Monday, August 9, 2021

Cubans Die; Does US Senate Rejoice?

 Senators Menendez & Rubio Celebrate!!

With Another Anti-Cuba Senate Bill!!

     One day in August-2021 there were 98 deaths {"fallecidos"} in Cuba, including a 3-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl. The gruesomely targeted island of Cuba announced more staggeringly devastating COVID-19 numbers: 9,363 new positive cases that day {see above}. While Cuban families on the island were crying crocodile tears, Cuban-Americans who dictate the USA's Cuban policies in the U. S. Senate were wildly rejoicing, it seems...and easily passing more Genocidal sanctions against Cuba on the island to take advantage of the ongoing deadly COVID surge!!
      Thus, the rest of the world knows that the United States is flying solo in the support of genocide against Cuban families on the island to appease a handful of rich and powerful individuals from the Counter Revolutionary bastions of Miami/Little Havana and Newark/Union City who are unchecked in dictating the USA's Cuban policies in Washington.
  Above are typical headlines, with the London-based The Guardian allowed to express the world view about U. S. genocide against Cuba while U. S. media are only permitted to express the views of extreme Counter Revolutionaries such as Senator Bob Menendez as he rams yet another genocidal but lucrative anti-Cuba bill through the U. S. Senate even as the U. S. Blockade of the island is already devastating families on the island.
     Of course, in August of 2021 as Senator Bob Menendez dictates Cuban policies to the Biden administration, to the U. S. Senate, to the gullible American people, and to the media, it doesn't matter one iota that Menendez's latest election to yet another six-year term to the U. S. Senate came right after the U. S. Justice Department had spent endless months and tons of tax dollars trying to convict Menendez of multiple felonies only to be saddled with a hung-jury verdict that favored Menendez.
    During the current Biden administration in Washington, Democratic U. S. Senator from Newark/Union City Bob Menendez is unchecked in dictating the USA's Cuban policies. In the previous four years during the Trump administration the Republican U. S. Senator from Miami/Little Havana Marco Rubio was unchecked in dictating the USA's Cuban policies. In the first week of AUGUST-2021 as the U. S. Blockade and Covid-19 are combining to devastate Cuban families on the island, Menendez easily sponsored yet another genocidal bill through the Senate while, of course, the co-sponsor of that bill was Rubio!! The U. S. has only a two-party political system and for the world's strongest Democracy to allow two career and vicious Counter Revolutionary Cubans from the USA's two Batistiano strongholds to dictate the USA's Cuban policies is unfathomable, and the rest of the world indeed knows it is unfathomable!!
   These are two headlines typically circulating around the world in August of 2021. The one on the left is an Editorial in the London-based The Guardian, which has both the freedom and the integrity to report the truth about U.S.-Cuban relations. On the right in August of 2021 is the typical U. S. media's typical headline, which as always only reports what Cuban-American counter revolutionary zealots want the U. S. media to report. Today, therefore, the powerful London newspaper and digital giant The Guardian featured an Editorial deploring the insanity and genocide of the forever-legalized U. S. sanctions against Cuba, which are indeed considered insane and genocidal by the whole world. But, as usual, the U. S. media celebrates yet another inhumane U. S. Senate bill against the harassed families on the island to appease a few Cuban-Americans, especially the 10 residing in the U. S. Congress for the express purpose of pleasing Cubans in Miami and in Newark while also always tightening the genocidal Blockade whose purpose is to starve, deprive, and make miserable Cubans on the know, to persuade them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government, which way back on Jan. 1-1959 chased the U.S.-backed Batista and Mafia leaders off the island -- mainly to Miami in Florida and Union City/Newark in New Jersey!!
     Of course, if your name is Yoani Sanchez and you already are the most famed and best funded anti-Cuban journalist living in Havana, and you want even more support and funds, you fly to Washington and meet with your favorite two Senators -- the Republican Marco Rubio and the Democrat Bob Menendez. Of course, Yoani well knows that the U. S. has a two-party political system and that she and all the other dissidents in Cuba have that two-party system covered!!!
          Meanwhile, in Cuba everyday the top medical superstar in Cuba, the beloved and brilliant Dr. Francisco Duran, goes on nationwide television to deliver the up-to-date and devastating numbers about how many Cubans have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 24 hours and how many have died from the pandemic in the past 24 hours. And, oh yes...Dr. Duran informs the Cuban people that the excruciating U. S. sanctions that Menendez & Rubio routinely legalize in Washington have drastically expanded the U. S. embargo into a genocidal blockade. As you see above today -- 09/08/21, August 9th-2021 -- Dr. Duran was having to provide that information to the Cuba people even as Cubans on the island assume that Menendez-Rubio are probably preparing even more GENOCIDAL sanctions!!

   Of course, the rest of the world is outraged that any powerful nation keeps expanding a genocidal EMBARGO-BLOCKADE against families in a much-smaller nation, especially when the deadly COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the very nearby and vulnerable island!!!



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