miami. Thus, since 1959 the colluding U. S. government, unable to help the Cuban exiles to recapture Cuba, has exacerbated its unholy collusion by lying to the American people about Cuban issues, and the mainstream U. S. media has also usually been too intimidated to tell the truth about U. S. involvement in pre-Revolutionary Cuba as well as post-Revolutionary Cuba.
        In that milieu in the United States of America, propaganda related Cuba has been rampant from 1959 till this day in 2019. For that to be allowed within the bowels of the world's strongest nation and strongest democracy has insulted democracy-lovers in America and around the world. 
       This weekend, which takes us into December of 2019, the best article written about U.S.-Cuban relations has been written by William M. LeoGrande, who is the world's best expect on U.S.-Cuban relations. The article is entitled: Donald Trump Sees Another Opportunity To Teach Cuba A Lesson." The mainstream media in the U. S. is basically not allowed to consult America's best, most honest, and unbiased Cuban experts precisely of their knowledge and honesty.
     This weekend's article by William M. LeoGrande is ubiquitous online in the digital age but the mainstream U. S. media is basically not brave enough to report what true, respected Cuban experts write about or say about Cuban issues, even when Mr. LeoGande's aforementioned update provides much material Americans need to ascertain why and how President Trump, on behalf of the Cuban extremists in Little Havana and in the U. S. Congress, is conducting genocide on totally innocent Cuban families on the island while also harming the freedoms of  the majority of Cuban-Americans who desire normal relations with Cubans on the island. In this article, William M. LeoGrande mentions the forty years he has devoted to studying U.S.-Cuban relations.
    An American democracy that readily condones and promotes Little Havana-inspired propaganda about Cuba while blunting the honest views of fair-minded, unbiased experts like William M. LeoGrande is a democracy that has diminished its credibility and influence drastically since 1959.
     For example, in one notable book -- "BACK CHANNEL TO CUBA" -- co-authors William M. LeoGrande and Peter Kornbluh replaced tons of anti-Cuban propaganda with one truth after the other. Mr. Kornbluh, of course, the highly respected Cuban expert at the U. S. National Archives in Washington while Mr. LeoGrande is the highly respected Cuban expert from his perch as the Professor of Government at the American University School of Public Affairs in Washington. Americans saturated with damning propaganda about Little Havana's perspectives regarding U.S.-Cuban relations need to look beyond that facade to depend on people like LeoGrande and Kornbluh for the truth. That's why I suggest LeoGrande's article this weekend about President Trump's genocidal nexus with Little Havana that neither the mainstream U. S. media nor the American people are supposed to not care about. LeoGrande's article this weekend updates and reminds us pertaining to two pertinent facts of history: {1} Yes, the U. S. shamefully supported the brutal, thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba prior to the Cuban Revolution  and {2} since 1959 the U. S. has shamefully supported two rich and powerful generations of Batistiano-Mafiosi exiles on U. S. soil and permitted them to dictate U.S.-Cuba relations to suit their personal economic and political whims. Both facts are well-known and undeniable.
Prior to 1959 in Cuba.
Since 1959 in the USA.


