Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Only the USA Hates Cuban Doctors

The Rest of the World Loves Them!!
       Today -- July 22nd, 2020 -- the Premier of the British Virgin Islands Andrew A. Fahie requested 22 Cuban doctors to come to his country "as quickly as possible" to help that Caribbean nation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuba quickly assured Premier Fahie that the 22 Cuban doctors will arrive in the British Virgin Islands tomorrow -- July 23rd. Of course, the anti-Cuban narratives in the USA make sure that the American people don't understand why leaders such as Premier Fahie turn to Cuba for help during the Coronavirus Pandemic. I guess, in the world's Superpower Democracy, Americans are not SUPPOSED to know why Premier Fahie didn't turn to America or Britain for help in battling COVID-19 in the British Virgin Islands.

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