Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Rubio's Cruel Insanity

Cowardly Americans Allow It!!
{Updated for: Thursday, October 11th, 2018}
    The self-serving Marco Rubio perhaps doesn't want Americans to comprehend the above photo taken by Emily Michot for the New York Times. Rubio, you see, has recently been anointed the USA's and the Republican Party's latest Cuban dictator and, as such, the financial and political rewards for Rubio and his ilk to continue, into a 7th decade, of hurting Cubans, Cuban-Americans, and Americans to feather their own nests still persists. So, permit me to explain the above photo. That's Mabel Cruz Rodriguez, a dedicated medical researcher hard at work at Cuba's renowned Center for Molecular Immunology in Havana. Researchers like Mabel at that remarkable institute have discovered vaccines known to have prevented amputations caused by diabetes, the most promising vaccines to fight lung cancer, etc., etc. Such well-tested vaccines have been free to Cubans and poor foreigners but, because of the insane USA Embargo against Cuba in effect since 1962, many Americans are now risking prison sentences to go to Cuba to obtain such limb-saving and life-saving drugs. And many of America's greatest diabetic and cancer experts are fighting the insanity of the Embargo to hopefully make the Cuban drugs and vaccines legally available to Americans.
     The dramatic Cuban treatment for lung cancer is CIMAvax-EGF. Lung-cancer victims in the USA that need this treatment are having to risk prison-time to go to Cuba to purchase this important discovery.
    This New York Times photo shows George Keays from Colorado in Cuba risking prison back in the USA to get his treatment for lung cancer.
     This is Mick Phillips of Wisconsin in Cuba risking prison back in the USA for purchasing his treatment for lung cancer. Both Mick and his USA doctors say that CIMAvax-EGF is keeping Mick alive.
     This photo shows 78-year-old Zuby Malik of California on the grounds of Cuba's renowned Pradera Hospital in Havana where she risked prison back in the USA in order to get treatment for her lung cancer. Zuby is a retired obstetrician-gynecologist. The photos and data above are courtesy of the Miami Herald and the New York Times, not the Cuban government. That includes a recent Miami Herald article written by Mimi Whitefield and entitled: "Goal of First U.S.-Cuba Biotech Joint Venture Is To Export Cuban Cancer Drugs to U.S." Considering what those drugs mean to many Americans and Cuban-Americans, I believe Marco Rubio -- newly anointed as America's latest Cuban-American/Cuban dictator -- should have to answer for resisting the "U.S.-Cuba Biotech Joint Venture" that could benefit Americans, Cuban-Americans, and many others.
    The famed Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York, is massively interested in Cuba's cancer drugs and with cooperating with Cuba in further cancer research.
      The top executive at Roswell Park is Dr. Candace Johnson. She has been to Cuba as a great admirer of the island's lung cancer treatment...CIMAvax-EGF...and with the work being done on three other cancer drugs at the island's Center for Molecular Immunology. In fighting the U. S. embargo against Cuba on behalf of her cancer patients, Dr. Johnson is quoted in the aforementioned Miami Herald article as saying, "Our goal is to develop these promising Cuban cancer therapies as quickly and effectively as possible so they can benefit the greater number of United States patients." So far, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved CIMAvax-EGF.
     The determination of Dr. Johnson has made U.S.-Cuban history. The first-ever biotech joint venture between a U. S. company and Cuba will give Roswell Park access to CIMAvax-EGF, which has passed a Phase I clinical trial in Buffalo. A Roswell Park subsidiary has selected office space at Cuba's state-of-the-art Mariel Economic Zone located 28 miles southwest of Havana on 215,000 acres around the deep-water Mariel Port.
        The Mariel Port is vital to Cuba's goal of acquiring foreign investments and that, of course, is precisely why the United States -- with the Republican Trump now in the White House -- is trying to make sure that doesn't happen so as to hurt Cuba.
