Hours Away From THE Coup In Cuba

WILL IT Overthrow the Revolution?
    In a few hours -- on Monday, Nov. 15th-2021 -- there will be Protests in six of Cuba's 14 Provinces designed to initiate the COUP that will finally overthrow the island's Revolutionary government. The headline/graphic above is by NBC News and is typical of how the mainstream news media in the U. S. this crucial weekend is promoting what they believe and hope will be a successful coup, although surely a bloody one. The headline and sub-headline above is by NBC News and the photos are by Yamil Lage, who works in Cuba for the Paris-based AFP News Agency.
   Since 1959 when the Cuban Revolution overthrew the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in Havana, quickly creating Little Havana in nearby Miami, the mainstream media in the has clamored wildly for the recapture of the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island. Carmen Sesin of NBC News is one of a plethora of Counter Revolutionary mainstream U. S. journalists constantly reminding Americans how wonderful the 1950s rule of Batista's Cuba was and how brutal Revolutionary rule has been since 1959. In the belief that the coup that begins IN A FEW HOURS will recapture Cuba for Miami/Little Havana, this is how Carmen Sesis/NBC News this weekend {Nov. 13-14 of 2021} was beating the drums about how the sensational new savior-hero-leader of Cuba will a nice dissident named Yunior Garcia:
   As you can see above, Carmen Sesin/NBC News this weekend believes and hopes Yunior Garcia will soon be the new U. S/Little Havana-friendly leader of Cuba.
   This AFP photo shows Yunior Garcia, whom the U. S. media believes will soon be the new U.S./Little Havana/Miami-friendly leader of Cuba.
   But this is MIGUEL DIAZ-CANEL, the undisputed leader of Cuba on this second weekend of November-2021. He is shown above on television reminding Cubans that the island will survive "...the Pandemic, the Blockade, and the Coup that will start Monday, November 15th."
    Since 2018 Miguel Diaz-Canel has been Cuba's leader. He was born in 1960, the year after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. He became very popular with everyday Cubans on the island during his years as Education Minister and, despite what the U. S. media says, he remains very popular with most Cubans today!! He uses frequent interchanges with Cubans in streets and barrios but, as shown above, he is extremely skilled at using state television and radio to communicate with the Cuban people.
  Frequent appearances on Radio & TV allow President Miguel Diaz-Canel to stay in close touch with the Cuban people.
   Yes, President Diaz-Canel deftly uses street exchanges, radio and television to talk about, as above, "The aggression of the United States..."
    And, yes...when President Diaz-Canel takes to the streets across Cuba he is wildly mobbed by everyday Cubans.
    But it is on state-wide television that President Diaz-Canel is most effective in communicating with the Cuban people. Often, as shown above this weekend, he uses charts & graphics and other images to inform his television viewers about such things as realities and projections on the island's economy, the pandemic, tourism, the blockade, etc.
   In January 1-1959 the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by chasing the Batista leaders out of Havana, quickly spawning Little Havana in the heart of nearby Miami. From January 1-1959 till November 15th-2021, the U. S. media has done a disservice to the U. S. democracy by lavishly promoting what Little Havana Cubans want, while never mentioning the opinions of what non-dissident Cubans on the island want and think. For example, the image above shows Maria Salazar, the latest of the stream of Little Havana Cubans who have been sent to the U. S. Congress from Miami. Only extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans rule the politics of Miami, Florida, and the U. S. Congress in Cuba-related topics...while becoming rich and powerful in the U. S. while also dictating what many...most...believe is a genocidal six-decade-old assault on everyday Cuban families on the island while also, of course, massively supporting and creating self-serving dissidence on the island. In the image above, that is Maria Salazar the moment she said that the Miami Cubans are "helping" the everyday Cubans on the island and there is "no Embargo against Cuba." The rest of the world knows that there has been a cruel genocidal Embargo/Blockade against Cuban families on the island to appease Little Havana/Miami Cubans like Maria Salazar, and they can go on national television any hour of the day to say whatever they want to in praising Little Havana Cubans while self-servingly damning Revolutionary Cuba while implying that the Mafia-riddled Batista regime was a wondrous government. While promoting only what extremist Counter Revolutionaries such as Maria Salazar want and say, no moderate Cuban is permitted to express opinions as far as the U. S. media is concerned.
   This week Carlos Lazo, a decent Cuban-American, joined others on a flight to Cuba to take love and gifts to the Cuban people that they sincerely believe are being cruelly starved, deprived, and made miserable by the U. S. Embargo/Blockade of the island.
