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U.S.-Friendly REGIME Changes

To Make the WORLD SAFE for Republicans!!
{Friday, February 22nd, 2019}
       The Getty Images photo above illustrates that, in the USA's two-party political system, the Republicans are the current occupants of the White House in Washington. This is 49-year-old Carlos Vecchio, Venezuela's Representative/"Ambassador" to Republican President Donald Trump's USA. Actually, calling Vecchio Venezuela's Ambassador to the U. S. is a bit of a misnomer; he represents Venezuela's self-ordained U.S.-friendly President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido. Vecchio is no newcomer to Washington; he's been there throughout Trump's two+ years as President. Thus, Vecchio has been the top architect of Juan Guaido's POPULAR WILL PARTY that -- with the guidance, money, and muscle provided by Washington's regime-change Republicans -- has for the past three weeks been recognized by Trump as the Democracy-loving presidential regime in Venezuela. Vecchio is smart, at least smart enough to know that if you want a regime-change in your Latin American nation, there is a clear pathway, NOTABLY: Wait till a Republican takes over the White House; raise your hand and proclaim you are both pro-Democracy and pro-USA; and then ask for unlimited doses of U. S. tax dollars and U. S. military muscle to replace the "non-Democratic and anti-American regime." AND THEN, presto!! With the support of the world economic and military Superpower, you have YOUR this case Venezuela...and perhaps even without a bloody coup because every nation in the world, particularly in Latin America, desires USAID as opposed to suffocating economic sanctions or, of course, being in the cross-hairs of the world's most powerful military. Therefore, actually, all Carlos Vecchio really needed to know to execute his regime-change back in Venezuela was to know that a Republican, Donald Trump, had been elected President of the United States as of January 20th, 2017.
     On Monday President Trump started off this week with a volatile speech in front of Cuban-Venezuelan choirs in Miami, and Trump echoed what Rubio-Vecchio-Guaido outlined for him to say -- namely, to threaten regime-changes in Cuba, Venezuela, and that sequence of priority but with Venezuela taken care of first, Cuba second, and Nicaragua third.
     After Trump's speech in Miami on Monday, even the Voice of America -- with its international reach via radio, television, and the internet -- used the above photo/graphic to stress that Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua had NO SAFE HARBOR, meaning no place to hide...which particularly was meant as a warning to military leaders and soldiers who didn't defect.
     This Reuters photo shows Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez holding a news conference in Havana a few hours ago. He first addressed Trump's charge that Cuba has 20,000 soldiers in Venezuela propping up the harried Maduro presidency. Rodriguez said: "Our government categorically and energetically rejects this slander. Trump, Rubio, Ecchio, Bolton, Abrams...and the others in Washington...claim Cuba has 20,000 soldiers in Venezuela. We have health professionals that act as health professionals in that country. If the U. S. or its proxies harm them, the U. S. media will report they were soldiers, I'm sure. We've seen this play-out in the Americas before -- from El Salvador in 1953 to Chile in 1973...and beyond. It is normal procedure when Republicans rule the White House. It is therefore dangerous for all peoples in the Caribbean and Latin America...and, of course, it is costly for America in continuous dollars, blood, and reputation...paid by others to benefit the perpetrators."
     The Reuters article that reported on the Bruno Rodriguez news conference also included this significant quote from Cuba's Foreign Minister: "Washington has a big political and communication campaigns underway which are usually the prelude to larger military the U. S. government. This is not surprising with Republicans ruling Washington and bringing back age-old, even ghost-like Cuban coup-promoters like Otto Reich and, oh MY, even the pardoned Elliott Abrams. The so-far failed imperialist coups fabricated in Washington against Venezuela and Nicaragua are being directed by Miami Cubans led by Rubio and the Diaz-Balart brothers, a family that dates back to the Batista and Mafia rule of Cuba, a fact that even the strongest U. S. media is far too timid to tell the American people about. Cuba has no animosity towards the everyday Americans or Cuban-Americans, except for their dangerous ignorance in refusing to acknowledge the well-known anti-democracy motives of coup-mongers such as Rubio, the Diaz-Balarts, Reich, Bolton, and Abrams." Indeed, the Reuters article quoted ELLIOT ABRAMS as saying that Bruno Rodriguez's claim that Cuba doesn't have 20,000 soldiers in Venezuela is "a lie." Well -- that comment from ELLIOT ABRAMS, who has been named Trump's "Envoy to Venezuela," sends shivers throughout Latin America AND in the hearts of America's most renowned and most respected Latin American experts.