    Cuba's boss at the Mariel Port is Ana Teresa Igarza. Every U. S. eastern and southern port wants to do business with her, especially the nearby Florida ports controlled by Cuban-Americans. That's how Ana got invited to Florida to sign a deal with the Palm Beach/Fort Lauderdale Port. At the last minute Florida's Governor Rick Scott, tightly tied to the Counter Revolutionary extremists, threatened to cut off all state funds to any Port that did any business with Cuba. In an article entitled "Cuban Port Official Invites Gov. Scott to Visit Cuba" that you can dial up in Havana Live you can read where Ana said, "Nobody can speak about something they don't know. Seeing is believing. I invite Governor Scott to come visit our country. Come see our reality. See how we feel about it so that he can form his own view." Ana also visited the ports in Houston and New Orleans at the invitation of Cuban-Americans.
   The Cuban-born Manny Alvira is the Executive Director at the Port of Palm Beach. Manny invited Ana Teresa Igarza to Florida to sign a deal with the Port of Mariel, till Governor Scott squelched it by threatening to cut off state funds to the Port of Palm Beach. Manny, in that Havana Live article, said, "I am totally disappointed. The signing ceremony would have been signed here. It would have been historic." Manny has visited Cuba with his wife and he still wants to sign that deal with Port Muriel. But while Manny and most Cuban-Americans in South Florida want friendly relations with Cuba, it is the Counter Revolutionary extremists who control things politically and financially.
    Now finishing up his term as Florida's Governor, the Republican Rick Scott is in a heated battle against incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson for Nelson's current U. S. Senate seat. Regarding Cuban issues, both Scott and Nelson dance only to the tunes of the Counter Revolutionary extremists.
    So the good Cuban-Americans like Manny Almira, the good Cubans like Ana Teresa Igarza, and the good Americans like Dr. Candace Johnson at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo are all in a large circle of Cuban-Americans, Cubans, and Americans at the mercy of a handful of Counter Revolutionaries in Florida and in Washington. It's been that way since 1959 and it is far too lucrative and revengeful for a select few for it to be ceased. That why even the mainstream U. S. media is afraid to ask Miami's and Little Havana's U. S. Senator Marco Rubio this question: "Uh, Senator Rubio...now that Trump has put you in charge of America's Cuban policies...will you, uh...consider allowing Dr. Candace Johnson to work with Cuba on the island's lung cancer treatment...uh, sir, you know that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U. S. so...uh...would you allow Dr. Johnson...?
    The sad thing for America is the fact that no reporter in the mainstream U. S. media has the guts to ask Little Havana's Senator Rubio about his Policy Towards Cuba that richly rewards and empowers a few Counter Revolutionaries like him but harms everyone else, including Dr. Candace Johnson who is trying so hard to save American lives using a renowned treatment discovered by dedicated researchers in Havana. It also, of course, doesn't matter to Rubio that his Policy Towards Cuba is the exact policy that the decent President Obama and the rest of the world, via a 191-to-0 vote in the UN {with Obama's approval}, condemned the United States for allowing people like Rubio to feather their own nests while hurting more decent Cubans, Cuban-Americans, and Americans, including those suffering from cancer.
And, uh...by the way:
     This week -- Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 2018 -- the mainstream U. S. media was shocked...SHOCKED, I TELL YOU!!...that Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio's beloved political buddy, resigned as the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations. If you are shocked you ignored or disbelieved two of my recent Cubaninsider essays in which I opined that Haley & Rubio were the foxes in Trump's hen-house, far more dangerous as back-stabbers to the Trump presidency than all the extreme right-wingers in the news media and elsewhere who are currently mounting a major coup against him. During the Republican primary Haley, then the Governor of South Carolina, lovingly supported Rubio's presidential bid. Both she & him hurled brutal verbal attacks at Trump and he reciprocated in kind against them. But as President, and being a Republican, Trump needs the political and financial support of Little Havana. And that's why he named Haley Ambassador to the UN and also put Rubio in direct charge of Trump's asinine Cuban policy. As I opined in both those essays, Haley & Rubio want to wrest control of the Republican Party from Trump and then the next Republican presidential/vice presidential candidates for the next 16 years would be Haley-Rubio or Rubio-Haley. So, Haley's UN resignation today was to further the Haley-Rubio agenda against Trump...and later, of course, against the Democrats. In their upcoming quests for the presidency, the Rubio-Haley tandem will literally have the support of billions of Jewish dollars and already in Congress and at the UN Haley & Rubio have been, in my opinion and that of many others, much more pro-Israel than pro-America, and that will continue...even if the mainstream media will not admit it. 

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