Thugs Sanctioning Poor People

Decisions Not Made By Good People!!
     This photo of U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was taken a few days when he held a News Briefing primarily designed to levy more sanctions on Cuba. This, of course, has been a regular occurrence during the three years top officials of the Trump administration have permitted self-serving anti-Cuban zealots such as Marco Rubio, Mario Diaz-Balart, and Mauricio Claver-Carone to lead the latest U. S. effort to overthrow the Cuban Revolution that...way back on January 1, 1959...overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba. Based on the U. S. government's exact transcript of this latest Mike Pompeo diatribe against Cuba delineating the nearby Superpower's ongoing efforts to annihilate  Cuba, here are the exact opening words at this particular Pompeo News Briefing:
            "Good morning, everyone. I want to comment this morning on a few terrorism-related matters, a terrorist regime, and a couple of other items as well. I also have a a short announcement on Cuba. Today, the United States is taking action to prevent Cubametales from circumventing U. S. sanctions. Cubametales is a Cuban state-run company and the primary facilitator of illegal oil imports from Venezuela. To further contain their action, we are putting sanctions on another Cuban company, Corporacion Panamericana S. A., pursuant to Executive Order 13850."
         Secretary of State Mike Pompeo giving top prominence to little Cuba at this latest News Briefing is not unusual for him but is a typical insult to the American people, I think, considering how other domestic and foreign "items" he could have placed ahead his agenda to continue an asinine Little Havana-initiated genocide against the people of Cuba, and not just the Cuban government. After already using its unmatched economic and military might to influence or scare-off other nations from dealing with Cuban imports or exports, Pompeo on behalf of the Trump Administration and the denizens in Little Havana has already sanctioned just about any Cuban enterprise that zealots like Rubio, Diaz-Balart, and Claver-Carone can think of. In the opening statement above, Pompeo added two Cuban companies vital to secure enough oil to keep lights and other power on the island. Of course, in recent weeks the Rubio/Diaz-Balart/Claver-Carone forces have surely taken glee in learning about blackouts and food shortages on the island, as well as many other lesser conveniences just as the Cuban government having to shut down 47 buses the citizens on the island depend on for their free or cheap transportation. Pompeo and his Cuban advisers such as Rubio/Diaz-Balart/Claver-Carone, of course, are well aware that prime victims of their cruelty are the most vulnerable women and children on the island.
     This week Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez replied to U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with these exact words: "The American Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, calls his embassy in Havana to regularly intervene in the internal affairs of our sovereign country that will not allow it." Then Rodriguez used Cubavision International News, Agencia Prensa Latina, and Twitter to wonder why and how Pompeo has so much time to spend hurting people in Cuba instead spending more of his time to spend on: "The impeachment problems in Washington not to mention his other foreign problems all around the world with all the proxy wars the U. S. is involved in not to mention all the coups or regime-changes the U. S. continues to promote."
       When a Superpower allows a Marco Rubio to dictate its "CUBAN POLICY" to suit his economic and political whims, it says a helluva more about the Batistiano-BELITTLING of the U. S. democracy than it says about a voracious Superpower trying for six decades to exact a regime-change in a little island nation. And when a Rubio is not held accountable by the U. S. media and by U. S. citizens, the image above evokes visions of what Batistiano-blighted greed can do to the world's strongest country, eroding the aura of invincibility that earlier far greater Americans created when they carved out their experiment in governance. Crafted lovingly and stupendously by the Founding Fathers and then fiercely defended for 230 years by patriotic Americans, the U. S. Democracy should now not be left to the whims of Rubio-types.
