Thursday, November 11, 2021

4 Days Till March 15th

Some Key Non-U.S. Ideas on Cuba Coup!!

    Some important Western Hemispheric politicians & intellectuals, including former Latin American Presidents, are direly concerned that next Monday's "Protests" firmly scheduled on November 15-2021 are actually planned as the start of a coup that supposedly will finally overthrow the Revolutionary rulers of the Caribbean's largest island. {See some of the names listed above}.
    Today -- Nov. 11th-2021, 4 days prior to the "Protests" -- above are the top headlines related to Cuba. U. S. mainstream media...including the Miami Herald, of course, but many others...are busy fanning the flames of what they hope will be the end of Revolutionary Cuba, implying that the Mafia-riddled/U.S.-riddled Batista dictatorship that preceded it in the 1950s is what Cuba now needs and that is exactly what most the Cubans on the island  in November of 2021 want. But, OF COURSE...the U. S. media -- along with the massive Counter Revolutionary sources such as CiberCuba, yMedio, Radio-TV Marti, Babalu, ect. -- never care what everyday Cubans on the island think, just what dissidents & Counter Revolutionaries think.
    But, perhaps, the Social Media photos shown above today reflect what Cubans are thinking on Nov. 11-2021 although, of course, they also are abundantly aware of the "Protests/COUP" set for Nov. 15-2021. Mostly today, it appears, Cuban mothers, doctors, and schoolkids are concerned with the vaccinations that appear to be sharply curtailing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it appears that most everyday Cubans on the island today are...hoping the "Protests/COUP" will not hurt them while they are also looking forward to Nov. 15-2021 when schools, universities, businesses, and full tourism are scheduled to resume across their island.
    And, of course, none of the aforementioned U. S. media gives a hoot about what Cuban officials say about NOV. 15 PROTESTS, but as you see above that the London-based Reuters News Agency is not so biased. So, Reuters permits its worldwide audience to see and hear what Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said today, which is: "Cuba says United States, Facebook Helping to Foment Nov. 15 Protests." WONDERFUL!!! Whether or not Bruno's assessment is correct, at least there are non-U. S. controlled international news outlets that allow him to air his views about a topic that will have major repercussions on Monday, Nov. 15-2021.
    And, of course, in April of 1961 the historic air-land-sea Bay of Pigs military attack was supposed to easily overthrow Revolutionary Cuba.
     And, of course, in the 1990s the legalization of the historic Helms-Burton Act was supposed to enrich rich Cubans in Miami while also starving Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their post-Batista revolutionary government. To this day -- in November of 2021 -- the Helms-Burton Act continues to enrich and empower selected U. S. Cubans but the other purpose, which was to starve Cubans on the island to induce them to overthrow their rebel leaders, has not worked after all these many decades.
    And, of course, since 1962 the UN and the citizens of the world, almost in unanimity, have begged the United States to "lift" the genocidal Embargo/Blockade against Cuban families on the island. But, as illustrated above by the great Brazilian editorialist Carlos Latuff, the gutlessness and heartlessness of the U. S. people have allowed the last two U. S. Presidents -- Trump and Biden -- to cruelly and greedily expand the cruelty of the cruel Embargo that began in 1962.
     In November of 2021 the U. S. citizens who have allowed the Trump and Biden administrations to greedily and greatly expand the cruel 1962 Embargo against Cuban mothers and their children are now programmed to not give a damn about what the young mother shown above thinks. This mother, like most Cuban mothers, is very active on Social Media, where she posted this heart-felt photo and message. I know for a fact that she is very smart, very well-educated, a loving mother, and she lives far southeast of Havana. And she has opinions about things such as...her young son, about Miami and the U. S., and about the "Protests/COUP" on Nov. 15-2021 that she has heard so much about. The U. S. media lavishly tells Americans why the genocidal Embargo/Blockade and why the upcoming "Protests/COUP" are necessary...but the U. S. media {for the USA's sake} also needs to have the fairness and the courage to also mention what Cuban mothers like this Cuban mother think.
    In Cuba it seems that there are many young mothers who don't want to join a coup next Monday nor do they want a free trip across the Florida Straits to Miami. They want their babies and children to survive the Pandemic, the Blockade, and the Protests/coup set for Nov. 15th-2021.
     Like all LITTLE GIRLS, these LITTLE GIRLS in Cuba deserve the right to live without being punished or destroyed by a Pandemic or by an endless Blockade imposed by rich and greedy people living in a much more powerful nation. As a Democracy-loving American, it is incredible, I think, that I should even have to make that point!!


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