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Latin America's Impending War

Courtesy of Trump's Cuban Hardliners!!
{Friday, December 14th, 2018}
Photo credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images.
    The best and bravest journalists in Washington and Miami -- such as Marc Caputo and Jose R. Cardenas -- seem to understand clearly that the photo above portends what might well be a bloody and widespread Latin American War imminently on the horizon. The definitive photo shows Senator Marco Rubio patronizingly patting President Donald Trump's back. It's seen as a metaphor for Trump awarding Rubio dictator-like control of America's Cuban policies, an anointment that many Latin American nations and many Latin American experts believe portends a Latin American War. While the mainstream U. S. media, including the extreme left-wing cabal trying so hard to impeach Trump, does not have the guts or competence to assess the above photo, at least ten of America's best investigative journalists -- including Caputo and Cardenas -- do have the guts and competence to accurately assess what this Rubio-Trump image entails.

     The above photo/graphic begins the correct explanation of Rubio's patronizing pat on Trump's back. Washington's best political reporter -- Marc Caputo at Politico -- perfectly assessed it in an article topped with this headline: "Trump Packs Foreign Policy Team With Cuba Hardliners From Florida" followed by the significant revelation that Trump has allowed Rubio to "PACK" the current Foreign Policy Team with vicious anti-Cuban zealots, ones who stupidly believe they can execute a regime-change in Cuba without any consequences throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Also, Miami's best political reporter regarding U.S.-Cuban issues, Jose R. Cardenas, pens an insightful article entitled: "Bolton Is Building A Confrontational Latin American Strategy." As any competent and brave reporter in Miami or Washington well knows, Cardenas and Caputo well know that when Rubio maneuvered Trump into appointing the war-mongering John Bolton as National Security Adviser, a war probably involving Cuba would likely result unless saner people intervened, which at the moment doesn't appear to be in America's cards.

   The top Cuban-American journalists at the Miami Herald and the Progresso Weekly, in  Marco Rubio's hometown of Miami, are well aware that Rubio is a dangerous fraud, as illustrated by the Progresso Weekly image depicted above. Yet, the cowardly and politically correct mainstream U. S. media bends over backwards to portray Rubio as presidential material and a choirboy from Little Havana in Miami.

    In the above photo Rubio is shown speaking to his own choir at the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana, a plush building named for a leader of the Cuban-American Brigade 2506 military attack on Cuba way back in April of 1961. Like Rubio, Trump believes the remnants of Brigade 2506 are too rich and too politically powerful to deny them the right to dictate America's Cuban policies in 2018.

     That accounts for Trump, early in his presidency, going to Little Havana in Miami, standing before a Brigade 2506 banner, and assuring the still-living remnants of the Bay of Pigs attack that as Commander-in-Chief he will avenge their humiliating defeat on Cuban soil in April of 1961. A CARIBBEAN-LATIN AMERICAN WAR TARGETED FOR THE SPRING OF 2019 TO AVENGE THE BAY OF PIGS DEFEAT IN 1961?? Impossible, you say!! No, it's not impossible. It's not even improbable. But it is probably very possible. I'll now explain why.

    For sure, Marco Rubio scored a HUGE coup when John Bolton was appointed Trump's National Security Adviser. It is believed that, with Bolton in that ultra-powerful position, Rubio was emboldened to both expedite and expand his Cuban regime-change plans.

    Instead of just a regime-change in Cuba, the Rubio-Bolton axis appears to have decided that regime-changes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, AND Cuba were all possible and doable while Trump and the U. S. media are obsessed with other things, such as the impeachment of Trump. {Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia are close Cuban allies}. While the four Latin American presidents depicted above don't exactly have powerful defensive armies at their disposal, they are not likely to meekly capitulate to Rubio-Bolton and, perhaps, some really Big Boys like Russia & China will try to make sure these four Latin American presidents don't meekly capitulate.

    While the mainstream United States media lacks both the guts and the competence to explain the significance of the above photo to the America people, braver and more decent Cuban experts such as Tracey Eaton, Fabiola Santiago, Marc Caputo, Jose R. Cardenas, etc., have explained the importance of this photo. It shows Brazil's new President Jair Bolsonaro warmly, of course, welcoming John Bolton for an early and very significant visit. Bolsonaro is an extreme right-winger who hates Cuba and Bolton is an extreme right-winger who hates Cuba. Tracey Eaton, for example, is generally considered America's most honest and insightful expert regarding Cuba and Eaton, in reference to the photo above, was quick to write that he "would not be surprised" if the U. S. staged an attack on Cuba from Brazilian soil now that the extreme right-winger Bolsonaro IS Brazil's president.

     When a Little Havana darling named Marco Rubio is put in charge of America's Cuban policies, and the mainstream United States media does not have the courage to point out its significance to the American people, then it is America, not just Cuba, that is in peril.
   When a renowned anti-Cuban/war-mongering zealot like John Bolton is appointed America's top National Security Adviser, and the mainstream U. S. media does not have the courage to point out its significance, then it is America, not just Cuba, that is in peril.
     And when a career anti-Cuban/one-trick-pony extremist named Mauricio Claver-Carone takes over as chief of America's Western Hemisphere Affairs department just because Cuba is in the Western Hemisphere, and the mainstream United States media doesn't have the guts or the competence to point out its significance to the American people, then it is America, not just Cuba, that is in peril.

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