      Elderly women in a small nation, like these two Cuban neighbors sharing a scarce egg, should not be forever targeted by unchecked rich miscreants in a large, rich, Superpower country. If policies in America that concern whether or not these two women should be deprived or starved are made, those decisions should be made by decent people and the America people should be told honestly who is making such decisions and why!!!! And sadly, today neither of those things are not done today in the hallowed United States of America and, frankly, have not been done since the Cuban Revolution in January of 1959 resulted in creating the still-thriving Batistiano government on United States soil after the greedy, cruel Batista-Mafia dictatorship was overthrown in Cuba.
      The image above shows Marco Rubio using the mainstream media to APPLAUD his leading role in starving and depriving innocent Cubans on their vulnerable island. While such things  may benefit Rubio-and-his-ilk economically and politically, the prime culprits, I believe, are the mainstream U. S. media that does not have the guts to hold Rubio-types accountable for actions many decent people consider legalized genocide.
     Clearly genocidal for Cubans on the island, Helms-Burton is also, of course, extremely lucrative for Cubans in Miami's Little Havana section.
           Little Havana is already flush with Cuban millionaires and billionaires, but the Trump administration has legalized Title 3 of Helms-Burton to make sure there are many more via lawsuits in federal Florida courtrooms.
           For sure, Trump's "CUBA POLICY" is far more illegal and nefarious than his policies involving Ukraine and other nations but, because the left-wing U. S. media that is trying so hard to impeach Trump IS SO AFRAID of Little Havana, not even the left-wing U. S. media has the guts to even mention Trump's genocidal CUBA POLICY. In other words, little Cuba since the 1950s has said far more about the United States than it says about Cuba, and that's especially true in the Age of Trump.
         The Commander and Chief of the world's greatest military power, President Trump could afford to give up a "Thumbs Up" when he was apprised that little Cuba has been holding military drills {Lower-right} since Trump enacted Title 3 of Helms-Burton. Little Cuba, of course, doesn't expect to win an all-out war against Trump, but it thinks that a do-or-die Second Cuban Revolution on Cuban soil is a far better alternative than capitulation.
         Of course, an Obama-like END THE EMBARGO ON CUBA policy by the United States would be better than starvation, a war, or another revolution in the little pugnacious Caribbean nation. But in the world's strongest democracy, that will not be allowed as long as Little Havana dictates U. S. Cuban policy, which means Little Havana's Cubans keep getting richer while also punishing Cubans on the island while also waiting for the day the U. S. finally recaptures their old homeland for them. Meanwhile, Americans are not  supposed to remember that the last time the U. S. dominated Cuba {back in the 1950s} the U. S. supported the massively brutal and thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship led by four top Mafiosi leaders known to history as Fulgencio Batista, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Santo Trafficante Jr.
        Even as the rest of the world knows all about the U. S. support of Mafia-ruled Cuba in the 1950s, Americans have been programmed to pretend that, of course, the U. S. made sure that the nearby island HAD A WORLD-CLASS DEMOCRACY the last time the U. S. dominated the island. Truth be known, as historians such as Enrique Cirules documented, the U.S.-backed Mafiosi leaders in Havana didn't choose to hang around to fight the charging rebels who had just captured the key city of Santa Clara before racing to Havana on the eve of January 1, 1959. Unfortunately, still supported by the U. S. government and especially led by the CIA, the Batistianos...beginning in January of 1959...created their new capital of Little Havana on U. S. soil in the heart of Miami, Florida.


