Embargo Tightens but Pandemic Eases for Cuba

As Biden Continues Trump's Cuban Extremes

    Mexico's tourist airline MAGNI has contracted for major new flights to Cuba starting in May-2022. And other key airlines are also Cuba-bound.

     As Cuba's own successful COVID-19 vaccines successfully ease the island's pandemic woes, the Biden administration, now deep into its second year, continues to follow the extremes of  the Trump presidency that many observers consider to have been a genocidal tightening of the 6-decade-old U. S. Embargo against Cuba. But in April of 2022, as Cuba ends its COVID vaccinations for tourists, there are many more foreign airplanes scheduling more flights to the island...including Turkish, Argentinian, Canadian, etc., airlines.

       Also, the giant Southwest Airlines in the United States has succumbed to Miami's "high demand for flights to Cuba on its first day of opening to international tourism." But, as noted in the first paragraph above, "the limitations imposed by the Trump administration remain in force, which prevent these {U.S.} companies to make flights to other Cuban provinces." In other words, U. S. airlines -- thanks to Biden's following/mimicking of Trump's Cuban extremes -- would love to fly to at least nine other major Cuban airports but are restricted to just one, the one in Havana.
     In the USA's two-party political system, many believed that the Democrat Biden presidency would ease the Republican Trump's extreme cruelty against Cuban families on the island. In other words, the Biden administration -- like the Trump administration -- is bowing directly to the rich and politically powerful minority of Cuban-Americans who dominate Miami, Newark, and the U. S. Congress. It simply doesn't matter what the rest of the U. S. and the rest of the world thinks about the endless U. S. embargo/blockade of Cuba that devastates Cuban families on the island but drastically enriches and empowers the  Cuban-Americans in Miami, Newark, and Congress.
   In other words, it doesn't matter if the worldwide image depicted above shames the United States and Democracy for another 6+ decades. What does matter...is how much money and how much power it means for already rich and powerful people who simply don't want to lose the easy piggybank in which extreme political donations dictate far too much of the U. S. laws and policies.
    Alvaro Fernandez, the editor of Miami's Progreso Weekly, tells us that the "TRUMPIFIED MARCO RUBIO uses language of Democracy to subvert Democracy" but it seems that the money-obsessed Miami Herald, NY Times, Washington Post, etc., and most of the rest of the mainstream U. S. media, saturates anti-Cuban tirades to appease Miami, Newark, and the 10 Cubans in Congress.
   So...during the Republican Trump presidency from January-2017 till January-2020, Marco Rubio -- the darling of the most extremists Cubans in Little Havana/Miami -- dictated the USA's Cuban policies. When the mainstream U. S. media denies that fact, it is lying to the American people, I think. Above, in the "POLICY SHIFT" mention, it refers to the fact that -- starting in January-2017 -- immediately Rubio was allowed to dismantle all of the inroads the Democratic Obama presidency had made to normalize relations with Cuba; plus Trump allowed Rubio to add drastic anti-Cuba measures to the already drastic Embargo. Of course, as with most of the USA's Cuban policies since the wonderful Spanish-American War in 1898, greed and not Democracy has dictated the treatment that Cuba has gotten from its ultra-powerful, and salivating northern neighbor.
  In the 2020 U. S. Presidential Election the Republican Trump was pitted against the Democrat Biden. For 8 years Biden had been Obama's Vice-President, so when Biden won the 2020 election many believed that Trump's anti-Cuban extremes would be lessened. But in the USA's two-party political system, Biden as president has proven that the Democrats, like the Republicans, have also now totally capitulated to the wealth and power of the Cubans who control the U. S. Cuban policies in Little Havana/Miami, Newark, Congress, and now even a Democratic White House.
    Thus, during Trump's 4-year presidency the Republican from Miami, Marco Rubio, dictated the USA's Cuban policies. But in the year+ of the Biden presidency, the Democrat from Newark, Bob Menendez, has been allowed to dictate the USA's Cuban policies. Since 1959, Miami & Newark have been the two prime U. S. cities powered by Counter Revolutionary Cubans. And folks, that is not the way the Founding Fathers back in 1776 envisioned their Democracy to behave.
  In April of 2022 the Democrat Bob Menendez from Newark has replaced Republican Marco Rubio of Miami as the prime dictator of the USA's Cuban policies, with fellow Senator and sidekick Rubio now relegated to being the USA's #2 prime dictator of the USA's Cuban policies. Prior to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1 of 1959, Fulgencio Batista and Meyer Lansky -- the two close pals and neighbors in Southern Florida -- had returned to Cuba as dictators from 1952 till January 1, 1959.
   And, in other words, permit me to repeat: The victory of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 says a lot more about the mighty United States of America than it says about the island of Cuba. Of course, the Miami Herald, the NY Times, the Washington Post, NBC, Telemundo, and the rest of the mainstream U. S. media will deny that fact, but nevertheless it is still a fact in April of 2022.


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