Friday, May 14, 2021

UN Ashamed of US Cuban Blockade

 During Pandemic Especially!!!

     This week -- on May 12th, 2021 -- a joint News Conference at the UN in New York consisted of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres both expressing the UN's shame about not being able to end what they consider the genocidal U. S. Embargo-Blockade against mass Cuban families on the island. Lavrov said, "Americans are told that Russia, China and others each day commit genocide against masses of people in smaller countries. Of course, most of the world daily recognizes the daily U. S. genocide committed against millions of Cubans in their much smaller country."
     The leader at the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said, "Even during the deadly Pandemic, the nations of the world cannot persuade the United States to ease, or hopefully end, its economic blockade of the Cuban people. Next month, on June 23rd, the nations of the world in near unanimity will yet again vote to beg the United States to end over six decades of its Blockade of Cuba and yet again the U. S. will again laugh at us and veto the will of the world. At the United Nations here on U. S. soil, our frustrations will again confront us on June 23rd, 2021. In other words, there is something very wrong with that picture."
    For many years, the graphic depicted above created by the great Brazilian Editorial Cartoonist Carlos LaTuff has circled around the world millions of times. It's message...urging the United Nations to persuade the United States to lift the Embargo against Cuba...has been unheeded for many years by the United States. Moreover, 330 million Americans are programmed not to be ashamed of this image of the United States democracy.
      During the 2020-2021 COVID PANDEMIC this Editorial Cartoon by the great Carlos LaTuff has also circled around the world millions of times, although the mainstream U. S. media is obliged to ignore its pertinent message. BUT THE MESSAGE IS THIS FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND: "The United States has taken advantage of the COVID Pandemic to expand its six-decade-old genocidal Embargo against Cuba."
      The Trump administration in Washington anointed Senator Marco Rubio as the Cuban dictator on U. S. soil. To the surprise of some, the Biden administration beginning on January 20-2021 anointed Senator Bob Menendez as the new Cuban dictator on U. S. soil to succeed Rubio. In other words, both Trump & Biden feathered their political nests by anointing the two most vicious and self-serving  Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Washington to dictate their genocidal Cuban policies. Unfortunately, no longer does the U. S. democracy have either a decent media nor a decent generation of Americans to act as a Check and Balance against such depravity as a Superpower committing genocide against masses of people in a much smaller nation.
      Of course, when the present generation of Americans are programmed to not be ashamed of this worldwide image of America, perhaps the superpower United States is actually in more trouble than poor and vulnerable little Cuba!!!
     Meanwhile, the world's best News Agency, London-based REUTERS, has three excellent and unbiased journalists who regularly report from Cuba, including Sarah Marsh. Thus, this international REUTERS article tells us that Latin America is hoping that Little Cuba is about to unleash it own COVID-19 vaccine.




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