Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Coup Fizzled BUT Continues


    Today -- Wednesday, Nov. 17-2021 -- headlines like this around the world acknowledge that the latest Coup that began in Cuba two days ago was blunted. But  the group Archipelago led by dissident Junior Garcia says that the protests will still continue...especially from Miami & Madrid.
     The Protest/Coup leader Yunior Garcia has bolted from Cuba, as shown above, and took a flight to Madrid, Spain. Spain has many people and businesses that support Cuba but Madrid also has a very strong and well-funded anti-Cuba group.
    This is the photo of Yunior Garcia that NBC News used today -- Nov. 17-2019 -- to preface its article entitled: "Missing Cuban protest leader Yunior Garcia Lands in Madrid."
     Above are the major U. S. headlines today -- Nov. 17-2021 -- regarding the mainstream media continuing to fan the flames of ongoing coups designed to finally overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. Today as always, the mainstream U. S. media will never say anything derogatory or unkind about the brutal, thieving Mafia-backed & U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship that verily raped & robbed Cuba in the 1950s...prior to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959. From 1959 till 2021 the U. S. media has massively denounced Revolutionary Cuba during the many coup attempts to overthrow it, including an Embargo/Blockade since 1962 that had/has as its purpose to starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cubans on the island to induce THEM to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government. WONDERFUL!!! When the U. S. media purposely ignores or denies such facts, perhaps it is more of an affront to the U. S. democracy than it is just the cruelty of trying to starve, deprive, and make miserable Cubans on the island.
      Of course, in addition to the U. S. media there have been a plethora of media entities that have emerged and thrived since 1959 for the sole purpose of destroying the Cuban Revolution. I would suggest, and the mainstream Media would deny, that those unchecked sources include...Radio-TV Marti in Miami that U. S. tax-payers have lavishly funded for three decades; Babalu; CiberCuba News; 14ymedio, etc. 14ymedio is an ultra-powerful Counter Revolutionary digital newspaper that is operated from her Havana apartment by Yoani Sanchez with considerable support from Miami, Madrid, Newark, and Washington. Yoani Sanchez, on her flights from Havana, has stopped off in Miami to broadcast from the lavish tax-funded Radio-TV Marti studio. Above she stopped off in Washington at the U. S. Senate where she confirmed the support of Senator Marco Rubio from Miami and Senator Bob Menendez from Newark. Of Course, the Republican Rubio dictated vicious anti-Cuba U. S. policy during the Trump administration and the Democrat Menendez is now dictating vicious anti-Cuba policy during the Biden presidency. That, of course, continues the policies of enriching and empowering Counter Revolutionary Cuba in the U. S. but, of course, also continues to starve, deprive, and make miserable Cuban families on the island.
 While Yoani Sanchez operates her 14yMedio Counter Revolutionary rhetoric from her Havana apartment, it is translated into many languages and digitally, supposedly, has many millions of readers around the world each day, especially in Miami, Madrid, and Washington. In additon to her apparently well-heeled international digital newspaper, Yoani Sanchez also, of course, has a powerful Social Media presence to transmit her Counter Revolution vitriol. For example today -- Nov. 17-2021 -- Yoani Sanchez used the image depicted above on Facebook to continue her fervent promotions of Yunior Garcia and any other Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Cuba, Miami, or Madrid. There are, however, millions of Cubans in Cuba, and at least a million or so in the U. S., who believe firmly that Yoani Sanchez should have some sympathy for the Cubans on the island who support the Revolutionary Cuban government while also having sad memories of the Mafia-riddled Batista regime that preceded the revolution.
      FOR EXAMPLE, the unchecked extremist Counter Revolutionaries like Yoani Sanchez and The U. S. media are far too biased to even mention the newsworthy three photos depicted let me mention them. A decent and beloved Cuban-American, Carlos Lazo, is a professor in Seattle. He is obsessed with making sure that women and children in Cuba are not starved, deprived, and made miserable all their lives, generation-to-generation, by self-serving Cubans in Miami and Newark who happen to have control of Washington's Cuban policies. Above, the top photo shows Carlos Lazo when he rode his bicycle, as did some of his students, the 3,000 miles from Seattle to Washington to beg President Trump and Congress to end the genocidal Embargo/Blockade against Cubans families on the island to appease, enrich, and empower a few already rich Cubans in the United States. Later, Carlos Lazo walked the 300 miles from Miami to Washington to beg President Biden and Congress to end the genocidal Embargo/Blockade against Cuban families on the island. The middle photo shows Carlos Lazo in just the past few days visiting his mother in Cuba. And the photo directly above shows Carlos Lazo after he was an instigator of taking an airplane to Cuba loaded with 20,000 pounds of food and other supplies to help Cuban families on the island. The photo above shows Carlos Lazo unloading boxes of canned Tuna for Cuban families. The three photos directly above in November-2021 are newsworthy but the U. S. News Media lacks the integrity and courage to mention a great man and his great story...but the same U. S. News Media will lavish countless pages and hours to extreme Counter Revolutionary extremists like Yunior Garcia and Yoani Sanchez.
   Two days ago on Nov. 15-2021 Cubans like the girl wearing the red scarf were among the crowd of Cubans who bravely denounced the highly publicized Coup she believed was trying to overthrow the Revolution that she supported. It appears that this girl was among a majority of Cubans who feel the way she did...and it was the same way most Cubans felt in April of 1961 when Miami Cubans and the United States, at what history calls the Bay of Pigs, tried a well-funded air-sea-and-land military attack that was supposed to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. To this day, because of a biased media, Americans still can't comprehend why/how Revolutionary Cuba survived the Bay of Pigs attack and countless other efforts designed to recapture Cuba for Miami Cubans and for the United States, the strongest and richest nation in the world. But merely studying the photo above...of the Cuban girl combatting the latest Coup attempt on November 15th-2021...would reveal, I think, why the Revolution survived the Bay of Pigs attack in 1961 and what Cuba calls the Coup attempt on Nov. 15th-2021. The fact 1961 most Cubans on the island supported Fidel Castro's defense of the Revolution and in November of 2021 most Cubans on the island supported Miguel Diaz-Canel's defense of the Revolution. Of course, the U. S. media will tell Americans all about Yoani Sanchez, Yunior Garcia, and any other heralded dissidents...but the U. S. media will not let the American people know about non-dissidents like Carlos Lazo...and like the Girl wearing the red scarf  while brandishing her fists in the air on Monday, November 15th, 2021.


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