Cuba Eyes Regional Coups

Believes Miami Extremists Involved!!
     The graphic above is viewed by Cuba {and many others} as a template to carefully assess the ongoing coups and violent demonstrations currently roiling Latin American nations in the USA's backdoor, much closer than "more important"  nations like Ukraine, Israel, etc. Nations like Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, etc., along with U.S.-brokered right-wing governments in nations like Brazil and Ecuador, etc., are also considered directly related to Little Havana/Miami Cuban Counter Revolutionaries taking advantage of their grip on the Trump administration in Washington. Study the above graphic for yourself and start with the top five nations shown above...Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, and Bolivia...and then go down through all the others, ending with Peru and Brazil...but don't forget Nicaragua and Venezuela particularly. A recent right-wing coup in Bolivia recently chased President Evo Morales to exile in Mexico after he had spent 13 years as a staunch pro-Cuban ally, and he has been replaced by a violently anti-Cuban leadership...which is the trend in Latin America. But long-time pro-Cuban governments in Venezuela and Nicaragua for months have been also drastically targeted by Miami-USA anti-Cuban forces for regime-changes considered by Cuban Counter Revolutionaries in Little Havana and in the U. S. Congress to be far more important than the regime-change that just happened in Bolivia. So, what foreign forces are lighting the fires creating all these right-wing/anti-Cuba coups and demonstrations in Latin America? Both pro-Cuban and anti-Cuban nations in Latin America believe, although many of them are too afraid to say so publicly, that a few U. S. Cubans doing the bidding of Little Havana extremists empowered by President Trump are fueling flames of the Latin American regime-changes as depicted above, and the ramifications will be long-lasting for unwilling U. S. taxpayers who are paying for it.
       For the most part in the U. S. media, Cuba and even Latin America remain on the backburner while the propaganda-obsessed mainstream American media has been saturated with impeaching Trump even though his democratic re-election is less than a year away. But media like the more honest London-based Reuters News, as shown above, reports on the significance of things such as Little Havana/anti-Cuban zealot Marco Rubio taking his anti-Cuba/regime change fireworks to the volatile Venezuela-Colombia border {above} where he tried to facilitate his Venezuela regime-change because eliminating pro-Cuban governments in Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc., such as the recent regime-change in Bolivia, remain top priorities of Little Havana and Marco Rubio and his cohorts who believe their recapture of Revolutionary Cuba will still occur while Trump is president.
      The confident Rubio has not only pointedly Tweeted threats at Cuban President Diaz-Canel {"See you soon"}, Rubio has also bragged about being responsible for causing power blackouts and food shortages on the island since persuading Trump to activate the genocidal aspects of Title 3 of Helms-Burton that even the Little Havana-aligned George W. Bush presidency considered too cruel to inflict on the Cuban people. Diaz-Canel has replied to Rubio with Tweets of his own and with numerous talks with Cubans across the island, including admonitions such as, "Rubio believes he can starve Cubans with Title 3 and he may also have Trump's authority to nuke this island, but the revolutionary fervor still remains in the hearts and souls of the vast majority of Cubans who are not in Little Havana. We will remain guerrilla warriors to the end even in this time that Rubio and Trump has Title 3, nukes, and other advantages."
      This photo was taken last Friday -- November 22nd, 2019. It shows a special demonstration marking the 45th anniversary of Cuba's elite first-line Antonio Maceo Brigade. The Cuba-related maelstroms taking place in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, etc., prompted Cuba to remind its people of their greatest independence-fighters -- like Antonio Maceo.
      Born in Santiago de Cuba in 1845, Antonio Maceo is revered as, "The Bronze Titan." He died on December 7, 1896, fighting Spanish soldiers in the Battle of Punta Bravo on Cuban soil. While Cuba was unable to overthrow four centuries of occupation from the Spanish empire, Antonio Maceo is emblematic of Cuban independence-fighters who heroically gave their lives trying to achieve independence for the island. And today Antonio Maceo is remembered as one of the greatest inspirations for "THE INDEPENDENCE-FIGHTERS LIKE FIDEL CASTRO WHO IN 1959 LED THE CUBAN REVOLUTION TO FINALLY WIN ITS STRUGGLE FOR INDEPENDENCE AGAINST THE UNITED STATES." While Fidel Castro, before he died at age 90 in 2016, ordered that no statues or edifices should not ever be named for him, on the island today there are massive statues and things such as airports and hospitals honoring Antonio Maceo.
      In Havana this is the gigantic statue and monumental park honoring Antonio Maceo.
      On the other end of the island from Havana, this is the statue and park honoring Antonio Maceo in Santiago de Cuba in his hometown where he was born in 1845. Between the island's two biggest cities are many other statues and edifices like airports named for "The Bronze Titan." As independent Cuba is threatened anew by forces such as Title 3/Helms Burton, Rubio, Trump, and anti-Cuban coups and demonstrations across Latin America, honoring legendary Cuban independence fighters like Antonio Maceo is one way Cuba fortifies its reputation as Latin America's all-time most famed and most influential David vs. Goliath success.
Today's Antonio Maceo Brigade in Cuba.
VS. TRUMP'S BRIGADE 2506 in Little Havana.
David vs. Goliath.



cubaninsider: What If US Attacks Cuba?

cubaninsider: What If US Attacks Cuba?: While  Trump  Is  Chief  Commander !!       The  scintillating   Flickr  photo above was used to illustrate this weekend's MOST IN...

What If US Attacks Cuba?

