Wednesday, August 4, 2021

U.S. Media vs. Cuba

Few Americans Trust The U. S. Media!!

      Tonight these were the Top 3 Headlines related to Cuba. As the Gallup Poll recently revealed, few Americans trust the U. S. media and, of course, when it comes to Cuba-related articles no Americans should trust them. So, above, I suggest you can trust the first article because it is by the London-based The Guardian. The middle article is from the Miami Herald, which only publishes anti-Cuban articles as apparently approved by Little Havana counter revolutionaries. And the third article above is by the New York Times, which also only publishes anti-Cuban articles, including Editorials, that are written by or apparently approved by extreme counter revolutionaries. So, if you want only anti-Cuban propaganda then dial up the mainstream U. S. media. But if you want real Cuban news and information, depend on top foreign sources such as London-based The Guardian and Reuters, the world's best News Agency that has three world-class journalists who report from Cuba.
      This is an important Reuters article written from Cuba on August 2-2021 by the superb and trustworthy Sarah Marsh. Thus, you can trust this article and you see with the Headline above the photo of the U. S. flag that still flags over the U. S. embassy in Havana. Of course, as Reuters has told you, the U. S. embassy was opened by Obama, shut by Trump, and kept shut by Biden so its small staff apparently only caters to Cuban dissidents.
    This is from the 8/2/2021 article by Reuters/Sarah Marsh so it can be trusted. It shows that Latin American nations, including powerful and right-wing Brazil as well as Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Honduras -- all of whom bow to U. S. money and power -- signed a U. S. denunciation of Cuba regarding protests in Cuba and Little Havana back on July 11th. Cuba, of course, says the extreme funding by the U. S. backed the protests that remain the latest hope for Little Havana Cubans to finally, after 6+ decades, to topple Havana's revolution. ANYONE who reads the updates regularly published on the CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog by the great and trustworthy Florida professor Tracey Eaton WILL FIND THEM TO BE ASTOUNDING!! It reveals Freedom of Information-provided data confirming the millions of dollars from U. S. records tabulating the unending streams of anti-Cuban dollars routinely doled out by the U. S. to dissidents by agencies such as NED, USAID, etc., etc. And, of course, Trump near the end of his four-year term as President incredibly put in Mauricio Claver-Carone for a five-year term as the President of the powerful International Development Bank in Washington that doles out piles of money to Caribbean & Latin American nations...all of whom know that Mauricio Claver-Carone  is one of the all-time most fanatic counter revolution zealots EVER PRODUCED by South Florida.
      Of course, great news organizations like London-based BBC News and London-based Reuters will inform you that Trump appointed Maricio Claver-Carone to that exalted leadership of the mammoth Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank only because he was and is one of the all-time most zealous Counter Revolutionary Cubans ever produced in Florida!!!
      In the Reuters/Sarah Marsh 8/3/21 article, as you see above, only a major foreign news source would have the integrity and courage to mention this huge fact: "Latin America and the Caribbean, a region which is still scarred by Washington's backing of coups during the Cold War..." Indeed, a great News Agency like Reuters, unlike the U. S. media, is brave enough to report that the U. S. in the 1950s backed brutal regional dictators like Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, and Somozo in Nicaragua so rich U. S. companies could partake in the rape & robbery of those nations, and the U. S. knew that democracies would frown on such wholesale RAPE & ROBBERY by foreign entities. In fact, with no objection from neither the U.S. citizens nor the U. S. media, Nixon and Kissinger supported the gruesome coup in 1973 that killed the Democratically President of Chile, Salvador Allende, so the extremely murderous General Augusto Pinochet could be Chile's murderous but U.S.-FRIENDLY dictator of Chile for 17 BLOODY YEARS. In fact, the coup in Bolivia recently removed a great friend of Cuba's and put in a U.S.-friendly regime...until the Bolivian people overturned that situation, and a few days ago Bolivia sent a planeload of medical supplies to Cuba after the U. S. had blocked Cuba from buying much-needed syringes from a Swiss company that bowed to the U. S. blockade even during the deadly Covid-19 upsurge in Cuba. And in fact, this first week in August-2021 Cuba, and others, have complained that U. S. sanctions and other deeds are trying to finally again overthrow Nicaraguan and Venezuelan governments that are friends of Cuba.
     This is the photo that the Reuters/Sarah Marsh team in Cuba on 8/2/21 used to illustrate its informative, interesting and trustworthy update on U.S.-Cuban relations. This photo shows the U. S. flag in front of the mostly shut U. S. embassy in Havana while the Cuban flag flies in the background. The article is entitled: "Latin America and Resurgent Left and Caribbean Nations Spurn U. S. Policy On Cuba." Reuters, of course, can report the truth about Cuba. On the other hand, the U. S. media is obligated to report that Revolutionary Cuba is worst and most brutal regime in history while the nice US-backed Batista dictatorship was the best and kindest government in were all the US-backed dictators such as Trujillo, Somoza, Pinochet, etc., etc.
      In fact, in this first week of August-2021 Cuban mothers on the island believe that the genocidal U. S. Embargo and the propaganda-obsessed U. S. Media are the two most deadly factors that Cubans on the island are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past 24 hours leading up to August 4th Cuba reported 80 new deaths and 9,629 new positive cases.
     The U. S. media will lavishly promote rich and politically powerful Counter Revolutionary U. S. Cubans endlessly. But, of course, the opinions of Cuban mothers on the island who are fighting hard to keep their children alive during the Blockade and the Pandemic are not considered in the USA!!! Also, in the U. S. the opinions of a 30-year-old Director of a key Children's Hospital in Cuba depicted above do not count in the U. S. But as you can see above, the non-USA controlled magazine Alma Mater had its journalist Katie Siberia interview him. Thus we know that he believes the blockade is killing some of the Cuban children that he is passionately TRYING TO SAVE!!!! Mexican President Lopez Obrador, Argentine President Alberto Hernandez, and countless others have used the word "inhumane" to describe the U. S. Embargo/Blockade against masses of innocent Cubans on the island.
      To the decent people who have compassion for the Cuban children on the island whose mothers are trying to keep them alive during the Blockade and the Pandemic, I thank you.
     But a CUBA POLICY in the United States of America that is designed for the political and/or economic benefits for a handful of rich and/or political Cuban-Americans will continue to be inhumane!!
    On the third day of Sunday in July-2021 or on the 4th day of August-2021 or any other day, the mothers of these Cuban children should not have to worry about a Blockade inhumanely orchestrated by the nearby strongest nation in the world killing these precious Cuban children!!!



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