    It is a well-known fact that no American knows as much about Elliott Abrams, Otto Reich, and other such Republican right-wing operatives {who re-surface and attain enormous power the day any Republican President takes over the White House} as Raymond Bonner knows. A famed Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author, Mr. Bonner this week penned an article in the legendary magazine The Atlantic that EVERY democracy-loving American should read and heed. The Bonner-penned article is entitled: "WHAT DID ELLIOTT ABRAMS HAVE TO DO WITH THE EL MOZOTE MASSACRE." While Americans may not know much about that massacre, it is legendary throughout Latin America as related to USA Republican-directed imperialism. Raymond Bonner has done the most acclaimed investigative reporting on such historic events, and no Republican right-winger can dispute his reporting; they just hope Americans don't read it. Mr. Bonner was born in Missouri in 1942 and earned his political science degree from MacMurray College before getting his journalism degree from Stanford University and then his law degree also from Stanford.
     The United Nations, the World Court, and all other reputable sources accept Raymond Bonner's research on the Mozote Massacre that took place in 1981 in El Salvador. Along with such historic events as the Nixon-Kissinger coup in Chile in 1973 that replaced the killed democratically elected President Allende with the Kissinger-beloved and murderous dictator General Pinochet, the Mozote Massacre stands as one reason millions of Latin Americans as well as Americans such as Raymond Bonner CRINGE when a Republican White House, like Trump's, ressurrect Bush-era right-wing coup-mongers, and that now includes even the revived Bush-pardoned Elliott Abrams as one of the key operatives directing the impending regime-change in Venezuela, which is a horrid situation that more respected and less biased entities should be predicating. In 1981 in El Salvador the U. S. Republicans, including Abrams, wanted to secure a U.S.-friendly government, meaning one that would permit rich American businessmen to feast in El Salvador, as elsewhere, with U. S. companies such as the United Fruit Company at the forefront well above native companies. The U. S.-armed proxy army in El Salvador was ruthless. In the village of Mozote it arrested and tortured all the men, then killed them. It separated the women from their children, and then killed them. It then used automatic U. S. rifles to kill all of the children -- 140 of them, including babies six-months-old and younger. That's known, at least throughout Latin America, as the El Mozote Massacre. And no one questions Raymond Bonner's documented research related to it. Mr. Bonner reports that the most feared paramilitary leader in the "El Salvador Dirty War" was Roberto D'Aubuisson and that "Elliott Abrams went so far as to defend the death squads' most notorious leaders, such as D'Aubuisson." AND NOW THIS WEEK, with Elliott Abrams having resurfaced as Trump's SPECIAL ENVOY TO VENEZUELA, the great Raymond Bonner pens a must-read article in The Atlantic that is entitled: "WHAT DID ELLIOTT ABRAMS HAVE TO DO WITH THE EL MOZOTE MASSACRE." And the sub-title is: "Trump May Have Picked The Right Man To Implement His Policy In Venezuela."
       The photo above was taken the day -- Jan. 25th, 2019 -- at the State Department when Elliott Abrams was named by President Trump as the "Special Envoy to Venezuela." Abrams and all U. S. regime-change artists had a right to grin but not so when it came to Democracy-loving Latin American experts like Raymond Bonner.
     Regardless of what plays out in Venezuela, Elliott Abrams as America's "Special Envoy to Venezuela" is a cruel joke that reminds the world of the El Mozote Massacre and other similar atrocities perpetrated by Bush-era products such as Mr. Abrams. When Republicans are not in charge of the White House, they are out-of-sight as far as the public is concerned but powerfully active as right-wing consultants, head of Conservative Think Tanks, etc.
     A convenient presidential pardon {George H. W. Bush} returned Elliott Abrams to the routine status of Republican right-wingers resurfacing in each succeeding Republican White House.
    It is simply NOT FAIR to Democracy or to America when President Trump can get away with naming Elliott Abrams as the USA's "Special Envoy to Venezuela" because Abrams, like a ghost from the past, is viewed as a Poster Boy for so many regime-change atrocities. That being said, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro needs to acknowledge the dire situations in his oil-rich nation and allow decent, unbiased entities -- from the UN, the European Union, the Catholic Church, the International Court, etc. -- to resolve the problems. But neither infamous actors like Elliott Abrams nor anyone connected to a Republican White House should be involved in or allowed anywhere near such negotiations.
     And I repeat, all Americans who care about their Democracy should make a beeline to Google and dial-up the Raymond Bonner article in The Atlantic about the absurd unfitness of people like Elliott Abrams to be resurrected as point-men in the volatile Venezuelan crisis. And for sure, as strident and chilling as Richard Bonner's article is, not a single word can be disputed. If those words are left unheeded, America will likely be a bigger loser than Venezuela.

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