While Trump Is Chief Commander!!
      The scintillating Flickr photo above was used to illustrate this weekend's MOST INTERESTING article related to Cuba. It is written by notable U. S. military expert Michael Peck at the National Interest.org blog and its headline starts with these ominous words: "IF AMERICA INVADED CUBA...!!!" Mr. Peck remembers April of 1961 when the United States used an air-land-and-sea military attack {known to history as the Bay of Pigs} to attempt to recapture Cuba by overthrowing the upstart but resoundingly successful Cuban Revolution. And Mr. Heck also stressed that in October of 1962 that the United States almost attacked Revolutionary Cuba and its ally, the nuclear-powered Soviet Union, during the historic Cuban Missile Crisis. Of course, Revolutionary Cuba humiliated the U. S., the CIA, and the Cuban exiles by soundly defeating the real 1961 attack within three days while the almost 1962 attack to this day is still considered the closest the world has come to a nuclear holocaust. So, now study the photo above and picture the modern-day U. S. war machine crossing the Florida Straits to initiate an attack ordered by Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump. With Trump having one more year left in his first term as President of the United States, Michael Peck's article this weekend is INTERESTING for two reasons: {1} Trump has promised Cuban survivors in Little Havana {Miami} he will avenge their defeat at the Bay of Pigs in 1961; and the few Bay of Pigs survivors still alive probably believe that Trump is their last chance to see the end of Revolutionary Cuba.
       Yes, as one of America's most respected military experts and most acute analysts, Michael Peck's interesting article this weekend eerily resonates amidst its riveting conjectures. You may read the article for yourself and also check his Twitter account to ascertain his up-to-date revelations regarding U. S. military developments.
     As Michael Peck appears to understand, President Trump's trips to Little Havana in Miami attest to his total support of only the most extreme Counter Revolutionary Cuban-exile elements who believe Trump will finally demolish Revolutionary Cuba for them.
     The CIA-Cuban exile battle flag for the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba in 1961 was BRIGADA ASALTO 2506. Speaking in front of that flag in Little Havana, President Trump promised the few remaining Bay of Pigs attackers that his presidency will finally avenge their ignominious defeat.
  All Republican presidents since the 1950's -- especially Nixon, Reagan, Bush#1, and Bush#2 -- have been 100% aligned with the extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans headquartered in Little Havana. While making numerous Little Havana millionaires and billionaires, and thus politically powerful Republican donors, not even the four U. S. presidents shown above could recapture Cuba for the Little Havana extremists.
     So, such episodes as the USA/Cuban exiles April-1961 Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba remains an historic fact...and unAVENGED.
      But this weekend's interesting article by U. S. military expert Michael Peck reminds us that in November of 2019 Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump, on a whim, has a modern military force that could totally annihilate the nearby island of Cuba in a matter of minutes. IS IT POISED TO DO SO?


cubaninsider: USA's Cuban Dissidents

cubaninsider: USA's Cuban Dissidents: Cuba   Lashes Out  Hard !!              Based in Havana,  Michael Weissenstein  is the  Associated Press's   Caribbean News Direct...

