Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Message From Cuba

Hoping for Peace In New Year !!
{Updated: Thursday, December 27th, 2018}
     On Christmas Day 2018 the message the Cuban government sent worldwide was the Tweet shown above from the island's highly respected Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. Translated to English, it says:
             "Let's Preserve Life and Peace. Let's take care of all the girls and boys. Let's encourage the achievements of the Youth. Protect the Family. Let's treat everyone as one would like to be treated."
     This is one of the Cuban children that Bruno Rodriguez referenced in his Tweet. Her name is Mariana. She turned 5-years-old back in October. She is shown Christmas Day-2018 on the set in the Cubanvision International studio in Havana where her mom, Rosy Amaro Perez, is an anchor. Mariana is training to be like her mom. But she'll have other options too. At her tender age, Mariana is already a talented and poised singer, an accomplished dancer, and an award-winning gymnast. I am totally convinced that foreign Counter Revolutionary extremists in a foreign nation, such as Marco Rubio and Mauricio Claver-Carone, should never have any influence on Mariana's life. Mothers on the island like Mariana's mom should have total influence on the lives of their children, and that's been Mariana's good fortune for 5+ years.
Mariana and her mom.
Mariana and her mom.
Mariana's mom.
     Never challenged by the mainstream USA media and shamefully promoted by the right-wing USA media, Marco Rubio can go on USA television anytime he chooses and say anything he wants to about Cubans on the island. Rubio's biggest lie, of course, is when he says his primary concern regarding Cubans on the island is "to help them." Rubio's only concern, in my acutely researched opinion, is to promote his bank accounts and his political ambitions.
 Cuban children on the island...that's Mariana in the blue and white gown...deserve a future predicated by their mothers on the island, not by greedy and revengeful Rubio-type people off the island.
    The last thing the precocious Mariana needs is someone like Marco Rubio predicating her future. That's a chore for her mom Rosy.
     Any American not embarrassed by the image above does not, in my opinion, have either the guts or the decency to comment on what's best for the Cuban children on the island. That prerogative should be left up to the mothers on the island, not miscreants off the island like Rubio. And any American not enbarrassed by the loud unanimity of the world's condemnation of the Embargo...as registered 191-to-0 in 2016 when the decent President Obama agreed...is, in my opinion, gutless and unAmerican. Hiding behind the skirts of the world Superpower enables the sanctimonious Rubio to ignore the unanimity of World Opinion and continue, year after year, targeting Cuban children on the island...especially when Republicans control the White House or either branch of Congress. Of course, a cowardly U. S. news media and a pusillanimous American citizenry are two gigantic reasons the likes of Rubio have gotten away with such shame since January 1, 1959.

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