10 Days Away: A Coup in Cuba?


 One of the Caribbean's best photographers, Roberto Suarez, took this photo today -- November 5th, 2021. It shows famed Varadero Beach already opening to tourists and ten days from now, on Nov. 15-2021, Cuba will fully open its other tourist-friendly beaches. That same day, thanks to a strong positive result from its own COVID-19 vaccines, Cuba in ten days will reopen its schools and universities.
     And already Cuba this week has reopened its movie houses and other entertainment venues. But interestingly enough, many sources in Little Havana/Florida as well as some in Havana-Cuba have picked ten days from now -- Nov. 15-2021 -- as the day to commence protests in Cuba that apparently will be designed to spark a coup to overthrow the Revolutionary rule...something that has repeatedly and powerfully been tried without success since January of 1959!!!
     Today -- Friday, November 5th, 2021 -- above you can see the Top Headlines in the U. S. media pertaining to Cuba. Such blaring chants, of course, are beating the drums for the anticipated protests/coup set for ten days from now -- Nov. 15th-2021. In Washington the powerful The Hill chirps about how the U. S. Congress is weighing in on little Cuba's demise. In Miami the Cuba-obsessed Miami Herald also referred to politicians taking sides on the predicted end of the Cuban Revolution in the next ten days or so. And CNN today is telling its viewers that Revolutionary Cuba, unlike the kind and nice Batista dictatorship that preceded it, was already being brutal to the expected coup/protest-leaders. The CNN article today, as you see above, headlines this stupid news: "CUBA IS CRACKING DOWN ON CRITICS. This UNLIKELY Dissident Says He'll Protest Anyway." Of course, the "unlikely dissident" lauded by CNN is the protest/coup leader that Cubans, including everyday Cubans on Social Media sites, have mentioned repeatedly as being not only the leader of the Nov. 15th-2021 protest/coup but one, as usually, who they believe is wildly funded and supported by rich-and-powerful anti-revolutionary zealots in both Miami and Washington....not to mention the saturation attention and support he gets from the U. S. media.
The "unlikely dissident" is:
Yunior Garcia.
     This is one of the photos used by CNN in its article about Yunior Garcia, showing him at his home in Havana. CNN labeled Garcia the "unlikely dissident" but others consider him to have enough support from Little Havana/Miami, Washington, Newark, and Madrid to initiate a Protest/Coup in Cuba starting on Nov. 15-2021 that will finally overthrow the Cuban Revolution. Even CNN reported that an audio tape played by the Cuban media was indeed a phone call that Yunior Garcia answered in which the man calling was Ramon Saul Sanchez, a renowned leader of the famed and fierce Alpha 66 anti-Castro military group that formed in Southern Florida after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January of 1959.
Ramon Saul Sanchez
     Yes, even CNN this week mentioned the phone call from Ramon Saul Sanchez to Yunior Garcia Aguilera, and that Cuban television aired the audio of it.
    Of course, in the U. S. media there is seldom any mention of non-dissident Cubans on the island such as Adriana Perez O'Connor and her husband Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo. But...uh...obviously, Cubans like Adriana have opinions too!! One of Adriana's opinions is: "We are aware that one of the first things Garcia and the others will do is to provoke scenes that will send video back to Miami and the Internet that demeans Cuba and glorifies the coup-mongers. We are told that this will be the best-funded coup since 1959, but we have faced thousands of others funded by Miami and Washington. As for Cubans like me, especially the mothers, we will continue to keep our children safe from COVID and from the Blockade while also on November 15th,  when classrooms reopen again, we will take our children to school." Of course, I assume CNN and the rest of the U. S. media doesn't give one iota what Adriana Perez O'Connor says about November 15th-2021 but CNN and the rest of the U. S. media will lap up everything Yunior Garcia says about it!!

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