USA's Cuban Dissidents

Cuba Lashes Out Hard!!
            Based in Havana, Michael Weissenstein is the Associated Press's Caribbean News Director. His latest article is entitled: "CUBA ACCUSES US DIPLOMAT OF SUPPORTING ILLEGL ACTIONS." Weissenstein wrote:
       "The accusations against charge d'affaires Mara Tekach was a break from Cuba's normal language, which had remained measured despite an escalating Trump administration campaign to cut off revenue and oil to Cuba." Weissenstein understands that Cuba, as David vs. Goliath, tries not to inflame U.S.-Cuban relations even faced with what it describes as the genocidal measures enacted by the Trump administration. 
           The Cuban statement on Nov. 20-2019 accused Mara Tekach of using the otherwise gutted U. S. embassy in Havana to create and fund dissidents to "foment divisions among Cubans. The United States Embassy in Cuba has been the fundamental vehicle for attending to, orienting and financing the conduct of Jose Daniel Ferrer, in a clear demonstration of interference in Cuba's internal affairs and instigation of violence."
     In Michael Weissenstein's AP article, it was unusual for Cuba to identify Mara Tekach as the person it says are using the U. S. Embassy in Havana to massively fund and encourage dissidents, especially Jose Daniel Ferrer who is by far the most prominent dissident on the island.
      Now 49-years-old, Jose Daniel Ferrer has been jailed numerous times as Cuba's most famed dissident.
      In fact, it is believed Jose Daniel Ferrer has been imprisoned since October 1, 2019, and Freedom House and Amnesty International are among those who have demanded that he released. Family members who saw him two weeks said he is being grossly mistreated, fearing for his life. 
     The current detainment of Jose Daniel Ferrer is being used to discredit Cuba but this week, in the aforementioned Associated Press article written by respected U. S. journalist Michael Weissenstein, Cuba decided to lash back claiming that Mara Tekach is using the 7-story U. S. Embassy building in Havana to support dissidents like Jose Daniel Ferrer. Cuba believes the vast majority of Cubans on the island support the government's position and that it must take steps to counteract such flagrant efforts against Cuba's sovereignty.
     The vast anti-Cuban media in the United States indulges in only issues that show Cuba in a drastic negative light. The photo above, for example, illustrates the Radio-TV Marti saturation of Jose Daniel Ferrer coverage. Since the Reagan-Bush administration in the 1980s anointed future Miami-billionaire Jorge Mas Canosa as the USA's Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, Canosa's founding of entities such as the Cuban American National Founding, Radio-TV Marti, etc., essentially created a government-within-the-U. S. government. So since the 1980s every journalist and every politician in Washington is abundantly aware an obscene pipeline of tax dollars has daily flooded from Washington to Miami to lavishly fund Radio-TV Marti, which is merely an anti-Cuban propaganda operation - - as again as every journalist and politician in Washington well knows.
     Decades ago notable journalist Jeffrey Kofman of ABC News had the seminal reminder to U. S. taxpayers what Radio-TV Marti in Miami was created to: {1} To merely make selected anti-Cuban exiles rich; and {2} to broadcast only one-sided anti-Cuba propaganda. The fact Mr. Kofman's two reminders still prevail today exposes Radio-TV Marti as a vivid reminder that anti-Cuban extremists essentially still...all these decades since January 1st of 1959...operate as mostly unchecked 2nd government in the United States of America.
    Whether topics such as how dissidents in Cuba are created or treated receive honest media coverage in the United States is important. Not factoring issues such as Radio-TV Marti into the U.S.-Cuban conundrum seems to denote and suggest that anti-democracy U. S. ties to Cuba prior since 1959 were merely exacerbated since 1959 onto U. S. soil.
    Famed Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez has a Cuban passport and when she flies off the island she usually heads to Miami and the hot anti-Cuban microphones of Radio-TV Marti.
      And, of course, Yoani Sanchez surely heads to U. S. Congress where she is lavishly received by viciously Counter Revolutionary U. S. Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez.
     This image of Yoani Sanchez after she has visited Miami and Washington and prior to flying back to Havana to resume her ubiquitous status as a apparently internationally known anti-Cuban dissident...to many...vividly serves as a reminder to some people of the incredibly unique U.S.-Cuba relationship. And moreover, it appears the U. S. democracy can deal with it, apparently because of a government-within-a-government.
     Meanwhile, this photo of the famed National Hotel in Havana shows that Revolutionary Cuba somehow has survived more than three years of the Trump administration even as pro-Cuban governments in nations like Bolivia are reeling from coups...with others like Venezuela and Nicaragua teetering toward falling into the anti-Cuba, U.S.-friendly camp. 


cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story) : Note : This particular essay on  Ana Margarita Martinez  was first ...