Cuba Says Coup Fizzles

 Protestors Say It Continues!!!

    Today-- Monday, Nov. 15-2021 -- a highly publicized and massive Protest in Cuba was supposed to be the start of the beginning of the end of the Cuban Revolution that has ruled Cuba since January 1st of 1959. The graphic above, including the EPA photo of Protest leader Yunior Garcia, was how the London-based BBC told its world-wide audience of what was/is happening in Cuba, namely stating, in the first sentence, that, "Dissident playwright Yunior Garcia was blocked from leaving his home on Sunday."
    On this pivotal day in Cuba and for U.S.-Cuba Relations, these are the top headlines that U. S. citizens are seeing...although Cuba, purposely, is not normally a high upfront priority topic for either the U. S. media or the U. S. government except for demeaning the island. As shown above, as usual, within the propaganda bowels of the U. S. media NBC News and the Miami Herald continue to fan flames of what appears to be their hopes for a massive overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba's government. Such saturations by the U. S. media yesterday prompted raucous anti-Cuba demonstrations all up the nearby east coast of Florida from Miami to Jacksonville. Even the great journalist/professor in Florida Tracey Eaton, normally a brilliant and fair expert in reporting Cuban news, posted on YouTube a 24-minute video of Sunday's Florida protests that only featured extreme Cuban-Americans panting about the immediate need for them to recapture Cuba. Surely no one with a moderate view in Florida was allowed to speak, and never does the U. S. media consider the opinions of non-dissident Cubans in Cuba nor non-dissident Cubans in the United States.
    As above, the U. S. government quickly denounces any dissident protest in Cuba...while Cuba repeatedly claims that such protests are always funded with U. S. dollars from Washington and Miami. There are ample indications that most everyday Cubans on the idea wholeheartedly agree with the Cuban government regarding that issue as opposed to agreeing with the U. S. government.
    While the U. S. media is tuned to solely distorting and concocting anti-Cuban topics, there is an easily assessed blog -- CUBA MONEY PROJECT -- that is minutely researched via the Freedom of Information Act by the great, fair, and highly respected Cuban expert and journalist Tracey Eaton. It is mind-boggling how many tax dollars CUBA MONEY PROJECT reveals go directly to Cuban dissidents via such U. S. government agencies as USAID, the U. S. Agency for International Development. Yes, the amounts of money and the names involved indisputably documented by the CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog are indeed mind-boggling in revealing how massive amounts of U. S. tax dollars routinely go into trying to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba while...uh...making selected Cubans very rich. But, of course, the only place you will get that information is by dialing up CUBA MONEY PROJECT.
    But above are two of the anti-Cuban projects that are lavishly funded with incredibly huge amounts of U. S. tax dollars...Radio & TV Marti in Miami and USAID in Washington. Only the CUBA MONEY PROJECT research by the indisputably great and honest journalist Tracey Eaton reveals such truths, as with the two items shown above.
      For sure, the Cuban government controls its media, such as the image above today as a reporter on a Havana street says, "These are the colors of Havana as it celebrates its 502nd anniversary." The report included, in the background, movie houses and hotels that were reopening...along with other businesses, tourism, schools, universities, etc., after a successful vaccination program to curb the COVID-19 virus. So, is the U. S. media more honest or is the Cuban media the more honest in covering news that directly affects Cubans on the island...or is that even a legitimate question?
     One of the fallacies of the U. S. media's coverage of Cuba, I believe, is trying to convince Americans that most Cubans on the island hate everything about the Revolution while loving their memories or knowledge of the Batista/Mafia/US businessmen who spawned the Revolution. The fact is...from the late Fidel Castro to current leader Miguel Diaz-Canel, who was born after the 1959 triumph of the Revolution but is Castro-like in his defense of the Revolution, Castro from 1953 and Diaz-Canel from 2018 have always had millions of Cubans on the island fervently supporting them. While the U. S. media is massively obliged to deny that fact, the U. S. media won't discuss HOW or WHY...against incredibly high odds...the Cuban Revolution has survived all these many decades. In the photo above in the red shirt, that is President Diaz-Canel with supporters last night on the eve of what he and they knew would be the start of another round of Protests designed to topple the Revolution. Diaz-Canel firmly believes that most Cubans on the island support him and, moreover, he believes most Cubans on the island supported the Revolution from 1953 till 1959, and that is why it triumphed...against all odds!!
 Both last night and today -- Nov. 14-15, 2021 -- President Diaz-Canel has been on the streets or at the reopening of schools and businesses as he shared his leadership with his supporters. And as the island's former Education Minister, Diaz-Canel also is very skilled at using state-wide television to communicate with Cubans across the island. Below are some of his new quotes:
    For sure, Cuba's leader, President Diaz-Canel, believes that most Cubans in Cuba support him.
    Today -- on Nov. 15th-2021 -- schools reopened that had earlier used just virtual teaching with computers and television for months during the pandemic. Shown above in the front row in the white shirt, Diaz-Canel personally attended several of those school openings today.

    Since the 1950s the American people have been told blatant and self-serving lies regarding the relations between the United States and Cuba. I believed every one of those lies until the George W. Bush administration, which had perpetrated many of those lies, surprisingly permitted me to actually visit Cuba. On my first day in Havana I met Tracey Eaton, the great U. S. journalist who at the time was stationed in Cuba by the Dallas Morning News. But mostly, in Cuba I hired a driver and purposely visited and stayed overnight with everyday Cubans, including families I spotted near their homes or working nearby fields, some with oxen. From that 2004 visit to now, I remain a Democracy-loving American but one who is ashamed that the United States doesn't have a media that tells the truth about its relations with Cuban families on the island. I believe pure greed has predicated that situation since the 1950s related to Batista's Cuba, Castro's Cuba, and now Diaz-Canel's Cuba. And moreover, from the days when the most notable Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson began this American experiment in Democracy, the United States has had an incredibly greedy obsession to own the island of Cuba. In that regard, here are some true facts about that obsession:
    As you can see above, Thomas Jefferson in 1817 said: "If we seize Cuba we will be masters of the Caribbean." It so happens that in 1898 the United States finally SEIZED Cuba by concocting and then easily winning the Spanish-American War. As a Democracy-loving American, I am ashamed, starting in 1898, that the U. S. didn't make sure that Cuba became the greatest Democracy in the Western Hemisphere. But the United States refused to do that in 1989 or since, and instead viewed and views Cuba as a piggybank...stealing plush Guantanamo Bay in 1903 and even in 1952 TEAMING WITH THE MAFIA TO ROB & RAPE CUBA AT WILL. Lying about such things from 1898 till 1903 till 1952 and till November of 2021, I believe, clearly reveals that the biggest threat to the U. S. democracy is its dishonest media. And furthermore, I believe that Thomas Jefferson would agree with that assessment.
Thank you, Mr. Jefferson!!!

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