    While the U. S. media will lap up and saturate everything U. S. dissidents like Maria Salazar in Little Havana or Yunior Garcia in Havana say, the U. S. media will not cover Cuban-Americans like Carlos Lazo. A loved professor in Seattle, Carlos rode his bike...joined by some of his students...the 3,000 miles from Seattle to Washington to beg President Trump to end the Embargo/Blockade against Cuban families. Then this year he walked the 300 miles from Miami to Washington to beg President Biden to end the Embargo/Blockade. Of course, neither Trump nor Biden would even acknowledge a decent Cuban-American like Carlos Lazo, and neither will the mainstream U. S. media. While walking from Miami to Washington, Carlos stopped in Atlanta at CNN headquarters but, of course, CNN didn't have either the courage or integrity to mention him. But Carlos, who has a ubiquitous Social Media following, stood in front of the CNN building and broadcast on Social Media a live video.
   This photo shows Carlos Lazo in Cuba with his mother Juaquina. His passion in life is to end the genocidal U. S. Embargo/Blockade against Cubans on the island like his mother.
     While in Cuba this week, Carlos Lazo helped airlift 20,000 pounds of food and other products to everyday Cubans. The photo above shows Carlos lifting from a van boxes that contained some of the 5,000 pounds of tuna that he wanted Cuban families to have. Many Americans and Canadians now support the Bridges of Love organization founded by Carlos Lazo to promote decency between the United States and Cuba. Carlos, a very smart and decent man, says most  Cuban-Americans agree with him in detesting what Cuban-Americans in Miami, Newark, and Washington are able to dictate to Cuban families on the island. Below are more photos chronicling the decency of Carlos Lazo that the U. S. media doesn't have the courage or integrity to share with the American people.
  For sure, Carlos Lazo offers "amor/love" between Americans and Cubans. His problem in doing that, he understands, is the fact that his "amor/love" competes with the moneyed factors that have predicated U.S.-Cuban releations for decades, especially during the Batista-Mafia years in the 1950s and the Revolution's years since 1959. Propagandized by the U. S. media, Americans have been told that Americans loved Batista's Cuba while wanting all these decades to end Revolutionary Cuba. Of course, if the majority of Cubans on the island didn't support the Revolution, it would not have defeated Batista in 1959 and it would not still be alive in November of 2021.
         And so, if you believe the U. S. media you are supposed to believe that...in a few hours on March 15th-2021...an ultra-powerful and ultra-brilliant dissident named Yunior Garcia will commence protests in Cuba that will FINALLY overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. Of course, obviously the first thing Garcia wants is to provide images back to Miami and Washington of how "brutal" the Cuban authorities are being in trying to quell the "PEACEFUL PROTESTS." That, of course, will be fodder for the U. S. media and for Little Havana...but will it end up overthrowing the Cuban government? PROBABLY NOT.
        Starting on Monday, November 15th-2021, President Miguel Diaz-Canel probably has one major advantage over Yunior Garcia and that is this: Like Fidel Castro at the Bay of Pigs on April 17th of 1961, Diaz-Canel on November 15th of 2021 will almost assuredly have the vast majority of everyday Cubans on his side.
        In April of 1961 it is an historic fact that President Kennedy, who inherited the Bay of Pigs fiasco from the previous Republican administration, was told two pertinent things: {1} "Castro will run to his getaway airplane the moment he hears bombs falling on Camp Colombia at the edge of Havana," and {2} "The Cuban people will turn against Castro the moment they realize that those are U. S. bombs falling on Cuba." Of course, Castro didn't have a getaway airplane and, as they did during the revolution, the Cuban people staunchly and quickly rallied to defend the revolution, thus securing an astounding victory within 72 hours at the Bay of Pigs, which was the site of the land invasion. On November 15th-2021, does Miguel Diaz-Canel have a getaway airplane and will most of the Cuban people turn against him when Yunior Garcia tells them to???? I don't know the answers to what will happen in Cuba on Monday-Nov. 15th-2021. But, while Cubans have heard all about what Yunior Garcia plans in the next few hours on their island, the photos depicted below were taken in the past four days and reveal that Cubans have other things on their minds, not just the attempted COUP!!
        Uh...let's see...Cubans in Cuba this week leading up to Monday-November15-2021...were mostly thinking about more buildings being renovated despite the pandemic and the blockade...schools, universities, businesses, and movie houses were reopening....Cuba's own airline was increasing domestic flights and even a new schedule of flights to Buenos Aires....friendly foreign airlines not blocked by the blockade are flying tourists back to Cuba...Cubans are again frequently visiting favorite sites, including the Malecon Seawall...important friends like Carlos Lazo are arriving...and, oh yes, a renowned Cuban celebrity named Haydee Milanes is modeling a shirt made by a new female-owned clothing store that is so popular in selling its products online that it now has an office/store in New York City....and this second week of November-2021 mothers in Cuba are gladly getting their children vaccinated because the home-grown vaccines appear to be drastically curbing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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